Genesis was not in a happy mood, and his expression conveyed that very clearly to anyone who saw him at the moment. Being called in at "ridiculous o'clock" when he had barely gotten to sleep did that to you.

"What the hell is the problem, and why should I care about it?" he demanded.

The doctor gave him a flat look... Genesis honestly could not find it in him to give a damn.

"Considering what we found during the blood tests, we thought it best to contact you directly," said the doctor.

Genesis looked at him impatiently. He was tired, his shoulder hurt like hell, and he just wanted to go back to sleep. Preferably after using the man as target practice for waking him.

"You have a brother."

Any exhaustion in his eyes was wiped clean in an instant.

"Could you repeat that?"

"You have a brother. A younger one to be precise. We ran the test after finding some unusual pathogens in his bloodstream, and because of the fact the nurse who ran the test happens to be one of your 'fans', well..." said the doctor with a slight wince.

Midgar fan clubs were terrifying, none more so than the ones belonging to the three generals, Sephiroth in particular.

"...You have exactly one minute to explain," said Genesis dead serious. If the doctor was messing with him, he was going to gut the man regardless of the bitching Sephiroth and Lazard would give him later.

The doctor pulled out the DNA results.

"The third one is Angeal Hewley, for comparison," he explained.

Genesis looked at the documents...and felt a strange sort of hope filled him. According to these, he had a brother. Even he could see the strong similarity between them, though the kid was way skinnier than he had ever been.

"Why was he brought into the hospital?"

"Another trainee dragged him in after he received a nasty concussion and the boy was too stubborn to get it treated. He kept insisting he was 'fine' despite the amount of blood on his head," replied the doctor.

"Can I see him?" asked Genesis.

"Visiting hours are normally from six in the morning to midnight...but considering who you are I think it would be safer for all involved if you met him now," he replied.

Genesis went up to the room, his heart beating a thousand times a minute. While he was excited that he had family, he was also terrified. What if the guy didn't like him? What if he hated him as much as his adopted parents did?

He steeled himself...and opened the door.

Third POV

Harry was mildly annoyed. He had concussions before and knew how to deal with it, but Cloud was such a mother hen that he insisted he get it treated.

And now here he was stuck in a hospital, with a nurse that irritated the hell out of him because apparently she was a member of the 'Crimson Poets', whatever the hell that meant.

So when the door opened, he was one more visit away from setting the woman on fire.

Thankfully, it wasn't the nurse.

It was a man with bright red hair that was just a shade or two brighter than his own, with blue-green eyes. If he didn't know any better he'd swear that the guy was a Weasley. He even wore a bright crimson coat and looked somewhat nervous.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"My name is Genesis...and I'm your brother," he said finally, after having to steel himself up for it.

Harry stared at him in disbelief.

He knew he had a brother. That was the entire reason he had used such a dangerous ritual to help him find his closet kin after learning the 'true' Lord Potter was alive, but displaced.

He just never thought it would be this easy to find the guy.

His brother shifted uncomfortably.

"You look like Mum," said Harry finally.

Genesis blinked.

"I do?"

"Everyone told me I looked a lot like dad, except for the hair and eyes, but you almost look like a male version of Mum," said Harry. "I would show you pictures...but I don't have them on me at the moment."

He had to put them in a safe deposit box, because the cadets weren't allowed to have personal belongings bigger than their tiny locker. And it would raise too many questions to expand it to hold most of his belongings.

Seeing a familiar sort of hope in his eyes, Genesis awkwardly sat down.

"Can you tell me about them?"

"I wish I could. I barely know anything myself and no one seems to want to talk about them except the barest hints of anything," admitted Harry.

Genesis seemed disappointed at that. From the sound of things, his real parents were dead.

"Do you know how..."

"They were murdered. Some hypocrite with a one-hit kill materia broke into the house one night after getting their location from someone they trusted and killed them. I honestly had no idea I even had an older brother until about six months ago, when I went to read the will of my godfather," said Harry.

The older male slumped.

"Your original name is Gabriel."

Genesis looked at him in surprise.


"Gabriel Briar Potter," said Harry. "Apparently mum really wanted to name her first born after her favorite angel, and dad agreed only if he was allowed to name their next son after his favorite uncle."

Genesis seemed even now he couldn't escape the 'angel' theme.

"How did you end up in the hospital?"

"Cloud is a mother hen. I took one minor knock to the head and the second he saw blood he insisted I come in to get treated," said Harry sourly. "Honestly, I've had worse concussions."

Genesis felt there was a story behind he really wouldn't like. But it was late and despite the shock he had been given he really needed his sleep.

Seeing him yawn, Harry grinned.

"Go get some sleep. I promise not to check myself out until morning when you get here...though if you can do something about that really annoying nurse I would appreciate it."

"Annoying nurse?"

"She kept looking at me and giggling for some weird reason. She had this pin on her uniform, though I don't get what it meant."

Genesis had a headache already.

"Did it look anything like this?" he asked, pulling out another.

"That's the one!"

"I'll ask that they keep any of the Crimson Poets far, far away from your room until I get back," said Genesis.


Genesis stared at him.

"Crimson Poets? My fan club? How do you not know about them?"

"Are they anything like those idiots in the Silver Elite who act all ga-ga over a guy that constantly looks like he has a stick up his ass and has the hair of an old man?"

Genesis gaped.

"What did you just say?" he asked, not willing to believe it.

"I said are they anything like the idiots who are overly obsessed with the guy that has a stick up his ass, has the hair of an old man? I would say he's compensating for something, but I've seen those Buster swords that is clearly a sign they feel like they need to make up for the size of something else," asked Harry flatly.

Genesis couldn't help his reaction. He started howling like mad.

"Dear Minerva, I am keeping you if it's the last thing I do!" he cackled.

He desperately needed a laugh like that. Now he wouldn't be able to look at Sephiroth or Angeal for a week without that comment coming up in his head!

Harry grinned at him.

"Please tell me you're good with materia too," said Genesis, hopeful.

"Natural materia yes. That manufactured crap doesn't seem to work properly for me at all, and my sword skills are abysmal according to the instructors," said Harry.

Genesis almost wanted to dance with glee! Not only was the kid able to make snarky comments about Sephiroth of all people with a straight face, but he was good with materia! There was no way he wasn't roping his little brother as an apprentice.

Angeal took one look at the fact Genesis was trying not to laugh about something, and knew something was up.

"What are you up to? The last time you looked this amused, all the heaters in the Urban Development department had uncooked popcorn added to them."

"They weren't complaining overly much when they realized it was still edible," said Genesis.

"Yes, but that look on your face has always been a sign that you're planning a prank. Always," said Angeal flatly.

"It's less a prank and more... you know I was adopted, right?" said Genesis.

Angeal had mostly forgotten that, but nodded.

"What of it?"

"Come to my apartment later and I'll show you," said Genesis. "On an unrelated note, I have found the absolute perfect apprentice and I bet he could outdo your puppy."

"For the last time, Zack is not my puppy."

"He sure as hell acts like it."

Angeal rolled his eyes.

A few hours later...

Angeal arrived at Genesis' apartment...and smelled something heavenly coming from it. Now he was really suspicious, because he knew very well Genesis couldn't cook to save his life.

Genesis opened the door and grinned when he saw Angeal.

"Get in. I don't want the fangirls seeing who's in here just yet."

Angeal entered...and the moment he did he realized there was definitely another person in the apartment.

For a moment he feared it was a woman. Until the other person came out of the kitchen with actual food.

"I hope you're hungry Genesis, because I don't know how anyone can stand that gruel they call food in the mess," said the boy flatly. Then he noticed the extra. "...Isn't that the guy who's clearly overcompensating for something with that sword of his? The one with the overexcited puppy who looks like he would take forever to house train?"

Genesis started cackling.

"For the last time, Zack is not a puppy," said Angeal, giving Genesis a glare.

Genesis was too busy laughing to answer him. The kid looked openly dubious at his denial.

"So who is this?" asked Angeal.

Genesis managed to contain his snickering long enough to answer.

"Angeal, meet my little brother... Harry Potter."

"Your brother?" said Angeal in surprise.

Now that he got a better look at the boy, he could see something of a resemblance. The hair and eyes for one. There was also the facial features, though the younger boy looked far more gaunt than Genesis ever had.

Genesis provided his best friend with the proof.

"How on earth did you find him?"

"I got a call from a doctor at the hospital saying that one of my 'fans' apparently decided to run a DNA test without authorization because of the resemblance. He called me a horrible hour and I was understandably pissed until he told me what the results were. For once being so noticeable was a good thing, since I never had any siblings on record," said Genesis.

Angeal turned to Harry, who was mostly silent outside of handling the food.

"What can you tell us about yourself?"

"I'm almost seventeen, an orphan, and until six months ago had no idea that I even had an older brother. I only found out by accident when the people in charge of my inheritance told me that I only inherited the titles from my godfather's family, not my father's. When I asked who had the actual title, they told me that my older brother was legally the head of the family. Sirius only named me his heir so I would still inherit something."

"You make it sound like we're nobility or something," joked Genesis.

Harry pulled out a box.

"This was supposed to go to you when you turned seventeen, or had an heir of your own, whichever came first."

Genesis opened the box...and choked. It was clearly an old ring, and not something a normal person would wear. The metal alone was high quality, as was the gem...never mind the obvious crest on it.

He stared at his little brother. Harry smirked at him.

"You were officially named Lord Potter when you turned seventeen, since according to their records you were merely lost, not dead like everyone assumed."

"Lord?" he said faintly.

"Lord of the Ancient and noble house of Potter, which goes back at least eight hundred years," said Harry far too cheerfully. "According to the records I found anyway. On the other hand, I'm the head of the Ancient and Noble House of Black, thanks to Sirius and the fact that our paternal grandmother married into the Potter family."

Angeal...looked very much like he wanted to laugh at the expression on Genesis's face.

"How did Genesis end up in Banora?" asked Angeal. Genesis was still reeling from being nobility of all things.

"Long story short, the minions of the man who murdered our parents thought that they could summon him from wherever he was banished to. However the spell failed and as a side effect, instead of summoning their master they accidentally banished my older brother here."

Genesis blinked.

" mean someone was trying to use a summon materia to bring back a human?"

Harry grimaced.

"Considering the Statute doesn't even exist here, and you would have learned this stuff anyway if you hadn't accidentally been sent away..." he mostly said to himself before pulling out...a stick?

"What's a stick got to do with anything?" asked Angeal, confused.

"It's not just a stick," said Harry, before a mischievous gleam entered his eyes. It was far too familiar to Angeal, as he saw Genesis have the same one all the time before a prank.

He felt something odd pass over him, and the second Genesis turned to look at him he gaped...before falling on the floor and literally laughing his ass off.

"What's so funny?" asked Angeal.

Harry helpfully conjured up a mirror. Angeal took one look at his hair and groaned.

"Please tell me this isn't permanent!"

His hair was pink. Not a sedate pink, but a proper girly pink any five-year-old would be proud of. No wonder Genesis was cracking up.

"It'll wear off in an hour. On an unrelated note I am totally giving this Zack character that Genesis keeps whining about dog ears and a tail. It's mostly harmless, so it won't effect his combat skills."

Genesis looked at his brother like he had been sent from the Lifestream solely to make his life even better. Angeal...had a migraine as he realized Genesis not only had an enabler, but someone perfectly capable of pulling even more pranks on people who annoyed his best friend.

"Leave me out of your pranks," said Angeal finally.

Harry's smile was so 'innocent' it was clearly fake. Genesis cracked up even more.