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This is a version of the original Batman show but with Inuyasha. Don't ask where I got this idea. I think it was the coffee.

Note: Shippo is supposed to be Robin, so he'll constantly be saying 'holy (insert something here)'


Inuyasha: "I am Inuyasha, world renowned superhero extraordinaire! And this is my trusty sidekick Shippo!" * gesturing towards Shippo *

Shippo: "Holy personal injury Inuyasha! It's Miroku, your butler who is actually like that cool butler Batman had!"

Inuyasha: "Excellent work Shippo! Let's see what he has to say!"

Miroku: * pops up with tray with wine glass on it (filled with water) and a fake, thin mustache* "Inuyasha! There seems to be a crisis!"

Inuyasha: "Umm... What is it Miroku? An insidious plot to destroy the earth, a plan to kidnap Kagome, STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE?"

Miroku: "Even worse then strawberry cheesecake."

Inuyasha: * sigh * "Good, I've had enough of those for one lifetime!"

Miroku: * looks all scary and foreshadowing * "No. It's Yura the Hairy Woman."

Shippo: "Holy printers! Not Yura the Hairy Woman?!"

Miroku: "Yes, Yura the Hairy Woman."

Inuyasha: * totally ruining dramatic moment * "Isn't it Yura of the Hair?"

Miroku: "NO! I mean.. um... Her new name is Yura the Hairy Woman." *starts to have the smile you get when you're stifling laughter *

Inuyasha: "Fine then! To the Inu-mobile!!!"

* Dun na dun na dun na dun na * (this is the part where they change scenes and they have the corny music play and Batman's signal zooming in and out. Well think of this as the same except for it's a shadow of Inuyasha's head zooming in and out.)

* The Inu-mobile turns out to be a mule pulling a wagon of hay *

Inuyasha: * resting head on hand while sitting * "We need a new Inu- mobile." * he starts to get creative* "Yeah, one that goes about 200 mph and has cool headlights and a spotlight that shows my signal in the sky and a flag... A cool radio, tires with pointy spikes on the sides so that when I bump into people they .... Um... die..... (ect.)"

* Shippo is totally ignoring Inuyasha and thinking of good things he can call holy sees Yura the Hairy Woman controlling a lot of people and sitting in her tree of ..hairs.*

Shippo: "Holy spray paint Inuyasha!!" * points at Yura * "It's Yura the Hairy Woman!!!"

* Inuyasha springs up and then puts on his silly little face mask that covers his upper face*

Inuyasha: "Get the night scene set ready!!" * in serious voice * "Let's get to work."

* Dun na dun na dun na dun na *

Yura: "Oh me, oh my. This is far too easy. I'll have all their hairgel soon so that I can start my raging hair of death plot to cover the world in hair."

Inuyasha: * Up from a cliff with the night scene behind him * "I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Inuyasha!!"

Shippo: "Holy Inuyashas!! And me, his sidekick Shippo!!!"

* Shippo dramatically points a finger at Yura*


Yura: * rolls eyes * "It's not 'Yura the Hairy Woman'!!!! It's Yura of the Hair!!!!!!!

Inuyasha: "You can't fool us Hairy Woman!!!!!!!! We know that that's your name because my fateful butler Miroku told me!!!"

Meanwhile back at Inu's mansion

* Miroku's stuffing Inuyasha's money into a bag and twisting his mustache evilly *

Miroku: "I can't believe that fool believed me!"

Okay back to where we were

Yura: "He lied!!!!!!! He probably told you that was my name because I wouldn't accept his payment for something he wanted me to do!!"

Inuyasha: "Forget about it Hairy Woman!!! Miroku is not perverted like that!!"

Shippo: "NOW DIE HAIRY WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

* Shippo starts throwing some useless attacks at Yura, in which bounce right off of her *

Yura: * sweatdrop * "Whatever possessed me to take this job?"

* Inuyasha leaps at Yura and starts blindly cutting at her, which is kinda useless because of the fact, Yura's invincible until that little skull thingy is destroyed. *

* But then in the nick of time... *

Kagome: "Don't fear, for I am here!!"

Everyone: * anime fall *

Kagome: * points thumb at her chest * "Yes I am the great Kagome!!! But not Kagome from the modern world!" * Points at upper mask thingy she has too * "I am the great Kagome, MASTER OF TIME!!!!!!!!!"

Inuyasha: "You're nothing but a master of idioticy, you wench!"

Kagome, MASTER OF TIME: "SIT!!!!!!!!!!!"

Inuyasha: * slams into ground * "Stupid wench...."

Kagome: * pulls out the red skull from nowhere * "Ah-ha!!!! I have the source of your power, Yura the Hairy Woman!!!!!!!!"

Yura: "NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!! AND IT'S YURA OF THE HAIR YOU DIMWITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Shippo: * finally catching on to what's happening * "Holy c-d ROMs!!! Kagome, if you destroy the skull maybe it'll stop Hairy Woman!!"

Kagome: "My thoughts exactly Shippo!!!"

* Kagome takes skull and throws it into the ground. It scatters and Yura becomes a pile of dust. *

Everybody: "YYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Inuyasha: "Yes!!! Another job well done!!!!!"

Shippo: * points at pile of Yura dust where she is emerging so that she can get some lunch * HOLY HAIRY WOMAN EMERGING FROM A PILE OF DUST!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!"

Sango: * who just appeared from nowhere * "No, she's just going to get some lunch from the staff table."

Kagome: "Yum, what do they have?"

Sango: "Well today they have turkey sand ..... PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

* Sango clobbers Miroku with her boomerang because he just popped out of nowhere and groped her. *

Inuyasha: "Well. Until next time........ Bye!!!!"

* Dun na dun na dun na dun na ddddduuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn *


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