Ah-Ha!!!!!!! Four reviews! Even though it isn't much, it doesn't take much to make me happy ^_^!!!! Anywaz here's the character line up (just so you don't get confused):

Batman- Inuyasha (DUH!)

Robin- Shippo (Holy men in tights!)

Alfred- Miroku (evilly twists fake mustache)

Batgirl- Kagome (MASTER OF TIME)

Catwoman- Sango (but she's not Batman's lover in this .... that would be weird.)

The Joker- Naraku (OF COURSE!!!!! MOST EVIL VILIAN)

Harley Quinn- Kagura

Ivy- Kikyo (imagine Inu-chan when he sees her in that little costume....NOT!)

And of Course Minions (Yura, Lighting Brothers, Kanna, ect.)

And that's about it.....

:: Dun na dun na dun na dun na dun na dun na ::

Inuyasha: "Gosh, I'm sure glad we finally got rid of that hairy lady. I think she was starting to perspire."

Kagome: "I'm glad too. But what do you think will be our next obscure adventure?"

Inuyasha: "I don't know Kagome. But we'll find out soon!"

:: Some guy on the crew hands Inuyasha and Kagome a script::

Inuyasha: * puts on some reading glasses * "Ah, I see! We're going to face the Lighting Brothers!"

Shippo: "Holy Fish on a Stick, Inuyasha! Do you think we can defeat them?"

Inuyasha: "Well, we'll just have to cut to the next scene and see!"

:: Dun na dun na dun an dun na dun na dun na ::

Hiten: "Manten."

Manten: * brushing small bits of hair and humming 'Opps I did it again' *


Manten: "What? Oh, okay!"

Hiten: "We're in the script this time. But to make sure we don't die and come back later on, we have to make sure we don't die."

Manten: "Got it: Don't die." * paused * "But what if we do die?"

Hiten: * sigh * "Then I guess we'll just have to sign up for the Barchlorette again."

Manten: "But they said I looked like that whale Shammo and they don't want me."

Hiten: "Well, they wanted me because I'm devilishly good looking!"

Manten: "But didn't they give us a restricting order?"

Hiten: * vein pop * "Shut up."

:: Then from out of nowhere there's a really cheap looking background behind Inuyasha, the MASTER OF TIME, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango. ::

Sango: "Hey Miroku, we weren't here when they fought the Lighting Brothers, were we?"

Miroku: * twists mustache * "No.... guess we better go back to my place."

:: Sango uses Hiraikotsu to impale Miroku and then she leaves. ::

Inuyasha: "Let's get them Kagome!"

Kagome: * dramatically points finger * "Yes, let's!" * pauses then gasps * "Oh... Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! AREN'T YOU TWO CLAY AND RUBEN FROM AMERICAN IDOL?!!

Hiten and Manten: "Eh?"

Kagome: * now hopping up and down with hearts in her eyes * "YOU ARE, YOU ARE, YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS, CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!"

Hiten and Manten: * look at each other then pull out the script *

Hiten: "This isn't in the script!"

Manten: "Why do I have to be the fat one?"

Hiten: "How do you presume you're Ruben?"

Manten: * blush * "No reason."

Hiten: "Oh, because you're about the same stature?"

Manten: "Shut up!" * breaths fire *

Hiten: "You know, you should really start taking Tic-Tac for that fire- breath-thing."

:: Manten and Hiten get in a fight over nothing ::

Inuyasha: * looks at Kagome then the Lighting Brothers * * sweatdrops and sighs *

Shippo: "Holy matrimony, Inuyasha!! Don't you think that we should get them before it's too late?!"

Inuyasha: * sighs and pulls out Tetsusaiga * "Yeah."

:: Inuyasha swings Tetsusaiga and the two disappear ::


Shippo: "Holy British tightwad American Idol judge, Kagome! They weren't the American Idols!"

Kagome: "Oh, really?" * Shippo nods * "Okay then, it must just be I wasn't wearing my contacts, either that or I didn't take my Ritalin this morning."

Inuyasha: "Probably both."

Kagome: "WHY YOU! OSUWARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Inuyasha: "Why me?"


Sorry about not updating, but I didn't have any ideas.

The chapter stinks, I know and I was NOT making fun of Ruben. I actually think he's a very good singer.