A/N: Gentle readers should be aware that this chapter contains adults-only goings on between two consenting adults. Or, the Detective and her Devil get it on.

"Yes, Detective," Lucifer said huskily as he reached down to clasp her waist, a delighted and tender look on his face. He lifted and pulled her easily over his lap so that she was straddling him, then sat forward a bit slightly so it would be easier for Chloe too. His arms went around her, a hand lightly tracing patterns on her back before dropping to her waist, touching and caressing her there almost shyly as if she was special, a treasure.

A feeling of warmth and tenderness went through Chloe and she bent her head to kiss him, Lucifer lifting his face eagerly to meet her. They kissed with passion, heated and wanting, his lips slanting over hers. Chloe could never take even just kissing him for granted, she thought, remembering how she had recalled their few, precious kisses over and over throughout the years until the memory of them had worn thin and faded in her mind.

Her tongue darted out to touch the seam of his lips and she felt Lucifer smile against her mouth before he opened his obligingly. She slid her tongue gently into his mouth and heard him make a muffled groan, before his tongue met and twined expertly with hers, as if it was a dance they were doing.

Chloe put her arms loosely around his shoulders, careful not to touch down between his shoulder blades in case his wings were accidentally released. Presumably there would be just the smooth skin of his back there now instead of the scars she had seen years ago. She lifted a hand to card her fingers through his dark hair and he purred in pleasure against her mouth.

Lucifer leaned back slightly and a hand of his moved to cup her breast under her blazer, gently squeezing and fondling. She moaned in pleasure and he looked at her, an expression that was both happy and wicked on his face.

"You like that, darling?" he enquired, his hand caressing her further and delighting in the sweet sounds she made in response.

"Yes," she said huskily.

"You see, Detective," he purred, "I can't tell what your desires are, so you will have to let me know," as he gave her breast another gentle squeeze, his dark eyes sparkling.

"Umm… that's good," was her clever response.

His gaze never leaving hers, he moved his other hand so that he was cupping both of her breasts now through her top, rubbing his thumbs over their peaks.

"Thank you," he murmured, sounding a bit dazed. "So lovely, darling."

His hands then reached up to her hair, deftly undoing it from its sensible bun so that waves of it fell down around her shoulders. His eyes admiring, he pushed his hands eagerly into her hair, winding some of its gold gently around his fingers.

There was something adorable about his eagerness, she thought. Wanting the feel of his skin against hers, Chloe touched his black jacket, opening it up to reveal more of his white shirt underneath.

"Less clothes, Detective?" he said huskily.

"Definitely less clothes," she agreed, kissing him hungrily. He leaned back and took off his jacket with deliberate slowness before tossing it to the side, his gaze never leaving her face.

Chloe touched his white shirt, running a curious hand over it gently, feeling the contours of his chest underneath her fingers. Lucifer made a soft sound as she undid one of his buttons and then another one so she could slip a hand through and caress his bare chest.

"Chloe," he muttered, his dark eyes wide at the feel of her warm fingers on his skin. There was something special about her touch alone that made desire burn hotly through him. The fact that he couldn't automatically tap into her desires and know how to fulfil them, meant he was in unknown territory now despite his charms. Dangerous territory too, even for him. He didn't want to get things wrong with the Detective, of all people. But right now everything she was doing to him, even something simple, seemed wonderful.

His hands dropped to her waist, clutching it at times as she continued to carefully unbutton his shirt, a look of concentration on her beautiful face. When she had unbuttoned his shirt, he lifted his arms up to her with a wicked smirk so she could undo his cuffs. As she did so, Chloe noticed that his cufflinks looked like they were made out of jet, shiny and faceted.

Lucifer took the cufflinks from her with a kiss, before tucking them securely in a trouser pocket. He took off his shirt hastily and then tossed that aside, the Detective helping with a smile upon her face.

"Still keeping in shape," she said approvingly as she ran a hand down over his bare chest, a teasing look in her blue eyes.

Lucifer embraced her with a growl, his mouth hot and hungry upon hers. She moaned in response, her hands lifting to caress his neck and hair. His hand slid purposely down her back to grip her bottom, pulling her firmly against his growing arousal.

Chloe whimpered as she felt his hardness against her thighs, the heat of his body evident even through their layers of clothing. She squirmed against him in need as she returned his kisses and he groaned, squeezing her bottom.

"My clothes," she managed to say at one point.

Lucifer ceased kissing her.

"Yes, clothes off, Detective," he said, a look of wild hunger on his face.

She kissed him softly to soothe him.

"I'll try and take them off seductively," she then whispered by his ear before kissing that too. This would be interesting, she thought, given that they weren't date clothes by any stretch.

The wild look faded to be replaced with amusement.

"Oh, a strip tease just for me, Detective?" he asked hopefully, relaxing his arms from around her.

Chloe rolled her eyes at him affectionately and gave him a long, lingering kiss, hearing him groan in response in her mouth.

"Yes, a special strip tease just for my devil boyfriend. Don't ask me the last time I did a strip tease for someone."

"There's the one in 'Hot Tub High School', Detective," he said encouragingly, preening at being called her boyfriend.

"That wasn't a strip tease, that was just me taking off clothes to get in the tub," she mumbled. "Trying to make it look natural in front of a film crew."

"We'll have to watch it again and discuss it at length, Detective," he said with his eyes dancing and a smile that was just short of a leer.

"You'll be lucky," she told him firmly as she carefully got up off him and stood up.

"Yes, darling," he replied happily.

Chloe took off her grey jacket, which Lucifer then took from her hands and tossed aside.

"I'll take off your shoes, Detective," he said helpfully.

He then promptly bent and undid one of her ankle boots, Chloe lifting her foot slightly so he could take it off. He touched her sock and then removed that as well, his warm hand then caressing her bare foot afterwards.

As he carefully removed her other ankle boot and sock, she said thoughtfully down to his bent head, "You know, Lucifer, I didn't see any sensible brown shoes in my wardrobe. I wonder why?"

Lucifer bristled in an almost comical way as he looked up at her.

"Even Hell has standards, Detective!" he said severely. "There's no need to terrify everyone too much down here."

Now standing in her bare feet, a chuckle escaped her lips and she ran her fingers lightly through his hair, smiling down at him.

He leaned into her hand with a pleased sigh before standing again, towering over her.

"Would you like more assistance with your striptease, Detective?" he asked wickedly.

Chloe smiled.

"Yeah, why not?"

Touching the hem of her black top, Lucifer carefully pulled it up and over her head, the Detective obligingly lifting her arms to help with the process. Her long, golden hair a tangled mess afterwards, he ran his hands gently down over it to smooth it.

She was only wearing a bra on top now. Delighting in the sight of her creamy skin, his hands dropped to the waistband of her black trousers, his fingers teasing over the skin just above it.

Chloe gave him a quick kiss and then started undoing her trousers, laughing softly when he darted in to give her a heated kiss. Once her trousers were removed and put aside, she stood there now clad only in her bra and underwear.

His beautiful Detective, Lucifer thought and then his lips curved in a smile that was pure sin. He looked at her bra intently and then after a second she felt it unclasp by itself at her back, the bra loosening slightly around her torso in response.

She looked down in surprise, her eyes round. Had he just… he had!

"It worked!" he exclaimed happily as if he wasn't as nearly old as the universe itself, his eyes bright at this success.

Chloe's blue eyes narrowed ominously although a sparkle lurked within them.

"Lucifer, did you just do your unlock-things-mojo on my bra?" she said sternly, putting her hands on her hips as she tried not to laugh.

He looked flustered for a moment and Chloe could almost see the word 'oops!' appear in his head. In big, capital letters. Lucifer was such an idiot sometimes, she thought fondly, not for the first time. But he was her idiot.

"Yes, Detective?" he said cautiously, his dark eyes huge in the sharp planes of his face as he sat back down on the couch.

"How dare you!" she huffed, borrowing one of his lines as she waved a finger at him, though she couldn't prevent herself now from chuckling. "I can't take you anywhere."

"Then allow me to make amends, Detective," he said penitently, though there was a teasing look in his eyes now. "Once I take the rest of my clothes off, I'm all yours."

"Keep talking, honey," Chloe said in amusement, eyeing him as she removed her bra, tossing it aside afterwards.

Lucifer's gaze then became riveted to her chest, unable to look away from her firm, lovely breasts.

"Oh, Chloe," he breathed, unconsciously lifting his hands as if to touch her.

She smiled at him and that was a thing of beauty as well. Then she bent slightly to remove her underwear and after that, he was lost... falling. He had seen the Detective unclothed before, but it was different now. She was a piece of Heaven right down here in Hell, wearing only his bullet necklace.

He could only stare at her, his mouth slightly open until the Detective coughed slightly, returning him to the present. There was amusement in her blue eyes as she pointed down at his black trousers, flicking her fingers in a 'take them off' gesture.

"Yes, of course, Detective," he babbled as he stood up quickly to do her bidding. Was he babbling? No, of course not, he thought. The Devil didn't babble. Oh, bollocks.

Then he remembered with embarrassment he would have to take off his shoes first, so he sat down again, bending to remove them. He's had countless lovers, you would think he would be better at this sort of thing by now… what must the Detective be thinking?

Feeling a bit wretched, Lucifer peeked up at Chloe. With her golden hair tumbling about her bare shoulders, she hummed encouragingly at him, a smile on her face and it was all right, after all.

A smile in return spreading across his face, he bent to remove his shoes and socks and then stood to remove his trousers, his belt buckle clinking as he took them off. He gave a moan of relief as his arousal was freed, grasping and pumping it briefly with one hand.

The Detective blinked a few times at him, a blush appearing on her cheeks then spreading downwards.

Hot damn, she thought.

Feeling quite pleased at her reaction, with care Lucifer then lay down upon the leather couch, stretching out his long, naked body just so. The LA sun-that-wasn't shone late morning light throughout the penthouse, making Chloe's long hair gleam.

"All yours, darling!" he purred. "The berries are definitely ready for harvesting now."

Chloe tried not to facepalm. Honestly, he was the most annoying, naughty person she had ever met, she thought, memories of previous times she had seen him naked and unashamed rushing back to her mind too. She would be sure to tell him afterwards. Really. But maybe not how he had looked so adorable before when he was flustered.

Yeah, this was her afterlife now.

Ignoring his cheesy line and her gaze never leaving him, Chloe approached the end of the couch. Lucifer is someone special, one made of stars and darkness, fire and yes, silly jokes… old pain too that she wants to kiss better.

The teasing look in his eyes fades and a groan escapes Lucifer at the first touch of her warm skin against his, reaching up for her with hands that are slightly trembling. Strands of her hair brushed over his chest and then his neck like the softest of caresses as she climbed carefully upon him, warmth and anticipation in her eyes.

Looking down at his face and rubbing her fingers teasingly over his stubble, she bent down to kiss his aquiline nose gently. He blinked up at her with soft surprise in his eyes, a hand of his lifting to cup the side of her face.


Lucifer surely had a dozen reasons to say something suggestive or provocative, but the words faltered with each soft kiss upon his face, as if she was determined to map it with her lips. He wished that their first time could have been in his LA penthouse, where he could have happily spoiled her afterwards. Picnics on the beach where they had first kissed, a bottle of champagne available too. He would have complained a bit about sand getting in his clothes; she would have rolled her eyes amiably at him, perhaps kissing him until thoughts of complaint went away. They're both far now from any beach or glittering city but in each other's arms at last, and isn't that a miracle in itself?

Chloe kissed her way down his throat, nipping him gently where his neck met his shoulder, hearing him gasp as she marked him. There was something heady about having him under her, she thought, a whine escaping him as he tried and failed to press himself between her legs, her body neatly evading him. The amused expression in her crystal blue eyes said not quite yet, honey, so his hand lifted to cup and squeeze her breast firmly instead, glad there were no layers of clothing between them now.

Chloe whimpered in response, her concentration flying out of the window for a moment. She could almost feel the heat radiating from his skin when she did start to kiss his broad chest, so as an experiment she touched her tongue to his skin, near one of his flat male nipples. Yeah, warmer than average. Lucifer groaned and his long body moved restlessly underneath her, so with a smile she did it again.

"Detective!" he gasped.

She looked up at him slowly, her golden hair brushing his chest.

"Just finding out what my partner desires," she said deliberately, managing to look both sensual and innocent at the same time. "You liked that, did you?"

"I'll show you what your partner desires, Detective!" Lucifer growled, glittering red in his eyes for a moment as he seized her arm and hauled her back up the length of his body as if she weighed nothing. He clasped the back of her head and brought it down so he could kiss her fiercely, his tongue sliding into her mouth and tasting her sweetness. Pushing a knee up between her legs, his other arm of his wrapped around her waist and then he gripped and squeezed her bottom, pulling her more firmly down against his arousal.

Chloe moaned and ground herself down against him in return. He swore in two languages and broke away from their kiss, his face flushed and feeling as if fire was running visibly underneath his skin. With his heated gaze upon her face, he removed his hand from her head, sliding it instead almost desperately down her body and between her legs, seeking her secret place… panting when he found her slick with need. For him. She keened at his touch, parting her legs slightly in welcome and felt him pulse in response against her thigh.

"Chloe… oh, Chloe," he then said huskily. "Please, darling."

"Yes," she whispered, kissing him. His arms released her and she rose up to straddle him carefully, positioning him at her entrance before slowly sinking down on him, his dark eyes looking up at her as if she was the only other thing in existence. Chloe moaned in surprise at the hard, heavy feel of him, of being filled completely like no other had.

Lucifer clenched his jaw as a quiver ran through his whole body, the feel of Chloe's velvet heat surrounding him both bliss and torment at the same time. His hands moved to grip her waist, a groan escaping him as she started to rock determinedly upon him, Chloe wanting him with everything that was in her.

"Chloe," she heard him say raggedly as he began thrusting up into her, panting and moaning unashamedly. His carefully styled hair had become wild curls and now both of his hands had moved to cup and sometimes roughly squeeze her breasts, his thumbs rubbing over her nipples too, making her whimper and gasp. His Detective looked magnificent and untamed above him, her eyes shining pools, the light of her soul shining brighter to his gaze now too.

"Oh," Chloe gasped, pleasure coursing through her as he started moving more urgently under her, wanting more. She kept up, riding Lucifer until she climaxed, her body clenching and pulsing around him as she called out his name in passion.

Lucifer felt himself tipping over the edge himself in response… his body tensed and then his hips jerked against her as he cried out her name in joy, his eyes glowing rubies for a moment and a surge of heat and energy filling her. Chloe slumped down upon Lucifer afterwards with a sigh, his strong arms cradling her gently as he eased reluctantly out of her.

"Detective," he said dazedly.

"Mmmphf," she sighed in pleasure against his neck, her hair having spilled all over his chest. Lucifer laughed, his heart feeling lighter than it had in eons as he kissed his queen softly.