Finally updated... watching Season 5a helped. Our couple are still kissing & cuddling etc in this chapter, but the plot should get going again in the next.


When Chloe came back to herself, she lifted her head to see Lucifer looking up at her with what looked like amazement in his eyes, his warm arms cradling her gently.

"Hell must have frozen over at last," he said teasingly, looking somehow younger to her eyes.

"Too bad, how will I stay warm?" she sighed, smiling as she leaned down to boop his nose gently with hers.

An oddly warm and fuzzy feeling spread through Lucifer's chest at her continued affection towards him. It hadn't been just mere sex with Chloe before, it had been different in a way that he couldn't understand. Maybe Dr Linda could have helped, if he had still been seeing her. Although, to be honest, now that Linda was technically part-Celestial, perhaps there would be a way for a new session with her without him having to leave Hell at all… he had the best ideas sometimes!

"I've got a few more ways, love," he promised.

At that, Chloe felt him stir again against her belly and she slanted a surprised glance down at him.

"Immortal stamina, Detective!" he said proudly.

"Maybe I should investigate further," she said teasingly. "Though men love to boast, you know."

His eyebrows shot up and he pretended to look indignant.

"How dare you? I won't be taking that lying down, Detective," he huffed up at her, but his dark eyes held a sparkle. "It's bedtime for you."

She chuckled and then Lucifer rose smoothly to his feet without letting her go, Chloe promptly wrapping her legs around him. A pleased rumble escaped him as he pushed one hand under her bottom to keep her steady while his other arm reached around to hold her firmly against him, the lovely curves of her body pressing against his broad chest.

Then there was a whoosh as his wings suddenly appeared and promptly wrapped themselves gently around them both.

"Bollocks!" Lucifer said in exasperation, trying to avoid having a mouthful of his own feathers... how embarrassing that would be. "So sorry, darling," he mumbled.

With no clothes on, Chloe definitely felt now as if she had been wrapped in a big, living feather blanket. Just like their owner, they seemed pleased as well that she was unclothed, as many of the feathers softly rubbed and fluttered happily against her skin, petting her all at once everywhere they could reach.

A soft moan escaped her throat in response and his eyes brightened with mischief. Oh, she was in big trouble now, she thought ruefully.

"Ooh, Detective," Lucifer said in pretend innocence, easily walking towards and up the stairs to his bedroom even though his gaze never left her face. "You do like my wings, don't you?"

He stopped at the end of the bed and with some reluctance, his wings drew back from around the Detective. Kneeling down, he lowered her carefully onto the bed and followed her willingly down upon it, his dark eyes heated. The warm weight of his long body covered hers briefly before he then rested upon his elbows to give Chloe some space, his wings fluttering before draping neatly over the bed on either side of them.

Chloe dropped her legs from his waist to rest them upon the bed, with Lucifer's wings using this as an excuse to move slightly closer to her, with some of the feathers doing their best now to caress her bare legs.

Well, that was something new for her, she thought. Snippets from the past of being in Lucifer's bed before come back to her… waking hung over and confused one morning, with a debonair Lucifer in a dressing gown teasing her on how they'd made Rosemary's Baby the night before (false) and then commenting when she departed on how she'd snored like an Albanian field wench (probably the truth… and hadn't that stung!).

Then there was the time when he'd given her the bullet necklace after she'd woken in his bed (because he had left town once again) dressed only in one of his white shirts.

Chloe lifted a hand and ran her fingers gently over the inside of a wing, petting and caressing the nearest feathers. Lucifer started humming, his eyes closing in pleasure as a ripple passed through his wings, wanting nothing more to melt in his Detective's arms.

"Chloe," he said huskily, his dark head dropping down to her neck, kissing and nipping it gently.

"Oh, you like that, do you?" Chloe enquired, running some fingers through his hair, giving his scalp light scratches.

"You're a tease, Detective!" she heard him mumble against her skin.

He started kissing his way hungrily down her neck, pausing just above her breasts.

"Hello again, darlings!" he said brightly before he began softly kissing one breast, his warm lips eventually closing around one of her nipples.

Chloe rolled her eyes at the cheesy line but then started moaning in response to his attentions.

At one point he lifted his head.

"You like this too, don't you, Detective?" he said in a voice that had a raw edge to it. He wants her again… wants to be everything she desires.

"Yes," she gasped. "Don't stop."

With a groan he lowered his head again, eventually turning his attention to her other breast. Meanwhile, one of his hands stole down between her thighs, caressing her tenderly until she whimpered.

At one point she gasped, "Please… please, Lucifer." This was a new kind of torture in Hell, she thought muzzily.

He made a pleased growl and moved his body up slightly… oh so slowly… until she felt him pressing against her entrance before he thrust into her warmth once again.

In a husky voice he said, "This? Do you still desire this, darling?"

Chloe managed to roll her eyes. "Yes, you idiot," she panted, as she lifted her hips against his in response, her hands clasping his broad shoulders.

At that, he withdrew before pushing into her again at just the right angle. She keened, wrapping her legs around his waist as he began thrusting into her, his wings lifting slightly and then dropping back down at intervals.

Their bodies moved together eagerly and Chloe eventually felt her climax approaching as it built up within her.

She gasped, "I'm close," her fingers raking his shoulders, her body starting to arch underneath his.

"Oh, Chloe," he groaned as she came around him, gasping his name.

When she could think again, she blinked when she saw Lucifer looking down at her with eyes that were a lustrous black. He was still within her, still hard. His wings had lifted slightly and were hovering over them, each feather glowing with a soft white light that would increase in brightness before dimming, the process then repeating. A tremble ran through his large frame and there was an anxious look now in his eyes.

A feeling of sympathy swept through her… perhaps his wings here in Hell were increasing the emotions he was feeling and he wasn't quite sure how to cope.

"It's all right, honey," Chloe murmured, running a foot gently along his back. "Come on."

"Detective," Lucifer said huskily against her neck as he withdrew then thrust hard within her. He closed his eyes and rode her with passion, revelling in her moans as she clung to him. He kept up the pace until he could no longer, then his glowing wings lifted upwards, thrashing wildly as he came.

Chloe came after him and he slumped down upon her with a groan, his wings gliding down to flop upon the bed. After a while, Chloe lifted a hand and ran it gently through his hair, murmuring soft nonsense words at him. He nuzzled her neck before eventually lifting himself off her, then everything seemed to blur for a moment for Chloe before she found herself resting on her side in Lucifer's arms. She was lying on one of his wings while the other was curled over them both so they were in a softly glowing cocoon.

Chloe brushed his lips with hers. "You're unbelievable," she breathed.

Lucifer looked both pleased and somehow shy at the same time. "Yes, darling," he agreed as she snuggled closer to him.

"I love the built-in mood lighting," she teased at one point as she touched a feather which promptly got brighter in response. The protective wing above them dipped a bit and some feathers investigated her hair.

"Very funny, Detective," he said drolly and she smirked back at him.

Lucifer peeked down at her creamy skin and then his eyes widened.

"Detective, you're naked! When did this happen?" he exclaimed.

Chloe rolled her eyes and smacked him lightly.

"It happened because I once met this handsome devil in a nightclub, who was full of himself," she told him.

Lucifer pretended to look insulted. "That's part of the job description, darling," he pointed out before kissing her.

After a while, Lucifer said sadly, "Some of my feathers are all untidy now, Detective. How can I hold my head high now?"

His dark eyes were big and mournful.

Chloe gave him a soft kiss.

"I'll help you, Big Bird, but first you'll have to get on your front," she said briskly.

"Big Bird? How dare you," he huffed, some of his primary feathers making a clattering sound together in pretend outrage.

"Sorry, honey," Chloe said with a smile, stroking his cheek in apology.

Lucifer decided to forgive her before lifting the wing that had been over them so Chloe had room to move.

Chloe carefully edged her way off his other wing, giving it a pat before she got off the bed.

A whine escaped Lucifer at her absence, but he shifted so that he was lying upon his stomach, adjusting a pillow for his head to rest on. On either side of him, his slightly dishevelled wings draped over the bed as well as down the sides, his dark hair ruffled.

Chloe pinched herself slightly – nope, this was still her afterlife – and climbed back upon the bed so that she could straddle his lower back.

"Lucifer likes," she heard him say encouragingly – if a bit huskily - as he shifted slightly under her.

Concentrating on his left wing first, she gently ran a hand over the feathers that were closest to her, hearing Lucifer starting to hum in pleasure again. The wing fluttered and puffed up happily under her caresses while the right wing twitched unhappily at being ignored.

She ran her right hand over the right wing tenderly for a moment.

"I won't forget you," she promised, the mollified wing fluttering in response.

Great, now she was talking to his wings, she thought wryly.

Turning her attention back to his left wing, she noted how some muscles unfamiliar to her in Lucifer's back had stretched and flexed with the movement of his wings. When she had seen to all the feathers she could reach on that wing, she turned slightly and started grooming all the feathers she could reach on the right wing. Eventually she moved carefully off his back so she could tend to the feathers on his left wing that she wasn't able to reach.

Lucifer whined again as she moved off him to kneel on the bed and Chloe patted his bottom in consolation before tending to the other feathers, hearing him groan.

Surely this was a new form of torture the Detective (naked Detective!) was putting him through, Lucifer thought dazedly. How dare she! He felt like a puddle of bliss from her grooming his wings, but he already wanted her once more.

Chloe smiled to herself as she straddled his lower back again.

"Oh, wait, I didn't need to do that," she mused in pretend surprise. "I've already seen to the feathers from here. I'll just have to do this, then," she added, leaning down slowly so that she could kiss the alabaster skin of his back tenderly between his wings. Then with a hand she caressed a wing where it came out of his back.

Lucifer growled, everything blurred and then Chloe found herself flat on her back with him leaning over her, his wings having retracted.

"Is that what you call grooming, Detective?" he purred, his dark eyes gleaming. "You may need to be punished for a few things… but let's start with 'Big Bird', darling."

Chloe laughed as she drew him down to her.