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Chapter 2: Defining Roles

Before I made my way home, I took a quick detour.

There was someone who was waiting for me at the park, now that I had made good on my promise. And it wasn't the one made with Ningguang.

Crouching again in plain sight, I made sure that my status signalled 'Undetected' before I snapped my fingers. The upper half of my face was covered by a silver wolf mask, and my clothes were now replaced by the new black suit I had purchased just last night.

With my disguise on, I teleported to the park, still crouched.

As such, my sudden appearance was unnoticed by Raynare who was nervously waiting around the fountain, no longer dazed by my mind-altering spell, and she was hovering near an unconscious man, whose head was laying back against the fountain.

I snickered. I was getting some serious déjà vu.

But that suit on her was a nice change. Very sexy. Very tight. It showed off her curves wonderfully. She'd make a good secretary.

I had considered revealing my true identity—Lex Lothar—to this person; after all, I had enslaved her, what was there to worry about her knowing the link between Lex and Hax? But considering my spontaneously-altered plans for her, that knowledge would give her too much leverage over me, limiting the optional playbooks I had in store for the main characters I would soon interact with.

I sneaked towards her slowly from the side, like a lion stalking its prey.

She was pacing left and right, slowly looking around, failing to see me, even when I was slightly crouched next to her.

When she unknowingly turned her back to me and walked away, I pounced.

"You listened to my order. Good girl." I whispered next to her, staring at the man she had brought to this meeting place.

Raynare jumped and backed off, turning around, and looking mighty tempted to summon a spear of light, until she actually noticed it was me.

Her anger at having her private space intruded upon was quickly suppressed by nervousness. She chewed her lip, looking around again as if scared to see if there had been anyone else who had watched her in her moment of weakness.

"I… fuck…" Raynare swore, embarrassed by her lack of composure, before turning her gaze back to me. "I'm here. As I promised, I brought Freed here too—as you specified, after knocking him out during a false mission I sent him on. What is it that you need from him?" She asked, still tense.

I hummed, considering my options. I held out a hand towards him, energy gathering within it; my first instinct was to just blow him to smithereens. But this wasn't a scenario where Freed could escape to bother me another day. He was entirely at my mercy.

No, I changed my mind, he would be insurance.

I lowered my head and walked towards him instead. Raynare didn't say anything; she had probably suspected the plan I had for him.

There were only two viable plans really, with a loose bomb like Freed. Kill him. Or brainwash him.

I looked back at Raynare as I stood over Freed. She didn't look one bit upset that a subordinate of hers was going to be lost to her, only nervous. Perhaps she had planned on getting rid of him too, after her own mission had been completed.

"Nothing special, really," I replied. "Just nipping a potential eyesore in the bud before it gets loose." I grabbed Freed's head and activated my mind control spell. In his state, he was helpless to resist.

With my will now driving his body, he woke up in the same dazed state Raynare had once been in. He ignored her, waiting for my input.

"Go hide in some random hotel room, make yourself scarce," I commanded. "If there's some crime I need to frame you for or some schmuck I want you to troll, I'll contact you again." I had a tab list of the subordinates I could mentally contact or control depending on their obedience levels. "Now go. Get out of my sight, you worm. You can do whatever you need to survive, but no killing unless I expressly state you can."

Tapping into a long-forgotten branch of my necromancer skills, I summoned a parasite which I held out. As Freed walked away, he took it from my hand and ate it without complaint.

In the event that some fucking plot armour allowed Freed to conveniently come across someone who could overwrite my spell, the parasite would detect his regained consciousness and turn him into a useless zombie.

Now, that just left the two of us.

I could see Raynare swallow her saliva as she became hyper aware of that fact, the sight of Freed walking away quickly forgotten from her mind due to sheer survival instinct.

"… Why… Why did you let me go? You had me under your thrall, just like Freed now. I could be obeying your every whim without hesitation. Why would you let that luxury slip away from your fingers?" She asked, unusually meek compared to the sadistic glee she had when she murdered Issei. It was clear she was trying not to tempt fate, in case I changed my mind.

I hummed, enjoying her reactions. I didn't reply to the question. I simply walked towards her, inspecting her more closely.

She took a step back, her eyes widening.

I smiled, conveying calm instead of cruelty, hoping to put her at ease. It did not, but she didn't take another step back as I came within touching distance. She seemed to see something in my eyes, which told her I wasn't planning to mind control her again.

She was right. But that didn't mean I was going to make her comfortable.

"Tongue out." I demanded.

"W-what?" She asked, jumping a bit at my sudden words.

"Tongue out. Mouth open. Now." I growled. I would not repeat myself again.

Some emotion flared in her eyes, but eventually, she did open her mouth, sticking out her tongue.

I gently took hold of it, trapping the wet appendage between my thumb and my index finger. She made a sound, her eyes briefly twitching at the touch. I moved my thumb gently in circles, just watching her reaction.

It was beautiful.

There was a silent war within her eyes, one of shame and indignation; of instinctual submission and prideful defiance. Her cheeks were turning rosy, which only fed into the emotions flaring in her eyes. She was angry at how flustered she was; her many years of fleshly experiences had clearly never involved such an act of submission. And through my thumb, I could feel her increasingly heated breath.

I smiled, and ignored the pings from the Game, no doubt indicating Raynare's relationship status changes. I would not allow it to distract me from this moment.

I released my fingers, freeing her tongue as she slipped back into the safety of her own mouth. She swallowed her saliva, and seemed wanting of an explanation, before she saw my next action.

Bringing my wet fingers to my face, I smelled the scent of her saliva. And then I dragged my tongue over them, cleaning my fingers.

Her affection was negative with me, but that did not stop her from being aroused by me. She watched my tongue, her lips unconsciously parting.

All these tiny details… they could not be imitated by a puppet.

"Cross your arms underneath your tits, show them off to me." A hint of recognition appeared on her face. An almost confident, teasing smile was hastily plastered on her face. It seemed she was more familiar with these kinds of acts, as she obeyed more easily this time. With her arms lifting up her breasts, they strained up against her suit, begging to be free as I watched her white shirt part slightly to reveal them.

I'd admit, I barely resisted the urge to grope them. But I did, because they weren't my primary focus.

I watched her bend forward slightly, her confidence steadily growing at my stillness, interpreting it as weakness.

"This. This is better, isn't it? There's no fun for you if I'm just a braindead doll, right?" She husked. I didn't respond, I simply watched her performance. With her arms still crossed, she used her right hand to grope her left tit, showing off their bounciness for me.

"Mmmm," She purposefully moaned, "you don't have to mind control me. If you join my side, I'd willingly fall for you, only you, baby." I smiled. And she seemed to take that as me liking her proposal. Her movements and expression becoming more seductive, as she swayed her hips sensually side-to-side.

But that wasn't why I was smiling.

She had nearly hit bullseye. Over the years, I had made sexual slaves out of my characters. They were all beautiful, but none of them could match the liveliness of a real living being. The emotions, the intent, the manner of breathing, the movement of the chest as it desperately tried to contain the beating of the heart as it danced to the tune of life—it all mattered.

I understood now. Mind control would take all those things away from me; it would ruin my fun.

But Raynare seemed to be misunderstanding one thing.

"Turn around." I ordered.

Still under the delusion of regaining control, Raynare's smile held no nervousness this time as she gracefully turned and presented her ass eagerly, shaking it slightly.

Resisting the urge to slap it, my hands instead moved to grab her hips. I pulled her towards me.

She didn't resist, as her ass collided against my crotch, where she began to slowly grind against it.

"That's right. I'd willingly give you my body. So jo–" Her recruitment speech was abruptly stopped, as she began to truly realise what she rubbing up against—or rather, the sheer magnitude of it.

Her ass stopped moving up and down, as if she couldn't properly process what she was feeling.

But slowly, excruciatingly slowly, she moved it up a few inches.

She looked back and stared incredulously, with her mouth wide open. He could hear her breathe louder, almost gasping.

"That… that can't be real." She whispered, almost fearfully. She didn't continue moving her ass up, as if she was convincing herself that if she didn't, then the rest of the shaft she was feeling wouldn't be real.

I smirked. My right hand moved lower on her hip, whilst my left hand moved up until it was gently wrapped around Raynare's neck. With my newfound leverage, I pulled her head towards my chest—the highest she could reach—causing her body to arch, and I whispered over her, teasing, "You're not even two-thirds of the way up, Raynare. Finish the job." She involuntarily moaned at that, her eyes widening.

Helping her along, my hands moved her entire body up, still arched, so that she could feel the rest of my cock. With how much taller I was, I had to lift her off the ground. I wanted to look her in the eyes as she moaned even louder, feeling up four more inches, and realising that she still hadn't reached the end—more than an inch remained.

She tried to look down to see what I was doing with my hands, but I held her in place, forcing her to look up. She kicked the back of her feet against my legs, and only then, with her eyes widening—"oooh," she gasped—did she finally realise how helpless she was in my hands.

I didn't need to break her mind to break her.

Emphasizing that, I humped her ass powerfully with my clothed member, growling over her face. She whimpered and squirmed, and bounced at the whims of my hands, all thoughts of seducing me and controlling me having left her mind.

That's right, Raynare.

I didn't need to break your mind to have you dance in the palm of my hands.

With that warning, I let her go. She dropped to the ground on two feet and stumbled forward.

Raynare turned back to me, and froze at my predatory smile. She looked down, to where my groin was, the outline of what she sought was clear. She bit her lip, unconsciously hugging her chest and breathing hotly through her nose, presenting herself to me again—she was acting unnerved by me, but deep down, she already wanted more.

As punishment for her brief arrogance, I would leave her wanting.

Stretching nonchalantly, I casually and completely altered the direction of this encounter.

"Well, you've fulfilled your end of our first arrangement—for letting you go, you bring me Freed Sellzen. Now that we know we are both acting in good faith," I smiled wryly at that, as she visibly became more frustrated at the pent-up lust I had provoked and was now ignoring, 'we can both focus on our second arrangement."

"Just… just because your master achieved what he did, that doesn't mean you're telling the truth. You… you will not divide us." She declared, slowly trying but failing to suppress her lust and become serious. "Freed was disposable. But Kokabiel… Kokabiel is one of the senior and most trusted members of my organisation. He couldn't possibly be a traitor."

"Our second arrangement doesn't require your absolute trust." I replied. "My Lord, Hax, will simply provide you proof of Kokabiel's betrayal, soon." Right now, to Raynare, I was but one of many powerful schmucks working for the new, mysterious Overlord Hax. Whilst preventing people from knowing that Overlord Hax was specifically working in this location, I was dangling bait in front of her.

She had been distracted by her fear of my mind control, but she had originally come here to probe deeper into my 'relationship' with Hax and discover how much he was hiding. With such a discovery, she'd quickly become a gem within the eyes of her beloved Azazel, of course she couldn't resist.

But just like what happened now between us, I'd simply and easily assert my own goals over hers.

I took a step forward and this time, regardless of my calm, playful look, she took three steps back.

"Whatever you choose to do with that information is up to you, but just think, what if it is true?" I mused. "What if Kokabiel does betray Azazel, and you knew and did nothing. Especially after you followed Kokabiel's rogue orders and killed your target. Mmmm, I'd imagine Azazel wouldn't be very pleased." Raynare swallowed nervously at that. I continued.

"All I'm asking is for you to settle down. Do not participate in stupid actions that would earn the ire of the devils or your superiors. Kokabiel isn't watching you closely anyway, just yet—his plans are still being set up, and they will be delayed by my Lord Hax's actions. And the young Gremory heir knows about you, she allowed you to kill that Issei boy." A flash of frustration was displayed in Raynare's eyes. She had genuinely believed that Rias was incompetent.

"So that business with the Sacred Gear theft, especially with that nun girl in your group, you'll lose nothing if you abandon those plans and convince your group to stand down and wait… just until you can safely confirm the legitimacy of my reports. After all, what's the harm in doing your due diligence, hmm?"

She scrunched her nose up at that, but soon, she did nod her head at that, contemplating her options.

Whilst she was distracted, I took the chance to close in on her again.

"Besides, you seem like you could use the time off, Raynare." I reached around and grabbed her by the ass again—it really was a nice ass. Lifting her up, I brought her in until our bodies were almost sticking together, until I could feel her breasts squash against me and her wet pussy beneath her skirt and beyond her ruined underwear.

Her eyes pretended to be angry at her helplessness, they pretended to be protesting. But her body spoke a different message.

We rocked against each other, with me doing all of the light lifting.

Her stocking-clad legs wrapped themselves around me.

"You need to take care of yourself, relieve all that tension." And if I could clearly feel her body beneath her clothes, then she could clearly feel mine—my muscles, my cock, all of it.

With the way my hips were moving, I could feel the lips of her pussy part as I rubbed my shaft against it. She bit her lip, seemingly finding a promise within my words. I smirked.

"So go out to the club, or to the local church, or visit an online hookup website—I don't care." She looked confused for a brief moment, before her eyes widened, a realisation coming to her. She shook her head, but I had already released her, again. But not before I spanked her ass, hard.

"Go find a boy-toy somewhere else, I'm a busy man." I teased. And let that boy-toy constantly remind you that they couldn't provide what only a man could.

"You… you…. You…!" She growled, flushed.

Smiling playfully, I turned around and began walking away, indicating that this conversation was over.

But I would leave her with one important warning.

Still walking away, I turned my head around.

"Oh, just in case it wasn't clear. I will be watching you. You are mine." I addressed her, with a very real promise in my eyes. "If you do step out of line, I will punish you. You won't know when, you won't know how. But just know that one night, you'll wake up all tied up, helpless; and I'll do whatever I want to your body—I'll smack it, I'll tease it, I'll whip it—except fuck it. And I'll do it until pleasure becomes pain; until your body finally understands that its pleasures are mine to command."

"Wha—" She began stuttering.

"Well, that's all for today," I closed my eyes at her, smiling jovially. "I'll contact you again when something important comes up; or when I need to discipline you. May your dreams of me be sweet, my little angel."

"Li… litt… little angel?! Fuck y—"

As I teleported away, back to my home, I did not see her reaction—I only just heard it begin—to those words. But I was sure her face would be tomato red, unrestrained by my disappearance, and that she would be venting for quite a while in that park, desperately pretending that she had not enjoyed submitting her body to me.

My encounter with Raynare had reaffirmed my decision regarding her last night. Such tease-worthy vigour more than justified not turning her into a doll.


-5 Affection (-15/100 You are an Aggravating Associate)

+20 Attraction (25/100 You are Very Attractive)


When I arrived back at my new home, no one else was there.

It seemed both my 'parents' were work parents. Weird, from my initial observation, Emily seemed to be a stay-at-home mother.

Taking my shoes off and placing them on the shoe rack, I walked up the stairs and towards my room.

It was good that neither of them were home. I wanted to check and freely relish the progress of my actions.

But just in case, I put up a detection spell around the house. With that precaution, I entered my room.

My computer automatically opened up, with the aid of Ultron, and immediately displayed several reports and relevant online news articles Ultron knew I would be interested in.

'Most of China under strict new lockdowns as cases of 'dungeon' incidents surge. Zhang Li steps up as Acting President.'

'California is the first US state to report the presence of a dungeon. Will incidents spread like China?"

Another article from the same website an hour later was titled, 'Texas reports four dungeons. One portal trespassed by three men carrying personal guns; monsters appear from portal. Government issues emergency lockdown. Criminal charges for any unauthorized trespassers.'

'Are the governments in on the secret? Have they sold out their citizens to these supernatural races?'

'What we know about 'Overlord Hax' and examining the truth of his conspiracies.'

I was number one trending. Followed only by several iterations of what I had done. The dungeons. The death and 'revival' of President Xiao, who was now confirmed to answer the call for whoever pressed 69420. Hax Incorporated, and so on.

Whatever could be theoretically tied to me, it was trending.

Even nonsensical stuff like 'Overlord Hax is the ancient evil stored in the comet that killed the dinosaurs and buried underneath the Earth, awoken again to wipe out humanity'.

I smiled, amused. Clicking away the articles, I opened up the reports.

It seemed Hax Incorporated was rapidly expanding in both capacity and membership.

Ultron was working full-time to create several digital presences that would answer and address the needs and concerns of prospective members. He was ordering Ningguang to set up a physical base of operations for him, who was already busy dealing with the fallout.

The first priority for that base would be to create an automatic factory to create the high-end drones he wanted, in order to tackle the physical needs of Hax Incorporated's members. Gear distribution, building guild workshops to facilitate communication, high-value trading.

It was the early stages of my game, so the in-built, add-on game system that dungeon participants would access only whilst they were playing my game would be able to handle most of those essentials easily. But humans were social creatures that thrived on cooperation and communication. As this game becomes more difficult, and I introduced more factors, they would need physical gathering spots or means of coordinating with other experienced players.

But the necessity of end-game social mechanics was quite a ways off. Despite my chaotic way of establishing my foothold, my company would be right on track.

So I'd shelve this train of thought and kingdom-building shit for later, when Ultron and Ningguang dealt with their own problem first and were fully able to commit themselves to my goals.

Besides, it was only reaffirming what the Game was already telling me.

World Dungeon Activity:

1,056,075 Participants. Updating.

Hax Incorporated Registered Members:

1,342,567 Members. 725,997 In-Progress Registrations. Updating.

Hax Incorporated Employees or Affiliates:




White Lotus Sect (Updating. Yet to be determined)

Ultron-created AI assistants x50000 digital copies

My company as of now was still essentially only a three-person group. The AI assistants were a limited, temporary measure to quickly identify—via scans of people's digital profiles—and register the crazy, perhaps suicidal, degenerates that did indeed dream of living out power fantasies, or had nothing left to live for. These people didn't need a complex, detailed registration scheme.

Get in. Sign name. Get gear. Get out. Play game. That was it.

It would be the survivors of the initial wave that would be potentially worth looking out for.

And it seemed Ningguang was also going to slowly rope in members of her sect in order to take advantage of the dealings Hax Incorporated would soon spearhead.

Considering the little amount of time since the company's inception, that was a lot of progress. Though for now, Ultron was carrying hard. But if Ultron followed my orders in regards to Ningguang, that may soon change.

I cracked my fingers.

I'd shelve wanking myself over the reactions of the scrubs for later.

I apparently had a multiverse audience to entertain.

So, after confirming Ultron's effectiveness, I decided it would only be appropriate to have his efforts joined by his fellow Servants.

I connected my palms, mentally calling upon an innate ability of mine that had been granted by the Game.

[Realm Descension—Masterfa, Citadel of Absolute Authority]

A black bubble formed around me, but I willed it to cover only my room, so that only I would witness the magnificence of the territory I had created.

I closed my eyes, feeling the space distort.

When I opened my eyes again, I was now standing before the throne room of the absolutely busted territory I had created.

It was a conceptual crystallisation of my achievements as a hacker.

It was a realm that went by its own rules—my rules, which could change on a dime— and any intruders or the rules of the outside realm my territory imposed itself upon did not matter.

If I decided the sky was meant to be yellow. It would be yellow.

If I decided 700,000 was 1, then the very idea of 700,000 did not exist, only 1.

If I decided a subject within my realm was an ant, then they would be an ant, regardless of whether they were an important main-story, non-killable NPC or even the bloody GM of the game I was destroying.

It was part of my real-life legend: no matter how powerful you were, no matter how many billions of dollars were at your disposal, in my sandbox, you were nothing but my bitch.

But whereas this territory used to be manually maintained by codes, now that it was translated as a conceptual ability of the Game, it adhered automatically to my will.

I heard a familiar ringing alert, as my vision flashed red.

TwitchTube Warning: Game-breaking ability detected. As user is marketing their concept as a hacker, exceptions will be made for immersion—merely displaying the ability to appeal to viewers who like power fantasies will not result in termination. However, if user wields this ability in a manner that is boring to the viewers—which will be indicated by the like-dislike ratio of the video—the user will be terminated from the Content Creator program. There will be no opportunities for a repeatable offence.

I smirked savagely at that warning.

Yeah, that's right.

For if the Game had accurately translated my legend as an ability, then it was highly likely that if even Great Red were to be summoned in this realm, I would defeat it easily.

And TwitchTube knew it.

This ability was like someone buying a 'skip the story to reach the ending' option in a single-player game. Fucking boring and pointless.

But it had no reason to worry, despite the warning—a formality, really. If it had chosen me, it should be familiar with my mindset.

There was a fun way to show off how busted you were, and thus a way to work around the limitations—which weren't even limitations for someone like me—that this Twitchtube had placed on me.

For TwitchTube had sent me this very same warning once before, when I applied Boost to my 'Open Mind and Spirit' shout.

At a base level, excluding my hacked buffs, I was fairly weak in the grand food chain. If I applied Boost directly to myself, there would be a hard limit on how many times I could do so, lest I risked breaking down my body.

But this limitation did not apply to my Shouts, or certain hacked skills. They did not require power, and so boosting them as many times as I wanted would not destroy me in the process.

But only if I didn't apply this Boosted hack in a boring way.

Oh my god, look at me, I've got the bigger energy punch! GG, EZ!

If I had done the obvious, 'smart' thing to do, and quickly raised my potential cap to infinity, and made all this content trivial, there would be no point to my existence. And thus I would be eliminated from the Game.

However, when I had applied the Mega Boosted Shout to the audience of the entire world through my video, the Game did not carry out the threat in TwitchTube's warning.

What made an OP character entertaining wasn't his power, in a vacuum. It was how the world around them reacted to their power.

As I had blurted to Ningguang, with my abilities, I could not treat this Game setting as one long series of personal dungeon grinds and 'weekly bosses' from the story missions—they were my vacuum.

As an OP character, I was above being an actor. I was above being even the main star.

I was the director.

I was the executive producer.

I would be the orchestrator of the final script; directing scenes; deciding roles and determining the motivations and emotions of the characters I would direct.

A promising cast of stars was already being gathered.

But a director required a crew. I needed production managers, stuntmen, location managers—the whole lot.

And as it turns out, there was already an assortment of personalities ready and waiting to take those positions for my sake.

"My Generals of Masterfa, assemble before me!" I ordered theatrically, and needlessly. It was simply to sound cool.

Nonetheless, within an instant, several spaces before the throne room distorted to reveal the custom Servants, Ultron's peers, I had created in my previous life.

The six remaining Generals were already kneeling, gathered together in a row in front of me, beneath the marble steps. Well, except the massive red dragon, who had stationed himself behind his fellow generals. He had miniaturized himself to fit in the throne room, but he still purposefully towered over the rest. He was showing off, the prideful little bugger. I smiled. I would allow it.

Tribunal, the Absolute Judge, Jury & Executioner of Lex's Laws

A golden three-headed man was bowing at the centre of the group, directly in front of the dragon.

Igris, the Transcendent Pinnacle of Knights

A large knight donning blood-red armour was kneeling to the left of Tribunal.

Beru, the God-King of Insects

A humanoid black ant, with red glowing eyes, sharp claws and two wings, was kneeling to the right of Tribunal.

Scathach, the Supreme Sorcerer-Warrior

A purple-haired, red-eyed woman bearing a regal, proud look of a person who had mastered the highest levels of sorcery and combat began stepping away from the group and waited at the side, crossing her arms and raising her left eyebrow as she stared at me.

Kiara, the Heavenly Hole of Pleasure

A woman with two curved horns, black and pink, also broke off from the group. But instead she began walking up the steps towards me. With her open white coat and thigh high pink boots being her only form of attire, she was magnificently showing off her breasts and pink lingerie, oozing lustful decadence as she graced me with her bedroom eyes. But she stopped one step down before my throne.

Kamish, the Dragon God of Calamitous Trolling

And my spirit animal needed no introductions.

In this realm, I did not bother to check their status. They'd all be completely busted due to the realm buffs. Tier 1000; Level 10000; Skill Level 1000; Race: Primordial Gods. Quantities that should not exist and didn't even bother to scale with what I knew of Highschool DXD's power chain.

But this level of power would not exist once my Servants exited this realm in order to do my bidding, as Ultron had highlighted.

Kiara spoke first, having made her effort to get closer to me.

"Oh Wonderful Master, there's no turning back now. Command us; send the rest of your Generals out to the world, so that we too may teach the ways of Lex Lothar. Or perhaps it is wiser to send only a few, whilst the others may 'attend' to you." She turned her head halfway between me and Scathach, winking at the sorcerer—who only rolled her eyes at the lack of tact—before focusing back on me, flicking her eyes down and back up my body. She had a sultry look. "As your attendants, we could help you 'celebrate' your recent, magnificent achievement."

Tribunal rose from his bow.

"Enough, Kiara. Save your insatiable lust for a private audience with our Master. He did not summon all of us so that we could watch your exhibitionism." He criticized and I chuckled.

Kiara and I teleported instantly. We were both now sitting on my throne, with Kiara settled on my lap.

"Lighten up, Tribunal. A little service wouldn't harm anyone." Kiara chuckled at that, before starting to grind on my lap. I wrapped my right arm around her waist, pulling her to me, whilst groping her left tit. But I wasn't too focused on Kiara, despite her intentionally moaning in my ears; something else was grabbing my thoughts.

This was my first time watching these creations act in my realm with personalities. Unlike my previous life, they didn't need pre-input commands to think. From what I saw of Ultron's settings, I assumed their current behaviour would be based off what I had coded into them in my prior life.

"Ah, your words are correct as always, Master. Forgive me; I did not realize the full extent of your 'plans' when you allowed Kiara to approach your magnificence."

Tribunal however, despite being the most powerful, was still the most 'robotic' out of all them, easily bending to my words. It was understandable given his conceptual nature.

But I mentally frowned.

What plans?

Ignoring his words, I began changing my environment.

No longer were we in my throne room.

The throne remained, but the realm now imitated space, decorated by a random assortment of stars. Quite a distance below us was a replica of Earth.

Tribunal was right about one thing though, there was a reason for calling my Generals other than showing off.

"Do you know why Ultron was the first to be part of my plans?"

It was interesting to see Igris and Beru, the both of them standing up in response to the change, look slightly ashamed at that, as if not being first pick was a disgrace.

There was no suspense. Tribunal, like a try-hard student who always raised his hand upon hearing a teacher's question, responded without hesitation.

"It is because raw power is not the main driver of your plans, Master."

Tribunal looked at his palms, and then down at the Earth.

"Out of all of us, despite his mechanical, standoffish nature, Ultron is the most adept at observing and manipulating social dynamics. He will despise being surrounded by and being reminded of humanity's intellectual shortcomings, but he will be at home in its shadows. It was a brilliant choice, Master."

I nodded, sighing internally. How are your juniors meant to learn if you keep answering all the questions by yourself?

Igris was looking stoic.

Beru was still looking depressed. The la la land in his mind undoubtedly creating up nightmares of me being 'disappointed' in Beru because he 'wasn't good enough to be picked first' was the cause of this overreaction.

Kamish was picking his nose.

And Scathach looked like she didn't give a shit; never mind the woman still writhing in my lap.

A set of scripts appeared in each General's hands, snapping them out of their routine.

"Yes, Ultron is currently serving as Ningguang's acting coach. As well as being a producer. Roles which would not be optimal for any of you—well, except you, Tribunal."

They didn't need to open their scripts, it was just symbolism; in this domain, I could transmit my will to them in an instant. But I had to keep my 'audience' in mind.

"In fact, now that I think about it, none of you would like the filming business. So I will prepare other roles which will suit you all once you leave this realm."

Besides, in a live world-wide production where no one had the same script, management roles had to be flexible.

I pointed to Tribunal.

"You are the enforcer of my laws. Make sure the etiquette between my dungeon participants and those would influence them is being maintained. And always remember the spirit of my laws, is that understood, Tribunal?"

He bowed in response, nodding his head.

I smiled. I couldn't wait till some big-time shmuck who thought he would be immune to my rules and its punishments committed their second offence. Oh, I knew my makeshift game was not flawless. There would certainly be loopholes, or maybe even beings who could just brute force their way into making the dungeon work for them, or who wouldn't even feel the effects of my game's punishment.

In those circumstances, they'd be perfectly fine doing their first offence, or second offence, or third offence. But that would allow them to be targeted by Tribunal in the name of Lex's Laws, and the spirit and definition of my laws was full-on wack—it made no conventional, reasonable sense, which is why it would be funny to watch in action.

In enforcing this, Tribunal would be OP. But that was my own loophole in regards to TwitchTube's warnings, Tribunal wouldn't be going around making a bore of things, he would allow opportunists for intentional provocation—that was part of my law's 'spirit'.

I pointed to Igris and Beru.

"Now let's talk about manipulating events. You're my muscles and ears when it comes to pulling the strings." I didn't need to, but I might as well cheer Beru up. "Out of all the Generals here, the reach and extent of Beru's information-gathering ability may rival—no, it may even surpass—Ultron's." I stated my observation dramatically. But it did the trick, as Beru red eyes shined like gems.

He bowed down on all fours.

"I will not disappoint you, my Liege. I will hand you all the important information in this world to you in a platter of this world's most valuable metal!" He declared.

Again, real overdramatic. But I guess he got it from me.

He was the exact opposite of Igris, who just silently nodded.

The thing was, I wasn't even lying about that. Beru was the God of all insects. Even outside, his authority would still be equally as effective. Because the sheer utility of that ability I was thinking about did not require raw power.

"Scathach, I'm currently part-time roleplaying as Lex, the Gifted Human. I want you to roleplay as a prospective teacher—pretend to be one of those secret godlike masters who have been hiding in the mountains for centuries—who divined my potential in a prophecy and wanted to hone it herself. You can adlib the rest."

She nodded, a gleam in her eyes, sensing the possibility in that.

It seemed she held true to her settings. It wasn't pretending to be a teacher that she was excited about. It was being given opportunities to show off her superior knowledge.

"You're going to make me coincidentally teach those devils, aren't you?" She deduced, with a wry smile on her lips.

I chuckled, confirming her deduction.

If Ultron was going to determine Ningguang's worth in a dance of evolution or death; then Scathach would be serving the same role for Rias or Sona and their respective peerages.

She smirked evilly. "Very well, but when you're Lex the Human, I expect you to follow your 'master's' every whim, understood? After all, we need to provide the utmost immersion, and variety, don't we?"

Her purple overalls morphed into a tight teacher's attire, her hair wrapped in a bun. The glasses and the stockings were a nice touch. The stick in her hands was an even nicer touch.

Beru, Tribunal and Igris looked aghast at that, turning to her. Beru even looked like he wanted to throw claws, before I mentally calmed him down.

I was amused.

She was going to milk this roleplay as much as she could, wasn't she?

"I'm still your Overlord; and we're still in my realm, Scathach." I noted wryly.

"But wouldn't it be 'boring' if all you did and experienced was being on top? A power fantasy's all the sweeter when you've spent some time at the bottom." She lectured. She was already getting into the role. "Besides, too big an ego can be nauseating. It'd be good for you if I occasionally smacked it out of you, 'Master'." Hearing that, I decided to taunt her, digging her answer out further.

"Oh, so what happens if I'm at the bottom? What happens when I've been a bad boy, Scathach?"

She hummed, smacking her stick lightly against her right palm a few times.

"Hmmm, who knows? It depends on how bad you've been. I might need to smack you on the head. I might need to spank you on the ass. You might even need to be tied up." She licked her lips, and I heard Kiara chuckle within my arms.

If I wasn't suppressing Beru, he definitely would've thrown claws by now.

I laughed, joining Kiara, though she did stop to sigh in pleasure from feeling the rumble in my chest. The little minx was doubling her efforts to tempt me with that writhing.

"Very well, I'll try to be a good boy for you, when I'm human." But Scathach was certainly going to be a strict teacher. I was definitely going to be punished fairly often. "For variety's sake, of course." I finished.

"Of course, Master. For variety." She mimicked wryly. "Then, very well, since you've agreed to my fee, I'll happily teach those devils."

My goodness, how greedy.

I shook my head playfully.

"Now, Kamish." The dragon snorted at finally being addressed. "Let's not pretend here, trolling's all you know." The dragon smiled toothily at that.

"Right now, I suspect a significant portion of the supernatural factions are going to adopt a wait-and-see or a fuck-you-I-am-better approach. As fellow trolls, we can't have some fuckers getting too comfortable right in front of us, can we?"

The Khaos Brigade, the Fallen traitors, the Evil Gods Faction, the Old Devils etc… I wasn't going to wait for them to come to me, or allow them to dictate the pace.

The dragon shook its head, its grin still there, agreeing to that notion.

"When the time is right, and I've set the dominos in place, I want you to be the one that tips them over."

Those fuckers were going to abide by mine. I just needed a plan that would tie them all together, but I had time. And Rias, or more precisely, her connection to the devil side was the key. I just needed to develop her.

That shit with the marriage.

There was a very straightforward way to solving it—beat Riser in a Ratings Game… but it was so premature.

All those politics, all those potential houses being involved. Ooooh. It was a landmine waiting for me to set it off… but not before I made it even bigger.

I wouldn't involve myself in Rias' affairs to be a heroic simp. I would involve myself because I could make things more interesting, regardless of whether or not the problem was solved at the end. If it did, that was just a side benefit.

I licked my lips, before my eyes adopted a stern look.

"But I will only warn you once, and this goes for all of you. Do as you see fit, but I will not allow you to devolve this house of cards into nothing but a brawl fiesta. This isn't me being stupidly cautious; this is me not wanting a snooze fest. Understood?"

My dragon nodded, and so did everyone else.

This wasn't like the banter between Scathach and I.

There was no room for negotiation.

"Good, then go off and make preparations. I suspect one of the supernatural factions is going to come out of hiding soon, when that happens, the rest will follow."

My Generals bowed, and teleported out of my realm, to the corners of the world they had prepared for themselves.

As long as my Realm was manifested on to this world, no matter how small of a space it took—my room, in this case—its rules would overpower the world's.

Creating a base in the outside world, developing a narrative or history to justify their existence to their surroundings, and teleporting to it, all in an instant, was child's play through this realm.

However, one remained.

"Oh cruel Master, I'm beginning to think you've forgotten about me." Kiara moaned in my ears.

I scoffed. "I didn't need to give you a role, did I, Kiara? You'd go on and wreak havoc my way just living your outside life naturally, wouldn't you?"

She was not the most powerful. But in terms of creating chaos under the rules I had set, she would be by far the most dangerous.

She smiled. Before, when she had been first summoned, it was the one-dimensional smile of a simple whore.

But now that we were alone, without anyone else to see, she stopped holding back. Her smile, her beauty, her aura, it….

My pulse stopped. It actually stopped.

As if for a moment, the essence of my being had been devoured.

I didn't know pure lust could look so naturally evil, and promise so much destruction.

Kiara, the Beast of Pleasure

Remembering that other title of hers, I pushed her off me.

Even under the protection of this realm, I was not immune to Kiara's sexuality. Or rather, I did not fully want to be. It was not that her powers had overpowered mine; it was just that the mere idea of her was so appealing that I willingly nerfed myself to better experience it.

That was the dangerous thing about her.

No matter how powerful or resilient or hollow you were, she could make you choose against your best interests.

In the outside world, Rias and Akeno alone had been enough to dazzle me, but I had recovered.

However, if I were to meet Kiara there too, I would be forever stuck in the palm of her hand. That was my instinct.

My musings were broken by Kiara's amused voice.

"That's right. You can't handle me." She teased. "But don't worry, Lex. I'd release you." The mere notion of her sexuality had broken my persona enough to where she could read my mind. "I'd capture you, toy with you, and release you again and again…" She winked saucily at me.

"Because for you, and for you only, I can wait until you're just ripe. And we'll see if you're man enough then to tame me without losing yourself." She licked her lips hungrily. "I can't wait for that day." She husked, her eyes smouldering, before clicking her fingers.

"Oh, and that plan you have for those devils—all of them—it sounds deliciously fun. I might join it in the future… just for a sample. I heard rumours that Phenexs can go on forever." With that, she disappeared.

Goodness. The Game had translated her concept too well.

Quest Gained: Can You Handle Heaven's Hole?

Objective: Become man enough to sexually tame Kiara Sessyoin

Reward: Title and Buff of [Peerless Sex God], will allow you to sexually satisfy anyone and anything; and become invulnerable against any mental debuff; and makes it easier to earn Attraction points. Permanent Max Attraction and Affection from Kiara.

Failure: Become Kiara's slave. Ruined Power Fantasy will result in your termination.

So that was what it was like to have the shoe on the other foot. I smiled. I had actually enjoyed that. Why did Raynare and Ningguang get so worked up about being teased? I joked mentally.

None of my past hacks were related to sex, what a shame. I mentally searched up [Sexual skills sufficient enough to satisfy Kiara] on the Shop and I laughed my guts out at what I found.

Peerless Sex God Skills (100,000,000 Credits)

Only 1 Result matched your Search

The most expensive items on the Shop weren't there to be bought. They were there to showcase the significance of the idea behind them.

If the income ceiling of Multiverse Twitchtube was similar to my past life's Twitch streamers, then the act of taming Kiara should be outside my means.

My smile grew wide and savage.

I would accept that challenge.

For being a sex god was also part of my power fantasy.


I stopped the skill summoning my realm, and returned to my room.

There was the matter of Rias and Sona, first. They were going to be careful with how they treated me. There were still a few months before Rias and Riser would have a Ratings Game. Rias could still afford to take it naively easy.

[Create ID-World]

Location: Kuoh Town

World Dungeon: [Epicentre of Calamity]

Of course, I wouldn't let her.

It was time again to speed things along.

And while I waited for their reaction to what I had just done. It was time to see the full extent of the world's reaction to me—both normal and supernatural.

I suspected the Angels would make the first response, and soon.

But while I waited for their move, I suppose I should amuse myself with how well or poorly my participants were doing.

I remember seeing some interesting videos in the tabs Ultron had opened for me.

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