Chapter 1 A New Beginning

There are loud clashes at the Valley of the End. The two figures standing facing in front of each other and they were very exhauted. The two figures are Naruto and Sasuke. They are fighting for the sake of the shinobi world. Naruto represents the light and hopes and in the other hand Sasuke represents darkness and despair.

Sasuke stares at Naruto with his mangekyou sharingan and said, 'Over and over again...Why WON'T YOU DIE! NARUTO!!'. Naruto just stares back fiercely ,'Cuz we are friend. Why don't you get it!'. Sasuke just laughed ,'Same old reason...NOW TIME TO DIE!'. He charges up his Chidori combining Amaterasu. Naruto also begin to charge up his Rasengan combining wind release. They rush toward each other and their past flashes before their eyes. Their pasts become a deeper meaning and forming a word '忍'. Their jutsus clash with each other.

Their jutsus created a vortex and Naruto's Rasengan overpowered Sasuke's Chidori. Sasuke was hit by Naruto's Rasengan and was blasted back to a cliff and went unconcious. The vortex that they created sucked Naruto into it and dissapeared. From that day onward, Naruto became a legend and the hero of the shinobi world.

(Naruto's POV) In the vortex...

When I open my eyes, I saw darkness everywhere. I felt relieved when I defeated him. In the end, it was all worth it, I saved everyone that was precious to me. Suddenly I saw a ray of light. I followed the light and everything turned white. When the light die down, I was falling from the sky.

While I was falling, I saw a whole new world in the sky. There grassy platforms on the clouds. The platforms were surrounded with sea creatures that were made out of water and they were alive. In the corner of my eye, I saw a huge water dragon flying around the sky. It let out a majestic roar and made the clouds dissappear slowly. When the clouds dissapear, I was presented with a breath-taking view. I saw tall skyscrapers that were more advance that my village. The dragon flew past me and suddenly made me fall slowly as a feather. I looked around the view and I immediately knew that I was not in the elemental country anymore.

When I landed, the place was raining heavily and the atmosphere here is not too great. I wandered around the place and asked the people there to gather information about this place. They said this place is Tokyo and it is the capital of Japan. When I finished, I started to make plans to survive in this place. Since I have no hope of going back to my world, I used some ninjutsu to create passport and id of Japan. Then, I decided to start a new life here