Chapter 4 A New Feeling Blossom

(Naruto's POV)

I arrived at Hina's apartment the next morning. I knocked the door and wait for the door to open. When the door open, it reveal Hina. I widen my eyes a bit when I saw her. She is wearing a grey hoody over her pink tank top and for her bottoms she wear a navy blue shorts. I also notice she wear a blue stone necklace around her neck. I have to admit that she looks very beautiful. I wave out my thoughs and greeted Hina, 'You look very nice, Hina-chan! Are you ready?'

She reply, 'Yes, I am ready. I have to say, you also look quite handsome today, Naruto-kun! with a little blush on her face.

(Hina's POV)

I was quite suprised of what is Naruto wearing. He is wearing a simple orange jacket over his black t-shirt and he is also wearing a black pants. It made him look quite handsome and it make me blush. I am looking forward for this shopping trip.

(Naruto's POV)

I have a little red on my cheeks and say, 'Thanks Hina-chan. Lets go now, I can't wait to see you wearing a kimono.'

She says, 'Maa, you really want to see me in a kimono, Na-ru-to-kun.' with a teasy voice.

I whole face turn reds and I say , 'Let just go already! Don't tease me like that!'

She replies, 'Hai hai Naruto-kun. You lead the way.'

I calm down a bit and say, 'We are going to a mall that is near this place. I heard they sell good yukatas and kimonos there.' I grab Hina's hand and walk her to there. When we arrived at the mall, we look around the place and found the yukata kimono store. There are many stylish yukatas and kimonos on the store's window display. We enter the store and look around the place. The place was filled with different type of yukatas and kimonos and I found one yukata that fit my style. The yukata is mixture of orange and black and it has a dragon Shinto God pattern on it. it looked very slik. I went to the changing room and try it on. When I finished changing, I got out the changing room and present my yukata to Hina. She inspects me and said, 'Whoa, you look suprising good in that yukata, Naruto-kun!'

I reply, 'Thanks, Hina-chan.' while scratching my cheeks.

I continue saying, 'Now I am done, it's your turn to try out some kimono!'

Hina looks at me and says, 'Hai hai, Naruto-kun but no seeing until I try it on.'

She quickly put one kimono carefully and went to the changing room to try it on. When she walk out the room, I cannot get my eyes off her. She is wearing a circle with triangle patterns kimono that is white colour with a blue hue. It make her a 100 times more beautiful. I was speechless when I saw her wearing the kimono. She says, 'What do you think?'

I say with a little stutter, 'Whoa...,' with a little red hue on my cheeks.

She look at me and says, 'Thanks for the compliment.'

I say, 'Now lets pay for the clothes, Hina-chan. Also, lets buy ice-cream on the way home. Sounds good?'

She replies, 'Yep, sounds good.'

After we pay for the clothes, we buy some ice-cream and went home. When we enter the apartment, we put our stuff on the table and just lay on the floor. We are quite tried after the shopping trip and it is especially tiring for me because Hina keep looking through every store that she found interesting. We lay for a while and I say, 'Ne, Hina-chan. Want to hear a music.'

She replies, 'Sure, Naruto-kun.' I take out a earphone from my pocket and plug it into his phone. I give her one earphone piece to let her listen. She lay beside me and listen to the music. Her eyes widens when she heard the music and says, 'The music is quite good Naruto-kun.'

I say, ' I know right!' We lay there for a while and started to feel tried. Our eyes slowly felt heavy and we sleep on the floor. The rain drops sound outside the window make us even more relax and lets us sleep more soundly. And thats how we spend our whole day.

6 days had just past...

Now it is the day of the firework festival. Me and Hina dress up in our yukata and kimono and set off to the firework festival with Nagi.

When we reach there, Nagi says, 'You two can go now. I have a date. Goodbye!' He quickly went to his girlfriend and walk off with her. We look at him and sigh for a bit and say, 'Hina-chan, is he a little too young to be dating?

She replies, 'Yes, I agree with you.' with a deadpan expression.

I say, 'Well lets not worry about that. Lets find the manager of this festival now.'

She says, 'Sure, Naruto-kun.' We look around the festival and we have to admit that the festival is quite fine but it is still raining. We quickly found the manager and I say, 'Weather Delivery at your service, how can we help you!' with a grin.

The manager say, 'Ah, the weather delivery service. Can you help me to clear the rain.'

I reply, 'Sure, we can help you.'

We walk to Tokyo's highest skyscraper that is near the festival and use the lift to go up to the skyscraper's rooftop. While we are in the lift, I say to the manager, 'Do you believe that we can change the weather.'

He reply, 'Well we don't have much choice so I gonna believe you two. We can't postpone the festival because the weather forecast said that it will be raining for weeks.'

I say, 'Well don't worry, we can do it.' When the lift's door opened, me and Hina walk up to the balcony of the rooftop and stand beside each other while enduring the heavy rain and wind blowing strongly. We look at each other and nodded. I say, 'Lets do this Hina-chan.' with a confident tone.

She says, 'Yes, lets work hard together.' We begin to make a pray sign and my hands and eyes started to glow brightly. Suddenly all the rain drops surround me and Hina. My eyes glow even brighter. I look around my surroundings and I begin to see water creature forming around me and Hina. I spread my blue energy all throughout my body and suddenly a blue swivel of energy surrounded me. Suddenly, all the water creatures and droplets in the area evaporated. The clouds in the sky quickly dissapear into thin air. Hina look at me with a wide eyes because I was able to make all the water in the area evaporate. The sky reveal a stupendous sunset. The sunset illuminate the area and the manager look at us with a shocked expression. He never knew that we can do that. I also notice some helicopter surrounding the building recording on what just happen. The manager say, 'Oh my god, thank you very much you two. I first doubted you two but you guys just make a miracle! I dunno how you guys do it and thank you for saving this festival. Here your payment.'

Hina says, 'No problem, is our job to give people a lovely weather and can we stay on the rooftop to see the firework?'

The manager says, 'Sure, I can't deny what you guys have done for us. Stay as long as you like.'

I say, 'Thanks Manager-san!' He use the lift and go down the building. Me and Hina sit on the rooftop balcony beside each other and wait for the firework show. When the show start, we were amazed by the firework display. The firework light was filled with intense colour. Everytime the firework went off, the firework spark whirl in a spiral, some shatter into thousands of sparks, others stumble like a scarlet waterfall or float in a glittering sliver shower. There were many different colour raging from green, blue, red and many more. We look at each other and I say, 'Another sucessful service.' with a thumb up.

She say, 'Yeah, Naruto-kun. You know what, I am very glad to meet you. Thank you for your help. You really help me to find my role in my life. The role as a sunny girl. I really love this job as a sunny girl. Always able to see joy on people faces when I clear the sky. I feel very lucky that I am able to meet you. You really change my life, Naruto-kun.'

I reply, 'I am glad too that I am able to meet you. You really make my life more brighter than before. I just want to say thank you for bringing me a new light.'

She says, 'You know Naruto-kun. I never say anything about myself and how I become a sunny girl. Few years ago, I visited my mother at the hospital and she is dying. I felt hopeless at that time. I don't how am I going to live my life without my parents. I looked out the window and saw a ray of sunlight hitting a building's rooftop. Since I am curious, I went to that building's rooftop and found a shrine there. I think to myself if I pray on this shrine, my mother will get better. When I walk through the shrine gate and pray, I suddenly appear in the sky. I was falling slowly in the sky and saw strange grassy platform on the clouds and water creatures swimming in the sky. I also saw a large water dragon flew past me. It was quite a experience. When I was falling half way through the sky, I was teleported to the shrine's gate laying down unconcious. And from that day onward, I was able to change weather. Well thats my story Naruto-kun. Oh, I also want to ask why is your power the same as me but stronger. Mine's only could clear small area of rain but your can almost clear all rain in all parts of Tokyo.'

I say, 'I really can relate to your story, Hina-chan. I know how you feel when you lost someone close to you. Well, I don't remember how I get my power but I felt the power in my body for quite some time now. I don't know my power origin but I think it has a connection to your.'

She reply, 'It might be true. Whenever I use my power near you, it becomes stronger. It quite a mystery.

I say, 'We can solve it next time. Lets just enjoy the festival. I will say about myself next time.'

She says, 'Yeah, maybe next time I can learn something more about you, Naruto-kun. Oh, my birthday is next week. I be turning 18.'

I look at her with suprised and say, 'Eh! Hina-chan aren't you almost the same age as me? You look too young to be 18.'

She replies, 'Well, just genetics. It make me look quite young.'

I sense a bit of lie in her tone but I ignore him and say, 'Well, look like I am a younger one. I always thought I am older than you.' with small rainy clouds form on top of my head.

She says, 'Well, you are younger Naruto-kun.' She look up to the sky and the moon appear. The moonlight hit her face and my heart skipped a beat. This is the first time I am having this feeling. It feel weird and pleasent at the same time. I look at her and say to myself, 'Weather is a strange thing, ours feeling change just by looking at the sky. Hina has really changed my feeling. I have to say I am very lucky to meet her. I never believe in fate or destiny but now I probably believe them.' I look at the moon and sliently enjoy the night sky with her while enjoying her company. When midnight strike, me and Hina go down the building using the lift and search for Nagi. We found Nagi waiting under a tree and I say, 'Nagi lets go home now.'

He says, 'Yeah coming Naruto.' We walk back home and call it a night. It was quite a sucessful day, able to learn more about Hina and bring people joy.

The next morning...

I wake up and have breakfast at Kei's place. While I am enjoying my meal, Kei suddenly say, 'Ne holden-kun, do you think you can invite your 100% Sunny Girl to a park to meet me and Natsumi?'

I choked a bit and say, 'She is not mine. Well maybe I can do that. I think she is ok with it.'

He says, 'Well, just arrived at the park before 9 p.m. Also introduce her to me and Natsumi. I am quite eager to she the Hare-onna in action! Natsumi also want to do an interview with her.'

I say, 'Fine, I manage it.'

He say, 'That's the spirit Holden-kun, I meet you there.' while walking away from me.

I sign for a bit and begin to walk to Hina's apartment.

(Kei's POV)

Well I going to meet the urban legend Hare-onna. I wonder she can bring a sunny day for my daugther. I walk back to my place and saw Natsumi finished a call. She says, 'Kei-chan, we are going to a priest temple to do an interview with him. Hurry up and get ready.'

I say, 'Hai hai, we have to finish the interview before 8.30 a.m.' I grab some note pad and recorder and set off to the temple. When we arrived, we greeted the priest at the temple and asked him to explain the legend of the weather maiden. The priest lead us into the temple and start telling the legend of the weather maiden. He looking up the silling of the temple that has a painting of a dragon Shinto God.

He starts saying, 'Long ago there are villages in Japan. The weather at the time is the same as now, raining constantly and never stop. Every villages have a weather maiden called Hare-onna. Their duty is to ensure their own village to have sunshine and stop the rain in their village to prevent flood. So they do a certain dance for days under the rain to make the rain stop. Some Hare-onna are so powerful that they just need to do a pray sign and the rain just stop immediately. Harre-onna's power also come with a price. Since they keep using their power. They will slowly fade into the sky and return the power to the Shinto God. When they dissapear, the sky will become normal and it will only last for 5 years. After the time limit, it will require to sacrifice a Hare-onna to have another normal weather. Every Hare-onna have a tragic fate. Whenever a Hare-onna dissapear to the sky a new one will be born. It is quite sad for the Hare-onna to not able to live their life past their 20s. Every Hare-onna power comes from the Shinto God. The power of the Hare-onna is only able to use by girls only but in rare occasion a boy can get the power. The boy's power is different than the Hare-onna. There is only one village with a boy that have the power in recorded legend. It is extremely rare for a boy to receive the power. The power is the Shinto God blessing. The power is able to let the boy to use Shinto God powers. If the power is train enough, the boy will be able to challenge the current Shinto God for the positon. If the boy ever defeat the Shinto God, they will become the new Shinto God. The boy was able to transform into a human or god at will once the boy become the new Shinto God. They must pick one Hare-onna as his wife and the Hare-onna can live a long and happy life. There is only a few Hare-onna that is able to live past their 90s in the legend. Those few are bless with quite good luck when they marry the Shinto God. Now thats all the story. If you have more question then ask me.'

Natsumi say, 'Whoa, that's quite a history there. I wonder a Hare-onna exist in this world.'

He says, 'You may or may not believe the legend but I believe one day a Hare-onna can stop this eternal downpour. Well thats conculde the interview. Please visit again if you have time.'

She says, 'Sure, we will come again. Kei-chan! We are done on our interview.'

I stop the voice recorder and look at my watch. It was 8.25 a.m. I say, 'Ok, we have to hurry and meet Naruto at the park. It seem like he had a new job.'

She says, 'No wonder he is not doing his job. Well at least he befriend the urban legend 100% Sunny Girl. I can't wait to meet her!' with an exciting tone.

I say, 'Yeah, lets go. We don't want to keep them waiting.' We give our goodbye to the priest and went to the park.

(Naruto's POV)

I waited at the park while sharing an umbrella with Hina. I look at the clock of the park and look around the area. Suddenly I saw Kei arrived at the park with Natsumi. My eyes wide a bit when I saw Kei holding hand with a 4 years old girl. They greeted me and I ask Kei, 'Ne, Kei. Who is that little girl with you?'

He repiles, 'Well meet my daugther Holden-kun.'

I say, 'Eh? Your daugther! I never see her before? So you are the father and Natsumi is the mother?' He look at me with wide eyes and laughed at me.

He says, 'No no Natsumi is not the mother. It is quite gross though. Having a kid with your niece.'

I blushed very red and say, 'Oh so Natsumi is your niece. I though she is your girlfriend.' with a whisper voice. I look at Natsumi and unintentionally stared at her boobs.

She suddenly says, 'Excuse me ecchi Naruto-kun. You are looking at my boobs.'

I quickly deny it, 'No no no, I didn't look at your boobs!' with a very red face.

Hina say, 'Ew, you are quite dirty-minded, Naruto-kun.'

I say, 'Oh come on Hina-chan. Not you too! Ok ok, lets just make the weather sunny already.'

Hina says, 'Yeah right, I feel quite uncomfortable under the rain.' Me and Hina start to make a pray sign and the sky become clear. We look up the sky and smile. Suddenly Kei's daugther says, 'Waaa! A sunny day! Papa play with me!' Kei and Natsumi looked at us with a shocked expression.

He says, 'So the Hare-onna is real. This is a first time I met one. Thanks for clearing the weather. What's your name Hare-onna?'

She says, 'Name's Hina Amano!' with a cheerful tone.

He says, 'Well to meet you Hina, I'm gonna play with my daugther now. You can play with her.'

She says, 'Yeah, sure.' She walk to his daugther and begin to play with her. Me and Kei sit at the bench while watching Hina playing with the kid. Kei says, 'Holden-kun you really have a nice taste on that girl.'

I blush a bit and say, 'Whaat are you saying?'

He continue saying, 'Well don't you love her. I bet she would be a good wife in the future.'

I say, 'Yes I love her. You know her birthday is coming up next week. I wonder what kind of present that I can get for her.'

He says, 'Well you can get her a ring. Girl always love those kind of stuff.'

I say, 'Really! I take your advice.'

He says, 'Just don't get so work up on it. Just pick one that is suitable for her.'

I say, 'Thanks, Kei.'

He replies, 'No problem, holden-kun.' He stand up and walk to his daugther and play with her.

Hina walk to me and sit down beside me. She says, 'Ne Naruto-kun, do you ever wish that the weather will stay like this.'

I reply, 'Yes, I wish this weather will stay.' while staring at the sky.'

I continue saying, 'Well lets enjoy the weather for now.'

Suddenly Natsumi sat next to Hina and say, 'Ne Hina, are you real a Hare-onna.'

Hina replies, 'Yep, I am a real Hare-onna!'

She says, 'I let you hear a recording about the legend of the Hare-onna. I am not sure you will like it.'

Hina look at her and says, 'Ok just let me hear the recording.'


Will Hina change her perspective of being a Hare-onna after listening to the recording...

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