Author's Note 3/20/21: For those looking specifically for another story about the battle with the Saiyans, skip ahead to chapter 44. This is when they arrive. The fighting begins in the next chapter. It may seem strange for me to direct you there right away when I've spent 43 other chapters building up to that point, especially when I've worked so hard at setting up payoffs for the characters. But I've come more and more to realize, and also value, that people don't have to love or even like the entirety of a work, whether it's a fanficiton, tv show, or whatever. We all have our own tastes, and I understand if some people don't want to read through Garlic Junior because they don't like him or listen to me expanding the lore behind the Kaioken and Genki Dama because they don't need to really know anymore about them.

Our time is valuable, and we like what we like. That's honestly awesome, and I'm happy about that. This project became way bigger than I ever thought it would. I think there's a little bit of everything sprinkled throughout it for everyone. So if you're only here for Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta vs Goku and his friends, go ahead and skip the first 43 chapters. I wrote this for people to enjoy, and I don't expect anyone to enjoy all of it. And you know what? I remember when I saw DBZ for the first time. I was flipping through the channels and caught a glimpse of Goku fighting Vegeta as a giant ape. I had no idea what I was seeing. But I knew I liked it. So when I finally got the chance to start the show from the first episode, I was excited to see how Goku got to that point.

And guess what? The start of DBZ wasn't even the start of the series. Piccolo shows up after Gohan was kidnapped and everyone was terrified of him. I had no idea why because I hadn't seen Dragon Ball yet. But I was able to figure out that Goku and Piccolo were enemies from the context. And them having to team up to beat a stronger enemy is just great drama by itself without all the history I didn't know. That's just good storytelling. It pulled me in, and I went searching for more and more until I knew the whole story. I remember buying DBZ action figures with pictures of other action figures in the set on the back of the box and having no clue who they were. Who's Broly? And why does he look like a Super Saiyan? These questions kept me digging and every discovery brought so much joy with it.

So I'm leaving a table of contents. Pick and choose where you want your journey to start. Where it goes from there is up to you. Happy reading, and I hope that at least some part of this story brings you happiness.

Saiyan Saga

Cui Arc Chapters 1-8

Training Arc Chapters 9-19

Garlic Junior/Dead Zone Arc Chapters 20-35

Vegeta Arc Chapters 36-52

A spherical pod silently streaks through the cold blackness of the universe towards the warm, blue planet of Earth. The spacecraft's simple design consists of a white metal used to construct the hull and a round, red lens of glass to view from. At five feet in diameter, it is large enough to comfortably hold an adult human in a seated position. A computerized voice awakens the ship's occupant from a deep and lengthy slumber as the whole vehicle powers up from its energy saving state.

"You will arrive at your destination in sixty minutes," the electronic voice chirps while the ship hums to life.

After a big yawn and a few blinks of the eyes, the alien passenger focuses his sights on the planet before him.

"Okay Kakarot. Time to find out how well your mission went," says the purple skinned humanoid. "I suppose on a planet with a full moon every thirty days or so all picked out especially for you, even a low class monkey like yourself should have eventually conquered this rock in the amount of time you've had."


"Come on Goku. We're going to be late," calls Chichi out the front door of her home.

In the front yard of their isolated house among the forested mountains of the area, Goku performs a martial arts routine to focus his mind and body.

"Seriously Goku," continues Chichi. "I know you love training, but can't you take even one day off when we're supposed to be visiting our friends today?"

"Aw Chichi. It's just a little warm up," says Goku. "Besides, we're still waiting on your father to get here."

"I suppose you're right," says Chichi with a smile.

Her husband would find any excuse to do a little training. It could be frustrating to get him to do much else when his mind was on martial arts, so she knew it was best to let him get it out of his system whenever the chance was available. And while it did frustrate her from time to time, it was one of the many reasons she loved him.

A timid boy pokes his head out from behind her legs to watch Goku as well. Chichi looks down at her son with admiration as he clings to the cloth of her purple dress. She places her hand on his back and nudges him forward.

"Go on," she encourages.

The boy smiles and runs over to his father who stops immediately to pick him up and swing him around. After being set down, Goku assumes another stance with his son mimicking the same. They go through a rhythmic motion together in synchronized harmony.

A cloud of dust appears on the horizon as a small hovercraft without a roof speeds along the dirt road to their house. A hulking man barely able to fit in the vehicle clearly too small for him bulges out of the driver's seat. He waves frantically and yells in both greetings and apologies. The scene scares Goku's son into running back behind his mother for protection.

"Looks like you're dad's finally made it," says Goku finishing up his series of maneuvers.

"It's about time," says Chichi as her father parks the car.

"Hey Ox King," says Goku.

"Hello Chichi. Hi Goku. Sorry I'm running late," says the Ox King with a few bows to each of them.

"Really dad. Is it so hard to be on time?" asks Chichi. "We haven't seen our friends in what seems like forever and you know how hard it is to get everyone's schedule to line up like this."

"I know sweetie. I'm sorry. I'm ready to go just as soon as I get a big hug from my grandson. Gohan! Gohan where are you?"

"No need to shout. He's right here," says Chichi. Then to her son, "okay give your grandpa a big hug."

Gohan hesitates for a moment holding tightly to his mom. The Ox King drops to one knee and spreads his arms out wide in a welcoming manner. The boy then runs towards the big man and leaps onto his cushiony chest. The Ox King wraps his arms around the tiny four year old as they both break out in laughter.

"Oh my you've gotten so big. You nearly knocked me over," cries the Ox King happily. "Okay I'm ready to go. Let's go see our friends and have a good time."

The Ox King turns his car back into its capsule form along with the usual loud bang and cloud of smoke. The four family members board a much larger aircraft than his vehicle meant for flying rather than hovering. It is packed full of food and party activities for the occasion.


The airplane flies through the sky across a vast ocean having long since left the mountains and trees behind. Inside the skycraft, the Ox King lays on his back tossing Gohan up into the air and letting him fall before catching him with his large hands. Gohan laughs the entire time.

"Gohan, huh," says the Ox King more to himself than anyone else. "I don't hear that name very often anymore. I'm glad you two decided to name him after my old training partner. I sure miss him. You even let him have the that trinket Gohan used to own."

The Ox King looks admiringly deep into the reflective surface of the Four Star Dragon Ball sitting on the hat Gohan is wearing.

"Well he was the one that raised me," says Goku. "If he hadn't found me in the woods that day, I don't know what would have happened to me. He's the one who taught me martial arts. Without that, I don't know who I'd be."

"We love the way you are Goku," says Chichi. "And we are eternally grateful to your grandpa Gohan for raising you the way he did. You have saved the planet several times now after all. And that's what this whole trip is about. Remembering our friends and family and the memories we have of them."

"Yeah I guess so," says Goku. "But speaking of training, whatever happened to that scary armor you used to wear Ox King? How are people going to know you're a fighter without it?" He looks at the once intimidating man who now wears a pink button up shirt and suspenders.

"Oh I retired that years ago. I've seen how powerful you and the new generation are and decided to leave the fighting up to you young whippersnappers."

"That's too bad," sighs Goku.

"Not really. Being a good grandpa like ole Gohan was to you is all I want to do now."

"Hm, I guess," considers Goku.

"There's nothing wrong with being a family man Goku," says Chichi joining the conversation. "You could learn a thing or two about that, instead of spending so much time on martial arts."

"Well now Chichi, I didn't say that," says the Ox King. "I taught you everything I knew about it because that lifestyle is good for your mental and physical health. I hope you still practice it and have taught Gohan as well."

"I really don't want to have this discussion again. But for the hundredth time, yes I still practice and yes I'm letting Gohan learn too. But I hope he never has to use it. After the last World Martial Arts Tournament, I fear for everyone's safety with that monster Piccolo running around. Anyway, martial arts is no way to make a living, so I make sure Gohan studies as much as Goku wants him to train. I love you Goku, but your lack of an education is really bothersome."

A moment passes in which she expects Goku's usual response on this tired topic, but there is only silence.

"Goku?" she asks.

"Hey Chichi, is this the button that opens the cargo hatch door?" asks Goku from the back of the plane.

"Goku, you do know you can't open that while we're flying right? So you really shouldn't worry about where that button is," says Chichi a little frustrated that he was not listening to her.

"It's just that I'm bored flying around in this thing. The Nimbus Cloud would be much faster. And if I get to Master Roshi's before you guys do, maybe I can get in a little sparring with Krillin or Yamcha."

"You will do no such thing Goku!" shouts Chichi. "We are having some quality family time and—"

A sudden rush of air and the sound of mechanical pistons firing cut her off. Chichi whips her head around to see the hatch door opening and Goku standing next to it with a goofy smile on his face.

"What's that honey?" asks Goku yelling over the wind. "I can't hear you. I'll see you at Master Roshi's."

"Don't you dare!" protests Chichi.

After a quick wave, Goku makes a leaping flip through the still opening door. He falls head first towards the ocean with his body in a spiral.

"NIMBUS!" he shouts at the top of his lungs.

A golden cloud comes racing through the sky towards its caller. Just before Goku slams into the ocean waters, he somersaults and lands on his feet upon the feathery magical mass that catches him while still maintaining its incredible speed. Goku zooms off in a spray of salty mist and catches up with the airplane he was just on in mere seconds. Despite not falling through the yellow cloud he stands on, it still feels like his feet are not on anything solid. And no matter how many times he rides it, Goku never tires of the rush and speed it produces.

Goku waves at Chichi who is too busy to notice because she is screaming at her father to hold on to her son while she searches desperately for the button that closes the hatch. They hit a patch of turbulence that knocks Gohan from the Ox King's grasp. The boy stumbles towards the gaping opening and cries out in fear of falling to his death. The Ox King staggers off balance as fast as he can to prevent his grandson from an untimely end when another pocket of rough air shakes the plane violently.

Both grandfather and grandson are knocked off their feet and slide helplessly toward the horrifying exit. The Ox King grabs uselessly for something to get his hands on. Gohan slips out of the craft into open air.

The tears spilling from his eyes stop immediately as his look of terror is replaced with an intense anger and determination. A red aura of ki no one sees envelops his body as he shoots back into the plane. Along the way he smashes into the Ox King preventing him from falling out as well. They slam into the packages and seating as Chichi finally finds the right button and closes the hatch.

"Are you two okay? How's my baby boy?" asks Chichi frantically.

"Uh, yeah I think we are," replies the Ox King.

"I'm so grateful you were able to grab him dad. Thank you for saving him," she says nearly in tears.

"Uh, yeah. Of course," says Ox King looking bewildered at his grandson who no longer shows any signs of the power he displayed seconds ago and not knowing how they got where they are now.

Goku races on ahead of his family to meet up with friends he has not seen since his fateful battle with Piccolo.


Elsewhere, the spaceship approaching Earth collides with the planet's atmosphere. The friction of the pod meeting air causes the metal to violently heat up to a whitish red. It tears through the sky like an ominous sign of ill fortune until it crash lands in an open field. The resulting explosion craters the ground and obliterates all surface level life within a quarter mile radius. Somehow, the ship is unharmed despite the thirty yard impact hole.

A seal beyond the perimeter of the red glass opens with a hiss and lowers the front third of the sphere like a door on a hinge. The alien arrival steps out of his pod to inspect his surroundings.

"Now Kakarot," he says. "Where are you hiding?"

A cruel smile creeps onto his face.

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