I do not own Ben 10 (Original, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse or Reboot) or Jessie. Takes place during the "The Secret of the Omnitrix" and "We are so Grounded"

This Chapter's been rewritten as of 10/27/2020.


A Life Reboot: Jessie Edition

By: DoctorEd17

Chapter 1: Self Destruction

We go to the Planet Xenon where we see Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Tetrax, Gluto and Myaxx fighting for their lives.

You see during a fight with Dr. Animo, Ben accidentally set off the Omnitrix's Self Destruct sequence. They then went on a mission to find the Omnitrix's creator Azmuth who happens to be a Galvan. When they found him, he refused to turn off the Omnitrix. Then Vilgax found them…

Anyway we see them fighting Vilgax and his army of robots.

Ben just lost his blaster and is now surrounded by robots when he removed the device from the back of the Omnitrix the stops the feedback from emitting from the device. As a result we see a field of orange energy exit the Omnitrix and damaging a majority of the robots and even knocking back Vilgax.

When the Omnitrix died down we see Azmuth run over to Ben and put in a sequence in the Omnitrix while saying, "Don't know if the universe is worth saving, but while I think about it…"

"(BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!)" The Omnitrix said upon completion of sequence

"What the?" Azmuth asked as he put in the sequence again only to get the same response again

"Uh oh." Azmuth said

"That can't be good…" Ben said

"The Omnitrix won't let me abort the self destruct!" Azmuth said

"What?!" Ben asked

We then see the Omnitrix started to glow orange and then we see a flash of light…

And then there was nothing… The Universe was no more.

But as for Ben and the Omnitrix. Their journey has just begun.

You see no one, not even Azmuth knew the true nature of the Self Destruct. The Universe is gone, but the only things it didn't destroy was itself and Ben…

Disney's Jessie Universe: An Uncharted Island in Indonesia…

We to a jungle where we see a 14 year old girl named Emma Ross inside a crashed plane in the middle of a jungle. She just finished sending an SOS through the radio using her smartphone when we see a flash of white light emit from the clearing next to the plane.

It was very bright but it only lasted for about a minute.

Once it faded we see Emma peak out the door and laying unconscious on the ground is a 10 year old boy. He is about Ravi's height and is skinny. He has pale skin and shaggy brown hair. He is wearing a white T-shirt with a black line going down the middle, brown cargo pants and black and white sneakers. On his left wrist she notices an unusual watch. It is black and bulky with a green hourglass symbol where the face plate should be.

As Emma approached the kid she notices the watch emitting a few sparks from the face plate.

A Few Hours Later…

We go back to the plane crash site where we see it is now dark outside. We see 6 people approach the crashed plane. Their names are Jessie Prescott, Bertram Winkle, Luke Ross, Zuri Ross, Ravi Ross and a Doctor they found.

"There you guys are!" Emma said as she approached them, "While you were out vacationing, I was…"

"Not now! A helicopter's arriving!" Jessie said

After signaling the helicopter, they threw down a ladder.

"I'll be right back!" Emma said as she went back to the plane

When she got there we see the kid sitting on a chair still unconscious when Emma arrived. She just approached him when we see Jessie enter the plane.

"Emma, we don't have time to… Who's that?" Jessie asked pointing to the kid

"Don't know. I found him knocked out right beside the plane." Emma said

"OK. I'll take him. Just get to the helicopter." Jessie said

An Unknown Amount Of Time Later…

We go to a hospital in New York where we see the kid wearing hospital clothes and on a hospital bed.

We see Jessie and Emma just entered the room along with Morgan Ross, Cristina Ross and a doctor.

"What do mean he doesn't exist?" Morgan asked

"I'm saying he doesn't exist. We tried to find him but there's no Birth Certificate, no Social security number, not even a picture!" the doctor said

"Emma, Sweetie, How did you find him?" Cristina asked

"OK. You won't believe this, but just before I found him there was a flash of light that lasted for about a minute. When it faded there he was." Emma said

"Is he going to be OK?" Jessie asked

"He should be waking up anytime now." the doctor said

"(Groans)" the kid said as he slowly opened his Emerald green eyes

"Well, how about that…?" the doctor asked

We see the kid slowly sit up. Groaning in pain as he did so.

"Whoa! Take it easy, kid! You're lucky to be alive!" the doctor said

At the mention of the word alive his eyes then widened upon remembering the last few hours.

"Where am I?" the kid asked

"You're in a hospital in New York City." the Doctor said, "Look do you have a name?"

"Ben, Ben Tennyson." Ben said

He then looked at his left wrist and to his surprise the Omnitrix is still there. Except the face plate is sparking a little bit.

"Yeah. We tried to take it off, but we couldn't." The Doctor said

"Who are you people?" Ben asked


We now go to an office a while later where we see Morgan and Cristina filling out some documents.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jessie asked

"Of course. While he may not exist on record, he is still just a kid." Morgan said

"I mean he refuses to tell us how he got there because he claims we won't believe him." Jessie said

"Either way, It's still the right thing to do." Morgan said


A few hours later...


We go to the Penthouse where we see Morgan, Cristina, Jessie, Emma and Ben who is wearing his clothes exit the elevator.

"Welcome to our home, Ben." Cristina said

"Thanks Cristina." Ben said

"I'll show him his room." Jessie said


We go to a guest room where we see Ben and Jessie enter the room.

"And here it is..." Jessie said

"Thanks." Ben said as he walked over to the bed and lay down on it

"Now, would you like to tell me what happened, because I was born and raised on a Military base and I can tell you have Survivors guilt." Jessie said

"As I said, you won't believe me." Ben said

Jessie sighed before saying, "Look… If you need someone to talk to. Just know I am here for you."

She left the room, closing the door behind her.

Then all of a sudden we see the Omnitrix spark as the dial begun to turn by itself. Ben looked at the Omnitrix confused just as a white dome of light surrounded the Omnitrix. It faded after a couple of seconds.

When it did we see the Omnitrix now has a new look.

The rim of the dial is white, and the buttons are replaced by green arrows, and the area behind the hourglass is now the same color as the new wristband: Gray. The outer band is black with green arrows, and the sides of the dial and the ends of the wristband are silver. The top of the gray wristband has a green hourglass underneath the dial. The top of the dial is now black. Unlike the Omnitrix's last version, this version does not have its tube-like circuitry.

"Reboot complete. All systems now available." the Omnitrix said in a computerized version of Ben's voice

Normally Ben would at least be curious upon seeing this shocking development, but he is too upset at the loss of his universe.

And his family…

"I'm sorry…" Ben sobbed quietly


The Next Morning…

We go to the Kitchen where we see Ben sitting at the table eating pancakes while Bertram was at the island making more.

"Wow! I've never seen anyone wolf down that many pancakes before!" Bertram said

We then see Jessie enter the room.

"Whoa! I've never seen a kid up this early before that didn't live on a Military base." Jessie said upon seeing Ben

"By the way… We're out of pancakes." Bertram said

"Huh? How?" Jessie asked

"Ben ate them all!" Bertram said

"Really? Huh… Looks like there's someone who loves your cooking after all." Jessie said

She then noticed the Omnitrix new look and asked, "Hey Ben… Didn't that watch have a different look last night?"

"No." Ben lied

"Ben…" Jessie said

"Fine. The watch changed it's look after you left last night." Ben said

"OK… How is that possible?!" Jessie asked

In the living room, we see Jessie on the couch with Ben who was about to tell his story when Luke came in.

"Hey Jessie! Hey Ben! What's going on?" Luke asked

"Ben was about to tell his story of how he got to that jungle." Jessie answered

"Cool!" Luke said as he sat down next to Jessie

"OK…" Ben breathed

He then began to tell his tale of how he is from another Universe and the Omnitrix. He told them the events of when the Omnitrix started to Self Destruct.

"...and when I woke up I was in that hospital." Ben said

When he was finished, Jessie and Luke stared at him in shock for a minute.

Jessie broke the silence by saying, "So, you're from another Universe and that watch can change you into aliens?"

Ben nodded.

"That's so cool!" Luke said amazed

"Huh?" Ben and Jessie asked

"I mean not the whole self destruct thing, but the rest is cool! A real live superhero is in the penthouse!" Luke said

"Ben! Why didn't you tell us in the first place?" Jessie asked

"Would you have believed me?" Ben asked

"Good point." Jessie said, "And honestly I don't know if I do now."

Ben stood up and activated the Omnitrix and the core raised up and the hourglass became a diamond. In the middle of the diamond is a silhouette of a muscular creature with four arms.

He then slammed down the core. After the blinding flash of green light we see Jessie and Luke uncovered their eyes and gasped.

Standing before them is a humanoid alien that is approximately twelve feet tall, has well-developed muscles, two pairs of four-fingered arms, and red skin. A black stripe goes from his chin to his lower lip, and he has four eyes: a main pair, and a smaller pair below them.

He is wearing a white T-shirt with a black line going down it, black pants, and finger less gloves. The Omnitrix symbol on his upper left shoulder. His eyes are yellow.

"Believe me now?" The alien known as Four Arms asked

Jessie just nodded while Luke said, "Awesome!" with excitement.

"OK… You changed into… I need to…" Jessie said before fainting

"Wow! She hasn't acted like this since Jordan Taylor came to stay with us." Luke said

"Who?" Four Arms asked

"So what do you call this one?" Luke asked

"Four Arms." Four Arms said

"Ahh. I see. Because of the four beefy arms. Clever." Luke said, "By the way… How much can he lift?"

"I don't know… A lot." Four Arms said

We then hear a beeping sound as the Omnitrix symbol blinked between red and white.

After a minute, we see a flash of red light and when it faded we see Ben is human again.

"What just happened?" Luke asked

"I timed out." Ben said

About half an hour later…

We go back to the living room where we see Ben finished telling Luke on when he first found the Omnitrix and accidentally caused a forest fire as Heatblast.

"You're kidding!" Luke said

"I'm not…" Ben said, "I tried to stomp the fire out, but I didn't realize my foot was made out of fire at the time."

"Wow! And I thought life here was wild!" Luke said

"Yeah…" Ben said before frowning

"What's wrong?" Luke asked

"I don't know what to do now. I was the reason the self destruct was even activated." Ben said

"You said it yourself. It was an accident. And besides what would your cousin and grandpa want you to do? If I was you. I would continue to do the right thing. I mean you have superpowers! I am jealous!" Luke admitted

Ben looked at the Omnitrix for a few seconds while remembering the summer before. He then made his decision.

"Thanks Luke." Ben said smiling

"No problem, buddy!" Luke said, "Now... Can I see the rest of your aliens?"

"Sure." Ben said as he pressed the Activation button

We see the core pop up and Four Arms silhouette appear. He twisted the dial and we see XLR8's silhouette, then Upgrade and then Grey Matter.

He twisted the dial for a bit before frowning confused.

"This is weird." Ben said

"What is it Ben?" Luke asked

"I'm back down to 10 aliens." Ben said as he looked through his roster, "And I don't recognize more than half of them."

"So you got some new aliens?" Luke asked

"I guess… Whoa man! Is this a dinosaur?!" Ben asked upon seeing one of the new guys

He twists the dial and says, "This guy kind of looks like Heatblast."

He twists the dial again and Luke asks, "Who's that cat guy?"

Ben shrugs his shoulders, twists the dial, sees the 4th silhouette and said, "Hey, this guy looks good!"

Ben stands up, takes a few steps away from the couch and said, "Lets try him out!" as he slammed down the core.

Inside the flash of green light, we see the Omnitrix sink into his arm as his DNA is rewritten. He gets taller, slimmer and green scales replace his skin…

When the light faded, Luke's jaw dropped upon seeing Ben's new alien.

Standing where Ben was is a Humanoid Snake like creature standing at Jessie's height with green scales and pale yellow spots in random places.

But the surprising part was this alien is female! He… I mean She is wearing a black shirt with very short emerald green sleeves and collar the bottom hem is shirt exposing her bellybutton, black shorts with a emerald green waistband and emerald green bands cover her wrists and ankles.

Her "hair" is four long, prehensile tentacles and she has a long tail. Her eyes are emerald green with black slits like a snake. Her lips are dark green with two small fangs sticking out. The Omnitrix Symbol is on her forehead.

"Ben? Is that you?" Luke asked

"Yessss. It'sss me. Why do yo… Hey! What'sss with my voice?!" the alien asked in a feminine tone

She looked down at her new body before saying, "GROSSSSSSSSSS! I'm a girl alien!"

"An attractive girl alien!" Luke said both amazed and repulsed at the same time

"Thisss issss weird! Normally, I become the male of each alien I transform into!" Ben said disgusted and freaked out

"Still, what can this alien do?" Luke asked

"Letssss find out." Ben said

One of her hair tentacles proceeded to move on its own. It stretched and grabbed a vase on the far side of the room before retreating back to her.

Ben grabbed the vase with her hands and said, "Huh… Looksss like I got tentacle hair powersss…"

We then see Bertram enter the living room through the kitchen saying, "Hey, what's going on out ther… AAAAAAAH!" ending his sentence with a scream of terror upon seeing the snake like alien, which woke up Jessie in a heartbeat.

"Huh?! What?! Where am I?!" Jessie asked as Bertram fainted

She noticed the alien and upon seeing the Omnitrix symbol on her forehead asked, "Ben? Is that you?"

"Yesss." Ben said

"What kind of alien is this?" Jessie asked looking in Ben's eyes

"I don't know… Never unlocked thisss one before." Ben said as the eyes glowed a bit upon eye contact

"Ben, what were you thinking? You can't just turn into a snake girl alien and…" Jessie said before she started to relax

"Jessie? Are You OK?" Ben asked

"Yes, I am mistress." Jessie said in a drone tone

"Huh?/Mistress?" Ben and Luke asked at the same time

"What did you do?" Luke asked as he waved a hand in front of Jessie's face

"Don't know! Ssshe just looked into my eyesss and…" Ben said before something clicked into her brain

"Jessie… Hop up and down." Ben said

Jessie did just that.

"Stop." Ben said as Jessie stopped

"Jessie… Tell me one of your sssecretsss." Ben said

"I was never captain of the drill team, I was the equipment manager." Jessie said

"Sit down on the couch." Ben said

Jessie did that and Ben told Luke, "I think I can hypnotize people by having them look into my eyesss!"

Luke covered his eyes and said, "That's cool! Hair tentacles and hypnotic eyes. That could come in handy!"

"So what are you going to call this one?" Luke asked, "Hairtacle? Hypno snake?"

Ben thought about it for a minute before remembering something at school.

"Medusa…" Ben said

"Medusa?" Luke asked confused

"Named after that sssnake woman from a Greek legend. Ssshe could turn people to ssstone by having them look into her eyess and had sssnakesss for hair." the newly named Medusa said

"That must make finding a date difficult." Luke said

We then hear the Omnitrix make a beeping sound and after a flash of red light, Ben was human again.

Jessie then shook her head as she awoken from the trance.

"What just happened?" Jessie asked

"You looked into Medusa's eyes." Luke said

"Was that a metaphor?" Jessie asked confused

"What's a metaphor?" Luke asked

"Medusa is the alien transformation you saw before being hypnotized." Ben explained

"Hold on… You can change into a snake woman alien that can hypnotize people by having them look into her eyes? And you name your aliens?" Jessie asked

"Of course I do. It's part of the fun of being a superhero." Ben said

"You're still going to continue your superhero work after everything that happened?" Jessie asked

"Yeah. It's what Grandpa Max would've wanted." Ben said

"There's no way I can convince you not to do this. Is there?" Jessie asked

"Nope." Ben said

"Fine… Just remember… Whatever happens… Don't mention this to Morgan and Cristina." Jessie said

"Done." Ben and Luke said at the same time

"Good. Now that that's been taken care of. How many aliens are there in that watch?" Jessie asked

"Right now there are only 10 aliens available. I had access to more, but the reboot must have reset the playlists." Ben said as he looked at the Omnitrix

"And you know all of them?" Jessie asked

"No. 6 of them are brand new. Including Medusa." Ben said

"So now you have 5 of them that you never changed into before?" Jessie asked

Ben nodded.

Jessie sighed and said, "Great… OK. I think I might know a place where you can practice your new alien transformations. Huh, that a sentence I never thought I'd say."

She shook that thought and said, "But for now…"

"Don't tell Mom and Dad/Mr. & Mrs. Ross." Luke and Ben said in unison

And here is the newly rewritten Chapter 1. As you read I decided to make a few changes to it…

For example, Ben's Omnitrix is back down to 10 aliens again and 6 of them are brand new to him.

Also, the alien transformation Medusa is not owned by me. Instead she is owned by a Fanfiction Artist named Creaturemaster (Also known as CreaturemasterProds on Deviantart) Credit goes to him for the Medusa Transformation.