Last time on A Life Reboot: Jessie Edition:

"Uh, Luke. What's on your hands?" Jessie asked

Luke looked down and saw his hands and lower arms are covered in white stone like the fountain.

Jessie tried to use a rag and rub it off. But it didn't work.

"OK. This is weird. It's not only the same color as the fountain. It's the same material as the fountain." Jessie said

Ben knocked on the white stuff and said, "It's as hard as a rock."

Luke looked at his hands in concern wondering what was happening to him.

Chapter 3: The New Kevin 11

We go to the Lobby where we see Jessie, Ben, Emma and Luke just entered through the front door. With Luke wearing Ben's new jacket and hands in his pants pocket to hide them.

We see the doorman Tony Chiccolini at the front desk.

"Hey Jessie! Hey Emma! Hey Luke!" Tony said

"Hey Tony!" Jessie said

"I heard the Ross's got a new kid!" Tony said

"They did…" Jessie said

She gestured to Ben who approached him and said, "Ben Tennyson. Nice to meet you." as they shook hands.

"Tony Chiccolini, the finest doorman in this building." Tony said, "It nice to meet a real life superhero!"

"What are you taking about?" Ben asked

"Emma told me…" Tony said

Jessie, Luke and Ben glared at Emma who chuckled nervously.

"OK, I may have told Tony." Emma said

"Did you tell anyone else?" Jessie asked

"Just Tony… And Zuri, Ravi and Bertram." Emma admitted

We go to the apartment where we see Jessie in the living room along with Luke and Ben. On the couch, we see Bertram, Ravi, Zuri and Emma.

"Did any of you tell anyone else?" Jessie asked

"Honestly… I wasn't listening to what Emma was saying." Bertram said

"I only told Chubby and Millie." Zuri said

"No, I did not." Ravi said

"OK… If any of you… and that includes Chubby and Millie… Tells anyone about Ben…" Jessie said leaving the threat to their imaginations

"Understood." Ravi whimpered

"Great… Now how about finding out why my arms are covered in stone!" Luke said as he pulled out his hands showing the stony hands

Ravi got up and examined Luke's hands.

"Whoa! This is incredible! Your hands are stone and yet you can move them like they're still flesh." Ravi said

Jessie then noticed Ben's been quiet. She looked at him and asked, "Ben, are you alright?"

"Yeah… It's just that, I think I've seen this before. Back in my old Universe." Ben said

"What Luke's going through?" Jessie asked

"Yeah… Be right back!" Ben said as he went to the kitchen

He returned a few seconds later with a large stainless steal ladle. He approaches Luke and hands him the ladle.

Luke takes it confused and asks, "Ben, why did you hand me a ladle?"

"I want to test something. Try to recreate the moment your hands were covered in stone with this ladle." Ben said

Luke closed his eyes and focused. After a moment or two, we see his hand being covered in the stainless steal the ladle is made out of. After a few seconds his entire body including his clothes are covered.

Luke opened his eyes and looked at himself.

"Whoa! I'm made out of… whatever ladles are made out of!" Luke gasped

"What just happened?" Emma asked

"And is Larry the Ladle alright?!" Bertram asked concerned as he took the ladle from Luke

Ben just looked at him confused and asked, "Larry the Ladle?"

"All of his friends are kitchen supplies. It's kind of sad." Zuri said

"Anyway… How did Luke do what he did?" Jessie asked

"I think… I think Luke is part Osmosian." Ben said

"Osmo-what?" Ravi and Luke asked at the same time

"Osmosian. They're a race of aliens that look like us. They can absorb matter and energy into themselves." Ben said

"Wait… You're telling me Luke is developing superpowers and is an alien?" Jessie asked

"That explains a lot…" Bertram said

"Half alien. One of his parents must have been human." Ben said

"Wait, how do you know so much about Osmo-whatevers?" Emma asked

"I once meet one in New York of my old universe. Sometime after that Grandpa Max gave me this…" Ben said as he held out a small silver disc size device

"What is it?" Ravi asked

"It's a ALDB." Ben said

"ALDB?" Zuri asked

"Alien Life form Database. It contains all the knowledge of the known aliens from my galaxy." Ben explained

"That is so cool! You don't mind if I borrow it, do you?" Ravi asked

"Go right ahead." Ben said as he handed it to Ravi

"Wait… If Luke is half alien… Why is he developing superpowers now?" Jessie asked

"Late bloomer?" Ben asked not really knowing the answer

"Not that this talk isn't interesting but… HOW DO I UNDO THIS?!" Luke asked, "As much as I want to be covered in metal for the rest of my life, I don't think Mom and Dad are going to like this."

"Well, according to this… Most Osmosians do it by relaxing and simply letting go of the energy." Ravi said as he looked at the ALDB

Luke closed his eyes and focused. After a few seconds the metal slowly disappeared and his skin and clothes went back to normal.

He opened his eye and said, "Awesome! I can control my powers!"

He then looked at Ben and said, "Hey Ben! Are you looking for a partner for your superhero business?"

"No." Ben and Jessie said in unison

"Why not?" Luke asked frowning

"No offence Luke, but you just got them and I don't want to see you get hurt." Ben said

"What Ben said and It's bad enough I'm letting Ben be a superhero." Jessie said

"But if I get enough practice can I…?" Luke asked

"Maybe/No…" Ben and Jessie asked in unison before looking at each other

Later that night…

We go to Central Park where we see it is nighttime. Near the playground area we see Officer Petey on patrol.

He passed the playground saying, "I wish something interesting would happened… Nothing ever happens here!"

After he was far enough away we see a red and white portal appear above the equipment. It floated for about a minute before something big exited the portal and landed on the playground set, destroying it. The portal closed right after that.

We see the thing exit the playground and looked at the sky before saying, "Finally! Out the Null Void! Now it's time to get revenge on that Tennyson dweeb!"

The Next Morning…

We go to Ben's room where we see a workshop like table against a wall. We see a gray-skinned, frog-like, bipedal alien that is only four inches tall with large yellowish green eyes, which have rectangular pupils and horizontal eyelids. He's wearing a white jumpsuit with a thin vertical black stripe down the front, his forehead has a larger version of the jumpsuit's stripe, and the Omnitrix symbol is on his back.

This is Ben's smallest and smartest alien, Grey Matter. He is standing on the table, drawing something.

We then see the Omnitrix symbol make the timeout warning beep and he quickly hopped off the table. After the flash of red light, we see Ben standing up. He looked at what he drew as Grey Matter which are blueprints for a hover board.

He then pinned the paper on a bulletin board along with a couple of other blueprints. Before leaving the room.

We go to the kitchen where we see Bertram, Jessie, Emma, Zuri, Ravi and Luke there. Bertram was making breakfast, Luke was wearing latex gloves and Ravi was fixed on the ALDB.

We see Ben enter the room.

"Hey Ben!" Ravi said

"Hey Ravi." Ben said as he sat down and started eating his scramble eggs and bacon

"I still can't believe you like Bertram's cooking!" Luke said

"After eating meal worms, Squirrel jerky and Sheep tongue, this is heaven!" Ben said

"You actually ate those?" Bertram asked in disgust

"Yeah… I loved my grandpa, but not his cooking." Ben said

"That actually explains a lot." Jessie said

"Hey Jessie? Can we go to the park?" Zuri asked

"Sure, we can Zuri." Jessie said, "Anyone else want to go?"

"I'll go…" Ben said

"Sure… It'll take my mind off of what's happening to me." Luke said

"...Or not." Luke said

We go to the park where we see some police tape surrounding the destroyed playground.

"What happened?!" Zuri screamed

Officer Petey approached the group and said, "Sorry, Ross kids. This playground is closed for investigation and repairs."

"What happened here?" Jessie asked

"I don't know… I was on patrol last night and heard a crash. When I went to investigate, the playground was destroyed!" Officer Petey said

"Whoever did it is getting a huge pounding!" Zuri growled

Ben then noticed something shining among the equipment. He ducked behind the tape, went over to it and picked it up.

He pocketed it before rejoining the Ross's.

"...It'll be a while before the playground's repaired. Sorry for the inconvenience." Officer Petey said before walking away

"Ben?" Jessie asked, "Why were you in the crime scene?"

"I found this among the debris." Ben said pulling out a pale green crystal

"What is it?" Jessie asked

"It's a diamond… Duh!" Zuri said

"Not just a diamond… A Diamondhead crystal." Ben said

"Diamondhead crystal?" Jessie asked

Back in the apartment, we see Ravi was looking through the ALDB With Jessie, Luke and Ben.

"Petrosapien: They're an alien species made entirely out of a diamond like crystal supposedly a lot harder than diamond." Ravi said

"WOW! They must be a rich people!" Luke said

"But Ben, why did you call it a "Diamondhead Crystal"?" Jessie asked

"Diamondhead was one of my alien transformations. But I don't have access to him anymore since the Omnitrix rebooted." Ben explained

"So where did this come from?" Jessie asked pointing to the crystal on the coffee table

We go to an abandoned building in a bad part of New York where we see some parts and junk scattered inside the building.

We go to a workbench where we see a familiar thin and scrawny 11 year old boy with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes with black-discolored marks around them. He wearing a torn black T-shirt, black studded armbands, brown cargo pants, black knee-length shoes, and a padlock necklace.

This is Kevin Levin. And yes, the same Kevin Levin from Ben's old universe. We see him working on something he's now wearing on his left arm.

It is a makeshift replica of the Omnitrix's previous model, with the dial symbol turned red and appearing in half, resembling a letter 'K', and with the addition of four metal protrusions ending in red lights.

He used a screwdriver to do some final touches and put it down.

We see some old newspaper clips on a wall showing Ben's heroic work as Four Arms, Upgrade, XLR8 and more recently Humungousaur.

We see Kevin smirk with malice as he thought about all the pranks he's going to pull.

And revenge on Ben Tennyson.

The Next Morning…

We go to Central Park where we see Jessie, Zuri, and Ben by the newly repaired playground. Ben was at a hot dog cart.

Zuri approached Jessie with a flyer and said, "Jessie! They're having a Little Miss Big Apple Beauty Pageant! Could I be in it?"

"Oh Zuri, Beauty pageants are sexist and demeaning to women." Jessie said

"How many did you lose?" Zuri asked

"Three. Now go play." Jessie said

Zuri left and we see Ben approach her with a hot dog and said, "Wow! That was some nannying!"

As Ben ate his hot dog, we see Agatha approach the two.

"Well, I think that's a wise idea not to let Zuri in the pageant." Agatha said

"Agatha! I didn't know we were friends! Mates! chums!" Jessie said in a British accent

"Well, you thought wrong!" Agatha said in an American accent

She then noticed Ben and said, "And who is this?"

Ben got up after finishing his hot dog and said, "Ben Tennyson. And who are suppose to be?"

"That is Agatha. Another nanny." Jessie said

Ben then noticed something familiar at a distance… Or rather someone.

Standing next to a tree was Ben's rival, Kevin Levin who was smirking at him before walking away.

Ben then ran after him while Jessie and Agatha were talking/arguing. (Mostly arguing.)

We go to an empty part of the park where we see Ben arrive and look around. He then sees Kevin in front of him a few feet away.

"Well, Well, Well! Hey, Tennyson! How are you doing, old buddy? It's been a while!" Kevin said

"Kevin?! How are you alive?" Ben asked confused

"Did you honestly think I couldn't survive the Null Void?" Kevin asked

"But the self destruct… The universe was destroyed!" Ben said

"Yeah… I heard of that. For some reason the energy ripple didn't even touch the Null Void, so all the people who were in there at the time survived!" Kevin said, "I used the distraction to bust out. Imagine my surprise when I found out you were here too!"

"And guess what?" Kevin asked as he held up hi left wrist and showed him his Omnitrix

"Another Omnitrix?!" Ben asked shocked

Kevin activated the device and slammed down the core.

After a flash of red light we see Kevin changed into a hulking, broad-shouldered alien covered in black metallic armor with dark red pearlescent on his upper arms, claws, lower torso and legs and red armor plating on his back, shoulders, and head. He has thirteen golden spikes, five on his head, six on his back, and one on each forearm. His exposed face and forearms are mostly white, with glowing red eyes. He has four claws on both of his hands and gray lips.

His Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

"Like it?" Kevin asked, "I just finished it last night!"

He then curled into a ball form with spikes and rolled towards Ben at high speeds, only for Ben to jump to the side and Kevin to crash into a tree.

Ben carefully approached him and asked, "OK… How and where did you get that Omnitrix and more importantly how did you get Cannonbolt?!"

"It's Wreckingbolt! And it's not an Omnitrix! It's a stabilizer I built to contain and control the feedback I absorbed from the Omnitrix!" Wreckingbolt said

Kevin's Flashback…

In the Null Void, we see the mutated Kevin asleep in a cave. He tossed and turned until he awoken…

"The idea came to me in a dream… A way to control the energy I absorbed from the Omnitrix and get me back to human form."

We see Kevin collecting parts and tools all around the Null Void.

"It took me a while to get the parts and tools I needed to start building it."

We skip to the part where Kevin had the completed model in his hands. He put it on his upper left wrist. The device beeped before an energy surge surrounded Kevin who screamed in pain.

"I'll admit it was painful once I put it on…"

We see the surge faded and Kevin was human again. He smirked upon seeing the results.

"But the results were worth it! Unfortunately, it caused a dampener on my normal abilities to absorb things. But I also discovered I absorbed more from the Omnitrix then either of us ever knew."

Kevin looked through his new Omnitrix playlist and his eyes widened.

"Now I have the power of 11 different aliens!"

"...and with a few minor modifications I made, I got something pretty powerful." Wreckingbolt said as he got up

"What do you mean a few minor modifications?" Ben asked

"Here, let me SHOW YOU!" Wreckingbolt said as he jumped at him in a attempt to tackle him only for Ben to dodge the right

He quickly activated the Omnitrix and slammed down the core on the first alien it showed.

Inside the flash of green light, we see the Omnitrix sink into his arm as his DNA is rewritten. He gets taller, slimmer and green scales replace his skin…

We see Ben attempted to roar only for a hiss to come out of him. Or should I say her…

"Medusa?! I wanted Humungousaur!" Medusa whined

"Bah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Nice girl alien!" Wreckingbolt laughed

Medusa frowned and used one of her hair tentacles to strike Wreckingbolt where the nose would be in a whip like manner.

"OW!" Wreckingbolt yelped as he held his "Nose"

"Girl? Yesss. Uselesss? Not remotely!" Medusa said as she got into a fighting position, "By the way… I call this one, Medusa!"

Wreckingbolt growled as he curled back into a ball position and rolled towards her. Medusa quickly used her hair tentacles on a tree and swung herself out of dodge.

Wreckingbolt attempted to make a quick turn around but he ended up clumsily crashing into a hot dog cart Bertram was at.

Luckily, Bertram and the vendor are OK.

"NOOO!" Bertram cried upon seeing the wrecked cart

Well, at least they're not physically hurt.

Wreckingbolt got up as Medusa landed not too far from him.

"Hey, Kevin! I think your modificationsss are a bit glitchy!" Medusa called out

"Whatever! I know better than some stupid dream! I just need time to get used to the upgrades!" Wreckingbolt said as he threw the remains of the cart at Medusa who was barely able to dodge the attack

"I better lead Kevin away from the public or sssomeone will get hurt." Medusa said to herself before proceeding to use her hair tentacles to swing away with Kevin following her

Bertram cried as he moaned the destroyed Hot Dog cart.

We see Medusa swinging on the trees before a flash of red surrounded her. When it faded we see Ben land flat on the ground.

He groaned as he got up. He looked at the Omnitrix and said, "I think you're due for some minor modifications."

Wreckingbolt then appeared and mockingly asked, "Aw! Did someone's powers go bye bye?"

Ben quickly ran as Wreckingbolt started chasing him again.

We go to a stage near the playground where we see Jessie and Emma coaching Zuri on the pageant when Ben ran past them. Wreckingbolt passed a second later.

"Uh… Did I just see Ben being chased by a giant spiky ball?" Zuri asked

We go to another part of Central park where we see Ben hiding behind a rock catching his breath when the Omnitrix beeped green again.

"Finally!" Ben said as he reactivated the core

He quickly went through his roster before settling on one and said, "Now's a good time as any to try out this guy!" before slamming down the core.

After the flash of green light we see a humanoid, plant-like alien that has an overall green and black colored body, mostly with a red flame-patterned head and root-like feet, seemingly holding black rocks. His eyes are oval-shaped with points at each end with pupils copying the shape but are smaller. Also, his shoulders and head have red petals and his elbows and legs have green frills sticking out. The Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

"Whoa! This is new… Kinda reminds me of Wildvine… EW! What is that smell?!" Ben asked in a deep stuffy voice

He sniffed his armpit and asked, "Is that me?"

He then ran out of his hiding place and went to find Wreckingbolt.

"OK, Kev! Where are you at buddy?" Ben asked

"Coming at ya!" Wreckingbolt shouted as he rolled at him in a surprise attack

Ben put his hands out at Wreckingbolt and to his surprise a stream of flames emitted from the palms and towards Wreckingbolt which threw him towards a nearby pond.

Ben looked at himself and said, "Whoa! A fire plant guy? Awesome! Think I'll call this guy, SWAMPFIRE!"

The newly name Swampfire then ran to the pond.

We go to the pond where we see Wreckingbolt getting up.

"No good… Need to change the playing field!" Wreckingbolt said as Swampfire approached him

"Ready to give up?" Swampfire asked

"Not even remotely!" Wreckingbolt said as he tapped his Omnitrix symbol

In another flash of red light we see an alien that resembles Ghostfreaks true form. Except his skin is dark red and he has white nails with lines on his chest which are white as well. The tail is black and white striped. His head is right side up with a red eye. He is wearing a black cloak made presumably out of the second skin complete with a hood. His Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

"Ghostfreak?" Swampfire asked

"I don't do Ghostfreak! I go Phantom Reaper!" Phantom Reaper said

"Wait a minute… How did you change between aliens like that?" Swampfire asked

"Simple… I don't need to wait!" Phantom Reaper said

His hands then glowed light red as he held them up. At the same time, we see some rocks being lifted up. He threw his hands forward and the rocks quickly flew towards Swampfire and literally made Swiss cheese out of the alien.

Phantom Reaper chucked until the holes filled themselves in.

"Regeneration. Nice." Swampfire said

He then threw a fireball at the alien who went invisible only for the fireball to hit him.

"Gah!" Phantom Reaper cried upon becoming visible

"Huh… Guess "Phantom Creeper" can't go intangible!" Swampfire realized

"Grrr! Then let's see how your brawns goes against my brains!" Phantom Reaper growled before becoming invisible again

Swampfire looked around before a flash of red light emitted from behind a bolder. Swampfire turned to see a familiar red frog like alien sticking out from the bolder.

"Grey Matter?" Swampfire chuckled as he walked over to the bolder, "You're making this too easy! You should have picked something bigger then… Grey Matter?"

Upon reaching the other side of the bolder he sees a red-skinned, frog/demon-like, bipedal alien that is significantly taller than Grey Matter, rivaling Four Arms in height. His limbs and fingers are long and slender, with his fingers having claws. Unlike Grey Matter's feet, he has two front toes and one back toe on each foot, which are also pointy. He has large glowing red eyes with minus-shaped pupils. On his head are two horn-like growths. He wears a gray vest over a black sleeveless jumpsuit with two black stripes going around the middle of his chest. His Omnitrix Symbol is on his chest.

"Dark Matter!" Dark Matter said rising like he had no bones

"How did you make him taller?" a confused Swampfire asked before saying, "Eh, Whatever! He's weak anyway!"

He charged towards Dark Matter only for the Mutated Alien to use his weak balance to his advantage to dodge and was even able to grab and swing Swampfire to a good distance.

We go back to the Playground where we see Jessie and Agatha just made a bet on who would win the beauty pageant when Swampfire landed in right front of them.

"What is that ugly thing?!" Agatha asked, "And why does it smell so repulsive?"

"Ugly? Have you looked in a mirror lately? You're no beauty yourself!" Swampfire said as he got up and dusted his shoulders

"Ha! Good one!" Jessie said

Agatha scoffed before walking away.

Jessie then asked, "So… How was the battle?"

"I'll let you know after I finish!" Swampfire said

We then see Dark Matter falling from the sky screaming and holding a ruby red fireball in his hand.

"That's new!" Swampfire said

Dark Matter then threw the fireball at Swampfire who raised his arms to block the attack while Jessie dodged to this side. A flash bang happened upon contact which lasted for a second.

Swampfire looked at himself and saw he was fine.

"Ha! Guess that fireball was a dud… WHAT THE?!" Swampfire asked upon a ruby red crystal quickly forming around him until only his head was exposed

Dark Matter landed in front of the trapped Swampfire.

"Face it, Pal! I'm better at this then you ever will be!" Dark Matter boasted

We then see Dark Matter's Omnitrix Symbol blink red as a softer beeping sound emitted from it. Dark Matter, didn't notice but Swampfire did.

"Really? Why don't you tell me all about it and take your time to finish me off?" Swampfire asked

"Or I could make this quick!" Dark Matter said as he made a fireball in his left hand

But before he throw it another flash of red light emitted from him and when it faded we see Kevin is human again.

"You should really pay attention to certain things… Like when your watch is about to time out." Swampfire smirked before proceeding to break out of the crystal prison

Kevin started running away saying, "We're not finished!" as he disappeared into the city.

Swampfire the looked at the direction Kevin disappeared. His eyes narrowing.


We go back to the Penthouse where we see Ben at the terrace sitting on a chair, staring out at the night sky when Jessie arrives with a plate of cookies.

"Hey Ben… How are you doing?" Jessie asked as she approached Ben

"I'm OK." Ben said

"Well, if I found out someone from my universe survived and is an enemy. Well, I would be conflicted." Jessie admitted

"Kevin was a friend… At first. He had the same powers and abilities Luke does. Went insane after absorbing energy from the Omnitrix. He got trapped in the Null Void." Ben said

"Null Void?" Jessie asked

"Think of it as a dimensional jail." Ben said

"Oh…" Jessie said

After a moment of silence, Jessie said, "Well, look at it this way… He could turn a new leaf and you two could become friends again. Especially since you two are in a new universe. It won't happen overnight, but do me a favor… Don't give up on him. He looks more lost than a bad guy."

"Thanks…" Ben smiled, "So, how did the Zuri do in the Beauty Pageant?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Jessie said

"Yeah, Emma told me about the bet. You both should have accounted for if neither of you didn't win." Ben smirked

"Yeah, Yeah." Jessie said

Authors note:

As I made Luke an Osmosian, I decided to give Kevin Levin the Antitrix. Only instead of a DNA altering device, I made it a Stabilizer like Albedo's Recreated Ultimatrix in Ben 10: Omniverse.

Wreckingbolt and Dark Matter are the Ben 10: Reboot Antitrix Aliens.

Phantom Reaper is a Ghostfreak Antitrix Alien I made up.

Unlike Ghostfreak, Phantom Reaper WON'T go rogue.

Yes, he can survive in sunlight without a second skin. But to make things more interesting, I decided to remove the Intangibility. He can go invisible, but he can't phase through solid matter.

His Antitrix only has 11 mutant aliens and as long as he has it and the Omnitrix Energy he absorbed, his main Osmosian powers are basically offline.

That's all for now and Please Review.