For Izzy and the lovely people on the DoS Discord, who agree with me that Hoshigaki Shizuma looks far too much like Uchiha Shisui to not be his son.

Blood in the Water

This was not the plan.

This was not the plan!

Then again, Danzo trying to steal his eye and using Izanagi hadn't exactly been the plan either. Shisui flopped back against the tree behind him and tried to take stock, ducking absently under the blade of a blank-masked Root ANBU and trapping him in a genjutsu.

Fact the first: Danzo had just tried to steal his sharingan.

Fact the second: Danzo already had at least one sharingan to have used Izanagi like that, and given that he only had one spare eye-socket Shisui shuddered to think where any other eyes might be.

Fact the third: Shisui would probably have lost his Kotoamatsukami to the eye-stealing elder had a distinctly familiar Hoshigaki not charged into the clearing at exactly the right moment and punched Danzo through a tree.

'Distinctly familiar' because on that mission to Water Country six months ago he'd been very happily seduced by a stunning seven-foot-tall, blue-skinned kunoichi with the most awesome muscles ever and amazing ice-blue eyes that he'd met in a bar, and the roaring blood-spattered berserker currently ripping Root agents apart with her bare hands and throwing half the Naka River at Danzo had the same chakra as his three-night-stand.

One night would not have been enough, seriously. Three nights hadn't been enough, but he'd been on a deadline.

At this rate they were going to attract ANBU. And the entire Uchiha police night shift. And every jōnin in the village, provided they weren't all on their way here already. His glorious rescuer was not remotely subtle.

Shisui is a little bit embarrassed he can't remember the lovely lady's name.

Danzo is launched through another tree –yikes, eyes in his arm but wow, look at the lady's biceps– and then his gallant saviour turns towards him for the first time and Shisui gets an eyeful –both eyes full, he still has both eyes even if one is a bit bruised– of the curve of her belly.

"You're pregnant?" Did he squeak?

The bloodrage rictus softens slightly. "Obviously, Pretty-boy. That's why I'm here." She sniffs, body gliding gracefully into a slightly different stance as she steps sideways to loom protectively in front of him as an ANBU squad blur past. "Good thing I was too; I thought Kekkai Genkai persecution was just a Kiri thing."

"It's complicated?" Shisui offers faintly, trying not to do anything undignified about the implication that he had knocked up this glorious ocean goddess and she had come looking for him. She had left her village for him.

"Make it simple, Pretty-boy." Oh wow, even sharingan-perfect memories of her smile don't do the real thing justice.

"People think my clan set up the Kyuubi attack and segregated us and now my family are all angry about it?" Shisui tries, aware that the only reason they're not fighting Danzo right now is that the ANBU patrol that has descended on the scene is led by Wolf-taicho, who has seen the bruises on Shisui's face and the elder's eye-arm and has taken full offence at the councilman's continued existence. Shisui had known that taicho cared!

His magnificent rescuer snorts. "And who set that up?" She demands, unimpressed. "If the village looks bad, you don't stick around; you leave, Pretty-boy. Plenty of places to disappear to." She grins down at him, those lovely eyes full of fondness underpinned with bloodlust. "I know a few nice islands big enough to fit a clan on, so long as you don't mind fish."

"My name's Shisui," Shisui manages; "Uchiha Shisui."

The grin somehow turns even toothier. "I know that, Pretty-boy. Shunshin no Shisui; you freaked out one of our top ANBU captains just by showing up where he could see you, did you know that?"

"No?" Shisui had not known that and wow is his reputation even scarier than he'd thought it was.

"So here I am," she rumbles, chakra dark and cold as the depths on the ocean but also distinctly smug. "Making sure you stay all in one piece so I can drag you to bed again."

"Sure!" Shisui agrees, transfixed by pointy teeth, bulging blue muscles and the liberal splatter of the blood of her enemies. And that faintly curving belly; oh I knocked up a foreign kunoichi on a mission Fugaku-sama is going to skin me

"Introduce your friend," Wolf-taicho asks blandly, materialising out of the shadows like he hasn't been lurking there since the fracas ended thirty seconds ago.


"He didn't ask my name," his blue-skinned goddess says amusedly, "and his pickup lines are terrible, but I like a man who can look at me and say, 'wow, you could break my spine with your thumb, can I buy you a drink?' so I went with it. I don't get propositioned by many people this pretty."

Shisui knows his face is scarlet right now.

"Hoshigaki Aozame," she adds casually, one hand dropping to caress the curve of her abdomen, "hopefully soon to be Uchiha Aozame."

"Yes! Please?" Shisui blurts out.

Wolf-taicho cocks his mask at Shisui, as if to say, really? But Aozame –his gloriously muscled sea goddess– thows her head back and laughs.

"Oh yes, Pretty-boy; I'm not letting you get away from me again. Not after this."

Well all his plans are in ruins and there might still be a coup, but right now Shisui can't quite bring himself to care. The most gloriously deadly kunoichi in the Elemental Nations wants to marry him!