After getting back to La Push after my grandmother's services, Seth was laying on my bed as I changed. It had been a beautiful day. The weather held out so that we were able to go to the burial site.

"I would love to take you on a date." Seth commented propping himself up on his elbows. "I want to make this official." I smiled at his words as I came out of the bathroom in PJ's.

"I would love to go on a date with you." I commented laying down next to him.

"I also wanted you to hear it from me first. I found an apartment that I'm going to rent. I will be moving out soon." I pouted. I loved him living with us. I loved being able to walk across the hall and see him. "I think at the end of the day it will be best for both of us. And there will be room for Finnley." He smiled.

"I'll miss you." I pouted.

"I'll still come sleepover."

"Not happening." Dad commented from downstairs making me roll my eyes. Since Seth admitted to me that we were imprints, my parents set some ground rules. 1) No kissing or touching anywhere in the house besides in our rooms (quick kisses goodbye didn't count). 2) We were not allowed to kiss in front of the kids, which I was okay with and 3) no sex while dad was home. We had agreed to all the rules. For now.

"I can come sleep at your place."

"I was hoping you would decorate." He smiled. I knew that my parents would never allow me to move out. I as 17 and I knew that Dad would never agree to letting me move out. I was living here for free why would I want to move out?

"I can do whatever you want." I giggled sitting on his lap. He looked out the open door before grabbing my hips and kissing me.

"Close the fucking door." Ryder commented slamming it. I never pulled away from Seth as he gripped the back of my head and pulled on my hair making me gasp as my head moved back and he kissed my neck.

"We can't." I whispered slowly grinding into him. We hadn't explored each others bodies yet. I don't think I was ready for that after what Josh had done to me.

I had gone to court over it and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison with one year of probation. I was also granted a restraining order for the rest of his life. I would say mine but I would live forever.

"But I want to." Seth whined. I know he wanted. I know he wanted to do more than kissing. I could feel it pressed against my thigh.

"I know but I'm not ready."

"Not even a blowjob?"

"Seth!" Dad shouted. I giggled a little blushing and rolling off of him.

"Stop listening." Seth rolled his eyes and adjusted himself.

"Open the door." I could hear dad outside. My eyes widened as I looked at Seth.

"It's unlocked." I commented sitting at the end of the bed. I didn't want it to seem like we were just making out.

"New rule. No talking about sex or blowjobs or handjobs or anything while I'm home."

"What can we talk about?"

"Puppy's." I rolled my eyes and looked at Seth. Dad sighed before closing the door. "Listen, I know you are not going to wait until marriage to do it. Me and Bella didn't."

"Woah. Okay. We get it." I stood up and tried to shove him out the door but I wasn't as strong as him. "Please just go. We were just kissing."

"I heard him ask for a blowjob."

"Blowjobs were not against the rules to start." Seth defended himself.

"They are now." I groaned. I know they were friends but this was so awkward. Finally dad left and I locked the door behind him. Seth was grinning at me but stood in front of me. He quickly kissed my lips before kissing my head.

"Wanna go get some food?"

"That would be great." I sighed slipping on a pair of shoes. "We're gonna go out and eat." I commented to mom as we passed by the living room. "Can you talk to dad about the rules? He's getting a little crazy."

"I can try." Mom was now pretty pregnant and I knew she was started to get to the point where she was uncomfortable. I remember it happening with the twins and I was a little afraid to be around her. We walked out the front door and got into Seth's car.

It was an old beat up thing that dad helped him build.

"I'm sorry it's a mess." He commented as he started driving into town.

"It's okay." I smiled holding his hand as he drove with the other.

"After that conversation with your dad I might need to get a beer." It had to be awkward for both him and my dad. They were best friends. I'm sure they told each other pretty much everything or they saw it in each other's thoughts.

"Does my dad see things? Like if we're making out and you think about it later?"

"I try not to think about it when we're phased. I try to sing random songs really loud." He answered. "Most of the time he ignores me just incase but sometimes it's difficult." I sighed. "It's fine Vannah. It's not like he's going to stop us."

"I know but if he ever saw it in your thoughts I think I would die."

"Please don't." He commented making me laugh. "We can deal with your dad later but to be on the safe side, I think we should wait until you're 18 to have sex." I would be 18 in a few months I just wasn't sure I would be able to hold off for that long.

"We can do other stuff right?" I asked.

"Yes." I smiled at him. I had countless dreams of him doing amazing things to my body. I suddenly got a text from Edward.

'Please stop. I can hear you.' I blushed a deep red. He must have been in town.

"We have to stop. Edward can hear us."

"I'm sick of this." He said. "Someone is always listening."

"I know. I'm sorry." I ran my hand up his arm as he looked around for a parking spot. Once we were parked I got out and ran around the car to grab his waiting hand. "This is where Edward took my mom the first time." I smiled walking up the steps.


"Yeah." He held the door open for me as we both headed inside.

"Table for two please." Seth said to the woman as I gripped onto his arm and looked around. It was dimly lit and there were a lot more people than I thought would be here on a Sunday night at 8pm.

I looked through the menu and had no idea what to order. I know Seth was going to get steak and lobster but I had no idea what I wanted. It was mostly Italian food so I decided on cheese raviolis.

"I'm not sharing so if you want some, get your own." I commented to Seth after we ordered our food and drinks.

"Fine. And I'm not sharing my beer."

"I don't like beer nor am I old enough." I handed the menu back to the waiter before he hurried off to put our order's in. Seth's hand was rested on my thigh while I kept my hand over it so he wouldn't move it. I knew that he would try something.

Seth had been deprived of sex for years. Since they day he imprinted he hasn't had sex. He admitted that to me. I wasn't sure how true it was but I knew that on some level, he would never do something like that. He loved me, he was going to wait for me.

"Is your apartment ready?" I questioned.

"No why?" He set his glass back down on the table and leaned back in his chair.

"Just wondering. Thought maybe we could go there for a few hours."

"Your curfew is 12." He reminded.

"I know." I rested my hand on his leg. He was so warm and the restaurant was so cold. I should have brought a sweatshirt.

"Are you cold?" I nodded leaning closer to him. My ran warmer than the average human but that didn't mean I didn't get cold. When I was calm and relaxed, the body would get colder. When I was angry, my skin would heat up so much that no one could touch me. "For a wolf you're always cold." I rolled my eyes.

"You'll always be warmer than me." Our food was brought the table and thankfully he ordered his own raviolis because there was no way I would be sharing with him.

I couldn't watch him eat. A beautiful as he was, he ate like a pig and it was disgusting. I kept my head down as I ate and looked over the dessert menu.

"I'm gonna get a chocolate caramel cake if that's okay." I commented to him after we finished our meal.

"It's your world babe, I'm just living in it." He answered ordering another beer while I ordered the cake.

"You are my world, Seth." I grabbed his hand. He smiled and leaned over the table to kiss me.

"Marry me." He blurted making me giggle. "I didn't mean to say that." Any other girl would have ran screaming from the table.

"Someday." I answered as my cake was placed on the table and so was the check. Seth grabbed the bill before I could see it and then was shocked.

"Someone paid it." I shook my head.

"Edward." We both commented at the same time. I ate some of the cake but Seth finished it off. We went back to his car and he drove over to the beach. He grabbed a blanket and laid it down in the trunk of his car before climbing in and patting the area next to him.

"Come back out with me." He smirked.

"You have a run with the pack in an hour." I commented getting in beside him throwing a leg over him.

"I know, Babe. Just c'mon. Just for a little." He pouted. "Please?" I rolled my eyes but kissed him. He deepened the kiss and grabbing the back of my head to keep me in place. I moaned into his mouth before he was suddenly dragged out of the car and he hit the ground with a grunt.

"What the fuck, Embry!" He shouted jumping up as Embry and Quil ran off. I covered my face with my hands and giggled.

"We are never going to have any type of privacy." I commented to him and he groaned. "They ruined the mood. And I have curfew in a few minutes."

"Fucking ridiculous." He muttered as I climbed out of the trunk and hung off of him.

"I'll give you some good loving another time." He plopped me in the passenger side and ran around to get in the drivers seat.

"I'm sneaking into your room tonight." He commented.

"Alright." And with that, he dropped me off at home.


I slowly crept into the house around 2am. I had been keeping my thoughts to myself for hours and I was finally able to sneak up the stairs to Savannah's room. First I showered and dried myself before sliding on a pair of sweatpants and sneaking into her room.

She was laying down but was on her phone.

"How come you're still up?" I asked crawling into the bed next to her.

"Was waiting for you." She smiled rolling over to face me. I pulled the sheets back and she was wearing one of my shirts and a simple pair of panties.

"This looks perfect on you." I couldn't help but look at her chest and see her nipples poking through the shirt. I remember the first time I had seen her changing body. She went through puberty during winter so she never showed off her body but when summer came around and she put on a tank top, damn did she look good.

She giggled and pulled me down on her so that my bare chest was pressed against her clothed chest. I kissed her neck and stuck my hand under her shirt rubbing her stomach and slowly moving my hand up. I was waiting for her to tell me to stop but instead she arched her back and moaned.

"Take it off." She whispered. The only light in the room was coming from her phone that was no abandoned on her side table. I quickly pulled the shirt over her head and admired her beauty. I quickly grabbed both of her boobs in my hands and squeezed.

I lowered my head and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth making her hiss. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself to go all the way but I knew that Jacob was going to be home any minute and if he heard us, he would kill me. I threw that out the window though.

I slowly kissed down her body before kissing her lower stomach right above her panties. Her breath hitched and she moved her hips up closer to me. I could already smell her.

"Can I?" I asked looping my fingers into her panties. She nodded and I swiftly pulled them down and ran a finger up her slit. She closed her eyes and gripped the sheets as I played with her clit.

"Please." She groaned. I slowly brought my face to her and sucked on her clit making her cover her mouth and moan. I stayed right in that area until she came. I smirked and moved back up towards her.

"How was that?"

"Amazing." She mumbled into my chest as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I knew she was exhausted so I helped her get back into my shirt. I had no idea where I threw her panties so she was going without.

I stayed awake all night thinking of different ways to please her without having sex. Since it was against the rules.