Izuku was very, very, very shirtless. Extraordinarily shirtless. How did she not realize she liked his muscles a year ago? According to Kyoka and Itsuka, she was thirsty. Momo had to explain what that meant to her. She still wasn't exactly sure what that meant but it sounded accurate.

"Why are you staring at me so much?" Izuku laughed, scratching the back of his head he kept looking at her, her face, her hair, her swimsuit, and her body.

"You're my boyfriend, am I not allowed to stare at you?" She placed a thumb under the white strap of her swimsuit, pulling on the material she relieved a lot of tension that had built in her shoulders and just made things more comfortable for her chest in general. "Besides, when I look at you, I feel warm and happy."

Izuku's face went red and he stared at her chest for a second before looking her in the face. "Why are you so cute?"

"Oh, please, both of you are so adorable!" Hawks, her sister's boyfriend showed up and wrapped an arm around Izuku's shoulder. Like Izuku he was shirtless, unlike Izuku, him being shirtless did nothing for her. Both of them were wearing swimsuits, and while Izuku's were broad and wide, Hawks was small. "Hey, Fuyumi, when we have kids, I want them to be just like these two! Only minus the boning part."

"That means sex, right?" She asked her now very red faced boyfriend as he pushed the much smaller Hawks off of him.

"Yea, something like that." Izuku mumbled, unable to look at her while he gazed out over the ocean.

"Hawks." She heard her sister mutter from behind her. Fuyumi's swimsuit was much like her own, a white two piece that had a lot of frills in places. It was cute. Her sister's face, much like Izuku's, was beat red. "Can you please stop trying to embarrass me today? I just want to enjoy a day on the beach with my family."

"Who says I'm trying." Hawks moved quick, swooping down to scope up Fuyumi's chin. It was like watching her sister melt. "I'm deadly serious about having kids with you one day, besides I think your mom would love that!"

Rei, laughed, a transparent shoal wrapped around her hips, and a wide brimmed hat sheltered her from the sun, like her and her sister their mother's swimsuit was a pure and simple white that matched her hair. She gave a small clap smiling wider than she had in years. "Oh, yes, please give me grandchildren to spoil."

"Mother!" Fuyumi shouted, "Don't encourage him!"

"Give me a bit of time, mom." Hawks moved over to grab Rei's arm, leaving a steaming Fuyumi behind. "Now, please, allow me to escort you to our spot."

Natsuo just glared at Hawks. "Aren't you being a bit too familiar?"

"What nonsense! Don't tell me you're jealous, little bro! I have a free arm for you if you want!" Hawks laughed, taking Rei down the beach.

"How can you put up with that guy?" Natsuo asked Fuyumi, now diverting his glare towards her.

Fuyumi sighed and placed her head into her hands, "Because I love him."

Izuku laughed and grabbed onto Shoko's hand, "Your family is much more lively than I thought they would be."

"I think they're just happy my mom is here. And Hawks is here. Thanks for coming by the way." She wrapped her arm with his as they followed after her family heading towards whatever spot Hawks had selected for them. Today was already shaping up to being one of her favorites.

"You're kidding right? I wouldn't miss a chance to see you in a swimsuit for anything." He pressed a kiss into the top of her head. "You look really great by the way."

That got her blushing.


Things were not going as planned. His goal was to show off and make her sister's boyfriends understand that he had talent too. Albeit one in volleyball. That there was a reason why he was the captain in highschool and an ace in his college volleyball team. He should have wiped the floor with these two heroes that probably never actually touch a ball.

"All yours Hawks!" A random fan shouted as he set up a spike for the blond haired Hawks.

Hawks had form, grace, and technique that was on a whole other level. He was like an archangel of volleyball. And his spikes were divine wrath on the sandy court. Against any normal human that ball would have blown past any defense and shattered the resolve of his team.

But he wasn't playing with a normal human.

Izuku intercepted just before it hit the ground, his stance was low and his technique was rough. He had no finesse, no technique, no knowledge of the sport. But what he did have was strength, speed, power, and dexterity. And Izuku knew how to use them. If Hawks was an archangel, Izuku was the pinnacle of man.

He really needed to stop spending so much time in his literature classes.

"Natsuo!" Izuku was already running back to the edge of the sandy court. "Set me up!"

So much for being an Ace. "Right!"

He recovered the ball and set up an easy to hit spike for Izuku.

Sand exploded where the ball hit the ground behind hawks, who stood there picking his nose and looking like he wasn't in the middle of a volleyball game while his fan was on their ass staring wide eyed at Izuku's latest crater.

"Hawks!" Fuyumi called from the sidelines, a set up of shaded chairs that the girls were resting at as they began to cook some barbeque. Shoko was holding the melon they brought like it was some kind of sacred treasure. "You could at least try!"

"Ehh? And lose my arm? No thank you." Hawks looked at his finger and then flicked it off to the side. "Seriously, you sure you're not using your quirk?"

Izuku just laughed and scratched the back of his head. "I don't think so? But didn't you use your wings to jump so high?"

"Ahh caught that did you, I might have to watch myself once you take to the fields. Between you and Mirio, I have my work cut out for me." Hawks nudged towards the girls and winks. "Anyways, this was a good idea, little bro, let's go see if mom's done cooking."

Would he stop being so familiar with their mother! Seriously! It didn't help that Rei was just laughing about it and all but encouraging it. And Fuyumi was useless after Hawks said one and a half flirty words to her. And Shoko didn't care, she was too busy staring at Izuku.

"Hey, you did good, Natsuo," Izuku walked up behind him and patted him on the back. "It was awesome how you were able to send the ball right where I was going to jump."

"Yea, thanks." Man, why did her sisters have to date someone that was impossible to be mad at, and someone so cool that they just didn't care if he hated them.

At least they were happy.

AN: Nyea. I want to write Cat Girl Momo and Cat girl Kyoka.