Chapter 32: The Loose End That Got Away

Late Saturday morning, Lorelai walked out of the front door, holding two glasses of lemonade. Squinting against the bright June sun, she saw Luke in the final stages of mowing the lawn.

She caught his attention, holding up the glass of refreshment. He waved her off, indicating that he wanted to finish the lawn first. Lorelai nodded and sat on the bench on the porch.

She sat there, drinking her lemonade, watching Luke, and thinking about life. It's been four weeks since she left the hospital. At first, there were some tears and there was some lingering sadness by both of them over the loss of the baby. However, out of pain of the loss, had grown the determination to try again.

Lorelai glanced at her engagement ring, realizing that the wedding was exactly a week away. Despite the summer warmth, she shivered when she thought about how close to not happening it came. For a time she blamed Rachel, but quickly realized that that was totally unfair. The poor girl didn't choose to die when she did, and the complications in Lorelai's and Luke's relationship were caused by no conscious action on Rachel's part. It was just the way life happened sometimes. The trick was recognizing that and dealing with it.

The whole incident with Rachel's sister in Luke's hotel room was slightly different. Again no one was to blame, (well, maybe Regina a little). It was just a case of miscommunication and a very slight case of Lorelai jumping to a conclusion. While every woman she spoke with agreed that they would have made the same conclusion, Lorelai should have realized that Luke wouldn't cheat on her. She had learned a very valuably lesson about jumping to conclusions, and that would never happen again. Really it won't. Don't look so doubtful.

Luke still mourned Rachel, but Lorelai was okay with that now. She has men in her past that she cared for, and would experience grief over, if God forbid something was to happen to them. But Luke figured out that his feelings for Rachel, were in the past, while his feeling for her were in the present, and even more importantly in the future, and those were strong feeling that grew every day.

Lorelai looked up when she heard the front door open, and saw Rory standing there, in a tank top and shorts. Rory smiled at Lorelai, and then she walks over and takes a drink of Lorelai's lemonade.

Rory handed the glass back to Lorelai, then turned to watch Luke for a moment. Lorelai wondered if Rory was thinking of Kyle. They had broken up soon after finales. Rory said it was mutual, because they had just grown apart, but Lorelai suspected something more, and knew she would eventually get it out of Rory.

Rory kissed Lorelai on the cheek, and headed off to hang out with Lane, who was back in town. Lorelai was really amazed about what has happened with the tiny Korean girl, since she graduated from high school. A really fascinating story, but unfortunately it will not be told here.

After Lorelai's stay in the hospital, she noticed a subtle change in her mother. Lorelai suspected that Emily wanted to be more involved if there is another grandchild, so was attempting to change her ways. Lorelai was suspicious about a leopard changing its spots, but wondered if some sort of middle ground was possible. She had to at least keep the possibility open.

Lorelai looked up again when she heard the lawn mower shut off. She saw Luke disappear around the side of the house, to put the mower in the garage. He reappeared a moment later, using the front of his t-shirt to wipe his face.

When she caught a glimpse of Luke's exposed abs, Lorelai pondered a little afternoon sex, but only after Luke took a shower. Glancing at his bear arms, Lorelai was still surprised at how well-muscled and the excellent shape he is in. He claimed it was because in some alternate universe he was this famous baseball player.

Luke walked towards Lorelai, and she stood up picking up his glass of lemonade. She told him to stay away because he was all sweaty and gross. Holding the glass at arms length, she gave him the glass, which still had a little ice left.

Luke thanked her, and then downed the glass in one long drink.

Lorelai told Luke that if he were to jump into the shower, that he might find a beautiful naked woman waiting for him in their room.

Luke pondered asking who the beautiful woman would be, but wisely decided against it. Instead, he informed her that he needed five minutes, and then is on his way inside to the shower.

Lorelai watched him go, and then spent a moment finishing her lemonade, and looking at the world. Then she turned and headed into the house, closing the door behind her.

The End


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