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Swords clashed loudly as the ground itself shook under each ear piercing metal clash, sparks flew as two figures raced across a forest and trees were knocked over as the blades sliced through them like butter. The two figures clashing nonstop as the sun went down, and the moon rose with it, the forest quickly losing trees as they were tossed aside like nothing.

Day turned into night.

Night turned into day.

Day turned into night once more.

That night returned back to day.

"Hah... give up yet?" A male figure spoke as he pointed a thick sword, a two handed broadsword that he wielded with only a single hand, while his other hand carried a shield that was covered in battle scars. His golden blond hair was stained by dirt and blood, his blue eyes filled with life and energy, and 6 fresh scars on his face that took the shape of whisker marks. His wore a ripped brown cloak over a silver dragon scale tunis, with green slacks and brown boots.

The figure standing across from him wasn't human looking.

Completely skeletan in figure with blowing blue spheres in his skull for eyes, the remains of his clothing had been destroyed in the battle, with only black and golden armor existing on one of his shoulders at this point. A chipped and broken scythe existed in one of his hands, flowing with actual blood, something that it hadn't done... ever.

"You're a mere mortal... a mere mortal with nothing special about you. You, who has no special powers, no special abilities, you dare intrude into the Realm of the Dead and challenge me, Hades?" The now named Hades spoke as he looked at the scratches on his body, and the broken bones that he had that would take a long time to heal up properly. Black power gathered around his bones as he launched an attack at the mortal who challenged him.

He slashed a wave of power.

The dead trees between them were sliced apart, and the human dared to do something unbelievable to the point of foolishness.

He punched the energy slash, and changed it's direction upwards with the punch, his knuckles now bleeding from his action.

"Who cares about any of that, I just know that somewhere in your kingdom, is the soul of somebody precious to me, and I'm getting him back." The man gripped his sword and charged towards the God of Death itself, ready to fight with everything he had still.

What fueled this human?

What allowed this human to fight on par with a god for several days, when he was incapable of using magic, and had no special abilities to call his own?

The two clashed even more.

'This human, he's not getting weaker either... and his eyes are filled with just as much life as when he first challenged me, a god.' Hades was simply shocked that any human could challenge him so evenly. His own power was growing weaker the longer they fought, and it was soon going to become simply a war of stamina.

A war that he wasn't sure he would win.

Their war, a war of two people, had taken place over the entirety of the Realm of the Dead and was raising the attention of even the other gods who could feel their battle. The longer the fight went on, the longer it would take for him to repair his reputation with the other gods, as little as he cared for their thoughts.

"My blood is boiling with the heat of the sun, why don't you have a taste of my special move!" The man shouted as he raised his sword up.

Hades prepared himself.

Nothing could have prepared him for when he simply used the reflection of the sword to blind him for a moment. That single moment was all it took for him to get knocked off of his feet and launched back a fair ways away, before the sword was stabbed next to his head moments later.

Hades looked up and saw the man giving him a harsh look.

"You have bested me, human... What is the name of the soul you wish returned to you?" Hades hated it, it displeased him greatly, but that cheap trick had been the opening needed for this warrior to best him. He, a member of the Top 10 strongest beings in the world, had been bested by a human.

"I want the soul of my pet fox."


He had been bested by a human who came all the way down to the Realm of the Dead, fighting against a god for nearly a way straight without rest, and defeated a member of the Top 10 Strongest beings... for the sake of a pet fox. Not a human lover, not a child of sibling, not even a cousin, but instead a pet creature that had such a pathetic life force that it was impossible to imagine anyone putting their life on the line for it.

"Such arrogance, to challenge a god for a lower creature." Hades sneered at the human for this.

He could have died for this.

"That fox was my mother's gift to me, I want him back. The only two things in this world my mother gave me, were my name and my fox. I've defeated you, but you can bargain for your life with my fox." The man spoke down to the god.

A human, speaking down to a god.

"Very well, but know this human... the afterlife will never claim you. I, God of the Death, will curse you. For as long as humans exist, you will be reborn into this world. You will never be able to rest in piece." Hades spoke as he cursed the human, and he activated the curse. The whisker scars on the man's face glowed, before they were seared into his very soul itself as his curse. "As long as the human race exists, you too will be forever reborn." Hades pointed a finger at the man, and the soul of a fox appeared in mid-air, before flesh formed around the soul and it became a living creature once more.

The fox landed on the man's shoulder, who pet the fox with a smile on his face.

"Good Kurama, you're a good boy... we've travelled the world together, can't travel without you my dearest friend." The man turned his back on Hades and started to walk away, his long journey over with. Now he could go back and travel the world once more, and see what else the world had to offer him.

Hades stood up as the last of his armor fell off of his skeletal body.

His eyes stared at the hero with scorn and disdain.

"Mortal, your name... what is the name of the man who has bested me?" Hades asked curiously, since he, a member of the Top 10 strongest in the world, should not be beaten by a human with no special powers to his name. His opponent had to be a member of some ancient race of humans, who were far superior to those of regular humans. "That weapon you're using, what is it made of?" Hades questioned as he also looked at the sword that had been able to compete with his scythe with only slight damage to it.

The hero turned and looked at him.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, born on the island of the rising sun and raised on the nation of kings. My weapon... it's just a sword made out of iron." The man named Naruto spoke as he lifted his sword up, before he turned around and kept walking away.


A regular human, using a regular sword, had bested him in combat.

It wasn't a human from a special clan or sect, who was using magic or a special weapon, it was just a normal guy with a sword who had defeated him.

"Impossible, a human can't compete with me, not a normal human... what is your secret, what is your sword really made of... ANSWER ME UZUMAKI NARUTO!" Hades shouted with raw rage dripping from every word. He, a god, should not accept such a loss as this, not when some magic had to be at work.

This human cheated.

"Eh? I mean, you were standing between me and my beloved pet, of course I was going to be strong enough to win. I don't have a secret, I just refuse to lose while something I love is on the line. Anyway, guess this is goodbye then Hades." Naruto spoke as he took a small orb from his pocket, and crushed it in his hand, the orb teleporting him out of the Realm of the Dead. Hades growled when he recognized the orb, knowing who had allowed this man to come into his realm in the first place to challenge him.


-Years Later-

Venelana Bael.

A small child, petite in figure with her body seeming to be at the starting stages of showing puberty. Her brown hair cut to be short, to her shoulders, and tied up into a bun at the back. She wore a scarlet red dress, and she bore two bat-like wings from her back that she used to fly around. Currently, one of those wings were injured as her red dress showed rips in it, a steaming wound on her arm that was still freshly bleeding.

She was surrounded by a group of angels.

By group, she meant she was surrounded by 2 angels and 3 humans wielding swords, she could easily take down the humans, but each of the angels had 4 pairs of wings come from their backs. Either one of them were too much for her right now, she was just a child.

"Devil, you've made a mistake trying to form a contract here, in the Church's territory."

The angel's voice was neither angry or hateful, just stating a fact of what she had done that had ended up with her in this situation. She wasn't allowed to try and do what she wanted to do here, tempting humans to hell by forming contracts and taking their souls. She didn't like what she did either, but she had to do it.

"Let me go, and I'll never come here again..." Venelana kept up a calm facade on the outside, an impressive feat for a child.

A hand touched the top of her head.

"I'll vouch for the kid."

Venelana looked and saw an elderly man, a well built man that seemed to be in his later years, whisker marks on each cheek, greyed hair that contained some traces of blond to it, amused blue eyes and a sword with many battle scars on it, as well as a shield that matched it. His very presence though commanded so much respect that the angels who witnessed gim arrive, seemed to falter slightly.

"Who are-"

"Naruto Uzumaki... surely, you wouldn't become involved with a devil?" The lead angel of the group asked, unsure of what the answer might be.

"Naruto?" Venelana asked, unsure of where she had heard that name before.

She looked and saw a chipper little fox riding on top of his shoulder, and for some reason she felt like she should know who he was. His name was really important, but for the life of her he seemed more important than just a name. Like a piece of history that her parents had told her about, but she hadn't been listening to.

"Devil, angel, fallen angel, human... the girl is a child. I don't care about her race, but I won't allow anyone to kill a child while I can stop them. Now, you can continue this and fight me, or you can leave." Naruto spoke as he rose his sword, and Venelana saw the sword was easily big enough to require that even most supernatural beings use two hands to hold it. This human was wielding such a monster chunk of metal with only a single hand though.

The battle scars on the sword, the sword was so jagged and worn down that it was amazing that it was even still in one piece.

There was a long pause.

The angels nodded, and in a flash of light they teleported themselves and the humans with them, away from the potential battle.

"... Sir Naruto, I thank you for the assistance-"

"Name kid?"

"... Venelana Bael, daughter of the Bael family EEP!" Venelana squeeked when he swung his sword, and she felt it swoosh by her, before Naruto stabbed the sword into the ground. Shifting positions so that he was sitting on the grass, with his back against the flat of the blade, he roughly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her knees. "S-sir?" Venelana asked as he examined her injuried.

"Should have gotten here sooner..." Naruto spoke as he took a small bag around his waist, and pulled out some dried up flowers. He shoved a handful in his mouth and started to chew them, turning them into mush in his mouth. Venelana was visibly disturbed when he spat the mess into his hand and started to rub it into her wounds. "Light burns you Devils, so this Yarrow will help ease the pain a little, and support healing." Naruto rubbed the flower's wet remains into her wounds some more.

She winced, but didn't fight back.

She stayed with him until he finished treating her, before she thanked him and went on her way, leaving him behind to sit on the grass with a cool smile on his face.

Why did his name ring a bell with her?

Chapter End!
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