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"So... you Trihexa, ain't yah? Ugly darn beast, I'll give ya all the time you need to seal this bastard away then Lord."

"Yes, this is the Emperor Beast of Apocalypse... the last time it surfaced, another Hero defeated it and now it has arrived again."

It was massive.

Naruto tilted his hat up with his gun, and looked at the beast who stood several hundred meters tall. It had seven massive heads of different creatures, and ten horns on it's body along with 7 tails coming from it's rear. It's main body was like a primate with black fur, that had 4 massive and muscular arms covered in scales that mixed in with the fur all over it's body.

"If you need any Holy weapons, I will grant them to you now."

"Thanks plenty, but for this beast there is only one sword and gun I'll use for this battle." Naruto spoke as he started to walk towards the great beast. He reached into his backpack and pulled an ancient looking sword that was covered in battle scars and rust.

The beast flinched back when it made eye contact with the fearless stare of the human before it.

It roared and the ground shook.

Naruto started to run and he jumped when a massive fist slammed into the ground and cratered it. He gripped the handle of the sword he was using, and he sliced the fist off at the wrist with one good swing. It's mouths opened up as Naruto started to run up the fur of it's arm, and it breathed streams of fire out of multiple heads down towards Naruto, covering it's own arm in flames as it's fist rapidly regenerated from being sliced off.

Trihexa looked down at the being who sliced it's wrist, and roared when it saw no burnt being was standing there.

It lost a head moments later.

Naruto landed on top of it's shoulder as the head fell to the ground, only for it to rapidly regenerate as the heads started to reach for him on their long necks. Naruto walked across it's shoulder and whipped his gun out, shooting Trihexa right in the pupil of the nearest head that went flying towards him. In surprise and pain, Trihexa's head jerked back and blocked the path of the rest of the heads that tried to devour Naruto alive.

Naruto jumped and sliced through it's neck and landed on top of the neck as it started to fall towards the ground.

Trihexa unleashed a powerful bout of flames from one of it's mouths as it swung two of it's massive hands towards Naruto to clap him. Out of his pack, Naruto pulled out a rope and tied his sword to it and before quickly throwing it. It stabbed into Trihexa and he yanked on it, pulling himself out of the way as he landed on top of it's chest just as the giant hands flattened the severed neck he had been standing on.

All of the damage he had done to Trihexa had already healed, but it was still roaring in anger and frustration as Naruto did a back flip and landed on it's neck as it bit it's own chest. More heads started to come for him again.

Out of nowhere, the fastest head swallowed him.

The head was cut in half from the inside and Naruto escaped completely unharmed.

He sliced off another head that got too close to him as he ran along it's severed head and toward it's main body. The heads he cut off were already started to regrow, and he backed off his target when he needed to cut off all the fingers of one of the fists that tried to grab at him.

3 heads slammed together around Naruto and opened their mouths, gathering super heated flames inside of them.

When they unleashed the flames, Naruto used both hands on the sword and started to spin and slash the air around him. The flames didn't even come close to touching his body as Trihexa's neck around Naruto got scorched to the bone. Trihexa roared in pain at it's own attack hurting it, while Naruto stopped spinning with the sleeve of his clothes burned a little.

"Beast, you've broken the law, and I'm placing you under arrest." Naruto tipped his hat up when he noticed it was off center on his head.

Trihexa started to destroy everything around in out of rage.

Naruto shot it in the pupil again, and it focused it's rage towards him once more. Naruto might be practically and ant before this thing when size was compared, but getting some 'dust' in Trihexa's eye was enough for it to take notice. Naruto reloaded in gun in less than a second as he started to go on the offense again.

Trihexa's necks started to seperate from it's body, and Naruto jumped onto it's shoulder.

7 Trihexa.

Each head seperated and was now in control of a different body, Naruto just took out a cigar and placed it in his mouth. He licked his lips and flipped open his lighter, before he lit his cigar. He grinned and tossed the lighter into Trihexa's open mouth when it roared at him.

One of the Trihexa's upper half's exploded.

"Fire is fire, and if I ignite the flames before you, then I guess they explode violently. Damn, that was my only lighter... guess this cigar better count eh?" Naruto jumped and avoided a fist, before he landed on it and avoided 20 more fists from the different Trihexas that started to unleash wild punches wherever he stood.

Constant movement.

Trihexa saw Naruto standing on top of the pile of fists, and they all pulled back their arms to see that none of them had fists on their arms anymore. Any fist that had gotten too close to Naruto had gotten cut off the arm, and were laying in a pile of failed killing blows.

"I'm nearly ready with the seals, how long can you hold it for?"

"I can hold it as long as the cigar is lit, it's using it's full power now and I'm nearly out of ammo. A chief always catches the criminal before his cigar is out after all." Naruto ran towards the beast once more, and he used the sword to prevent any flames from hitting him from whatever direction they came from.

He missed one.

Flames covered part of his body, and visible burns appeared that were so deep his bones were visible. Naruto cut off the head that damaged him though without even grunting in pain, many of his organs were destroyed by the flames that he failed to completely block. He used his cigar to light a stick of TnT that he pulled from his pocket, and he tossed it into the eye of one of the beasts, and he landed on it's nose.

"A gift... from me to you." Naruto stated as the stick exploded and a bloody hole appeared in Trihexa's eye that started to heal as quickly as it was damaged, but Naruto took his cigar out of his mouth and shoved it into the beasts' nose, getting another engraged roar out of it. "Smoking it bad fer yer health there, wasn't good fer mine either to be fair." Naruto leaned back and fell off of Trihexa as it started to refuse with the rest of it's body.

It realized that it needed to focus it's power in one body in order to be able to kill him properly, so Naruto whistled as he got his rope out.

Using the rope, he slowed his fall by hooking it around part of Trihexa's fur, and he landed perfectly.

On a horse.

"Come on Bucky, we've got to get me a change of clothes... this beast has been arrested." Naruto stated with a forced grin.


This was the Third time that Trihexa had been defeated.

"I hope seeing this has helped you come to understand us better."

-Naruto Opens His Eyes-

"... That dream... what was that dream?" Naruto groaned as he sat up. He ignored the naked Rias that was sleeping next to him, she always did stuff like this so it was no surprise. He wasn't even a full day into the human realm and he was having strange dreams of some version of himself fighting some great and mighty beast.

Naruto scratched Kurama's head when the fox leapt into his lap, and he smiled down at it with a massive grin.

He didn't need any explanations on Kurama, this little guy had been with him for as long as he could remember. Everything in his life was normal as long as he had Kurama with him, without Kurama he just felt like he was missing something iportant.

He would think about his dreams later.

He needed to get ready for school now.

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