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Sarah woke with a start, quickly sitting up in her bed. She looked around her room, not being able to see anything she rubbed her eyes trying to help them focus. She opened them again only to find the same darkness that had swallowed everything. Feeling around her bed for the edge, she slid over and slung her legs over the side. She sat on the edge of her bed waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. 'Why is it so dark? Shouldn't there be light from the moon?' she thought to herself. Finally after a few minutes she gave up waiting with a sigh.

Carefully she placed her feet on the floor then slowly stood up. Keeping one hand on the bed she moved in the direction she thought her bedroom door was in. Her hand reached the end of the bed and she hesitantly let go of it. Taking small steps, hands out in front of her, she left the security of her bed.

"Ow, shit!" she yelled in pain as she rubbed the foot she had just slammed into the dresser. After letting the pain subside a little she guided her hands along the dresser, then to the wall as she kept moving. Finally she reached the door, feeling along the wall near it she found the light switch. She flipped it, nothing happened, flipped it a couple more times hoping that would help, but still no light.

"Damn it, must have blown." Sighing she grabbed the knob on the door and opened it. Peering out into the darkness she stepped out of her room. As soon as she stepped out completely the once solid ground below her disappeared. She let out a blood curdling scream as she fell into the darkness.

Sarah fell for what had seemed like hours. Finally when she was convinced that there was no bottom to whatever she had fallen in, she landed on her rear hard. She stood up and rubbed her butt trying to sooth away the pain. "That really hurt," she looked around her, "Where am I? What did I fall in, I don't remember a hole being outside my door."

"Hello Sarah" a man's voice came from the darkness.

"Who's there?" she asked with a shaky voice.

"I am hurt, have you forgotten me in only four years?"

Suddenly, all the memories she had locked away came rolling through her mind. The events she had claimed as a dream hit her full force. "Jareth?"

She heard someone step towards her, "My my, you do remember me." he whispered into her ear.


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