a/n: Normals are regular ordinary humans. Others refers to anyone else... mostly supernatural creatures though. Yugi and Yami are princes... and Malik is the son of a famous sorcerer. I would also like to mention that magick is the correct term I'm using... magic is something different, at least in this fic, and will be explained later.

Yugi is a vampire

Yami is a normal human

Malik is a were-leopard

Yami Malik is Malik's personality closer to full moon

Yuki is a selkie

Mahaado was originally the Dark Magician

warning: will have shonen-ai and yaoi in future chapters. Will mention death... supernatural creatures, and is a serious AU.

disclaimer: I don't even own any sanity, what makes you think I would own Yu-gi-oh?

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Yami no Bakura*Otogi






Like all tales, this one takes place on a dark and stormy night, or so it will be claimed someday in the future.

In reality, it had just become dawn and the full moon had sunk beneath the horizon. The sun's rays were bathing the ocean, beach, and cliffs in an array of colours.

A distance out, a seal came up and then swam towards shore. As it reached it the beach, it seemed to shimmer momentarily before growing into a youth, no more then 16 years of age.

He walked towards the cliffs where he had grown-up in when he stumbled, literally, across a body. It was the body of a child. The selkie bent down to check for injuries, and noticed large claw marks on the upper chest. The selkie frowned as he looked at the wounds. He knew they were from a were-beast, just not what kind. The only were-creatures he could rule out were the were-avains as they could not infect anyone, and even if they could, the only way they would be able to would be by a bite. Were-avains were created only from a curse and only could become hereditary if specifically stated in the curse. Other were-creatures had a 50% chance of passing it to their children.

The selkie carefully picked up the child and carried him into the house that was hidden on the cliffs, set back and barely visible even if you stood next to it due to charms placed on it at the Selkies birth, knowing that if the child was infected, he would be killed on sight by one of the Normals.

Once inside, the selkie carefully stripped off the torn clothes of the boy, and bathed him, noticing that the hair that he had taken for a light brown was really an extremely light blonde. The selkie knew that the child would be a target of the Normals with his pale hair and dark skin, looking exotic and totally different from everyone else who lived in the area. He paled as he noticed the child's back, covered in scars in what looked like an ancient language. He didn't know what they said, but Mahaado would be able to decipher them when he came back from Eire.

Days passed as the selkie cared for the unconscious child, knowing that as each day progressed and the child slept on, it became more and more likely he would not wake. He bathed the child and fed him a little soup at a time; not more then a few spoonfuls, but just enough to make sure the child had the needed nutrition.

On the fifth day after the selkie had found the child, the child woke. He had been thrashing around on the bed, screaming, begging someone to stop it, though he didn't know whom the child was begging.

The child soon sat up, gasping for air and his chest heaving. The selkie didn't touch the child, knowing that it might send him into a panic attack. He looked at the child with sympathy, before speaking, "Child, what is your name?" the selkie gently inquired.

The child frowned, "Why should I tell you? I don't know your name and names have power."

The selkie considered this for a minute, knowing that the child spoke the truth. "My name is Yuki, and I am of the Fae… a selkie to be precise."

The child looked at Yuki, knowing that if he spoke the truth about being Fae then he could not lie outright. It was well known that the Fae were incapable of lying. They could omit information to make someone believe a falsehood, but could not outright lie.

"M-m-my name is Malik. Malik Ishtar."

Yuki looked in shock at the child when he heard that name. All the fae knew of the Ishtar's. All the Fae knew that they were dangerous enemies and powerful magicians. The fae also spread rumors on how the head of the Ishtar clan had gone insane and locked his two children up, the younger and the heir fitting this boy's description.

"You are the Ishtar Heir, are you not?" Yuki questioned.

The boy shook his head negatively. "No, I'm not. I've been cast out."

Yuki studied the child for five long minutes, just letting the seconds tick by.

"Then you can stay here for as long as you need a home."

The selkie placed a hand on Malik's forehead and guided him back to sleep before leaving. He needed to know how to properly care for the human mortal, since he had no dealings with human children before, either Normal or Other.

Yuki found Malik to be an obedient child, too obedient from what he had found out from some of the hobgoblins. He never protested anything he was told to do, and seemed to go out of his way to make sure Yuki was satisfied with the results of his actions.

However, he noticed as the moon grew fuller in the night sky, the child started acting wilder, more rebellious. Almost more... evil.

Malik had started to ask for any meat given to him to be rare, as in just barely brown on the outside and deep red on the inside. He had caught Malik licking the blood from a cut on his hand, nearly gnawing on it. Malik had started to look at the animals that came up on the beach with an odd craving in his eyes.

Yuki knew that all this pointed to Malik having been turned, but he had to be sure before he could do anything such as train him to control the beast.

Tonight was the night of the full moon, tonight was the night for Yuki to find out if Malik had really been turned. Though, as Yuki looked down at his arm, it was apparent that Malik had been turned. The child bit at the slightest provocation, and his arm was still bleeding from earlier.

As the full moon came closer to rising, the child's behavior became wilder and wilder, so Yuki moved him into one of Mahaado's shielded and warded rooms so he wouldn't harm anyone.

Yuki watched from a window as Malik paced the room with a wild energy, stopping every now and then to glare at the door, and then trying a bit of magick to try and open the door. Yuki rolled his eyes every time the child attempted the magick since he should have known that his abilities were nowhere near enough to break through the magick of the Fae, especially someone who had once been the guardian of the royal family.

Yuki watched as the child started to glow a dark red colour, and knew without a doubt that the child had been turned. All that he needed to know was what the child had been turned into.

Watching, he noticed that the child was covered in black fur. However, the light suddenly overwhelmed the room, and when it disappeared, Malik had become a leopard… well, a were-leopard.

Yuki left from where he had been watching Malik, knowing he had to find out more about the were-leopards. He had been expecting Malik to become a were-wolf, since they were the most common were-creatures. It figured, he thought ruefully, that Malik would end up being the rarest of the were-creatures.


The land of Eire was in an uproar. The King and Queen had been found dead in their bedroom, and the two princes, who had been fostered in a neighboring kingdom for six years, had disappeared.

Mahaado frowned in thought. He was now the Guardian of the two princes, but it turned out the reports on the princes that had been sent for the past three years were false.

The two boys were missing, their foster family murdered by vampires, and the two boys had no idea about their heritage at all. For all anyone knew, the two boys could be living on the streets or in one of the so-called orphanages, which were really sweatshops.

Mahaado didn't know how right he was.

Yami watched his younger brother, the concern evident in his eyes. He was twisting and thrashing around in his sleep. They had been living on the streets since vampires had murdered their family.

He had come home from a hunting trip too late to do anything about his adoptive parents' deaths, and too late to stop Yugi from being changed.

He had known then that it wouldn't be safe for Yugi to be anywhere near their home, since he knew that if one of the Normals saw Yugi, they would kill him on the spot. Yugi still didn't understand why they were living on the streets. He made sure that Yugi wouldn't know why Yami would leave their little hideout.

He kept Yugi as safe as possible, only letting him go outside in the evenings, before he had to go to work.

Yami knew what he was doing was wrong and immoral, but he had no other choice. Even though Yugi was now a vampire, he was still an innocent and his little brother, and he had promised that he would do anything in his power to take care of him.

Yami woke Yugi up before pulling on a tight mesh shirt that only covered his upper chest... if it had been buttoned. He then pulled on his black leather pants that were practically skin tight, followed by leather knee-high boots.

Yami didn't say a word as he hugged Yugi before leaving their little hideout. He had a business to get to.