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Yami shivered in the cold night air as the wind started to gust. It was going to storm soon, and he had yet to gain a single customer. If he didn't get one soon, he wouldn't have enough money to buy both Yugi's blood and his own food. Yugi disliked feeding from people, unable to understand that he was not an evil monster for doing so, and he especially hated to feed from his elder brother. Yami sighed as he recalled the last time he had skipped buying his own food to obtain blood for Yugi. He then didn't feel well and couldn't work for several days so he had ended up actually having to let Yugi out of their rooms, where others would hunt him down just because of something he had no control over. He hated the laws concerning Others; it wasn't as if they had asked to be born that way, or had asked to be turned into "abnormal" creatures. They still thought and felt. Most Others were more human than so-called Normals.

Yami moved closer to the street, hoping he would attract some attention this way. It wasn't as if the cops would come out to this section of the city; it was too poor and worthless to be protected from crime and for murders and robberies to be solved or battery to be prevented. That only happened in the nobles' or the merchants' sections of the city.

He paused as he suddenly heard footsteps.

Yami heard footsteps growing louder, but when he looked around, he saw nothing. The footsteps had stopped. He looked towards the side where he had originally heard the footsteps, and the footsteps started again, but opposite from where he was looking.

He had no idea what was causing the footsteps, but the most that he could figure out was that it had to be an Other since Normals usually couldn't move quickly enough to change their position like that. Even if they could manage such a feat, they couldn't do it so silently.

"Who are you?" he finally called out, without a hint of the fear he felt evident in his voice.

Suddenly, the Other dropped directly in front of him, ending up crouched on the ground. "Who am I? Who is anybody? I am everything you think I am and no more. No one is ever more then what someone else believes them to be."

Yami stared at the person, disbelieving what the man had said. If he wanted Yami's services, he would have just offered him money and told him what to do. Instead, he had talked to him, something that wasn't generally a safe thing in his line of work. In fact, it was known to be downright unsafe considering how many people seemed to form obsessions on the people who performed the same services as he did.

"I just want to talk to you for now." The man paused and then allowed a pair of fangs to show. "Maybe later I will buy your services for something other than what you normally work at."

Yami wearily considered his options. It looked like the man would be paying him to just listen to the talk, and it wasn't as if he hadn't donated blood to a vampire before. It was probably safer to do that than to do what he normally while he was working, and he would probably be warm if the vampire took him to his home or to any rented rooms.

Yami cleared his face of all emotions and nodded at the vampire, "Fine. I will go, but I need to be back in an hour before sun's rising."

The vampire raised an eyebrow at that. He knew the boy was just a normal human, who had a very strange taste of foreign magic about him.

He then smirked, "Well then, I think you need to at least know my given name. I am Seto. And, you may follow me back to a warm place to spend a conversation."

Yami looked at the taller man from underneath his eyelashes before stating, "And my name is Yami. I will follow you."

Without a backward glance, Seto turned and headed for his mansion, knowing that the boy would follow him. He couldn't believe that one of the princes that everyone was looking for was working the streets as a prostitute of all things. Then there was the fact that he didn't seem to recognize him at all.

Seto pondered this small mystery silently. When he had first gone out for a snack, he certainly hadn't expected to see the boy. He even looked just the same as he had before, except he was slightly taller. He really wanted to know what he had been up to since his parents had sent him and his brother to be fostered. He wondered if the reason Yami didn't recognize him had anything to do with the fact that his fostering home had been found burned to the ground, from what looked to have been a peasant uprising. After all, if Yami had been there doing the attack, he would have fought back and if he had been hit in the head, it was very likely he had lost his memories.

This really didn't explain why he was taking the boy to his mansion instead of to the palace where his cousin could ship him home to his Guardian, Mahaado. He frowned as he considered the fact that Yugi hadn't been with Yami, in which case he had no idea if the young one was still alive or where he was.

Seto paused once he realized that Yami was no longer following behind him, turning to retrace his path. There was no telling what could have happened to a boy as pretty as Yami.

Seto's fears were realized as he heard shouts and then several thuds along his path. He recognized one of the shouting voices as Yami's voice. As soon as he heard Yami's voice, he started running towards where the sounds were coming from, stopping at a far enough distance away that he could see the thugs clearly without being seen by them...if they were Normals.

Seto moved forward again, and didn't even consider not rushing in when Yami was struck across the face. Seto moved as fast as he could, seeming to leave behind images of himself as he moved. Suddenly he was in front of one of the attackers, pushing as hard as he could. He took down the next three, only stopping when he seemed to run out of opponents.

Seto looked over at Yami in concern, and saw two bodies at his feet. He shook his head; "Looks like you picked up some self-defense knowledge while you lived on the streets."

Yami looked at the older man in shock. "Did you know me before?"

"What do you mean, know you before?"

Yami seemed to be staring to the side of Seto, unwilling or unable to look at him.

"Let's just go to your place." Yami shivered. "It's getting kind of cold out here."

Seto just nodded, knowing that he could get Yami to speak at his mansion.

"Just stay next to me instead of falling behind. If you think I'm going too fast, just tell me. I do not want you being accosted again." Seto said, a faint frown on his face.

Yami nodded as he walked just fast enough to be next to Seto. He really didn't want to be out in the dark on the streets that Seto was taking him. They were heading into the Nobles' area of the city, and Yami knew that the Nobles liked to collect exotic looking "pets" that weren't so exotic looking as to allow them to be arrested for harboring an Other.

Seto could scent the fear on Yami, and wondered about its origins. If it was the obvious wealth of the neighborhood they were entering, then Yami would end up in a state of total disarray when his heritage was revealed.

He frowned as the first few drops of rain started to fall, soon soaking the cobblestones. Seto pulled off his long jacket, and lifted it to use as a covering from the rain. "Don't worry, little one, We'll be out of the rain soon."

Yami moved closer to Seto, almost snuggling into his arms. He hated the rain and always had. His eyes widened in shock as he heard Little One though. He seemed to remember a voice whispering it to him as it thundered, but the voice wasn't his mom. His mother's voice was higher pitched, and not nearly as melodious.

Seto smirked as Yami nearly crawled into his skin to get away from the cold downpour. Even as a small child, Yami had hated the rain. He remembered Yami begging Mahaado to make it stop raining on one of his forced visits to the Eiren court as his parents tried to hash out a treaty.

Seto led Yami onto his property and, soon, into his mansion that was lit by mage lights. Otogi was still awake, talking to Mokuba. "I said bed, Mokuba."

"But, big brother-" Mokuba started to reply.

"Just go to bed." Seto ordered right before the mage lights went out. Seto frowned in thought, only powerful magick could do that, and he should have scented the magick being used. The last time the lights had gone out like this, a rival, who had wanted to use Mokuba to force Seto to vote a certain way at a council meeting, had kidnapped Mokuba.

It had only been Mahaado's aid that had returned Mokuba home safely, and this had all the earmarks of their past experiences with a blackout. He really didn't have the patience to deal with anyone who wanted to kidnap or kill Otogi or Mokuba. Seto never considered the fact that someone could have gone after Yami.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Past several…hundred years ago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ryou frowned as he sat in the waiting room. He hated to wait to be reincarnated; he always got the strange jobs. He had been stuck as some guy running around in the middle of a war, with a huge braid, calling himself Shinigami as he destroyed buildings. Another time he had had been a prince, and had ended up killed in The Tower of London.

Really, was it asking so much to be reborn into a normal life? He thought to himself.

Ryou looked at the legs that were in front of him. He gulped as he looked up at the extremely angry angel. Pissing off Peter was considered just slightly foolhardy, considering he controlled when, where and what you were reincarnated as.

"Ryou, your other is finally old enough to leave Hell. As such, you and he will have the duty to serve as the consciences to a Fae Prince. You are to keep the boy on the side of light, and Bakura will do as he pleases." With that, Peter turned and walked away, never giving Ryou a moment to reply.


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