Welcome to Tranquil Tower, the Elite Island Resort! Located on a remote, private island far from civilization, we provide only the best forms of leisurely entertainment and soothing amenities. Rest on our beautiful sandy beaches and marvel at the crystal-clear blue ocean side. Heal your body and soul in our massive, pristine spas, which provide every treatment imaginable, from massages to hot springs. Taste our wide array of succulent cuisine from our built-in restaurants and room service, made possible with recipes from the Elite Chef. Make yourself at home in one of our 10,000 state-of-the-art living areas; even our standard rooms are comfortable marvels. These are just samples of what Tranquil Tower offers guests for an unforgettable experience.

Of course, staying here is very expensive. Fortunately, money is NOT the only form of payment we accept. As a matter of fact, we're allowing twenty-four unique young men and women to live here by having them partake in a special game. How could that be considered a payment, you ask? The answer is rather simple.

Life is valuable.

Whelp, here we are. I present to you my first ever SYOC. I was originally going to announce this next year, but I realized that the influx of stories will never end, so I might as well do it now. The method is the same as the others: send applications through PMs only.

EDIT: After thinking things over, I have decided to start this story at an earlier date. The deadline for submitting characters will now be the end of this year. Once New Year's Eve switches to New Year's Day, I will no longer take any submissions.

Some Important Notes:

This is NOT a typical KG. I've added a few spins to the format, and I'm certain you all will like them. I don't want to spoil too much, but I will say this is a game that can be won with everyone surviving. It's hard to do, but it's possible.

This story is NOT canonical, but loosely inspired by, Crit Fail's Legacy of Despair series. What this means is that my story can function on it's own, WITHOUT needing to read any other works. However, you are NOT discouraged from submitting OCs that reference other characters from those works. For all you know, my universe could be an alternate version of his, in which many events happened differently. In other words, I am NOT placing any restrictions on an OC's background and history. If you want to make a relative of someone from Crit's works, be my guest.

Repeat Talents are allowed, but not recommended. I'm much more likely to accept talents that have never been used before, or are at least very original. The only way I'll accept a repeat talent is if the other aspects of the character are compelling/interesting.

NO MAGICAL, SUPERNATURAL, OR MUTANT CHARACTERS ALLOWED. I want this to be a very simple game with vulnerable, powerless characters. Also, limitations actually improve creativity, rather than restrict it.

My characters will NOT take any slots. You'll notice that the Accepted Students list says 0/22, despite there being 24 students. I have two characters planned for this story, but I want to ensure that everybody has a fair shot at getting in. So, rather then having my characters take up two slots, I raised the total number up by two. They will NOT count in the list of accepted students, and they will not be revealed until AFTER the 22 have been selected.

The character sheet is on my profile page. I've made some slight changes, so be sure to read it carefully.

EDIT 2: The cast has been finalized. I will be revealing the accepted characters at a frequent pace. Thank you all so much for submitting! And now, without further ado, I present to you our Guests at Tranquil Tower.

DISCLAIMER: You'll notice that some creators got more than one of their OCs accepted. I tried my absolute best to avoid that. However, at the end of the day, the 22 that I accepted are exactly what I needed. The story would not be as effective if they weren't the participants for this game. I hope you can understand these decisions.

Accepted Characters: 22/22 (Revealed: 22)

1. Sanani "Sly" (transl. a creative man)

Creator: Trust Me the Spider

Gender: Male

Age: "19"

Birthday: September 21st

Nationality: Tibetan

Talent: Ultimate Cheater

Blood Type: A+

Hair Color: Saffron Blonde (#EDB944)

Hair Style/Length: Neck-length and tied into a short ponytail with scruffy bangs. Sanani's hair is rather coarse and dry, as if he takes poor care of it.

Eye Color: Dodger Blue (#1C9DFF)

Skin Tone: Lightly tanned with pink undertones.

Body Type: Above average in height. Thin and somewhat lanky in build, though his taut arms and legs speak of an active lifestyle. His hands and fingers are calloused but not to an extreme extent.

Scars, Tattoos, or Birthmarks: An old, vertical scar on his right knee from a torn meniscus during his youth.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 141 lbs

Normal Clothing: At first glance, Sanani's gaudy three-piece suit appears to be from a high-end brand but is actually a cheap imitation that came from a thrift store. The outer jacket is a vivid salmon pink and has a pinstripe pattern, the waistcoat is light gray, the dress shirt is eggshell white, and his dress pants are the same color as his jacket. For footwear, he wears polished black monk straps with two buckles each.

Accessories: Sanani wears a simple necktie the same shade of blue as his eyes and a bracelet of 108 wooden mala beads is wrapped around his right wrist. Completing his flamboyant outfit is a (fake) golden pocket watch chained to his vest as well as silver stud earrings (also fake).

2. Kirika Shinohara

Creator: Prince PokePersona

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: August 24th

Nationality: Half Japanese & American

Talent: Ultimate Caregiver

Blood Type: AB+

Hair Color: Light Brown (#B69289)

Hair Style/Length: Long straight hair that reaches near her waist fashioned into a plaited ponytail with a curled tip, curly bangs framing the sides of her face, a braided crown over her right parted fringe with some loose messy bangs resting on her shoulders.

Eye Color: Dark Green (#749268)

Skin Tone: Pale Fair White

Body Type: A skinny, yet slightly curvy, frame with C cup sized b*** (ample bosom) almost petite and doll like.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Small scratch and cut marks along her wrists, a tiny scar over her stomach and a small birthmark on her left back side.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 104 lbs.

Normal Clothing: She wears a dark blue knit long sleeve jumper dress with the dress portion patterned dark red and grey stripes with black buttons, the skirt portion of her dress is an A-Line midi skirt and she wears black stiletto heels on her feet.

Accessories: She wears a white maid's headband with two white ribbons on both sides of the band fashioned in her hair, a white apron over her dress covered in cute pink, blue and yellow animal chibi prints on the front with a white bow sash tied around her waist to secure the apron in place, a red bow with golden trimming and ribbon tails fashioned into her plaited ponytail, a sapphire crystal silver plated charm bracelet bangle around her left wrist, a small rose gold flower bracelet around her right wrist, a gold necklace with a small purple tear shaped pendant around her neck and a small sewing kit inside her apron front pocket.

3. Tamaki 'Tam Tam' Takahashi

Creator: Abitat Eco

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: April 18th

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Enka Singer

Blood Type: B+

Hair Color: Firebrick Red (#B22222)

Hair Style: Relatively long, reaching to the middle of his shoulder blades when hanging loose, with the front ends hanging just past his chin and ending in slightly spiked ends, framing the corners of his face. He tries to keep it tidy and semi-professional-looking for performances in a neatly styled low ponytail (which can just be seen over his left shoulder), but a few pesky persistent strands still stand out from the top of his head, deviating a little to the sides. Regardless, his hair seems soft and fluffy in nature. His fringe is neatly trimmed in evenly spiky ends as well, with a long central section hanging diagonally down to the right side of his face, stopping just slightly to the right of his nose, Tamaki will also occasionally be seen tucking his hair behind his ears if it bothers him or calmly blowing those irritatingly annoying odd strands from out of his eyes.

Eye Color: Dark Golden Rod (#B8860B). His eyes are wide and doe shaped with relatively long eyelashes, giving him a slightly more feminine look in this aspect. His eyebrows are thin and arched, giving him quite a warm and approachable expression.

Skin Tone: Blanched Almond (#FFEBCD) with light dimples in his cheeks.

Body Type: Tall and straight, with skinny limbs and quite narrow shoulders (having a body type which is similar to that of an ectomorph), and he seems to be a healthy weight in proportion to his height. He doesn't appear particularly muscled, but does have decent muscular tone. His face is mostly oval in shape, with his main facial features consisting of a small pointed nose and pale red lips often spread into a soft smile. His ears also stick out a little among the strands of his hair.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Tamaki has a few faded scars at his sides underneath his shirt, as well as a few faded burn marks and a neatly scrawled tattoo on the inside of his left forearm reading in elegant writing: 'And They Lived Happily Ever After'. A few small rectangular patches of slightly darkened skin on his neck form birthmarks, their arrangement with his normal lighter skin resembling piano keys slightly.

Height: 5.9 ft

Weight: 163 lbs

Normal Clothing: Tamaki often likes to wear clothes similar to his stage outfit, combining the traditional kimono blossom-like style of traditional Japanese Enka with more modern variants as a creative touch. This includes wearing a short cherry blossom patterned kimono tunic which falls to the sides at the waistline (Maroon shaded [#800000] with a white belt and Light Coral blossom pattern [#F08080]). Tamaki tends to wear the tunic sleeves rolled up however, worn underneath a fake leather jacket (Dim Gray shaded [#696969]), the sleeves secured with silver [#C0C0C0] pearly buttons to his elbows to expose his forearms, whilst hanging fully open, although he could freely secure it with similar buttons at the front, as well as a belt which hangs loosely to the sides with a similar shaded silver oval buckle. The jacket has a folded back collar at the neck and two pockets on the sides, embroidered in delicate cross stitching, forming a central similar floral pattern the same shade as his kimono tunic. On his lower body, Tamaki wears a pair of Hakama style trousers in a Gray shade (#808080), with a neat bow tied in the center, the fabric slightly grooved and tapering down towards the ankle. Lastly on his feet, he wears a pair of simple strap sandals in a Gainsbro shade (#DCDCDC), secured around his ankles and across his feet.

Accessories: Tamaki has a few additional accessories to add interest to his outfit. This includes a choker necklace composed of Dim Gray fabric with two silver hollow rings in the center, representing the symbol for infinity. He also wears a Black strapped wristwatch with a delicate oval face, a single silver stud earring in his right ear (shaped like a songbird) with a small hearing aid (which barely suffices for Tamaki's needs and a matching Dim Gray fedora hat with a Maroon stripe an identical shade to his kimono tunic, although he will alternate between wearing it or not, depending on his mood. Tamaki also has a Saddle Brown fabric satchel bag (#8B4513), which contains his lyrical notepad and stationary (for scribbling his ballad ideas whenever the inspiration hits), a Polaroid camera, a bag of his mixed berries, a large flask of fruit tea and his lucky stuffed toy mascot, a white puppy with a Maroon bow around its neck.

Other Clothing: For nightwear, Tamaki will wear a pair of elegant pajamas: The bottoms being Crimson (#DC143C) in color and decorated in a paler pink cherry blossom pattern (#FFB6C1), whilst the top is White and short sleeved, featuring the central design of a Sienna brown dog curled up asleep, whilst above in embroidered Firebrick letters are the Japanese kanji for 'Sweet Dreams'. He would wear this with Light Gray slipper boots, fluffy pom-poms attached to them. For swimwear, Takami would wear a simple pair of Dark Turquoise (#00CED1) swimming trunks, decorated with a Light Cyan (#E0FFFF) bubble design and secured with a Royal Blue drawstring (#4169E1) and Black sunglasses sitting on top of his head as protection from the sun. Exercise clothing would just feature some baggy Rosy Brown (#BC8F8F) colored trousers with Crimson socks, Light Gray trainers and a simple matching short sleeved tee-shirt bearing a musical note pattern in White would be worn with that. Lastly, for formal wear, Tamaki would probably wear a crisp White blouse with ruffled sleeves and an elegant kimono print waistcoat, worn with Maroon smart trousers and patent Black dress shoes for a more refined look. He has a lot of choice and variation depending on his mood though.

4. Makika Kikyo

Creator: RioA

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: May 10

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Priestess

Blood Type: AB+

Hair Color: #D61A17 (from the top) to #FE9106 (at the bottom). Her hair is in gradients mainly from red to orange. Her bangs will stay as the color from the top though, even her side bangs.

Hair Style/Length: Makika's hair is naturally wavy. Her bangs are cut neatly above her thin eyebrows and are swept slightly to the right, tucked into her side bangs which fall neatly to where her lips would be, curled at the ends and neat. Her hair, nonetheless, is naturally wavy with her hair looking similar to a blaze, her hair naturally and slightly swept to the right as well.

Eye Color: Her eye color is #F494FF. Her eyes have white plus signs in the middle of her eyes as her shines.

Skin Tone: Her skin is slightly fair and leans to a slight olive color, closer to a peach-like color.

Body Type: She has a fairly average body, having an average-sized chest with slight curves on her hips and bottom. She is relatively healthy in build, though quite small given her height.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: N/A

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 112 lbs.

Normal Clothing: Makika would be wearing a white tunic that goes halfway above her knees, then wearing a white with golden phoenix and fire patterned scarf (though the top quarter of the scarf is colored in a golden yellow plainly) that is draped over her right shoulder and tied over her left side. At the bottom, she will be wearing black yoga shorts that reaches just above her knees. For shoes, she will be wearing brown sandals with pastel pink straps.

Accessories: Makika would be wearing a circular silver hair clip at the right side of her hair, clipped through her bangs to the side. She would also be wearing a heart-shaped gold pendant necklace over her neck, then two silver and thin-like bracelets over her left wrist.

5. Shun Pureya

Creator: life among the dead

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Birthday: August 24th

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Volleyball Player

Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Dark wood brown (#855E42)

Hair Style/Length: Short, a tad messy hairstyle, his bangs straightened over his eyebrows.

Eye Color: Golden yellow (#FFDF00)

Skin Tone: Slightly dark tan.

Body Type: Compact build but quite muscular in his arms and legs.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: None.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 126 lbs

Normal Clothing: A black jersey that has a dark goldenrod (#A38A00) 13 embroidered onto it with white and red stripes on the sides, corresponding shorts, black elbow and kneepads, white ankle braces, and white and red sneakers. Out of volleyball uniform, he wears a black tanktop, gray jeans, and blue shoes. He wears an oversized lunar green (#52593E) open jacket with a fur-trimmed hood, sometimes slipping off his shoulders.

Accessories: Shun wears red and blue hairclips, two on each side of his bangs. He has a bandaid on the bridge of his nose and a white adhesive bandage on the curve of his left cheek. He carries a big duffle bag that holds towels, black water bottles, extra elbow and kneepads, basic medical supplies and clean clothes (his out of uniform clothing). He carries a chateau green (#3A9C4F), bright red (#D04238) and white volleyball around as well.

6. Ivy McNally

Creator: bellatrixshine

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: July 9th

Nationality: Irish

Talent: Ultimate Geologist

Blood Type: O-

Hair Color: Pastel violet (#D291BC)

Hair Style/Length: Ivy has straight hair that is in a bob haircut.

Eye Color: Blue (#1261A0)

Skin Tone: Fair skinned

Body Type: Ivy has a D-cup chest and a slight belly. Aside from that, she has a relatively normal build for someone of her height.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: She has very light freckles sprinkled across her cheeks.

Height: 5'1 (5'3 with her shoes)

Weight: 126 lbs

Normal Clothing: Ivy typically wears a Gothic-styled black dress with a cinched waist, loose long sleeves that reach her wrists, and a skirt that reaches her knees. Along with that, she wears a pair of black tights and a pair of black flats that add two inches to her height.

Exercise Clothing: An over-sized orange t-shirt, black leggings, and gray sneakers

Sleepwear: A black nightgown

Accessories: A simple black velvet choker with various gemstones hanging from it, a lapis lazuli necklace, and a ring with a ruby on it

7. Rumiko Homura

Creator: McLogal

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: February 13th

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Defense Solicitor

Blood Type: O-

Hair Color: Bright maroon (#C32148) throughout, rose red (#C21E56) fade on her bangs and braid.

Hair Style/Length: Rumiko has long wavy hair reaching her lower back, her hair is typically done up into a long ponytail. Her bangs rest just above her eyes, one locket of hair to the left of her bangs, is done up into a small braid (length of the braid is chin level).

Eye Color: Pastel Orange (#FFB347)

Skin Tone: Almond (#EFDECD) skin tone, pale skin tone under bra and undergarments.

Body Type: Curvy hourglass figure, B-cup breast size, long legs.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Faint freckles under her eyes and bridge of her nose.

Height: 5'4" (5'6" with her heels on)

Weight: 115 lbs

Normal Clothing: Rumiko wears a black (#000000) ruffled trim button front blouse, with the ruffle in the front being gunmetal (#565656) with the sleeves rolled up past her elbows. Rumiko also wears a mini skirt matching her blouse (checkered pattern between black and gunmetal grey). Rumiko wears rose red fishnet stockings and matching undergarments (#C21E56), white high heels.

Swimwear: Rumiko wears a Orange cream colored bikini (#FBC95A) with a simple strap design.

Accessories: Rumiko wears thick lense glasses with a circular steel black frame(#262626), the left lens has a quite obvious diagonal crack (the glasses may look comical to some people).

Make-up: Medium violet-red lipstick (#C71585) with matching nail polish.

8. Misham "the Lucky"

Creator: El Torro

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: January 23

Nationality: Cherokee-American

Talent: Ultimate Excavator

Blood Type: B+

Hair Color: Unknown. He's always seen wearing his helmet

Hair Style/Length: Unknown. He's always seen wearing his helmet

Eye Color: Unknown. He's always seen wearing his helmet

Skin Tone: Unknown. He wears layers upon layers of clothes (including gloves), so nobody's ever seen his skin before

Body Type: Misham's incredibly skinny for his height - frail, even. But he looks to be quite a bit heavier than he really is due to his deep sea-diving gear, which is very baggy. Even so, it isn't difficult to notice that he has Pectus excavatum.

Scars, Tattoos, or Birthmarks: None

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 203 lbs

Normal Clothing: Misham dons a standard black deep sea-diving suit, along with a black full-face helmet that has two circular visors where both of his eyes are. The visors emit a white light, which he doesn't see, and it prevents anyone from seeing the color of his eyes/any part of his face. He's never seen in any other outfit, or without both the suit and his helmet on

Accessories: None

9. Mya Wilson

Creator: Glass-Lady-of-the-Opera

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: December 4th

Nationality: American

Talent: Ultimate Fortune Teller

Blood Type: AB

Hair Color: Dark brown (#422615)

Hair Style/Length: Curly, thick, shoulder length worn loose, but with a scarf tied around her forehead.

Eye Color: Light green (#C2E277)

Skin Tone: Light brown/tanned, lots of freckles

Body Type: Short & stocky

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Small round birthmark on back of right hand, between thumb and first finger.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 146 lbs.

Normal Clothing: Green and yellow floral wrap skirt over black bike shorts, cream long sleeved peasant blouse, brown sandals.

Accessories: Green scarf as headband across her forehead, long necklace with green sea glass pendant.

10. Kazooie (or "Kaz")

Creator: El Torro

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: February 18th

Nationality: American (Ethnically Brazillian)

Talent: Ultimate Kazooist (plays the Kazoo)

Blood Type: A-

Hair Color: He bleached it when he was high and thought it'd be funny (it wasn't). (#EDECBA)

Hair Style/Length: Military-style buzz cut. It's the only thing he keeps kempt.

Eye Color: Green (#83A950)

Skin Tone: Pale (#F6E2B6)

Body Type: A bit chubby, but wears it "well" (not in his gut, more in his legs and biceps/triceps).

Scars, Tattoos, or Birthmarks: None

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 191 lbs

Normal Clothing: A soda-stained gray hoodie, along with worn out jeans and dirty gray-and-black running shoes.

Accessories: Carries a vape pen and his kazoo in the pocket of his hoodie.

11. Edwin Crawford

Creator: WoopaKoopaTroopa

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: October 6th

Nationality: British/Chinese

Talent: Ultimate Private Investigator

Blood Type: B-

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style/Length: Back-length hair tied into a braid with ear-length bangs that frame the right side of his face.

Eye Color: Dark Purple (#301934)

Skin Tone: Pale

Body Type: Slim with slight muscle

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: N/A

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 134 lbs

Normal Clothing: A white dress shirt under a black waistcoat and a Dark Blue trench coat (#1F305E). Beige trousers (#F5F5DC) and Dark Brown shoes (#654321).

Accessories: A Maroon necktie (#800000), a black notebook and fountain pen kept in his pocket, Grey finger-less gloves (#808080), and a silver lighter with an engraving of a dragon on the side.

12. Jaleh Mazdaki

Creator: Superguy

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Birthday: February 1st

Nationality: Iranian

Talent: Ultimate Nuclear Scientist

Blood Type: O

Hair Color: Black, with streaks of neon blue (#199EF0) flowing through it.

Hair Style/Length: Shoulder length

Eye Color: Green (#2bCE1E)

Skin Tone: Chocolate brown

Body Type: Petite with a C cup chest

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Numerous scars from radiation burns littered across her hands and arms

Height: 5'9

Weight: 150 Lbs

Normal Clothing: Most of the time she wears a skin tight atomic power armour, which doubles as a hazmat suit. It has a glass helmet that is normally reflective to people looking from the outside and the body is a fine metal with a chrome finish. It has various things inscribed into the metal in Arabic. When out of her armour she wears a green shirt with jeans and a pair of brown flat shoes.

Exercise Clothing: She would most likely wear the power armour, as that increases her endurance.

Sleepwear: Bra and panties.

Accessories: A pair of radiation goggles that, when she is not wearing, she wears around her neck. A sort of ray gun that she keeps holstered on her side.

13. Hinata Nakajima

Creator: Scissor-Snipper

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Birthday: December 2nd

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Stockbroker

Blood Type: B

Hair Color: Beach Blond. (#F7E575)

Hair Style/Length: He's got short, styled hair. With a very visible hairline on the left side of his face, any hair below it is brushed down-wards in a sleek manner, but the hair on the right, with the exception of the shaves side, is a very fluffy faux-hawk brushed up to the left and gelled into place- with a prominent cowlick at the very center of his forehead.

Eye Color: Deep Magenta. (#60213D)

Skin Tone: Tanned skin (Sun Tan)

Body Type: Thin and bony.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Has a prominent fang in his teeth, visible on his default grin.

Hidden under his clothes, he has a tattoo of a Crocodile (or possibly a alligator, it's not the best tattoo in the world) on his right shoulder blade.

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110 lbs

Normal Clothing: For a shirt, he wears a yellow short sleeved button up shirt. The right side of the shirt has purple diagonal lines running along it, while the left side has horizontal lines. Over it he wears a thrifty, bulky button-up hoodie, unbuttoned of course. Each of the silver buttons are star-shaped, dangling from the left side. It's a flashy green in color, with large purple feathers lining the inside of the hood and covering his shoulders. It makes him look way more broad-shouldered than he actually is. The left of his shirt is tucked into his light blue jeans while the right side is left out, the jeans have prominent fashionable rips and tears at their knees. They are held up by a while belt with a '$' shaped belt buckle. The belt itself is a bit too big for him, as such it's got about 3 notches dangling from his waist. His shoes are rather simple. Black and white trainers with black sides, and white stars on their heels, with white soles and laces. His shoes have blinking neon lights on their soles that light up when he stomps on the floor.

Accessories: Has multiple batches and pins dangling from his unbuttoned hoodie, A Dollar sign, A Yen sign, a Pound sign, a Crocodile badge, a '#YOLO' pin, and a Pin that greatly resembles the Eiffel Tower. All of the money signs are on the left side, while the other three decorate the right. He also has lime green Shutter Shades, often alternating exactly how he's wearing them based on whatever he's feeling at the time. Whether they're on his forehead, worn over his eyes, or dangling from the collar of his T-Shirt, or in his hands.

14. Lumoi 'Lu' Nishimura

Creator: Abitat Eco

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: September 26th

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Interpreter

Blood Type: A-

Hair Color: Sienna [brown] (#A0522D)

Hair Style: Long and reaching to her mid-back, secured into a low and slightly messy ponytail secured with a Dark Cyan (#008B8B) bow. Wispy strands of hair from either side of her face fall in front of her ears, stopping just below her collarbone. Likewise, her fringe is also relatively messy, ruffled and hanging in uneven wavy strands straight across her forehead, the longest one reaching the lowest part of her eyebrows slightly to the right of the center. Other strands of her hair hang freely out of the bow further contribute to her slight windswept appearance.

Eye Color: Pale Turquoise (#AFEEEE). Her eyes are wide and doe shaped, a little shadowed underneath and have naturally long eyelashes. A pair of relatively flat eyebrows sit raised above her eyelids, a little droopy, being of medium thickness and an identical shade to her hair.

Skin Tone: Corn-silk (#FFF8DC), unfortunately giving her the tendency to burn rather easily. Her complexion also helps to further emphasize the light clusters of burly-wood (#DEB887) shaded freckles dusted across the bridge of her narrow upturned nose.

Body Type: Lumoi has a fairly straight body type, with only a few subtle curves at her hips, accompanied by some decent muscle tone and strength in her limbs. She is probably slightly shorter than other girls her age and is a borderline healthy weight in proportion to her height, with slightly broad shoulders and a fairly decent sized chest, sitting at a comfortable double B cup. Her overall face shape is mostly oval, with an angular slightly pointed chin and thin peach colored lips which are often pressed together, or slightly parted.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Lumoi has quite a few faded scars dotted over her figure in various places, most hidden underneath her outfit or sleeves, including a few on her stomach, back and arms. A small tattoo of a musical clef sits just below her right collarbone and a small brown mole on her left thigh stands as a substitute for a birthmark.

Height: 5.6 ft

Weight: 146 lbs

Normal Clothing: Lumoi wears a Teal (#008080) colored three-quarter length sleeve shirt, which sits slightly off the shoulders and is folded neatly at her waist, tucked a little over the waistline of her long calf-length Light Slate Gray (#778899) skirt. The skirt is rather floaty and a little flared, with a smooth curved trim at the bottom and embellished with the delicate layered embroidery of small stitched flowers in varying shades of blue (mostly Steel Blue [#4682B4] and Royal Blue [#4169E1]) with a simple shift underneath. With her long and floaty skirt, Lumoi wears Navy (#000080) coloured tights and Black (#000000) leather flat shoes with a strap across the ankle and a tiny Light Gray (#D3D3D3) flower to embellish it. Over her shirt, Lumoi also wears a poncho cape reaching to just past her waist, hand-knitted from Dim Gray (#696969) wool and bearing a variety of small broaches and accessories.

Accessories: Lumoi has quite a few additional accessories accompanying her main outfit, including a Light Slate Gray beret to match her skirt, a small Royal Blue ribbon stitched on for embellishment as it sits back on her head. A variety of themed pins and brooches are attached to her poncho (including a pearly brooch shaped like a flower near the top center and various features such as the world flags, famous landmarks and the like, small mementos from the travelling whilst on tour with Tamaki. Additionally, Lumoi has a pair of small Silver star shaped earrings and a ring bearing an amethyst, as well as an identical black fabric choker necklace as Tamaki, bearing the symbol for infinity in shining Silver. Lastly, she has a small Tan (#D2B48C) fabric rucksack containing a few of her essentials: a bag of strawberry bon bons, a large flask of water, her scrapbook, a large language dictionary and a few other various bits and pieces.

Other Clothing: For sleeping, Lumoi will simply wear a Medium Slate Blue (#7B68EE) colored nightdress with three-quarter length sleeves and floating down to also meet the level of calves, embellished with paler Thistle (#D8BFD8) colored lace and a Dark Magenta (#8B008B) ribbon, worn with identically colored slippers, with Thistle colored pompoms. For swimwear, she has a Navy colored tanquinni set, patterned with a Powder Blue (#B0E0E6) star print, the vest a halter neck and worn to her waist, whilst the pants are waterproof and slightly flared. Exercise clothing would involve her wearing a pair of simple Light Gray trousers, worn with a simple tie belt and a Powder Blue plain short sleeved shirt, ditching her beret and wearing Teal colored socks and White sneakers on her feet instead. As for formal or party wear, Lumoi would put on an elegant and flared Steel Blue gown, reaching to her ankles and worn with the bardot sleeves slightly off of the shoulders. It would be embellished with a little paler colored lace and ribbon, worn with Tan colored skin tights and matching Steel Blue shoes with the slightest heel on them for a more mature look. Lumoi would also have her hair loose and curled with the ends braided back and clipped with a pearly grip, wrapping a Teal colored shawl over her shoulders to keep her warm.

15. Yuzuki Saeki

Creator: Shirasaur

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: February 16th

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Lepidopterist - (Lepidoptery is the study of moths)

Blood Type: O+

Hair Color: Light Gray (#EDEDE8)

Hair Style/Length: Yuzuki's hair is pretty long, about waist-length. About a third of it is left down, and she has two long, messy pigtails on each side, tied in place with black ribbons. Yuzuki has choppy bangs that often fall into her eyes, with pieces on either side that frame her face, and a few chunks that hang in front of her shoulders.

Eye Color: Black (#0F0F0F)

Skin Tone: Pale, slightly yellow (#FEFCEF)

Body Type: Yuzuki is tall, and fairly slim for her height. There's not much fat to her. She's quite bony.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: She has no real tattoos, but she draws moths on her arms in semi-permanent ink.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 126 lbs

Normal Clothing: Yuzuki wears a long-sleeved black turtleneck underneath a knee-length white lab coat. On her lower half, she wears dark grey cargo pants, and black loafers.

Accessories: She wears a pair of large circular wire-rimmed glasses.

16. Ashe Langdon

Creator: MudkipOfDespair

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Birthday: October 17th

Nationality: American

Talent: Ultimate Aerodynamics Expert

Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Silver-gray (#D3C9C6)

Hair Style/Length: Ashe keeps her hair in a long, high-tied ponytail that reaches to around the middle of her back.

Eye Color: Green (#13D057)

Skin Tone: Fair, though she does have some freckles on her face, around her nose.

Body Type: Ashe is fairly short and lean, though she does have a little bit of muscle. She is also fairly busty, with her b*** at around a D cup.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Calloused hands

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 116 lbs

Normal Clothing: Ashe's normal ensemble is a black tee shirt worn under a blue hoodie, along with a pair of beige khaki shorts and a pair of blue sneakers.

Exercise Clothing: While exercising, Ashe will wear a white tank top, and exchange her khakis for a pair of blue gym shorts.

Sleepwear: Ashe will normally sleep in her underwear, though on the off chance she gets cold, she'll put on a blue nightgown.

Accessories: Ashe carries a brown satchel over her left shoulder, which contains numerous documents, devices, and calculations. Unfortunately, it takes her a while to find what she needs, since it's so messy inside.

17. Riku Ito

Creator: BirblordAlmighty

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: Dec 18

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Fandubber

Blood: O

Hair: Long, wavy purple hair that is neck down in the back. In the front, he has bangs covering his left eye slightly, going down to the bottom tip of his ear. The top of his hair is somewhat messy, with what can only be described as a wispy ahoge on the very top.

Eyes: A dull gold color.

Skin: Pale. Has bags under his eyes in the morning.

Body: Skinny yet lanky. It's clear Riku doesn't eat much from looking at him.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 117 lbs

Clothing: Wears a long, white hoodie with black accents. The zipper is broken so he wears it open, and underneath he wears a black t-shirt with a stylized golden Pheonix symbol. He wears dark grey sweatpants and black sneakers.

Exercise: While Riku typically doesn't do exercise, in the event he does he simply rolls up the pant legs and discards the hoodie

Sleep: Sleeps in various states of undress, usually just in his boxers.

Accessories: His 3DS if that's allowed. Otherwise, nothing.

18. Naraaki Tsukamoto

Creator: TheRoseShadow21

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birthday: April 22

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Teuthologist

Blood Type: AB

Hair Color: Bright pink (#E25098)

Hair Style/Length: Short and spiky, a short fringe slightly flopping over one side of his forehead, brushed off to the side.

Eye Color: A very bright blue (#41FDFE)

Skin Tone: Very slightly tanned.

Body Type: Small and scrawny. He is actually stronger than he looks, particularly in his arms, but basically he is a midget.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: He has various scars on his torso and back, as well as his knees and elbows, and a large one on the back of his ankle.

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 115 lbs

Normal Clothing: Naraaki's actual taste in clothing is fairly simple-t shirts, jeans, a hoodie and a beanie hat if it is cold out, socks and trainers. However, the colors are anything but simple. He always goes for bright colors: purple, red, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange. He might not go for actual neon, but the colors he wears will be as bright as he possibly can get. Only his jeans could be considered a sensible color, as he usually either wears light blue or dark grey for those. He doesn't go for patterns very often with his clothing choices (though, he does have a light purple t-shirt where the sleeves have a black stripe down them), but a lot of his t-shirts have something printed on the front, either a defiant slogan (e.g. 'WHATEVER' or 'GO AWAY') or an ocean-themed image (he has quite the collection of t-shirts and hoodies with pictures of cute octopodes on them). The exception to this is socks: the only type of socks he wears are of the goofy, novelty variety.

19. Silas Addams Prenderghast

Creator: Barbacar

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: October 30th

Nationality: British

Talent: Ultimate Undertaker

Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Dark Brown (#6C4535)

Hair Style/Length: It's fairly short, as well as being filthy and unkempt. It almost always covers his eyes. He also has a scruffy goatee hanging from his chin.

Eye Color: Medium Grey (#ACA683)

Skin Tone: Pale, but stained with dirt in several areas.

Body Type: He's fairly short for his age, and somewhat stout and overweight. He has a prominent hunchback which he makes no real attempt to hide. His teeth are crooked and somewhat discolored, and he has a noticeable under-bite. It's usually hard to tell under his loose sleeves, but his arms are fairly muscular from all the digging he does.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: He has a few small scars and dirt stains on his skin, and the skin on his hands is rather rough from all the digging he does.

Height: 5"1'

Weight: 155 lbs

Normal Clothing: He wears a simple, tattered brown robe (similar to one a medieval friar would wear) that's patched up in a few places. He also wears a ragged brown cloak, a pair of muddy boots, and a brown hat with a buckle around it (similar to the kind of hat a stereotypical pilgrim would wear).

Accessories: He often carries around a shovel, old and worn, which he uses to dig graves. He also sometimes carries an old, somewhat rusty lantern. When he's carrying both at the same time, he either carries one in each hand or has the lantern hanging from the shovel by its handle.

20. Amarantha "Mary" Martel

Creator: BouncingFish

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthday: July 7th

Nationality: Canadian

Talent: Ultimate Linguist

Blood Type: O

Hair Color: She's a natural blonde (#FFF979). She dyes one part of her French braid pure white, dyes another part a "neon" blue (#32E0DD), and leaves the final part alone.

Hair Style/Length: Her hair is styled in a French braid that reaches her lower back.

Eye Color: Dark Gray (#72777C)

Skin Tone: Pale; Caucasian

Body Type: Petite

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: She has several small scars on her right hand, and one that runs down most of the underside of her right forearm.

Height: 5'0''

Weight: 100 lbs

Normal Clothing: She wears a white camisole that exposes her midriff; a black, hooded jacket; one "neon" blue glove on her right hand (the same color as the blue in her hair); blue jean shorts; white, ankle-high socks; and tennis shoes that are the same color as her glove/hair.

Accessories: N/A

21. Kiet Luu Vo

Creator: runicwolf

Nickname: "The Unbreakable Conqueror"

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: April 8th

Nationality: Vietnamese

Talent: Ultimate Vovinam Practitioner

Blood Type: AB+

Hair Color: Brass (#9F8329)

Hair Style/Length: Kept short, naturally stiff and almost grows like an afro without the curls.

Eye Color: Brick Red (#B3001E)

Skin Tone: Darkened, brown.

Body Type: Slightly stocky, a bit muscled.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: Worn down arms and hands, stab/cut scars littered on front of arms and body, alongside a burn scar running from the right side of his face down to his neck and burn scars isolated to his palms and slightly up his arms. Surgical scars on head as well as a visible depressed skull fracture frontal bone on the front of his skull slightly on his left side with a slightly deformed left orbital bone. The left eye is offset and not naturally set straight. Barely visible hairline fracture from the front to the left side of his head.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 144 lbs

Normal Clothing: Blue fluorescent coveralls with the grey and yellow reflective tape on the joints, with most of the arrangement being on the chest and around the arms. The coveralls are half taken off from the top and wrapped around his waist. Upper body has a long-sleeve forest green plaid work shirt, black box handling gloves, fitted polycarbonate woven brown-tan ball cap and black sound reduction headphones hanging around his neck; the headphones themselves also have fluorescent tape wrapped around them. Lower body, he has a red belt on with two fluorescent tape on it, brown steel-toe waterproof boots and long black socks.

Accessories: Attached to the belt is a harness that has two additional water proof bags that securely hang down to Kiet's thighs.

22. Shiki Kuramomo

Creator: Prince PokePersona

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Birthday: May 26th

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Doll Maker

Blood Type: O+

Hair Color: Midnight Purple (#9A3BDF)

Hair Style/Length: She has shoulder length short hair with wavy and curly ends and some messy strands framing the sides of her face and messy bangs over her forehead.

Eye Color: Sea Blue - Left (#449ECA)

Dark Grey - Right (#535666)

Skin Tone: Pale Doll-Like White

Body Type: She has a very skinny and almost androgynous female body with slight curves in her frame and a B cup chest size.

Makeup: She has creme brown colored lines around her arms, legs and neck that resemble limbs of a doll's anatomy with faint X shaped painted black stitch marks with dark red fake blood on the sides of her cheeks, trimmed fingernails painted black with white tips, dark grey glitter eye-shadow and winged black eyeliner on her eyes, faint purple blush on her cheeks and dark black lipstick on her lips.

Scars, Tattoos or Birthmarks: She has a birthmark in the shape of an evil eye on her right thigh, small slash marked scars along her neckline, some covered up by makeup on her arms and upper body.

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 105 lbs.

Normal Clothing: She wears a dark black long sleeved dress shirt buttoned up all the way with grey buttons, a light purple aristocratic waistcoat buttoned all the way with black swirl accents patterns on the design along with dark red beads etched on the accents, a dark violet asymmetric flared miniskirt with a white stitching pattern over the black lace mesh with curled ends hanging off the sides, black Gothic lace leggings underneath and black high heeled boots with white lacing.

Accessories: She has silver skull shaped cuff-links buttoned on her shirt cuffs, a white ribbon bow tie with curly tails with a black lace pattern tied around the collar, a dark black thin belt around the skirt with a silver doll face buckle, a mismatched colored ribbon with an artificial black rose with bloody white tips dripping off the petals on the left side of her head with tails resting on the sides, a homemade brown string bracelet with white doll eyes around her left wrist and pure white strings wrapped around her right wrist. Lastly, she carries a doll called Kuroko: a Victorian-styled doll with a black Lolita dress with white accents and bows, a black bonnet and black soulless eyes with black curly hair and painted red lips.

My OCs: 2 (Revealed: 2)

1. Gai Jakusha

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: July 20

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: ?

Blood Type: AB

Hair Color: Very Light Gray (#E9E9E9)

Hair Style: Short & Wavy

Eye Color: Pure Magenta (#E100FF)

Skin Tone: Fair

Body Type: Lean with a little bit of muscle

Scars, Tatoos, or Birthmarks: None

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Normal Attire: Dark Gray jeans (#9A9A9A). Dark Magenta sneakers (#771085). A short-sleeved, black-and-white striped shirt with black collars. On the left side of the shirt, the stripes are vertical (like a referee uniform); on the right side, aka the side with the pocket, the stripes are horizontal (like a prisoner's uniform). A black vertical stripe goes down the center, separating the two sides.

Accessories: A straw boater hat with a dark violet (#64008F) band. Two chains attached to his jeans: a blue one (#0021FF) attached to his wallet for protection, and a cyan one (#00FFF5) purely for fashion.

2. Shiri Pureya

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: March 15

Nationality: Japanese

Talent: Ultimate Beach Volleyball Player

Blood Type: B-

Hair Color: Red-Brown (#A52A2A)

Hair Style: Neck-Length and Straight. The left side is tied into a ponytail.

Eye Color: Pale Orange (#FFE5B4)

Skin Tone: Light Tan

Body Type: Skinny, with a little bit of muscle on her arms and legs. She has a C-cup chest, as well as an F-cup buttocks. Her hips accommodate for the weight of such a ludicrous size.

Scars, Tattoos, or Birthmarks: None

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 150 lbs

Normal Attire: A floral lavender (#B57EDC) tank top. A black bra underneath. A fandango pink (#DE5285) short skirt. Light green (#90EE90) panties that are a regular size for regular people. No shoes.

Accessories: A white ribbon is used to tie her side ponytail.

Final Message

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen! I want to thank you all again for putting so much support into this Fic. I'm so excited to bring you a wild tale full of thrills and chills. =D

I have two important notes, though:

1. I will NOT describe the character's appearances in the first chapter. I might mention a few details here and there, but I won't write massive paragraphs copying the information from this page. I ask that you look over the Cast List and commit the information to memory.

2. Updates will be at a slow pace. At this point in my life, I'm getting closer and closer to obtaining my dream career, and that ultimately takes priority. There might be long gaps of time between chapter due to me focusing on my career. HOWEVER, I promise you that this Fic will not die. I will get it completed, even if it takes me years to do so. The only way this Fic would die is if something really unexpected happened to me.

With that, I hope you enjoy the show.

Character Statistics (Brought to you by: life among the dead)


January: Misham (23rd)

February: Jaleh (1st), Rumiko (13th), Yuzuki (16th), Kazooie (18th)

March: Shiri (15th)

April: Kiet (8th), Tamaki (18th), Naraaki (22nd)

May: Makika (10th), Shiki (26th)

July: Amarantha (7th), Ivy (9th), Gai (20th)

August: Kirika (24th), Shun (24th)

September: Sanani (21st), Lumoi (26th)

October: Edwin (6th), Ashe (17th), Silas (30th)

December: Hinata (2nd), Mya (4th)

Age (From Oldest to youngest)

Ashe (34), Jaleh (24), Amarantha (20), Gai (19), Kiet (19), Sanani ("19"), Silas (19), Edwin (18), Ivy (18), Kazooie (18), Misham (18), Riku (18), Rumiko (18), Tamaki (18), Shiri (18), Kirika (17), Lumoi (17), Makika (17), Mya (17), Naraaki (17), Yuzuki (17), Hinata (16), Shiki (16), Shun (15)


Japanese: Kirika, Tamaki, Makika, Shun, Rumiko, Hinata, Lumoi, Yuzuki, Riku, Naraaki, Shiki, Gai, Shiri

American: Kirika, Misham (Cherokee), Mya, Kazooie, Ashe

Tibetan: Sanani

Irish: Ivy

British: Edwin, Silas

Chinese: Edwin

Iranian: Jaleh

Canadian: Amarantha

Vietnamese: Kiet

Height: (From tallest to shortest)

Misham (6'8"), Edwin (5'11"), Kazooie (5'10"), Sanani (5'10"), Yuzuki (5'10"), Jaleh (5'9"), Tamaki (5'9"), Gai (5'8"), Hinata (5'6"), Lumoi (5'6"), Riku (5'6"), Shiri (5'6"), Kiet (5'5"), Kirika (5'5"), Rumiko (5'4"), Ashe (5'3"), Shiki (5'3"), Makika (5'2"), Mya (5'2"), Shun (5'2"), Ivy (5'1"), Silas (5'1"), Amarantha (5'0"), Naraaki (5'0")

Weight: (From heaviest to lightest)

Misham (203 lbs), Kazooie (191 lbs), Tamaki (163 lbs), Silas (155 lbs), Jaleh (150 lbs), Shiri (150 lbs), Lumoi (146 lbs), Mya (146 lbs), Gai (145 lbs), Kiet (144 lbs), Sanani (141 lbs), Edwin (134 lbs), Ivy (126 lbs), Shun (126 lbs), Yuzuki (126 lbs), Riku (117 lbs), Ashe (116 lbs), Naraaki (115 lbs), Rumiko (115 lbs), Makika (112 lbs), Hinata (110 lbs), Shiki (105 lbs), Kirika (104 lbs), Amarantha (100 lbs)

Hair Color

Black: Edwin, Jaleh

Brown: Kirika (Light), Shun (Dark wood), Mya (Dark), Lumoi (Sienna), Silas (Dark)

Gray: Yuzuki (Light), Ashe (Silver), Gai (Very light)

White: Amarantha

Red: Tamaki (Firebrick), Makika (Vivid), Rumiko (Bright maroon/rose red), Shiri (Brown)

Blonde: Sanani (Saffron), Kazooie (Bleached), Hinata (Beach), Amarantha, Kiet (Brass)

Pink: Naraaki (Bright)

Orange: Makika (Light)

Purple: Ivy (Pastel Violet), Shiki (Midnight)

Blue: Jaleh, Amarantha (neon)

Eye Color

Black: Yuzuki

Blue: Sanani (Dodger), Ivy, Lumoi (Pale turquoise), Naraaki (very bright), Shiki (Sea)

Yellow: Tamaki (Dark golden rod), Shun (Golden), Riku (Dull gold)

Green: Kirika (Dark), Mya (Light), Kazooie, Jaleh, Ashe

Gray: Silas (Medium), Amarantha (Dark), Shiki (Dark)

Purple: Edwin (Dark)

Red: Kiet (Brick)

Orange: Rumiko (Pastel), Shiri (Pale)

Pink: Makika (Very light magenta), Hinata (Deep magenta), Gai (Pure magenta)

Submitted Characters: 43 (23 Male; 20 Female)

1. Suzaku Hitomi: Ultimate Ballerina (Creator: gamergirl101)

2. Akira Sogeki: Ultimate Sharpshooter (Creator: Partyboy426)

3. Mya Wilson: Ultimate Fortune Teller (Creator: Glass-Lady-of-the-Opera)

4. Jax Demitri: Ultimate Farmer (Creator: Sass-Sama)

5. Hyunjin Chung: Ultimate K-Pop Idol (Creator: bellatrixshine)

6. Haruki Kinoshita: Ultimate Pediatrician (Creator: StoryProducer214)

7. Kentaro Nijimura: Ultimate Marine Biologist (Creator: Roggi)

8. Yuyu Watanaki: Ultimate Narrator (Creator: Prince PokePersona)

9. Kirika Shinohara: Ultimate Caregiver (Creator: Prince PokePersona)

10. Ashe Langdon: Ultimate Aerodynamics Expert (Creator: MudkipOfDespair)

11. Ivy McNally: Ultimate Geologist (Creator: bellatrixshine)

12. Hinata Nakajima: Ultimate Stockbroker (Creator: Scissor-Snipper)

13. Naraaki Tsukamoto: Ultimate Teuthologist (Creator: TheRoseShadow21)

14. Diego Ramos Delgado: Ultimate Capoeirista (Creator: Prince PokePersona)

15. Riku Ito: Ultimate Fandubber (Creator: BirblordAlmighty)

16. Silas Addams Prenderghast: Ultimate Undertaker (Creator: Barbacar)

17. Shiki Kuramomo: Ultimate Doll Maker (Creator: Prince PokePersona)

18. Shun Pureya: Ultimate Volleyball Player (Creator: life among the dead)

19. Tamaki 'Tam Tam' Takahashi: Ultimate Enka Singer (Creator: Abitat Eco)

20. Lumoi 'Lu' Nishimura: Ultimate Interpreter (Creator: Abitat Eco)

21. Seika Kuna: Ultimate Archer (Creator: SilverEagle227)

22. Audrey Eden Jr.: Ultimate Gardener (Creator: Barbacar)

23. Cole Wood: Ultimate Makeup Artist (Creator: SilverEagle227)

24. Akira Asano: Ultimate Tactician (Creator: StoryProducer214)

25. Jaleh Mazdaki: Ultimate Nuclear Scientist (Creator: Superguy)

26. Kazooie ("Kaz"): Ultimate Kazooist (Creator: El Torro)

27. Edwin Crawford: Ultimate Private Investigator (Creator: WoopaKoopaTroopa)

28. Marigold "Gold" Watson: Ultimate Drummer (Creator: SilverEagle227)

29. Yuzuki Saeki: Ultimate Lepidopterist (Creator: Shirasaur)

30. Inori Kimishima: Ultimate Philologist (Creator: TheRoseShadow21)

31. Amarantha "Mary" Martel: Ultimate Linguist (Creator: BouncingFish)

32. Hiroaki Honjo: Ultimate Con Artist (Creator: Sims Fan214)

33. Kiet Luu Vo: Ultimate Vovinam Practitioner (Creator: runicwolf)

34. Makika Kikyo: Ultimate Priestess (Creator: RioA)

35. Michael Collins: Ultimate Bartender (Creator: danieltruong1917)

36. Misham "the Lucky": Ultimate Excavator (Creator: El Torro)

37. Abrisham Stone: Ultimate Seamstress (Creator: SilverEagle227)

38. Kacper Morgan: Ultimate Knife Meister (Creator: 71526483)

39. Georgia Zhukov: Ultimate Field Marshal (Creator: danieltruong1917)

40. Sanani "Sly": Ultimate Cheater (Creator: Trust Me the Spider)

41. Rumiko Homura: Ultimate Defense Solicitor (Creator: McLogal)

42. Tomoko Asakura: Ultimate Blogger (Creator: seventh7th)

43. Casper Lovelace: Ultimate Wedding Photographer (Creator: Red)