Chapter 1

The afterlife

"How long has it been, since I ended up here?' asked Naruto, sitting in a blank white space, that seemed to travel endlessly in every direction.

"A few millennia.", came a grave voice belonging to the Shinto God of Death, the Shinigami.

"And have you and your brothers made a decision on my proposal?" Naruto asked looking over to the deity who had been his longtime friend ever since he was stuck in the afterlife.

"Yes but are you sure you want to this, though? Once I send you and your mother into that universe, you won't be able to return to this one." Shinigami said, as Naruto wanted to be reborn and live again. Unfortunately, his dad was stuck in his stomach. He was also allowed to keep his chakra.

"I didn't live a good life in my last one. I need to do better in this one." Naruto said. He had been a great hero and leader, but a shitty parent. He needed to do better this time around, with his mother to actually raise him, he would be able to live a more fulfilling life.

"I'm ready." Naruto said, as Shinigami wrapped them in a white light, and he vanished from the dimension where the Shinto gods resided.

Percy Jackson Universe

16 years later

Empire State Building

It was a particularly stormy night, with thunder booming through the air and lightning crackling, then all of a sudden, it stopped. As if by some magical force.

At the docks, a body of water and a rumbling noise could be heard. Then a man wearing Greek armor surged up from the peaceful waters, with an angry expression and stormed towards the shore.

The man, Poseidon, rose up to full height of 25 feet, and a fisherman watched him in shock. Poseidon stepped onto the concrete and transformed into a normal looking human with ordinary clothes.

Poseidon walked down the street and towards the Empire State Building. A few minutes later. He could be seen at the top. Poseidon walked towards another man, who was looking out on the city. "Zeus," Poseidon said in a deep voice.

Poseidon walked up to face Zeus. "Poseidon," Zeus said.

"Its been many years since we met like," Poseidon said gravely. Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus rarely ever meet with each other outside of the annual meetings on Olympus. That they were meeting like this now…well, the last time was when they made the oath to have no more children.

Zeus looked out at the city. " What do you see?" Zeus asked and his brother looked around.

"Thunderclouds," Poseidon replied.

"But no lightning," Zeus pointed out. Poseidon looked warily at him. "The Master Bolt has been stolen." Zeus said, turning his whole body towards his brother. Zeus walked away and Poseidon's eyes followed him.

"What?" Poseidon said before following his brother. "You think I took it? Being King has blinded you brother. You know as well as I that no God can steal another's symbol of Power."

Zeus stopped walking and so did Poseidon. "But our children can." Zeus shot back.

Poseidon looked at his sibling in shock. "You dare accuse my son," He said in disbelief. "I haven't seen him since he was a baby. He doesn't know who I am or even who he is because of the damn laws." Poseidon spat.

"If your son is the thief," Zeus pause, his paranoia on full display. "I will send him to the depths of Tartarus."

Poseidon grabbed Zeus and brings him close. "If you touch him" Poseidon growled. "I will dethrone you and cast you into the Pit to join our father myself."

Zeus pushes Poseidon away. They stare at each other. "He must return the bolt to me by midnight on the summer solstice," Zeus snarled. He walked away from a glowering Poseidon. "Or there will be war." Zeus finished and blasted the door open. A glowing light came from the door and Zeus glared at his brother once more before entering the door. Then all the pieces of the broken door fixed itself.


Next Day

In the bottom of the pool was Naruto Uzumaki, with black hair and purple eyes, sitting and thinking to himself. His life here in this life had been much better so far. It was so much less stressful, not having to worry about ninja and being a jinchurriki, seeing as Naruto was the only ones around in this world with chakra or shinobi training. This time around, with an actual education and his mother, Naruto had grown up much more fulfilled, especially since his mother taught him everything she knew as a shinobi.

Of course, no life is perfect. His father, the Greek God Poseidon, was unable to be around, due to ancient laws gods follow that prevent them from raising their children. Plus, he could not let his brother's know about Naruto, as there was this oath made after the 2nd World War that no more children would be born to the Big Three. Of course, Poseidon only broke it because Zeus had first.

Plus, he was always under threat from monsters, but thanks to his shinobi training and his father's blood granting him powerful affinities for Earth, Water, and Wind, he easily fended off the threats. Naruto had a rare gift amongst demigod's, in that he had both superhuman strength and the elemental powers of his father, something that never really happens with children of the Big Three. Of course, Naruto was did not inherit superstength at birth. It was more that he trained underwater for the last several years down in Challenger's Deep, so his body adapted to crushing depths, becoming far more durable and making him stronger.

Naruto also trained in his Demigod abilities. The ADHD was a real pain in the ass, since it would prevent him from focusing, so Naruto meditated a lot to combat this. Naruto managed to get around his Dyslexia problem by just reading a lot. The Aura problem was something that was much more difficult to deal with. As a son of Poseidon and a legacy of another Olympian, he already would have had a powerful aura without being aware of his heritage, but since he was, and given how strong he was, he had the aura of an adult Hercules. But Naruto had learned from his mom that there was a way to suppress his aura through meditation, and so he had done that. He wasn't able to completely suppress his aura, but he was able to make his aura have the strength of a young demi-god that was unaware of their heritage.

Naruto, seeing it was time to rise up, removed himself from the pool to see Grover, his best and really only friend, who Naruto knew was also a Satyr.

"And he's alive, haha!" Grover said and clapping could be heard.

The guy swims over to his African American friend, who was still clapping. "Naruto Uzumaki is a beast!" The guy said.

"You're a beast man! Give me some." They high fived and Naruto hauled himself up.

"How long was that?" Naruto questioned, looking at his friend.

"15 minutes," His friend responded.

"15 minutes?" Naruto asked as his friend gave him a towel.

"That's crazy man. That's ridiculous." His friend told him. "How do you do it?"

"I just like being in water," Naruto toweled off his hair. He, of course, couldn't tell his buddy that he regularly trained at the deepest point in the ocean. "It's one place I can think."

The school bell rang later as Naruto and Grover walked into the hallway. "I wish I could spend all day in the water instead of this place." Naruto muttered to the guy.

"Right?" The guy answered. They continued to walk down the hallway. "Its like high school with out the musical."

There were guys fighting in the background. "Every day it's the same thing," Grover said as they went to another class of being lectured about English.

Next Day


Naruto and his friend walking up the stairs. "Be prepared." A deep voice said in the back of Naruto's mind, but there was no one there. "Everything is about to change, Naruto." The voice said.

Naruto stopped, looking around. "Everything is about to change." The voice repeated. Poseidon in human size could be seen in the crowd.

"Dad." Naruto muttered, Poseidon smiling as he heard it. He was staring at Naruto and the demigod caught a glimpse of him but when the bus whizzed past, he vanished. Naruto frowned, heading inside.

Inside, Mr. Bruner was giving a lecture to the class circled around statues. "There are twelve Olympian gods." The teacher said. "The Big Three are the brothers, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades."

"They obtain power by over throwing their father," The man pointed somewhere. "Kronos. By chopping him into little pieces, just as Kronos had done to his own father. The three gods have been rivals ever since. Always arguing, always threatening war." The teacher stared at Naruto and his friend, who shrugged. The class moved over to another section of the museum.

"Several occasions they would come down to Earth and... um. How should I put this?" The teacher asked.

"Hook up?" Grover offered. The whole class laughed.

"They would hook up with mortals." The teacher finished.

"The children of these unions were half god, half human." The teacher looked around.

"Can anyone tell me what they were called?" The man glanced at Naruto. "Naruto," He said.

Naruto looked at Mr. Brunner for a second before answering. "Demigod." Naruto stated.

"Exactly," Mr. Brunner agreed. "Many became great heroes." Mr. Brunner informed the class.

"Like Hercules," Mr. Brunner said. "And Achilles. Can you name another?" Mr. Brunner looked expectant.

Naruto looked upwards at a statue. There was Greek on the top. It was a painting of Theseus defeating the Minotaur.

"Theseus, Son of Poseidon. Another was Perseus, son of Zeus." Naruto answered.

Mr. Brunner nodded. "Correct." He stated and wheeled away saying, "Now over here we have a depiction of Hercules defeating the Nemean Lion."

The class gathered around the picture. "Hercules killed the beast with his bare hands and took the skin as a trophy."

"Naruto," Mrs. Dodds said. Naruto slowly turned towards her.

"Yes Mrs. Dodds?" He asked.

"We need to talk." She told him.

He raised his eyebrows, danger sense honed by years of being a shinobi and killing monsters going off in the back of his mind. "Okay," He said, following her.

Naruto looked back, before following her with a suspicious look. They entered an empty room. "So, did I do something wrong?" Naruto asked, walking away from her. He turned around. "Mrs. Dodds? Hello?" He called into the empty room.

'So, the little monster wants to play games, does she?'

"Where is it?" Mrs. Dodds hissed from up on a high platform.

"Where is what?" Naruto looked extremely confused, even though he was playing around with her.

Mrs. Dodds bared her teeth. She jumped off and transformed into her true form, which while still human-like, had leathery bat wings, claws, a mouth full of huge ugly yellow teeth, and glowing eyes.

"Well, that's new," Naruto said in interest. 'What is one of the Furies doing here? What do they think I stole? I must find out.'

The Fury dived at him, but when Naruto fell to the floor in his act, she missed and went over him. Naruto looked up in fear, though it was difficult to do, given how pathetic the creature was.

"You stole the lightning bolt." The creature hissed.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Naruto shouted at the thing.

The creature grabbed Naruto and lifted him off the ground. "Give it to me!" She hissed.

While holding Naruto in the air, the creature growled, "Give it to me now or I will bite your throat out!"

"Going to be hard to do with no spine," Came Naruto's calm and dark voice behind her, and Alecto had no time to react as Naruto landed a double dropkick on her back, breaking Alecto's entire spine, causing her to crumble to the floor.

"H-How?" Alecto demanded and that was when the Naruto she had been threatening dissolved into water.

"Water Clone Jutsu. Very useful for fooling my enemies." Naruto explained, not she would understand. Knowledge of the Shinto dimension is above her paygrade.

"Now, you mentioned a Lightning Bolt. I'm curious what it is you think I stole. The only interaction I've had with you monster's is when you all hunt me. Other than that, I've never met any of the God's, nor do I know where Olympus is."

"Now then," Naruto said as he cracked his knuckles and pulled out a silver Gerber Mark 2, which Alecto noted was the Enchanted Silver that the Hunters of Artemis use, "You are going to tell me everything."

"You can't torture me! I am a Fury! We are the master's of torment!" Alecto then cried out when Naruto started skinning her arm.

"You've clearly never met my mother or Anko Mitarashi." Naruto said menacingly as he began his special session.

A few minutes later, the door opened. Grover came rushing in along with Mr. Bruner, having realized that the Fury had lead Naruto away from the group. So they were then surprised to see Naruto break Alecto's neck, who dissolved into golden dust, going back to the Underworld. The centaur and satyr only caught a glimpse of Alecto, but she looked like she had been skinned alive.

"Naruto! Hey man, are you okay?" Grover said as looked at his friend/ charge, who was covered in blood.

"I'm fine." Naruto said.

"Your covered in blood, man." Grover said.

"It's not my blood. Besides, shouldn't you be more concerned that Alecto was able to find me." Naruto asked.

"The head of the Furies." Mr. Brunner said. "Concealed in our school. I should have known." Mr. Brunner muttered.

Mr. Brunner looked serious. "What did she want from you?" He asked.

"She wanted to know if I was the one who stole Zeus's lightning bolt." Naruto explained. Mr. Brunner looked uneasy.

"They found him." Mr. Brunner whispered. Grover looked scared. Naruto looked at them.

"He's no longer safe anymore." Mr. Brunner muttered. "Okay, where should we move him?" Grover asked.

"We have no choice. The camp." Mr. Brunner answered.

"What camp?" Naruto asked. They both shot Naruto a look.

"They think he's the thief." Mr. Brunner informed Naruto's companion. "There is no place safe on Heaven or Earth for him now besides the camp."

Mr. Brunner whispered. He looked at Naruto. "Naruto." Mr. Brunner said, getting his attention as he gave him a pen. "Take this, use it to defend yourself. It is a powerful weapon, use it only in extreme danger."

'Bruner knows more than he's letting on.' Naruto thought as he clicked the pen and it turned into a exquisite and powerful bronze xiphos.

"What is this weapon called?" Naruto wondered.

"Anaklusmos." Chiron said.

"Riptide," Naruto translated for him, clicking the sword back to it's normal form as a pen.

"Get him to the Camp." Mr. Brunner commanded Naruto's friend, and then grabbed him by the shirt. "Don't stop for anything and don't let him out of your sight." Grover nodded, looking at Naruto.

"Okay, Naruto come on. Come on man, COME ON!" He shouted, running with Naruto following.

Once they got outside, Grover started talking again. "Look, just don't trust anyone, okay?" He advised Naruto. "Don't look at anybody, just keep walking."

"Why did Mr. Brunner ask you to watch me?" Naruto questioned, while he and his friend were pushing through the crowd.

"Because I'm your protector." Grover said and Naruto couldn't help but scoff.

"My protector? Are you kidding?" Naruto asked. His best friend looked down at himself.

"What, because I'm like this," the guy lifted up a crutch. "I'm not capable of keeping you safe?" His friend demanded.

"I've been on my own for nearly 7 years since my mother was murdered right before my eyes, Grover, and I've had to kill at least 30 monster's since then. What makes you think I need protection!?" Naruto demanded and Grover stopped himself from retorting, lest he say something insulting.

"Look we can argue later, but first, we gotta get you to the camp," Grover told him. "C'mon Naruto."

"Fine, then we're taking a taxi." Naruto said as he waved down a taxi, who then stopped and Naruto opened the door. "And you can tell me all about this Camp Half-Blood." Grover sighed as he knew he would not be able to get out of this one.

Later that night

Naruto had paid the human driving the taxi a large sum of money to drive them to Camp Half-Blood. Meanwhile, Grover had told Naruto everything about Camp-Halfblood.

They were still talking when Grover saw something in the rearview. "HEY, WATCH OUT!" The African American boy shouted at the top of his lungs to the driver.

A moo could be heard and the cow hit the hood of the car and bounced off. The car flipped over and they were all screaming. The car was now upside down on the street. Naruto groaned in pain.

"Naruto," Grover tried to sit up.

"Grover, you alright?" Naruto groaned in pain. Naruto absentmindedly noticed the driver was dead.

"Is it me, or is it raining cows?" Grover looked at Naruto. Naruto glanced out the window. His eyes widened when he saw a bull man figure in the distance.

"Fuck! It's the Minotaur! We need to go!" Naruto said as he ripped off the seat belt and punched the broken door clean off it's hinges allowing him and Grover to get out of the car.

Grover grabbed the backpack. "C'mon man, let's go! Its getting closer!" Grover slipped on the backpack while jumping up and down.

Naruto got out and stood. "You don't even need those crutches." Naruto handed Grover the crutches.

"Those were just for show." Grover informed him. They then heard a howl of a dozen wolves and movement in the grasses where the Minotaur was. "Oh no," Grover said in fear.

"What the fuck is that howling!?" Naruto said as they ran towards the camp.

"It's Lycaon and his pack of werewolves! We need to run!" Grover shouted as they ran.

They climbed over a fence and continued running.

"Come on! Come on, run!" Grover kept shouting. There was a crash and Grover looked back, still running. The bull man lifted the car over its head.

The Minotaur roared and chucked the car at them. They dived and the car sailed over them, slamming into the ground. They scrambled up and kept running.

"Come on, man!" Grover yelled. They ran through the forest and torches could be seen. "We're here!" Grover exclaimed. There was a arch with Greek words. As Naruto looked at it, the words jumbled until it spelled, Camp Half-Blood.

It was then that a werewolf came out of nowhere and bit Grover in the leg, causing him to cry out and fall to the ground. The werewolf pulled it's jaw's off Grover's leg and went for his throat. That was when it was stabbed in the head by Naruto with his silver Gerber Mark 2.

"Grover!" Naruto said as he helped Grover to his feet. He looked back to see the Minotaur, Lycaon and his wolves closing in. He looked to the gate and he wouldn't make it carrying Grover. And, he wanted revenge for the bastards hurting his friend.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu," Naruto said as he used one of his signature techniques and created a clone, who took Grover from him. "Get him inside and get him help." The clone nodded and dragged Grover to the barrier, as he turned to the Minotaur make it to him first.

The Minotuar didn't waste anytime and lowered it's horns and charged at Naruto. Naruto was prepared for it though, and grasped it horns, beginning a contest of strength. The Minotaur pushed with all it's might, trying to impale Naruto with it's horn's, while Naruto held the horns and his feet dug themselves into the ground. Seeing that the Minotaur was stronger and pushing him back, Naruto switched tactic's, jumping over the Minotaur's head before letting go off his horn's and kicking off his back. Naruto pulled out a kunai with a paperbomb on it and threw it at the Minotaur, the bomb exploding as it hit the monster.

Naruto landed on a tree branch as the Minotaur emerged from the explosion, bleeding and burnt in several areas but otherwise fine. Naruto pulled out Riptide and clicked it, the pen transforming into the sword, before jumping down on the roaring monster and slicing down, cutting off one of the bull man's horns and leaving a deep bleed cut on his abdomen.

The Minotaur tried to punch Naruto but Naruto ducked and weaved under the attack before channeling Wind Chakra into Riptide for his Flying Swallow Jutsu, and sliced open the monster's gut, causing his innards to spill out, before Naruto finished him off by cutting off the head of the Minotaur in one clean stroke. As the head hit the ground, the Minotaurs body turned to golden dust.

"Tch, that useless bull. Can't do anything right," Came a voice as a man with red eyes and wearing nothing but furs and a bronze crown on his head stepped out of the shadows, while Naruto was surrounded on all sides by the Werewolves.

"…A demigod traveling with a satyr. Just as we were told." The man said.

"So, someone, I'm guessing either Zeus or Hades, sent you after me. Maybe they shouldn't have started with the B-team." Naruto insulted and Lycaon growled at the insult.

"Insolent little shit." The wolves snarled along with the man. "Do you know who you speak to? I am Lycaon."

"Yeah, I know who you are," Naruto said as his eyes narrowed. "You're that dumbass that tried to feed Zeus human flesh and kill him in his sleep."

"You know my story then?" Lycaon asked, snarling. "Zeus killed my sons and turned me into what I am today!"

"Says the one who fed Zeus his own son," Naruto retorted as he pulled out one of his Enchanted Silver Gerber Mark 2's. "You have only yourself to blame for what happened to you."

Lycaon's eyes narrowed even further. "What did you say?"

"I said it's your own damn fault for being an arrogant dumbass," Naruto said. He tightened his grip on his knife and prepared to use another jutsu.

Lycaon snarled and gnashed his teeth before turning to his pack. "Kill him!"

"Ain't gonna happen!" Naruto shouted as he jumped into the air, avoiding being dog-piled and threw the knife before quickly going through a series of handseals at lightning speed, shouting, "Kunai Shadow clone Jutsu!" As if by magic, the single Gerber became 400, unleashing a rainstorm of silver weapons into the pack, killing all of the werewolves except Lycaon, who had jumped back and watched in horror as the 'insolent little shit' killed his entire pack, their bodies turning to gold dust just like the Minotaur.

"You fucking brat!" Lycaon shouted as he shifted into some kind of furry, muscular hybrid form, but his face, the crown on his head, and the red eyes remained unchanged. "I'll kill you!"

"Come on, then," Naruto said as he pulled his silver Gerber out of the ground.

"Die!" The monster shouted.

Naruto braced himself as the hybrid Lycaon leapt at him,. He fell to his back, using his feet to dig into Lycaon's stomach and flipping the lycanthrope over him into a tree. Lycaon quickly got to his feet. He glared at Naruto, his red eyes gleaming with bloodlust

"I'll enjoy feasting on your flesh," Lycaon said.

Naruto crossed his fingers in front of his face. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Ten clones appeared at his side and Lycaon grinned savagely. "They're not illusions...More meat for the grind. I will feast on your flesh for a week!"

"That won't be happening," Naruto said, one of the duplicates running forward and stabbing Lycaon in the back with his copy of Naruto's knife. Lycaon snarled at the offending clone and backhanded it into a tree, where it landed face first and dispelled. More clouds of smoke followed as Lycaon ripped through them like tissue paper, the smoke filling the area.

"Solid copies," Lycaon said as he realized what Naruto had done and how he had murdered his whole pack. He had a deep snarl on his face. "You must be killed, you're too powerful!"

"Not the first time I've heard that," Naruto said as his voice filled the area. Lycaon turned around to see Naruto delivering a flying kick to his face, sending Lycaon crashing through a tree.

Naruto kept up his attack, running forward with his hand back and a sphere of energy forming. He leapt into the air and prepared to drive his Rasengan into the wolf king's chest, only for the lycanthrope to roll out of the way. The ground exploded and when the dust cleared there was a massive crater, Naruto's hand hovering over it.

"That was impressive." Lyacon had a gleam in his eye. He lifted a clawed hand up to slice through Naruto when another kick connected with his face, sending him flying through another 50 feet. Lycaon looked up to see the Naruto he had been fighting vanish into thin air and the air ripple to reveal the real Naruto, except he was different. His irises had changed color and had green pigmentation around his eyes that extended to his ears and had a marking on his forehead with a dot in the center. This was Sage Mode.

Even though he no longer had a contract with the Toads, Naruto could still use Sage Mode, he just had to go about it a different way, like his mother had. In this life, his mom was a daughter of Demeter, which oddly enough, allowed her to awaken her latent Kekkai Genkai she inherited from her grandfather Hashirama, as she was his granddaughter in their old life. Anywho, she rediscovered how to use sage mode while mastering Wood Style and taught it to Naruto before she was killed on that cruise back from Greece.

"Wha-" Lycaon tried to ask but was unprepared as Naruto appeared in front of him and punched him in the jaw, breaking off some of Lycaon's teeth. Lycaon growled and swiped at Naruto only for Naruto to duck and weave around him as Naruto his fist into Lycaon's gut, rupturing his intestine's to the point Lycaon coughed up blood. Naruto punched toward's his head and Lycaon's managed to maneuver out of the way. It was then that Naruto's natural energy extended out and made contact with Lycaon's cheek, allowing the strike to still hit Lycaon, which sent him rolling away.

Lycaon got up, wondering why he was hit as Naruto pulled out a Enchanted Silver Kopis with a black handle from his sealing tattoo. On the handle was the red swirl of the Uzumaki.

"That sword! You're Kushina Uzumaki's brat!" Lycaon said in recognition as he saw a visage of Kushina standing menacingly next to Naruto.

"That's right," Naruto said darkly with an evil smirk. "And just like my mother did nearly a dozen times, I'm gonna make you my little bitch, you pitiful reject of a king."

"No! I won't suffer anymore humiliation from that bitch!" Lycaon roared as he rushed at Naruto and swiped at his throat but Naruto caught the arm and chopped it off at the shoulder with an upward swing. Roaring in pain, Lycaon swung with his other hand and Naruto's kopis made contact with the werewolf king's elbow, cutting through the flesh and bone until the arm fell off and Lycaon was left armless. Lycaon didn't give up and tried to bite Naruto but Naruto gripped the armless werewolf by the head and held him back before smashing Lycaon's face with the butt of the handle 3 times, before Spartan Kicking him in the chest, breaking the werewolf's ribcage and sending him to the ground.

Lycaon managed to pull himself back to his feet but he was in so much pain and just a mess. He looked at Naruto in fear, as the way he was standing, with his Sage Mode on, the kopis held at his side, Lycaon's blood dripping off the sword and shadows covering Naruto body, Lycaon was reminded of the first time Kushina had made him her 'little bitch'. Lycaon and his pack had raped and mauled one of the Huntresses to death, someone who had been a friend of Kushina's. In response, she killed his entire pack, beat him to a pulp, and skinned him alive until he was begging for death. When Naruto walked toward him and raised his sword as if to throw it, the werewolf whimpered and looked away, now as afraid of Naruto as he was of his mother. Naruto threw it but the sword did not hit Lycaon, instead landing right in front of him. Lycaon slowly looked away from the sword and to Naruto just in time to see Naruto pull his arm back to deliver an uppercut to his chin and then darkness was all he knew.

Naruto reached up and caught the falling head of Lycaon, which was dissolving into gold dust like the rest of his body, although Lycaon's bronze crown remained as a trophy.

Naruto gathered the Minotaur horn and walked through the boundaries of the camp, before he exited Sage Mode. His mother had warned him that using Sage Mode in this world was not a pleasant experience since humans had destroyed much of nature and the wrath and rage of nature was much more prominent here than in the Elemental Nations. That and the possibility of gaining the attention of Gaea, but in his haste to finish Lycaon without risking getting bit, he had forgotten that and fell unconscious in exhaustion as some campers were making their way to him.

While a group of demi-gods helped Naruto to the infirmary, an entity stirred beneath the earth. A small tremor was felt in the area that Naruto, the Minotaur, and Lycaon had fought in. It was searching for the source of whatever had drawn on nature's power. Mostly out of curiosity.

Gaea, Primordial Goddess of the Earth, was very interested in Naruto Uzumaki. Very Interested.

Chapter End

SO, this was a little challenge that I had been working on for the past month.

Enchanted Silver does not exist in the Percy Jackson Canon, so I made it up. As far as I know, the Huntresses use strictly silver weapons to hunt, so I have to imagine that their silver is special, especially if it can kill monster's other than Lycaon and his werewolves.

Also, Annabeth and Clarisse will be played by their actor's in the movie's.

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