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So Ash here will be seventeen and will have aura abilities with some martial arts skills. So he won't be at a complete disadvantage to other characters. Anyway here comes the warning!

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-Chapter Starts-

"Here we are…" Ash asked out loud, looking over a large ruins from a hilltop, the light of the full moon illuminating the area allowing him to easily taken in the sight. The area was littered with ancient buildings of unknown make, not even sharing any semblance to ancient Kanto architecture. "Never seen anything like this before, who built this place?" the teen asked confused, he's been around the world and seen many things but this place just didn't feel like it belong.

The ruins were located ten miles west of Pallet town by some archeologists from Viridian city only a few months ago. Before it was only just the roof of a building but soon with enough manpower, and pokemon labour, they dug up an entire settlement with the roof first discovered actually belonging to a very large temple. The temple was the centerpiece of the settlement and was its largest structure, meaning it was probably the most important location.

Usually Ash wouldn't care about such a place, sure it was interesting but he preferred battling or martial arts to dusty old buildings and ancient text. However, he was ordered to come here by a another party, the Aura Guardians.

Ash only in the past few years learned about his aura and was only contacted by the Guardians in the last year. The group invited him into their ranks to help keep balance between humans and pokemon, keeping the natural balance between the two to keep Arceus pleased. They trained him in the basics of utilizing his aura, being able to manifest aura spheres and enhancing his body far beyond normal human limits. In exchange for the training, he became a sorta of a agent for them, keeping the group informed on any trouble and doing missions for them.

One such mission was one he was currently doing, infiltrate the dig to investigate the temple. The Guardians weren't usually into ruins themselves but possibly these ruins might have connections to the guardians, maybe even aura use by humans itself. Because of that, they needed to send someone in to check and confirm any possible connections. Ash was just the closest guardian nearby to do this, given the ruins close proximity to his hometown and the fact he was on vacation at home.

"Seems they finally dug up the entrance to the temple, time to go in," Ash said out loud, petting his canine companion on her head getting an annoyed grunt at the action. "Sorry but you'll have to get your beauty sleep later lycanroc," he told his partner with a sheepish grin, honestly he'd rather fall asleep and curl up with her until the afternoon. However, this was the best time to enter the temple.

Lycanroc whimpered a bit more, hoping to sway her trainer's opinion, but noticing the tactic wasn't working, sighed and stood up, stretching her powerful legs as she did. Once she finished her stretches, she looked up at her partner and nodded before jumping down the hill they were on, landing right beside a small house looking ruin.

As forward as ever, Ash thought snorting at the action, well to be fair he wasn't exactly a subtle person either. He followed in her suit and leaped off their vantage point, holding his hat with one hand to stop it from being blown off. As the ground neared, a thin layer of aura formed around his feet, not only strengthening his legs but providing an additional layer of protection. He slammed into the ground with a heavy thud, kicking up dust at the force and sending a shock though his body.

Legs not broken and only the briefest pang of pain. Ash thought to himself pleased at the results, his drop was at least six stories but he was perfectly fine outside of a tiny bit of numbness in his legs. After the numbness quickly faded, he walked up to the wall of the building and pressed himself against it, sliding against it until he was at the corner. He quickly popped his head around the corner to make sure the coast was clear, hopefully their landing didn't garner unwanted attention.

The ancient paved streets of the settlements were vacant, only a few left behind pickaxes and archeology tools being the only out of place items. With no sign of people around, the duo came around the corner and slowly made their way down the street headed towards the temple in the middle of the settlement.

The walk was a slow one, the two had to avoid getting discovered by security, however the lights produced by their flashlights gave them good warning on their position. Stealth was never Ash's strong suits, not that he couldn't hide well but because he lacked the patience for it. He preferred taking things on head on, sneaking around the problem just wasn't his style. But sadly, he had to tolerate the slow approach or face getting caught and sent home to his mother. Oh boy would he get an ear full from her if that happened!

With the slow progress, it gave Ash the time to let his thought wander about this place. He was curious why this place was so different from nearly anything else built around, the place had no architectural similarities to ancient Kanto buildings or heck buildings from anywhere else in the world. Where they some bizarre culture that decided to be different? Also what connections could they have to aura and the Guardians? The Guardians themselves believe there is some relation between them.

Ash suddenly stopped suddenly, the steps leading up to the temple right in front of him, the steps went up roughly four stories. Made sense why they discovered it first since the other buildings were lucky if they reached a second story. "Well let's head up," he told his partner taking the first step on the stone step, soon followed by a few more as he headed up. His canine companion following behind him, her long claws making a light clicking sound with each step.

The two made it up the steps, no sounds shared between them other than their footsteps. Just as they were about to reach the top, Ash peaked his head over the edge to make sure no security was around guarding the entrance. Noticing the coast was clear, they took their final steps up the stairs and now stood in front of the ancient temple.

Woah… quite ornate ain't it? Ash thought whistling at the sight in front of him. Near the front of the entrance to the temple was several well carved statues, their imagine ruined due to breaking in certain areas. Most of the statues depicted soldiers with a variety of weaponry, swords, maces, spears, and axes to name a few which he could see. The most impressive statue was ironically the only one left relatively intact, missing a few pieces here and there plus some serious cracks but it was still standing unlike the others who couldn't stand the test of time.

The statue was made of marble and had intricate gold carvings on it, he didn't understand if the carvings had deeper meaning or were just a stylized design. Interestingly, this statue held no weapons like the others, instead in a outstretched hand it held a sphere, purely blue and glowed by some unknown method… the sight was oddly familiar…

Ash extended his hand, just like the statue, and formed an aura sphere in his hand, the orb glowing a similar blue glow like the sphere in the statues hand. "Well if this doesn't connect this place to the aura guardians I don't know what will…" this statue was obviously meant to represent a guardian, were the other less ornate statues also guardians or were they followers? Was the guardian their leader?

Well he wasn't gonna get the answers to his questions looking at this thing. The teen slowly backed up from the statue before dropping his backpack onto the floor, opening it up and searching through to find something. He pulled out a small camera from his bag and pointed at the statue, making sure the entire statue was in frame before taking a picture. He clicked the button on his camera and bright flash temporarily illuminated the statue.

"Well I don't think we need anymore evidence than that…" Ash told his partner looking at the saved picture, the picture clear and should be enough to prove the connection. Lycanroc simply huffed in reply as he put away the camera and strapped the backpack onto himself once more. Just as he was about to turn around to leave, the entrance of the ruin caught his eyes.

Originally he planned enter the temple but this statue made such a thing unnecessary now. Despite that fact, he was curious about what was inside, the statue was simply an appetizer to a greater tale hidden inside the temple. He started to walk forward towards the entrance, walking over pieces of statues and other derby, but was stopped by something pulling at his jeans.

He looked down to Lycanroc who had a piece of jeans in her mouth, trying to pull him away from the temple without ripping his pants entire. Ash bent down onto his knees and pet her lush mane, getting a whine out of her. "I won't be long in there girl, just gonna take a few more pics and I'll be out of there," he reassured his oldest companion, the canine tentatively letting go and licking his cheek, still whimpering softly.

With his companion soothed for the moment, he kept walking towards the entrance but stopped just short of it, the eerie darkness of the temple was quite foreboding. Ash breathed in to calm himself before grabbing a flashlight and pointing towards the darkness, turning it on and illuminating the space right in front of him. With his path now lit, he took his first steps into derelict temple.

The first ten minutes of his walk was… uneventful. There wasn't really anything around to catch his interest. No ancient writing on the walls or maybe some strange artifacts from Arceus, just broken clay pots and some other mundane everyday items. It seemed the first floor was the living quarters, he found a room filled with rusted and broken cookware which was most likely a kitchen and a few rooms filled with single beds, broken and rotten due to millennium of no maintenance. He decided to find the stairs and get to the next floor, just looking at the pots and pans got his stomach rumbling for chow.

The second floor was far more interesting, or at least it would be. He found endless eroded bookcases and giant piles of dust on the floor, obviously this was some form library or record keeping area. Time turned all the countless books and pages to the dust, probably would have been a great find for the eggheads. Not so much for Ash, he barely passed English so ancient text was definitely out of his league. After roaming the dust pile which was the second floor, coughing up a storm and breathing in thousand year old dust, he found another flight of stairs leading further down.

Reaching the third floor, Ash breathed in the fresh air, coughing up what dust built up in his lungs. "Ain't impressing me temple…" the seventeen year old moaned out, waving his flashlight around to get his bearings. After taking a few minutes to recover from his coughing fit, he walked down the hallway in front of him. Connected to the hallway were several rooms, the wooden doors used for privacy destroyed by time. Strangely, the third floor also seemed like a living quarters, eroded bed frames and rusted cookware was abundant here as well.

However something caught Ash's eye, he saw something shine back his flashlight's light back at him. He walked towards one of the rooms near the end of the hallway before stopping just in front of it, bending down and grabbing the item which caught his eye. "A helmet?" the raven haired boy asked out loud, he was able to identify the object now that he was close. The thing was extremely rusty and he was confident that it would break if he tossed it, still it was cool looking.

He flashed his light into the room the helmet laid in front of, the sight inside caused his mouth to gap open and to drop the helmet onto the floor, the rusty object easily breaking into pieces. The room was littered with armor and weapons, all rusted and decrepit but still the vast amount of weapons obviously made this level no mere living quarters. It was probably where the guards stayed but…

Why would they be here instead of near the top to better protect the entrance… Ash wasn't a genius but this didn't seem right. He continued down the hallway, taking a left turn but suddenly stopped. In front of the teen was a large stone door with gold engravings and at the center of the door was sphere, engraved in gold with some black crystal underneath it. He didn't see any way of opening the door, he even tried pushing it and trying to feel a pressure plate to open it but nothing. The movies made these things look way easier.

Ash sighed and was about ready to end his expedition but he focused on the sphere in the middle. The sphere kind of reminding him of the sphere the ornate statue had, it just wasn't glowing blue like the one outside. If the guy outside is suppose to be a guardian, maybe the key to opening the gate is aura? That made sense, if this place was connected to them than a locked door opened only by aura would be great security.

Ash placed his hand on the sphere and started to focus his aura into the palm of his hand. At first, nothing happened. Maybe he was wrong or the thing was broken due to time. However, he suddenly felt the aura he focus into his hand begin to get sucked out of him, the black crystal started to glow a faint blue and grew in intensity as more of his aura entered it. He tried to pry himself away from the sphere but for some reason, the sphere pulled his hand and he couldn't remove it.

Suddenly, the pull it had disappeared and the teen stumbled back a few steps, the sphere was glowing as intense as the one outside. A slit appeared in the middle of the door and slowly the two slabs of stone slid into the wall, revealing what was behind them. "More stairs…" Ash mumbled seeing just another dark staircase, he was expecting more for that effort. He shrugged his shoulders and made his way down the steps to the next floor, hopefully the lower levels are more interesting than the upper ones.

Ash walked down the dark stairway but stopped, he saw a light source at the bottom but what was making it? Gulping in anticipation, he finally reached the bottom floor and his breath was taken away from him. This floor beat all the others with ease!

The walls of the room was covered in artwork, carvings of men fighting creatures he never seen before though they were in the shape of canines, birds, and some form of large reptiles. However two figures stood out to him, one in front of leading the troops was large and muscular man wielding a sword that didn't know if it wanted to be one or be a whip, since the weapon seemed to be some combination of both. The near the hilt of the blade was some strange sigil, almost looked like the head of a horned creature, what could the symbol mean? It was obvious he was leading these forces.

The other odd one out was a man far to the rear, standing a top stone walls with a spear in one hand and another blue gem in the other, obviously meant to represent aura. The spear had a strange sigil in it too, but this one was a circle with six points jutting out of it, it slightly reminded of the ring that surrounded Arceus. Behind the stonewall he stood upon were people but unlike the others they seemed to unarmed and seemed mostly composed of woman and children. It seemed this figure was a guardian of some sort to him, protecting those who couldn't fight back from the monsters while the one with the sword went out with those who could fight to fight back against them, a sword and shield one might say.

Ash pulled out his camera and took a few more pictures, two of the wall and one of the strange lighting system, which seemed to be torches of some kind but not of traditional fuel but the crystal used elsewhere, before continuing on his expedition. He would find another flight of stairs but near it he found another set of artwork carved into the wall, this was two human armies heading out to meet each other, one lead from the burly man from before but the other lead by a woman with very wiggly looking sword. The guardian from before was there but like before he was near the back, however unlike before he was protecting a wall but entering some structure with his head low, seemingly almost mournful about what was happening behind him. What had happen, weren't the two men friends? Why was he abandoning him in this fight and who was this woman fighting what seemed to be a hero from what he could tell from the earlier wall?

The more he explored the place the more things just got confusing, what were those creatures that those humans from earlier were fighting? They certainly weren't pokemon, he never seen anything like them and he never heard of some Pokémon-Human war in Kanto before. Also those sigils he saw before, he actually noticed the symbol of the guardian was actually quite numerous in this temple. So that meant he built this place? Did that mean he was the leading Aura Guardian here? Ash shook his head at those thoughts, he still had one more flight of stairs to go down it seemed, which was odd. He recalled the temple only had four stories, seems the temple had a basement or subterranean floors below the surface structure.

Heading down the steps, he would reach the bottom of them in a minute. Once he reached the bottom, it was just a hallway. No side doors or connecting hallway, just one hallway no bigger than the entrance he came from and seemed to go on for awhile, the teen unable to see where the hallway ended or what was the end of it. Ash started to make his way down the hallway, each footstep echoing across the long tunnel. The walls had no art to admire and only the eerie blue lights kept him company, it made the teen feel truly alone and isolated from the world, just his thoughts to keep him distracted as his legs automatically kept moving forward.

Ash didn't know how long he walked, maybe ten minutes but it seemed longer than that, he left his watch and pokédex at home meaning he lost track of the passage of time. He thought this hallway would never end, he was going mad seeing the same grey walls for so long, but just when he started to think of going back the way he came, he saw something in the distance

A door! Just like the ones before with the aura lock, he wasn't just mindlessly wandering around for no reason! Ash rushed up to the door and reached it in a single minute, nearly running into it in his excitement. He placed his hand on the sphere and transferred his aura into until it glowed a bright blue, the door sliding into the wall shortly after revealing a dark room, none of the earlier lights present.

Ash flashed his light inside and noticed a single orb on a golden pedestal in the middle of the room and the walls had weird writing on the walls. What the walls were trying to say the teen couldn't make heads or tails of. He pointed the flashlight at the floor catching the glimpse of carvings on them, not words like on the wall. The carvings all lead to the pedestal, probably representing it as important. Outside of that, the room was mostly featureless, no furniture or even dust, its in perfect condition.

The teen walked inside the room and walked up to the only item he could interact with, the orb on the pedestal. He was confused by its purpose, the other ones were lights or lock, this one just seemed out of the place to him. Nothing ventured nothing gained… Ash thought walking up to the pedestal, lifting his hand and hovering over the sphere, mentally debating if he really should do this. Overcoming his fear of the unknown, he rested his hand on the sphere than started to pump aura into it.

Like earlier, the orb started to glow but it was quite the slow windup and didn't reach it's full brightness. Suddenly, the markings on the floor started to glow a bright blue, the walls soon following with them. Ash heard loud thud behind him and turned his head to the exit, the door slid back into place and he just noticed strange markings on the door as well matching the wall. Raven haired teen tried desperately to pry himself away from the device, grasping his wrist with his free to try and add more force, dropping his flashlight in the process. Even with these efforts, the sphere kept him glued to it just as the room started to shake violently and the lights grew brighter. So bright he had to close his eyes or be blinded!

Suddenly, everything just stopped. The shaking just ceased and Ash slowly opened his eyes, noticing the room was just entirely dark. He pulled his hand away from the sphere and stumbled back, falling onto the floor on his side. After catching his breath, he got onto his hands and knees, moving his hands across the floor to try and find his flashlight which turned off when it fell. He found in a few seconds and quickly turned on, illuminating the pitch black room. The teen got back onto his feet and scanned the area with the flashlight, trying to find out what happen.

Ash noticed he was still in the same room… but also not. The general lay out was the same but the room was quite damaged. The walls and flooring seemed to have serious cracking, compared to the near pristine room he was in. The door blocking his exit before was broken entirely, the orb used as the lock just laying in some rubble. The most noticeable difference was the orb on the pedestal, it had deep crack in it, nearly splitting it in half.

Ash was confused by this, did he do this when he activated the orb? The room did shake violently. He walked up to the pedestal and tried to transfer aura into it. Nothing, his aura wasn't even being absorbed by the crystal, obviously the crack left it inert and useless. "Well nothing can be done now…" whatever happened didn't matter, best get out of here, he didn't know what effects he caused. He quickly ran out of the room and into the hallway, the less time he spent here now the better. Unbeknownst to him, his action would not go unnoticed.

-Remire Village-

Jeralt looked up through the window of the room he and his child shared at the local inn that the innkeeper generously offered him and his mercenary group to stay for the night, though he probably made up for the free rooms for all the ale he sold to the thirsty mercenaries. Something caught the eye of the aging mercenary though, a blue pillar of sort suddenly shot through the forest line and into the heavens, parting any cloud that dare stand in it's way, clearing up the cloudy night sky and revealing the moon hidden by them

"What in the world?" Jeralt asked to himself outloud, he never saw anything like this in all his days as mercenary or has a captain of the knight of Seiros. Was this the doing of some kind of heroes relic? Though he never heard of one parting the clouds in his life or creating a blue pillar of light. As quickly as the light came, it vanished only leaving behind the hole it created in the sky. "I'm getting too old for this…" the mercenary said exhausted, it seemed whatever made that light was somewhat close by, however it was too late in the night to go exploring for it and he'd rather not get roped in with it. Especially if it had anything to do with the church and her…

Looking away from the window he looked down at his sleeping child, noticing them turning frequently and beads of sweat running down there face. Another restless sleep uh, kid? Is it the battle or that young girl again? Jeralt thought to himself, it was always the same dream with his child in recent weeks and it was concerning. Another reason he didn't want to go searching for the source of the light, he already had the mystery of his only child, he didn't need to add another one on top of it.

-Woods near Remire Village-

"Claude I would advise against this action, leaving behind the other to explore… whatever created that light isn't wise." A blonde haired teen wearing a blue cloak and armor warned his companion, not desiring to get in trouble over his fellow house leader curious desire. "You know what they say about about 'curiosity and the cat', correct? Unlike them you don't have nine lives."

"But I'm also much clever than any cat, you don't need nine lives when you can scheme like me." The tanned teen known as Claude shot back, flashing the blonde one of his grins. "Plus I didn't invite you join me if I recall, you merely followed Dimitri. If your so worried than head back with our imperial princess, you'll just ruin the whole operation." The heir to house Reigan told them, when it came to stealth and schemes he ran supreme.

"If we left you to your own devices Claude, we'd have troubling bearing down on us. I'd rather know what I'm dealing with than just waiting for you to run back to us with host of enemies on your rear." The silver haired teen, Edelgard, chastised her alliance counterpart. "Though I must admit I'm also curious what caused the light, it seemed nearby and parted the very sky itself. It must be quite powerful…" the future emperor mumbled the last part to herself, she needed to know what this abnormality was and how it could change her plans for the near future. An unknown variable could tip the scale of events against her if not unaccounted for…

"Boss are you sure about this, I say we get outta here after that light show!" An unknown figure warned, the man was clearly shaken by just what happened and thought it a warning for what they were about to do.

"Shut your damn mouth you idiot!" A much larger man hissed into the ear of his compatriot, grasping the man's head and giving it a rough squeeze, getting a whine of pain from the smaller man. "We're here to off has many noble brats has we can, a thousand gold per head! I'm not gonna let some dumb lights scare us away from a big score! Especially when a group of these brats just so happen to wonder off on there own, now grab your weapon and let's kill him before people notice them gone!" The large man ordered picking up his axe, the others in his little group grabbing there own.

-Back at the Temple-

Ash would make his way out of the room, the hallway leading back to the stairs seemed relatively the same, though he noticed some cracking her and there on the walls, seems the walls were under greater pressure than before. After a long walk he would return the ladder and climb up the stairs, heading up to the next floor. However he noticed somethings weren't the same as he first came through, noticeably was it was far more damaged than when he entered, both unintentionally and intentionally.

On the fourth floor with the wall art he noticed the face of the man with the whip sword was damaged beyond recognition, has if hiding the face of the man was the intent. Several of the walls were damaged and caves in, he also noticed dirt pouring in from the outside. This floor was certainly more damaged than he entered, was this doing? He doubted the archaeologists will be pleased by that if it was the case.

Ash kept heading towards the surface, each floor mimicking the ones he passed just in a more ruined state than when he passed originally. However, he actually found what seemed like a bathing room with fresh clean water in the third level which wasn't there before, only confusing the teen further. Once he reached the top floor and headed towards the exit, he noticed something off around the entrance.

A large section of the entrance was destoryed, has if someone or a large group of someone broke down a section of the wall to gain entry, reinforced by the aura locked stone door on the floor. The more horrific sight was the large amounts of bodies scattered around, though it seemed whatever battle took place here was long ago, only the remains of rusted arms and armor remained, even the bones of the combatants turned to dust. "What happened here..?" Ash asked himself seriously confused, the entrance was certainly not how he remembered it and the sight of the bodies made him unease. The teen would head to the now enlarged exit, doing his best to not ruin the rusted armors and weapons scattered around.

Heading out, he noticed something off. "Where's the dig site?" Ash asked himself, noticing only large tracts of forest around him. He had a strange feeling he wasn't in Kanto anymore.

-Chapter Ends-

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