# Supernatural Hash Tags #

You are the kings of the Hash tag world.

We follow every single word.

Four simple lines that cross each other.

A simple symbol that unites sisters and brothers.


You walk on stage and the crowd goes wild.

You're our family is the united call.

Don't you know

We've watched you grow

From boys to men.

We've watched you laugh

And watched you cry.

We've watched you live

And we've watched you die.



You taught us that we have free will,

That we didn't need to follow the drill.

We can be our own solid rock.

We don't need to follow the flock,

That we have a choice,

And we have a voice.

To speak up now and make a stand,

For all of our fellow man.



You taught us all

To stand up tall,

To unite

In a common fight.

That no matter who we are,

Whether it be near or far,

We just need to believe

That we are all just one family.



You stand up there,

Like you have no care.

No worries in your lives,

But that is just lies.

I'm sure your kids have a cry,

When you go to work and say goodbye.

The stress that you must feel,

Must be double and be unreal.

But the fans are behind you all,

Always keep fighting is the call.



'Til Dean cries no more,

And Castiel's wings are once more full.

'Til Sam closes that last book,

And Crowley's demons are on the hook.

'Til we see those last credits roll.

Then after all the tears do fall,

We will watch all the reruns,

All the deaths, heartbreaks and all.