"Ever Wonder?"

by Nate Z

            Have you ever wondered Prime, why it was so easy? How, not once, but twice, you were resurrected as if it were as simple as changing a light bulb? Well, let me tell you.

            Do you remember that fateful day all those millions of years ago? Back when you were just Orion Pax, a simple worker. The day Megatron came out of the sky, and introduced himself, and his fusion cannon, to you.

            What you need to understand is that really was a long time ago. Before the war, and before Megatron had full control over his abilities. He was still experimenting, you see. When he blasted you the second time, he wasn't channeling power from a black hole. No. He hadn't developed that power yet. He was channeling power from his laser core. His very Spark.

            The result was unexpected to say the very least. The Spark energies of the two of you fused, creating a sort of bond. A bond that not even I fully understand to be completely honest, but I do know the result:

            As long as he lived, so would you.

            Shocking I know, but it's true.

            What's that you say? But you died? Well, no. Not exactly. By all means, you should have died, but you didn't. Your Spark never extinguished. You were irreparable to all except those who had intimate knowledge of your structure. Like Alpha Trion.

            Or the Quintessons.

            How they knew you still lived, I'm not sure, but eventually they found you, repaired you, and used you like a puppet. Then you broke free of their control, and heroically "died" all over again. The humans saved your body, but the pathetic bags of flesh couldn't begin to understand the wonders of Transformers physiology. Again, it was a Quintesson that restored you. But you know all this already.

            Megatron was far from idle during all of this. He was close to death himself after that fateful battle in 2005, but not quite. He survived long enough to be summoned by Unicron and, for lack of a better term, transformed.

            In terms of personality, Galvatron is quite different from Megatron, but the Spark is very much the same. Not even Unicron could change that. Too bad he never thought to sever the bond between the two of you. It would have made my job much easier.

            I'm sorry, could you repeat that Optimus?

            Oh! You think, now that I've explained all of this to you, you'll just come back again and stop me. That could be a problem. But, no worries!

            I've already killed Galvatron.


I wrote this for two reasons. One: It always bugged me that after making it quite clear that he was DEAD in the movie, Prime was "brought back" with no real problems, just like that. Two: I decided I need more TF stuff posted here than just two poems, especially considering what I wrote in my profile.

So here we are. Please R&R. Thank you.