Hi! Ok ya, people didn't seem to like Sweet Fur Amiee, The Wolf Demon too much, and if she really was a mary-sue I'm sorry, I don't like mary-sue's! So, I may continue that fic sometime in the future! I hope my oc in this fic, Rinika, isn't a mary-sue!!!!! Anyway, I hope u all like this! And this is just the prologue!!!!


A girl with long firey orange hair that was tied back in a braid, and crystal blue eyes sat on her bed. Her dog Nikko, which was a orange and white Welsh Corgi dog, lay there with her. Nikko had a white tip on her tail, a white stomach, and a white streak going down her forehead to her nose, she had hazel eyes, and the rest of her fur was an orangeish brown. Nikko licked a bruise and cut on the girl's cheek. The girl sighed and stroked her fur. She looked out the window and said softly, "So this is me, Rinika Kawai's pitiful excuse for a life!" Nikko whimpered and licked her hand, "Don't worry Rinika, I'm sure everything will turn out alright in time" Nikko telepathically said to Rinika reassuringly. Rinika sighed again.

Rinika went into the bathroom and cleaned her face. She sat back on her bed with Nikko. Suddenly, a girl with long brown hair burst into her room. Rinika gave a cold glare to the girl, "out Paxton!" she shouted. Paxton stood there, "listen daddy said he's ordering a pizza for dinner and your paying for it!" she said in a bratty voice. "GET OUT BITCH!" Rinika exclaimed, pushing her stepsister out the door. She shut the door and gasped, what had she done? The sound a feet running angrily up the stairs was then heard. A man opened up Rinika's door and looked at her with hate in his eyes. The man had brown eyes, light brown hair, and he was sort of going bald. He wore a green sweater and jeans, Paxton stood at the door, and stuck her tongue out at Rinika. 'what is it now?" Rinika asked the man. He grabbed her by the collar of her tee-shirt, and punched her. Rinika hit the ground hard, Nikko whimpered and snarled at the man. Rinika sat up and held her cheek, which now had another bruise on it. " U TREAT YOUR SISTER LIKE THAT AGAIN AND I'LL RAM YOU SO HARD INTO THE WALL U WON'T SEE STRAIGHT!!!!" he exclaimed and shut the door.

Rinika sighed. This is what I go through everyday, especially when mom's out on buisness…, she thought. "I hate him!" she said under her breath. "all he does is either order me around, or beat me! Why did mom marry him in the first place!?" she said to no one in particular. Nikko licked her hand. Rinika started to think about how horrible her life was. She was a fire hanyou, 1/2 Fire Demon, 1/2 human. She was different than everyone else around her. No one liked her, they all thought she was weird, that's why she had a lonely childhood. Her only friend had been an orphaned fire demon, by the name of Hiei. Her mother had started taking care of him when she was 4, same as he. She and him clicked right then and there, he had comforted her because she was so sad because her father had just died. Her full fire demon father. Her only other friend was a girl by the name of Akira Yoshiko. Rinika had sort of befriended 2 boys named Yusuke Urameshi and Shuiichi Minamino(did I spell his last name right?), whom everybody called Kurama. But Rinika was not close with them like with Hiei and Akira. Things had been going pretty ok for her until she was 7 years old. That's when her mother married Terry Tebbe, Rinika's worst nightmare. Along with Terry came his daughter Paxton, who was a year younger than Rinika. Things went alright for the first couple of months, but soon Terry's true nature came out and things started to get violent. Whenever Rinika snapped at Paxton, did something wrong, etc. Terry beat her, and not just a spanking, literally BEAT her. Rinika's mother wouldn't have it, but whenever she tried to intervene, he beat her as well. But Paxton was always untouched, Terry always spoiled her, even though she was the biggest brat there was. Rinika's mother, Suka, soon got a job going out of town, and usually out of the country for various amounts of time. That made things worse for Rinika. When she was gone Terry made her life even more miserable. This is how she lived and what her life was like, her only comfort was in her dog Nikko, or in Hiei or Akira.

The doorbell rang, Rinika knew the pizza had arrived. She sighed and took her purse downstairs, Nikko at her feet. She paid the man and went to sit through another miserable meal with her stepdad and sister. Her mom would be coming home tomorrow, that's what she had to look forward to.


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