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Rinika's alarm went off. Nikko's ears perked up, she sat up, stretched, and yawned. She licked Rinika's cheek and nudged her to wake her up. Rinika rolled over and put the covers over her head, she always did this. Nikko sighed, "Rinika! Come on, you have to wake up! Must we go through this every morning?" she said telepathically.

"fine fine…" Rinika mumbled in reply sleepily. She got up and went downstairs with Nikko trailing behind. She sat down at the table and grabbed a jelly donut for breakfast. Terry was there reading the newspaper, and looking as pissed off as ever. Rinika tore off some of the donut and threw it to Nikko, who happily caught it and ate. Terry saw and found something else to yell at Rinika about. He threw his paper down and sat up:

"RINIKA! YOU FEED THAT DAMNED DOG ONE MORE THING AND I'LL SMASH YOUR HEAD INTO THE WALL!" he exclaimed, looking at her with hatred gleaming in his eyes.

Rinika rolled her eyes, "yes sir.." she replied. She picked up Nikko and went upstairs to get dressed for school. Once she got her uniform on, she went downstairs and saw some papers on the coffee table. "oh, those are the notes Hiei lent me, I'll give them back to him. ..maybe I'll have him over after school.." she said to herself, picking up the notes and placing them in her backpack.

Unfortunately, Terry walked by as she said that. One more thing to chew her out about. "I HEARD THAT I TOLD YOU I DON'T WANT THAT ORPHANED FREAK IN MY HOUSE!" he yelled.

"This isn't your house, its my mom's!" Rinika yelled back. "and leave Hiei alone!"

"DON'T YOU DARE TALK BACK TO ME GIRL!" He exclaimed and punched her.

"ow!" Rinika said rubbing her cheek. Nikko growled and bit Terry's ankle.

"Ow damn!" he shouted and kicked Nikko into a wall. She got up and snarled at him. He whacked her viciously, and she whimpered.

" OK STOP IT! I'M SORRY YOU DON'T NEED TO PUNISH HER!" Rinika exploded at him and picked up Nikko.

Terry glared at her venomously, "GET OUT BOTH OF YOU!" he screamed and pointed to the door. Rinika gathered up her backpack and left still carrying Nikko.

Akira, who was leaving for school, spotted Rinika walking down the street. She ran up to her, and noticed the bruise on her cheek. "Rinika your hurt! Was that bastard beating you again?!" Akira asked.

"hell yeah, just cause I said a thought out loud! And then he kicked Nikko around cause she bit him!" Rinika replied.

Akira sighed, "I don't see what your mother sees in him.."

"I honestly don't think its anything anymore, I really think she hates him, but she's scared of what he might do to her if she kicks him out and divorces him.." Rinika said looking down.

Akira nodded, "yeah."

"I wish she'd come back home though, she's gone away on business again, she's in America this time.." Rinika explained sighing.

"That's just neglect.." Akira said.

This made Rinika very angry, whenever someone implied that her mother wasn't a very good parent, or something like that, she got extremely mad. This was because she knew it wasn't her mother's fault, and she was trying her best. "No its not!" she exclaimed, "she doesn't neglect me!"

"calm down Rinika, I'm sorry, I know she doesn't.." Akira replied.

Kenji came out from the bookstore now, "hello Rinika, Nikko, are you alright? You and Akira really should be getting to school or your going to be late.." he said.

"oh yeah, your right!" Rinika exclaimed. Nikko jumped down from her arms and went over to Kenji, who picked her up and pet her lovingly.

"your right!" Alkira also exclaimed.

"wait, before we go, Kenji, could you do me a favor and watch Nikko until school's over? I really don't want her going back home alone with him there.." Rinika asked.

Kenji smiled, "of course Rinika." he said.

"Thanks!" Rinika yelled back, rushing off in the direction of the high-school with Akira.

Nikko looked up at Kenji. "Kenji, could you please turn into a dog now?.." she asked him telepathically.

Kenji smiled down at her, "of course, lets just go somewhere other than this sidewalk." He replied, teleporting them to the park. Kenji then sat Nikko down and transformed to his puppy form. Nikko gave a big puppy smile and nuzzled him. Kenji licked her cheek and smiled at her. Nikko then laid down at Kenji's feet as he too laid down and rested his head on her back. Nikko gave a small grin and whacked him with her tail. Kenji looked at her puzzlingly, Nikko just smiled at him and licked his cheek.

Nikko smirked, and pinned Kenji to the ground. He looked up at her more confused than ever. Nikko blinked, "you don't play games very often do you?" she asked, letting him up. Kenji blushed and shook his head and he got up. As soon as he did this though, Nikko had him pinned to the ground all over again! When he still looked at her confusingly, she said, "you don't get this do you?"

"A way in the back of my head I think I do.." Kenji replied to her.

Nikko let him get up again, "ok, lets try a different approach, you pin me down." She said.

Kenji's eyes widened, he thought he had it, "um..i don't think I know how to do that as a dog.." he replied slightly blushing.

"do what?" Nikko said smiling, "it's a game, just pin me down like I did to you ok?"

"alright.." Kenji replied, and pinned her onto her back. Nikko smirked and flipped him. Kenji repeated this. Then Nikko flipped him onto his side. Kenji did the same to her. This time Nikko kicked him back behind her, then jumped onto his back and licked him. Kenji laughed. Nikko smiled and got off his back, she laid at his side.

"..Kenji…I have something to show you..but I only have about a minute or so…" Nikko said looking up at him.

"Alright.." Kenji replied.

Nikko began to glow and then was surrounded by light. When she came out, she wasn't a dog anymore, she was a human. Kenji's eyes widened and he quickly transformed back to his human form. Nikko now was a very beautiful woman, she had long straight silver hair that went to her mid-back, and hazel brown eyes, and she was dressed in a reddish colored kimono. "Hello there Kenji, if you ever imagined me human, is this what you expected?" she said to him in a soft, soothing voice.

"Yes." Was Kenji's reply as he pulled her over to him and passionately kissed her. This gave Nikko quite a start, but she kissed back with just as much passion. Kenji sat down on a bench and pulled her into his lap, "I love you, Nikko." He said, wrapping his arms around her.

Nikko smiled a gentle, sweet smile, "I love you to Kenji, goodbye…" she said, as she turned back into her dog form. Kenji pet Nikko and smiled down at her. "I'm sorry," Nikko said to him.

"Its alright, I look forward to the day when you can be fully human always." Kenji replied smiling softly at her. His watch began to beep. "Shit! I have a performance in 20 minutes!" Kenji exclaimed.

Nikko jumped down off his lap. "Well, goodbye and good luck then Kenji." She said turning to go home.

"Wait, are you sure your going to be alright, Nikko?" Kenji asked her worriedly.

"Yes I'll be fine, don't worry." She replied. "oh, and Kenji," she said.


"Nice kiss." Nikko said winking at him, and then left.

Kenji smiled and then teleported to the theatre in which he was to perform at.

When Nikko got home she found that Rinika was already there, it turns out her school had an early dismissal that day. She went to Rinika who was in the kitchen and Terry was sitting at the table drinking beer and about 5 empty cans surrounded him. He walked over to Rinika and stared down at her. "What?" she asked looking up at him confused. Terry, who even just by looking at him someone could tell he was totally wasted, punched Rinika for seemingly no reason at all. "Ow!" she said as she hit the wall. 'What the hell was that for?!" she asked. Terry then picked Rinika up by her hair and slammed her to the ground. Nikko growled ferociously and bit him, sinking her teeth deep into the flesh this time. Terry threw her off, but Nikko was back on her feet in no time. Hiccuping, Terry pulled out a butcher knife from where all the knives were kept. Nikko and Rinika both widened their eyes, Rinika was too afraid to move.

"I AM SICK OF YOU, YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Terry exclaimed, aiming the knife at Rinika. Nikko quickly got in front of her and was hit instead, across the shoulder. She yelped in pain and fell to the ground. A speechless Rinika picked her up and cradled her in her arms.

She hatefully glared up at Terry, barely choking the words out. "Y-You're a heartless bastard…" she said. Nikko was still growling at him even though she was badly wounded.

"Shut up!" He said, slapping Rinika across the face, and then pointing the knife at her again. Rinika was still too afraid to move.

::Meanwhile with Kenji::

Kenji is trying to practice for his play, but to no avail because he has an increasing bad feeling. He finally can't take it anymore, he senses its from Rinika's so he teleports himself there. When he arrives he sees Terry about to plunge the knife into Rinika. And he sees that Nikko is hurt. He swiftly takes the knife from Terry before he can get Rinika with it. Kenji then punches Terry, knocking him out. He turns to Rinika and Nikko.

"Are you two alright?"

"Y-yeah…thanks Kenji…" Rinika replied, a bit of a dazed look on her face. Nikko whimpered a small bit.

Kenji picked her up. "Listen, why don't you come back with me and you can stay with Akira, meanwhile I'll take Nikko to the vet."

Rinika nodded. "O-Ok..Thank you."

"Its alright." Kenji told her.

He then teleported her to his and Akira's house. When they got there they saw Akira had Kurama over. Kenji took Nikko to the vet and Rinika told Akira what happened. Akira sighed and went back to Kurama with her.

"Hi Kurama." Rinika greeted.

"Hello Rinika." Kurama replied.

Akira looked at her feet after a second of silence. "So…Kurama…"


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