Chapter 3

R reyes- No. I read that fic yes, but it didn't actually have any inspiration for this fic.

Also so that people know where these characters are from, I'll just list their franchises here:

Halo- Master Chief and Cortana

Titanfall- Jack Cooper and BT

Fallout- Courier and ED-E

Warhammer fantasy- Ikit Claw

Goblin Slayer- High Elf Archer

Broken ship

"Chief! Wake up! I need you!" That was what the man in the cryopod heard as he slowly woke up from cryosleep. Upon fully waking up, he slammed his fists at the glass of the cryopod. The glass held, much to the man's annoyance. Fortunately, the pod then opened up, revealing his AI companion, who smiled.

"Get up, sleepy head. Its time to get back to work." Said the AI. Getting up, the man went to a nearby terminal. "It got a data disc in it. I'll transfer to it right now." With that the AI went away. After a second, the man ejected the disc inside the terminal and then inserted it into the back of his helmet. Upon completing this task, the AI showed up on his hud. "Ready to get back to work?"

"Always." Said the man as he looked at the terminal's glass screen, revealing the man to be a beast of a human. With his green and black armor, he stood taller than seven feet, eclipsing most humans. His armor was a full black body suit that was covered in thick, green armor. His helmet had a golden visor that give him full view of his surroundings. Overall, he was an impressive figure. Moving away from the terminal, the man went to his cryopod and took out the weapon that was besides it. Examining the weapon revealed it to be a bull-pup rifle design with a holographic screen that indicated the amount of ammo that it had left in its clip. Taking out the clip, the man examined the bullets as well as the weapon itself, checking for any faults or errors in either, before reinserting the clip and pulling the bolt on the side of the rifle, chambering a round. Now armed, the man began to leave the room and to the backup bridge. The primary bridge of the ship was lost when the ship was cut in half.

"What's going on?" Asked the man as he made his way to the bridge.

"Well, we landed on a planet. An uninhabited planet, if the scans I did before we crashed are reliable." The man frowned at that. That wouldn't have caused his friend to wake him up. If this planet was uninhabited, she would have let him stay frozen to preserve his life, so that when help did come, he could still be useful to the human military. Something must have went wrong.

"Cortana, there's more to this, isn't there?" The Aim now known as Cortana, nodded.

"Yup. We didn't get here from a standard crash. We got here when a portal just opened up and sucked us in. We were to close for me to do anything. Then after we got sucked in, our ship crashed into an island. A rather nice one, actually." Upon hearing the portal, the man stopped.

"Was it a slipspace portal?" Cortana shook her head, frowning.

"No. Unlike a normal slipspace portal, this one was purple in color. So, unless someone found a way to change the colors of a slipspace portal, something else brought us here." That caused the man to tighten his hold on his rifle. This sounded like someone brought them here intentionally. The facts pointed at it. The question was, who and why did they do it? Couldn't be the Flood gravemind, it was destroyed the moment the Halo ring fired, destroying it and its minions. And it couldn't be leftover covenant forces. This sounded far beyond what they could do. No, it had to be something different. Something he never faced before. Whatever it was, he was ready for it. He may not survive, but he rather die than be a servant to something that will threaten humanity. But first, getting information on his surroundings.

"We'll worry about what brought us latter. For now, we need to get power back to the ship's systems as well as finding where we are. Anything I need to do?" Cortana sighed at that.

"Well, the ship's reactors are on the fritz. We need to repair those before we could get more power from this ship. So, let's just head to the backup bridge. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some information on our surroundings from there." Nodding, the man made his way to the bridge. Once there, he walked to a nearby console and inserted the data disc into it. Once inside the ship's systems again, Cortana went to work.

"Hmm…interesting." Said Cortana before appearing in her avatar. "Apparently there's a human research station nearby along with an outpost. The problem is that neither aren't transmitting in any known UNSC frequencies." That caused the man to look at the AI.

"Rebels?" He had heard of people still fighting the UNSC, even while they were fighting for humanities survival. Cortana shook her head.

"I don't think so. From what I gathered; neither the station or outpost are insurrection bases. I'll know more when I get into their systems. I'll mark the location on your HUD." Nodding, the man reinserted the disc into his helmet before leaving to find a way out of the ship.


Jack groaned as he stirred inside his Titan.

"Are you alright Jack?" Asked BT as he detected Jack waking up.

"Yeah, I'm awake." Said Jack as he shook his head. Once he got his bearings, he looked around his cockpit, finding it completely dark. "Anything wrong BT?"

"Negative. I simply turned all lights in the cockpit to allow you to sleep more comfortably." With that the cockpit lit up, allowing Jack to see as well as revealing their surroundings. Seeing such greenery and water around them, made Jack realize that they weren't in Typhon anymore.

"What the heck happened BT?" Asked Jack, shock to see all this. He then ejected from the cockpit so that he could see it all for himself.

"I am not sure myself, Jack." Said BT, the Titan looking around them, just as confused as his pilot. "One moment we were falling to our doom, the next we crashed onto a beach somewhere."

"Think this is an IMC trick?" Asked Jack as he touched the sand while keeping an eye on his environment, praying that a sniper wasn't around.

"Negative, I detected no IMC communications aside from a distress beacon. Along with that I'm receiving another one that doesn't correspond with any known frequencies" Upon hearing that, Jack perked up.

"A distress beacon?"

"Affirmative. There's a distress beacon coming deeper inside the nearby jungle." BT pointed at the forest behind them. "However, the distress beacon is several years old. Its been transmitting for at least two years."

"Two years, huh?" Said Jack as he got up. "I'm guessing help didn't arrive and they either died from starvation or from something native."

"Both are a possibility." Said BT before bringing out his weapon, a massive chain gun-like assault rifle. "In either case, we should investigate. We may find an active ship inside whatever facility the IMC have." Nodding in agreement, Jack hopped onto BT before they disembarked for the IMC distress beacon.


The courier scratched his head as he looked around him. While he had seen greenery before in Vault 22 and on Zion, neither was like this. For one he never seen such…natural grass before nor did he see such tall trees before.

"Well, this is certainly interesting, huh ED-E?" The courier's friendly robot beeped in confirmation. "The OSI and Followers would want to hear about this place. The only problem is, where the heck are we?" That portal was such a strange occurrence, even more than his usual adventures, that he wondered if he should make it a rule to not touch things that he has no knowledge on. Looking around his surroundings again, he looked at his pipboy, glad that it was still working. With it still working, he began to check for radio signals, hoping to use them to trace any remnant of civilization. To his surprise, he got something.

"Mayday! Mayday! This is Enclave station 4! We're under attack from some unknown human hostiles and…some sort of rat people! They've killed most of the soldiers stationed here! We need assistance! Any assistance!" The message kept repeating itself form there, but the Courier heard all he needed to hear.

He knew of the Enclave. They were the ones that built his robotic friend, after all. But that wasn't the only thing he knew about them, no, he knew a lot about them from his Arcade Gannon, who was the son of an officer of the Enclave. Though Arcade was technically a member of the Enclave, he was disgusted with their actions. He told the Courier stories of how Enclave soldiers would kill civilians that have already surrendered, deeming them subhuman, as well as how they experimented with humans just to see if they had any genetic purity in them. And that wasn't all, the remnant, former Enclave soldiers that fled when the NCR destroyed the Enclave, had told him more stories of the atrocities of the Enclave, telling him how they encouraged soldiers to kill civilians and how they killed just for the fun of it. Needless to say, he didn't have a good view on the Enclave. Still, the fact he was getting a transmission from anything, meant that something else was here and he was determined to find something that can help him get off this place, whatever this place was.

"If Enclave are here, then maybe I can steal their Vertibird. That is if they even have one." Sighing, the Courier asked ED-E to trace the location of the transmission, which it did eagerly. Following the robot, the Courier suddenly get a gut feeling that his life was about to get more complicated than never before.


"Come on!" Yelled the elf as she tried to examine her surroundings, in hopes to find out where she was. To her frustration, she couldn't find anything that can help her figure out where she was. Yelling out in anger, she grabbed some grass and threw it in the air. Ruffling her hair, she began to throw a tantrum. "Stupid parents! Its because of them that I got sucked into a portal and transported to some forest that I have no knowledge on! Once I get back, they better be sorry and let me go adventuring with who I want!" Once that was done, she calmed down enough to look at her surroundings again.

"Okay." Thought the elf as she looked around again. "Now that is out of my system, let's see if I can't get out of this forest, I may find some civilization once I do." With that, she choose a direction and began to walk to said direction. As she walked she heard suddenly began to smell something foul. Gagging, she began to cover her nose in disgust. "What the hell is that stench?" At first she thought it was Goblin feces, something that she was unfortunately used to smelling, but this smell was, unfortunately, different. It smelled like…decaying flesh. Much to her reluctance, she began to venture to where she smell was the strongest. Eventually she arrived to the source and was shocked at what she found.

At a large clearing in the forest, was a large graveyard of bodies, all scattered around. Shocked and horrified at the carnage, the elf walked around the bodies to get a better understanding of what was going on, her curiosity and want to know what happened eclipsing her fear and horror of what happened. After a few minutes, she got some understanding of what happened.

A massive battle happened here that saw the deaths of most, if not all, the combatants here. And from the uniforms of the combatants, there were three, with two being human. The 3rd race was, shockingly, a race of biped rats, whose bodies eclipsed the other two smaller, but more heavily armed, sides. The race of rats was a shock to her as, according to her race's long history, there were no such thing as sentient rats. There were giant rats, yes, but never ones that were bipeds and used weapons that looked like they came from the garbage with how rusty and crooked their swords, knives, and spears looked. But while they were a shock, the two human sides were just as shocking to her.

One side used fully armored, wearing thick black armor, that made the armor of some adventurers look puny in comparison. Their helmets, whose design scared her with how inhuman it looked, fully covered their heads. If it wasn't for the fact one wasn't wearing a helmet, she would have thought them to be some other race. None of them used swords or other types of melee weapons. Instead, to her shock, they all had some strange devices that had various glowing green lights on them along with various wires and pipes around the weapon that piqued her interest, though she refrained from touching the, obviously dangerous, weapons. She may be curious of the weapons, but she wasn't going to touch something she had no knowledge on. She learned that the hard way when she first examined a crossbow for the first time.

The last side was human, even with all that armor that was completely foreign to the elf and different from the other side. Unlike the other side, their armor was slimmer, giving them more mobility. They also had a myriad of head gear with some hearing helmets that covered their entire head while others had helmets that just protected their head and didn't cover their faces. Unlike the black armored humans, these had more streamlined weapons that didn't have the lights and pipes on them. Looking at the combatants, the elf had only one thing on her mind.

"What the hell happened here?" Thought the elf as she was about to leave. She was about to leave when she heard a loud alarm coming from somewhere. Her ears twitching, she looked to where the commotion was coming from. Curious and wondering if anyone else was here, she ran towards the sound.


Few minutes before

Ikit groaned as he got up. Shaking his head, he looked around, finding, to his shock a clean and advanced looking room filled with shiny objects that made the rat jealous. Growling, he began to check his body, checking to see if anything was missing. Relieved that nothing was gone, he grabbed his halberd and the Gromril armor that he took from Bronzehammer before examining this strange room that made him envious. As he checked the various objects, some of which he had never before seen, his curiosity and greed grew.

"So much knowledge here-here." Thought Ikit as he looked around the room, filled with myriad of objects that Ikit wanted to study. "Much to take-take and study." Making a mental note to find this place again, he began to tinker with his teleporter, hoping to use it to get back to Skavenblight, the capital of the Skaven empire. To his frustration, however, his teleporter fizzled out and broke. Yelling in frustration, he ripped the teleporter from his person and threw it across the floor.

"Stupid slave-slaves! Must have broken it before I could use-use!" Thought Ikit before changing his plans. Without his teleporter, he would have to find Skavenblight on his own. Without knowledge on where he was, it would be dangerous for him to use his magic to teleport. The distance may be too much for him own magic reserves to handle. If he tried to teleport a distance that he can't handle, he'll be torn apart by the winds of magic. Not wanting such a fate, Ikit decided to find his own way back, something that he was used to doing as he often plundered secrets from locations far beyond the range of the Skaven underempire. Dropping the Gromril armor, Ikit made his way to the door. Looking at the strange door, which was a myriad of metal and glass, Ikit tried to open it, only to find it wasn't budging. After the fifth time in attempting to get it open, Ikit growled before taking some steps back. Once he was a safe distance from the door, he aimed Storm Daemon and charged it up. Once fully charged, he fired a bolt at the door, breaking it. The bolt, however, kept going and melted through two walls of metal. Tilting his head at the damage he done, Ikit made a note to check Storm Daemon after this. It shouldn't be that powerful, though Ikit didn't mind. More power was good in the Skaven's eyes. Unfortunately, the destroyed walls and door caused alarms to blare out, frustrating the rat as he tried to block the sound as he walked.

After a few minutes, the rat yelled out in annoyance before readying his warpfire projector, intending to destroy the source of what was causing the noise. Before he could do so, however, he heard the sounds of someone walking, however. Getting ready for combat, Ikit waited until he saw whoever he heard come into his vision. Once they did, however, Ikit was surprised to see some metal things coming at him.

They were bipedal in design, walking on two legs. They were completely plated in metal armor, but from the joints, Ikit could see wires coming out, indicating that these were mechanical in nature. Their heads were narrow box-shaped with a large bump forming on the forward end of the head. In their hands were a short-barreled gun that looked far more clean than the Skaven Jezails. Upon seeing them, Ikit's brilliant mind went to work.

If these things were true mechanical beings, then he should take one for study back to Skavenblight. He knew that some Warlock Engineers had made it their life's work to make mechanical soldiers as a way to supplant or replace their endless numbers. Something that Morskittar always approved as mechanical soldiers can prove Clan Skyre's superiority and importance to the rest of the Skaven clans. Unfortunately, all attempts have always failed with the engineers ended up dead from experiments or having died from jealous rivals that were attempting to do the same. Ikit, himself, dappled on the attempt to make robotic soldiers, but he never really indulged on it, too focused on his Doomsphere and other projects that had, somehow, more value to the Skaven than creating something that wasn't needed in the Skaven military.

But seeing these mechanical beings greatly made Ikit's desire to indulge on the project once again. If he could take them apart and learn their secrets, he could easily replicate the secrets of their making, thus giving him even more fame from the other Skaven as not only the one that created the Doomsphere but also creating mechanical soldiers. Laughing manically, he fired a bolt of warp lightning at the group of mechanical beings just as they raised their guns at him, taking out six of the eight that were there, creating large holes on the ones that were hit directly by the bolt or sending them flying to the walls nearby, deactivating them if their glowing eyes going out was any indication. With that done, he then charged at the remaining two, who opened fire at him. Unfortunately for them, their bullets didn't have the penetration power needed to actually pierce Ikit's armor, which had been magically reinforced to protect him from even cannon shots that were fired from human empire cannons. Ikit tried to once, though it did made Ikit want not to test it again, his body was sore for an entire weak after that.

Tackling one to the ground, he rammed his halberd into the thing's chest, causing sparks to fly as the robot deactivated. With this one dead, Ikit tossed his halberd at the last one, impaling the thing onto the wall, causing it to drop its weapon from the force. As the robot tried to grab Ikit as he made his way to it in a futile way to kill him, Ikit grinned before grabbing his halberd and pulling it out, freeing the robot. But before it could attack again, Ikit rammed his halberd into the robot's head, killing it. With all his enemies dead, Ikit looked at the dead robots and their weapons, greed in his eyes.

"This strange-mysterious place is even more interesting than I-I thought." Thought Ikit as he resumed his walk, knowing that he needed to find a way out first before ransacking this place for anything of interest for him. As he walked, the alarms suddenly stopped. As much as Ikit appreciated this, he couldn't help but stop. "Why-why they stop-stop? Someone else is here-here?" As Ikit wondered why the alarms stopped, he suddenly heard the sounds of a door opening. Thinking it was another group, Ikit got ready for a fight as he ran towards where he heard the noise come from. As he ran, he heard another door open and the sounds of guns being readied. Intrigued, Ikit eventually opened a door of his room by ramming into it, stumbling on a large room filled with guns and some vehicles of such large size that it made Ikit's doomwheel look small. While he would normally be intrigued at these, the two, make that three, intrigued him more.

Two were humans, wearing armor that was far different than the ones that come from the human empire or those from Bretonnia. The 3rd was a small robot that floated in the air. Again, Ikit was intrigued to learn its secrets. Upon seeing the massive guns that both had, one had a large gun that was comparable to the Jezzails in size on its back while the other had a massive gatling gun that reminded Ikit of the Ratling gun except this one was wielded by a single occupant, made Ikit think twice of fighting them. Deciding to be sneaky, he raised his hands in surrender.

"Don't-don't kill me-me." Said Ikit in a pleading tone while also adopting a begging posture. As much as Ikit was disgusted in begging, it was something that he could do. During his travels in the strange human lands of the east, Ikit learned that the humans in those lands were gullible. Despite his appearance, they treated him like a beggar in need and provided him food and water whenever he begged or requested for nourishment. He even managed to score some secrets to making more potent explosives by simply begging a blacksmith, at least he thought it was a blacksmith, to teach him the ways of black smithing, something that always astounded Ikit. Though he could have easily taken the ways by force, he was in an experimental mood that day and tried it. He didn't honestly think it would work, but it did. So, seeing that he would be beaten by these two, unless they focused each other first, he tried to beg so he could get close and kill them.

Much to his surprise and intrigue, the one human wearing a strange coat and helmet with glowing red eyes, spoke in a muffled tone.

"Don't try that trick with me." Said the man as he aimed his gun on Ikit. "Seen the telltale signs of someone using this trick to get something too many times to be fooled by it." Agreeing with him, the other one aimed his smaller, but equally as impressive as the bigger gun on his back, gun at Ikit. "So, drop the act and lower your…weapon." Growling at being ordered around, Ikit lowered his weapon, realizing he was outmatched. With his weapon gone but not his magic or warpfire projector, Ikit looked at the two, who relaxed. "Okay, first introductions." The man with strange red glowing eyes pointing at him and his robot buddy. "My name is Courier, don't ask about it, and this is my friend ED-E. What's yours?" Upon seeing neither Ikit or the other tall being not talking, Courier sighed. "Look, I get neither of you trust me, but if we're going to get any common ground then we need to speak our names or something that we can use. So please." Sensing the pleading tone, something that intrigued Ikit, usually humans didn't try to negotiate with Skaven, Ikit spoke.

"I-I am chief warlock Ikit Claw! Right-claw of Morskittar, leader of Clan Skyre. Inventor of the Doomsphere and Doomwheel! Killer of Bronzehammer! Scourge of…" To Ikit's frustration and anger, Courier interrupted him.

"With respect, great warlock." Said Courier. "Can we just address you as Ikit Claw? No need for titles." Glaring at Courier, Ikit pointed a metal claw at Courier, who actually winced at the glare.

"Don't interrupt me-me again! Me-me more important than you-you! Interrupt me again-again, then I blast you with warpfire!" As if to demonstrate his point, Ikit opened up his claw hand revealing a small projector on the palm of the hand. Upon seeing it, the currently unnamed figure raised his gun in response. Wincing at how fast he reacted, Ikit raised his other hand before pointing at a door. Firing his warpfire projector at the door, the two humans watched as the projector fired green fire at the door, which melted as soon as the fire touched the door. Demonstrating his power, Ikit closed his metal palm and looked at Courier, who was shaken at the display of power. "So, don't interrupt me-me!"

"Okay." Said Courier, realizing just how vain the rat thing was. Realizing that he could use this to keep the rat calm and appeased, Courier decided to salvage the situation by addressing the reason he said what he did. "I meant no offense Ikit Claw. I simply said that because my poor brain can't handle all your titles. After all, no one has as many accomplishments as you." Smiling, Ikit couldn't help but snicker in his mind. He knew what the human was trying to do. It was a common tactic in Skaven society, after all. The lesser being would attempt to stroke the ego of his better, in hopes of forgiveness or leniency. Sometimes it would work, largely because of arrogance of the higher up that couldn't sense the musk of his underling, but Ikit wasn't that arrogant. He could see right through the human's attempt. Still, since he knew his place, Ikit decided to be lenient.

"Good-good. Next time, I-I won't be so lenient!" Yelled Ikit as he jumped a bit at his proclamation. With that, he looked at the last being in the room, who still had his gun aimed at Ikit. Normally this would enrage a Skaven warlord, Gray Seer, or Warlock engineer, but Ikit felt something was off with this one. He couldn't place it, but he felt like this one could easily kill him and the others with ease. He would have to be cautious around him. Yes-yes. Tilting his head, Ikit demanded the currently mysterious figure to speak and introduce themselves. Looking at the two, well three, beings in the room, the figure lowered his gun and spoke.

"John-117." Said the armored man in a gruff yet awe-inspiring voice. Courier looked at the name.

"117? You military?" Asked Courier. The man nodded. "So what faction? Enclave? Brotherhood of Steel?" He only spoke of those two factions because they were the only ones that the Courier knew that had access to power armor, something that this John fellow seemed to be wearing. Though given how slim to was compared to the suits that he saw from both organizations, he got a feeling that he wasn't with them. Unsurprisingly, the man shook his head.

"I've never heard of either organization." Said John as he looked at Courier. "Do you know of the UNSC?" Courier shook his head.

"Doesn't ring a bell." Said Courier. "Is that some pre-war organization that survived." To Courier's surprise and anxiety, the man completely turned to the man. As the man continued to stare, the Courier got nervous. While he was a force to be on the battlefield, no doubt on that, he got the feeling that this man was on a whole other level than anything that he had ever faced before. And that he could easily kill him without even trying. The Courier then felt relief when he stopped staring and looked at the rat, who was also examining John, but with scientific interest. But it wasn't like Arcade or the Follower's of the Apocalypse, who wanted to use technology for the sake of bettering the lives of others. No. It was more akin to Hildern of the OSI, who cared about acquiring technology to boost their own standing within the government, no matter how unethically the technology was produced. This rat didn't care about others nor using technology to help those in need. He only seemed to care about himself and how to use technology to destroy his enemies, something that put the Courier on edge. Subtly putting a hand on his hidden revolver, he made a note to take out the rat should he prove to be hostile. Unfortunately, while he was thinking on strategies to take out the rat, said rat was conversing with John.

"You-you! Know this place-place?" Demanded the rat as he bounced. When John shook his head, Ikit smiled. "Then place is mine-mine! I got here first-first! All loot here is mine-mine! All lot will be used to advance Clan Skyre's warmachine! Yes-yes!" As Ikit continued to talk, John was looking at the Skaven, his posture giving away no emotions. Once Ikit had calmed down, John spoke.

"You're a scientist, right? Someone that can make machines and technology work?" Tilting his head, Ikit nodded. "Then how about we make a deal? In exchanging for helping us," John then pointed at himself and Courier. ", until we figure out where we are and how to get back home, you get to take all the tech you want from this base and the other one. Do we have a deal?" Upon hearing of another base, Ikit looked at John with interest.

"Another base?! Is it filled with technology like this place-place place?" Asked Ikit as he bounced with anticipation. John shrugged.

"Possibly, but we need to work together in order to survive whatever traps there are in that place. So," John then held out his hand. ", willing to work together with us?" Ikit clamped his mouth shut as he looked at the hand. Although his Skaven instincts were screaming at him to spat at the deal and kill the two, finding the work too much for little gain, his brain told him to take it. He had no knowledge of the dangers of where they are or what manner of monsters are around. While he was confident in his abilities as a mage and fighter, he wasn't as skilled as a combatant as Queek Headtaker or Thanquol, well Thanquol was better skilled mage than Ikit was, much to his disgust. And he was only one rat, what if he faced a hundred Dwarf things or a hundred man things. Even his technology will not save him from such numbers. Besides, he could always trick them to their deaths and stab them in the back later when it clear to him that the rewards of it are greater than cooperating with them. Thinking hard, Ikit nodded.

"Fine-fine. We work together for now-now." Said Ikit. "But you fools protect me-me! I only one that may be able to get us back home-home! For my brain is bigger than yours-yours!" Shaking his head at this, John began to move away from Ikit and Courier.

"With that out of the way, can we move outside. We got company." Said John as he checked his gun. Upon hearing that, both Ikit and Courier looked at John.

"How many?" Asked Courier as he brought out his gatling laser again with ED-E bringing up some fighting music.

"Three, but one's a big mech." Said John as he made to a door. "They're coming from different directions. One is coming through here. The other two are arriving through a hanger bay. One that seems to be built around the mech in question as I've seen similar machines that look like the one that coming now." Looking at the two he pointed at two locations near the door that John was at with one hiding in a corner created by a flight of stairs. "Take flanking positions. Ikit you take the corner. You're projector should work best in a straight line."

"Of course, it does, stupid man-thing!" Yelled Ikit as he made his way to the corner, upset that he was taking orders from a man-thing, but nonetheless obeying, finding that he still needed him and the other man-thing and its ball-ball of metal. Seeing that his halberd was poking out, he put it on the ground and began to grumble. With Ikit in position, Courier took his position near the door, putting away his gatling laser and bringing out a revolver.

"Ready." Said Courier with ED-E behind him, beeping. Nodding, John took the opposite direction of the door. With all three in position, they waited for their opponent to arrive.


"Why did you have me make that deal with the rat?" Asked John as he spoke to Cortana, having deactivated his suit's speakers so that the other's couldn't hear him.

"Much as I hate to admit it, but we may need him." Said Cortana as she looked at Ikit via a security camera in the room that they are in. "I'm going through the files that this base has, but none of them are related to the anomaly that brought us here. And if he's even as half as smart as he boosting, we need his intelligence in order to figure out how to get back home. Besides, I've already deleted most of the more sensitive data that should be kept away from his paw and claw. Trust me when I say this, Chief, that crazy rat should not have some of the stuff that I saw." Nodding his head, Chief looked at Ikit who continued to grumble.

"Should we kill him if he proves a threat?" Asked Chief.

"Only when I realize that he's more trouble than he's worth or if we don't really need him. What? Afraid of the giant rat, Chief. Don't tell me the big spartan is afraid of a giant rat." Ignoring that quip, John looked at Courier, who waved his hand at John, who simply stared back. Seeing that he wasn't waving, Courier stopped and simply readied himself.

Based on the man's posture and flippant attitude, John correctly guessed that Courier wasn't military. Even though he had some seemingly military grade weaponry and armor, based on his armor and gatling gun, which looked like a laser weapon, much to John's and Cortana's surprise, the man's posture gave away that he wasn't trained by a traditional military. He did have some discipline, but not enough to be trained by a true military. If anything, he seems to be self-taught by necessity. While it would be understandable during the Human-Covenant War for a man to be self-trained in order to protect themselves from the alien covenant, the fact the man didn't know about the UNSC and spoke of it like some pre-war organization made John suspect that something was very wrong. When asked, Cortana said that he could have been from another reality, bringing up the multi-verse theory. Though he didn't dabble much on theories, John figured that this may be the case. He'll need more information though.

For now though, they needed to focus on the approaching entity that was coming right at them. Though they didn't look much, John learned long ago that even the less dangerous looking aliens in the covenant, the grunts, were capable of killing humans, especially overconfident ones.

"Hey, John." Said Courier in a whisper, causing John to look at Courier. "So what's the enemy we're facing? Some guy in power armor? A big robot with big guns for arms?" To Courier's surprised, Chief just shook his head.

"You'll see." Said John. Confused, Courier was about to speak when they heard banging from the door that they were near. The banging continued until they heard cracks from the glass of the metal door that they were near. Getting ready, the three readied themselves as the door finally gave in, allowing the target to enter the room. Hearing a sigh, the three were surprised at the distinct feminine voice spoke out.

"Finally! What's the deal with this place with metal and glass doors." Said the voice as she made her way to the door. When she passed the door, however, both Courier and Chief tackled her to the ground, causing her to cry out in alarm. With her on the ground, Ikit went out of cover and walked up the flight of stairs, allowing him to see the girl struggling to get out of the heavy bodies of both Courier and Chief. Upon seeing the ears of the girl, Ikit growled when he realized what she was.

"He elf-thing!" Yelled Ikit as he examined the girl. Aside from the strange hair and eye color of the elf, he was definitely an elf thing. Hating elves for their seemingly superiority and long lives, Ikit wanted to burn this elf alive. Still, his strange appearance made him want to dissect him first. It'll be fun. That is if the weird man-things allow him to do so. "He not-not to be trusted! Need to kill-kill now!" Upon hearing that, Courier looked at Ikit.

"We're not going to kill them yet! We need to determine if she's a threat or not first! If she's a threat, then we can all kill her at the same time! If she's not, then we may need her!" Growling at that, Ikit then took a step back.

"Fine-fine, but I'm going to be away from you stupid man-things when around elf-thing. Especially since elf-thing has bows and arrows." Ikit then pointed to the elf's bows and quiver of arrows. Seeing the weapons, Chief got off the elf and pushed Courier off of the elf. Before the elf could do anything, Chief grabbed her arms and held them tightly behind her back, causing her to wince in pain.

"Disarm her." Said John, looking at Courier, who nodded. Grabbing the bows from her person and tossing them away, causing the elf to cry out in distress, Courier then began to take away the quiver as well as searching for other weapons. As Courier searched, the elf complained.

"Hey! Watch where you putting those hands!" Yelled the elf as Courier patted her legs and chest, causing her to blush.

"Don't think I'm enjoying this." Said Courier before finding two daggers and tossing them with the bows and quiver. "I got a girlfriend already. She may be a saint, but she'll tear me a new one if she heard that I'm enjoying patting an underage girl. Using the excuse that I need to search her for weapons isn't going to save me from her wrath." Upon hearing underage, the girl glared at Courier.

"I'm not underage! I'm two thousand years old!" That statement caused everyone to look at her in shock.

"You two thousand years old!" Yelled Ikit. He heard that elves can live for a quite a long time, with some even older than some members of the council of thirteen, but this elf was two thousand years old and still looked like a child. "But you have body of small man-thing!" Upon hearing that, the elf glared at Ikit while blushing hard.

"I'm not a boy! I'm a young woman, you idiot rat!" Said the elf. Though a part of Ikit grew livid upon being called an idiot, Ikit was more shocked at hearing that this elf was a girl.

"But you have no milk balls-balls!" Yelled Ikit, pointing at her flat chest. "Breeders have big balls for litter! You have no such thing! Even more, you look more like man-thing than elf-thing. If not for ears, I would have thought that you were man-thing!" Upon hearing that, the elf grew red with anger. If it weren't for Chief holding her back, the elf would have tackled Ikit and punched him, regardless of his metal armor.

"Let me at him!" Yelled the elf as she flayed her legs around. Courier shook his head as Ikit snickered at her behavior.

"For someone that is supposedly two thousand years old, you act more like a bratty teenager than a young adult." Said Courier as the elf continued to flay around. She even tried to hit Chief's manhood, but the man just ignored her attempt or dodged them by sidestepping. As the elf continued to struggle, Chief got a message from Cortana.

"While I enjoy this sight, the other contacts are arriving. Well, one is. The big mech is staying in the vehicle bay with those other mechs. Might I suggest that you guys get ready." Upon hearing that, Chief looked at the others.

"How much time, Cortana?" Asked Chief, confusing Ikit and Courier, who looked at Chief. Who was Cortana.

'Uh…sorry to say, but now." With that, another door to the room opened, revealing a man in military fatigues covered in metal armor. His helmet's visor glowing blue, the man aimed his weapon at the group, only to drop it slightly upon seeing the weird display going on.

"Uh…" Courier spoke as he looked at the other man. "Howdy?"

"Another man-thing! Gah! I would even take Thanquol than another man-thing!" Yelled Ikit.

"Unhand me!" Yelled the elf as she continued to flay around, this time actually hitting Courier in the knee, causing the man to drop to the ground in shock. As this was happening, Chief couldn't help but actually shake his head.

"This is going to be fun." Said Cortana in his helmet, actually smirking.

Two hours later


"So you all, got here from some weird purple portal?" Asked Courier as he looked at everyone, including the twenty-five foot tall war mech that made the Sentry bots that Courier fought a few times look like children's toys in comparison. Jack Cooper, the man that barged in while the elf was in the middle of her rampage, spoke up.

"Yeah, I think that's what got us, right BT?" Asked Jack, his helmet gone, revealing him to a handsome black-haired man in his thirties. The giant mech nodded, its strange cylinder-shaped head, which was built into the mech's frame, moving up and down to do the motion.

"Affirmative. Just before we entered the unidentified portal, I saw through the back cameras the color of the portal. Its appearance is identical to everyone's description of their own."

"Same here." Said Cortana, appearing from her data disk in her avatar. When she first appeared, everyone was either shocked, amazed, or intrigued with her. "Except with us its our ship. Well half of one. Beside the point, something is off. These portals. It almost sounds like someone waned us here." Everyone looked at each other, agreeing with the AI. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that their portals were all purple in color. Ikit hummed as he wondered what this was. At first, he thought it was the horned rat rewarding him for completing the Doomsphere, but now hearing the stories of the others, something else was in motion that wasn't the doing of the horned rat. Wanting to get to the bottom of this, Ikit pushed aside plans to kill everyone here, his instincts and mind telling him that he will need them in the future.

"So any plans?" Asked Courier, removing his helmet, allowing people to see his face. The elf, whose name was High Elf Archer, strangely enough, raised her hand. When asked, she replied that it was her tittle and that it was tradition among Adventurers, a type of mercenary from her explanation, to only reveal their name to trusted friends and acquaintances.

"Well I'd say we check this entire place first. We need information on our environment if we have any chance of surviving here. We also need to find food and water, who knows how long we're going to stay here." Everyone nodded at that, agreeing with the elf.

"But we need-need leader. Who want to be leader?" Asked Ikit, looking at everyone. He would volunteer himself, but he didn't want that responsibility now. Being a leader will force him away from studying the strange technology on these two bases and this ship that this Cortana was spoken of. Though John had told him that he'll kill him if he tried to take tech from his ship without permission, he was confident that he could steal some stuff without him noticing.

"Well it can't be me." Said Jack as he shook his head. "I didn't have much experience in leading people. I usually was the led, not the leader." Courier also shook his head. Though he did on occasion command and lead people, they were usually only around a person and ED-E. He didn't have much knowledge on battlefield tactics and leadership skills, so picking him will only be a problem for them. Everyone then looked at High Elf Archer, who shook her head. Despite being two thousand years old, she didn't partake in any leadership classes with other elves, too focused on her archery and tracking than anything else. With everyone else gone, John stepped up.

"Alright then." Said John. "I'll be the leader. That is if you want that." It made sense for him to be leader. During the Human Covenant war, he had lead a squad of similarly armored beings like him to battle. Though during the waning days of the war, he had been alone, the others of his kind being either dead or scattered across human territory, he had leadership skills and qualities that made him an excellent person to follow. The only reason he didn't volunteer was because the others may have been better than he was in leading. Upon seeing everyone nod in agreement, Chief spoke.

"Alright, let's get some rules started. First, you will now address be as Master Chief or Sierra-117, not John. I'm your commanding officer, not your friend now. Chief will be fine so long as your respectful. 2nd, you will follow my orders to the letter, even if you don't like them. We're a team now and a team needs to work and trust each other as well as their leader if they're going to survive in the unknown. And 3rd, don't die. I may not know you all at all, but since you're under my command, it my duty to make sure that you all make it out here alive so that you can return to your friends and people." Everyone looked at each other and nodded, finding the rules agreeable. High Elf didn't like the 2nd, but nevertheless agreed. With that done, Chief began giving out orders. "Alright, first things first. There's another base that some distance here away. I need people to go there and investigate. Its transmitting a different frequency than the one here, so expect a different faction than the one's that built this place."

"I think I know what the faction that built that base is, sir. Permission to go there?" Asked Courier, raising his hand. "My robot was built by them so I think he can be a big help with uncovering what secrets they had." Looking at Courier, John nodded.

"Very well, be cautious though. We don't know what tricks these bases have." Courier nodded, promising to be careful. "As for the rest of you, do any you know the people who made this place?" John then pointed to the base that they were all close to.

"I do." Said Jack as he raised his hand. "They're the faction that I'm fighting against. They're called the IMC. They're a bunch of cooperate assholes that are subjugating people and taking whatever they want from my people." Upon hearing the anger in Jack's tone, Chief made a note to get more information on him so he can determine what to do with him or if he needs to keep Jack away from any survivors of this IMC should they encounter any. For now, though, since he knew the most on this IMC, he was the best candidate to search this place.

"Alright, you're on duty to scavenge this place for anything we can use. Take Ikit and BT with you. They may help you with uncovering what secrets this facility may have." Ikit smiled at that. He can finally acquire knowledge on this place in peace. Master Chief then looked at High Elf Archer.

"And you're with me and Cortana. We're going back to my ship. There's food, water, vehicles, and weapons we can salvage from it. After we're done salvaging, we're going to map this place." High Elf Archer wanted to protest that she can map while he was going scavenging, but Master Chief shook his head. Pouting, she reluctantly nodded her head. With everyone having their roles for the time beings, Chief dismissed them. As everyone went to their respective duties, Chief grabbed Jack and spoke to him.

"Keep an eye on the rat." Said Chief, looking at Ikit as he starred at BT with fascination. "He may end up trying to betray us all." Jack looked at Chief in surprise, looking at his helmeted head, something that confused Jack.

"You sure?" Asked Jack, though he was in shock at finding out different sentient life was out there, he didn't want his first contact with another life form end with him killing it.

"Yeah. Before you showed up, he had this look in his eye. He may not have said it, but his eyes gave it away. He planned to kill us and take the tech in this place all to himself." Said Chief. "So keep an eye on him. If he plans to betray us, put a bullet in him. Okay?" Jack sighed before nodding, agreeing. "Good. Good luck with him." With that, Chief walked to the waiting elf, who was tapping the ground impatiently.

"About time. What took you so long?" Demanded High Elf Archer as she followed John to his jeep.

"Had to take precautions with the rat." Looking at Chief in curiosity, High Elf Archer was about to ask what precautions when she spotted Chief's vehicle. Widening her eyes at it, she gaped upon seeing it.

It was an open-topped metal vehicle with four wheels. It didn't have any doors on it and it looked like it could hold three people, with one in the back, manning the large weapon. She didn't know what the weapon was, but High Elf suspected that it could do a lot of damage if the size of the weapon was any indication. Starring in awe at the vehicle, she looked at John as he took a seat in the front before motioning High Elf to take the seat next to him. Seeing this, she got on and watched as Chief started the vehicle. Once he started it, he looked at the elf.

"Hold on. This may get bumpy." Said Chief before driving. As the drove, High Elf Archer yelped when they hit a rock, causing the car to shake and nearly cause the elf to hit her head on the car's dashboard. When she recovered, she glared at Chief, who focused on driving.

"You did that on purpose!" Yelled High Elf Archer as she glared at Chief, who simply focused on driving. Upon seeing no response, she huffed and stared on the road, arms crossed over her chest.

"This guy reminds me so much of Orcblog when we first met." Thought High Elf as she snuck a glance at Chief. "Just as stoic and just as standoffish." Sighing she began to think of what this ship was and how unimpressive it was. She absolutely hated boats. She always got seasick on them on the few times that she got on one. "Probably some big cargo ship filled with goods. His armor is top quality, so it can't be a dingy ship. Wonder what it looks like." As they moved deeper into the forest, she frowned and looked at Chief

"Hey, so this portal of yours brought your ship out of sea and deeper inland?" Asked High Elf as she looked at Chief. To her surprise he shook his head.

"It took us from outer space." Said Chief as he drove. High Elf frowned.

"Outer space?" Seeing that she was from a primitive society, Chief explained.

"You see the stars at night? Do you know of the pitch darkness that is between them?" When she said yes, he continued. "That's outer space." Widening her eyes in shock, High Elf looked at Chief in interest.

"So, you're a space man or something?" Asked High Elf. Chief nodded, shocking her. "So, your ship can fly between stars?" Nodding again, Chief couldn't help but be amused at the child-like interest the elf had for his stuff. "Must be quite a powerful ship to be able to do that. Does it run on magic?" Shaking his head, Chief said that he'll give her a brief explanation when they get there. As he drove, High Elf couldn't help but think of this ship and what it looked like.


"Holy shit!" Though High Elf Archer as she looked at the giant wreckage that was Chief's ship, eyes as wide as plates. It was a large black block of metal that was embedded on the ground. Not exactly something of beauty or elegance. Despite that, she couldn't help but be in awe of the size. It dwarfed even the largest buildings that she had seen in her lifetime. And upon seeing that the end of the ship that wasn't stuck on the ground had melted parts and was exposing the interior, she couldn't help but think that something destroyed this. Something powerful. Gulping, she looked at Chief, who began to walk to the wreckage.

"What is this ship?" Asked High Elf as she walked with him. Finding that it wouldn't hurt, the frigate wasn't classified in any sort of way aside from her slipspace drive and that was only because protocol forbid any UNSC personal from exposing the slipspace drive to any species during a first contact scenario. And since High Elf Archer was technically an alien, he couldn't expose the slipspace drive to her. Speaking of the drive, he should probably scuttle it, so that Ikit couldn't get his hands on it, though Cortana went against it, saying that if he did, he'll take them all with it. She then proposed just removing the drive and hiding it someplace where Ikit couldn't find it. Agreeing, Chief made a note to do that when Ikit was asleep along with everyone else.

"It's a frigate." Said Chief as they entered inside. "A Charon class frigate to be precise. This ship class was the most deployed ship in the UNSC navy during the Human Covenant war. I can't give you details, most of it is classified, but I can tell you that this ship was cut in half in a battle that decided the war." Gulping again, High Elf couldn't help but imagine what this final battle war. Must have been quite chaotic if this ship was cut in half.

"So, how big was it?" Asked High Elf Archer as they delved deeper into the ship. Much as all this interested her, she couldn't help but be uneased. All this tech and metal. It unnerved her. It was all unnatural. Same with BT, ED-E, and Cortana. They're all…an affront to nature. They way they moved and how they talked as well as how they're made. It was all uncomfortable for the elf, who was more comfortable in the forest and all its wonders. She knew that she would have to deal with it, but she still couldn't help but be unnerved with these robots and AIs.

"This ship was, when whole, was one thousand six hundred seven feet in length and a width of five hundred nine feet. For height, it was over four hundred fifty-six feet." Explained Chief. High Elf Archer couldn't help but gulp again at that. Such a big ship. That was enough to fit in several entire towns inside.

"And this was the biggest in your arsenal?" Asked the elf as she looked at Chief, who stopped. Though it was almost impossible to tell, High Elf Archer could see that Chief was somewhat amused at that.

"No, this was one of the smaller ships in the UNSC navy along with our weakest individually. They made it up for it in being easier to build and be fielded in lager numbers. Our biggest ship, to my knowledge, was over thirteen thousand feet in length."

That stopped High Elf Archer in her tracks, her brain trying to process such a massive ship. If this UNSC had the capacity to build such ships, she shuddered to think what their enemies were capable of, if this Human Covenant war was any indication.

"This is going to be both an interesting and scary adventure. Especially with the company I have." Thought High Elf as she ventured deeper into the ship with Chief.

Okay, our heroes are all met up and have agreed to work each other for the time being. The question is, who will they side with. Alliance or Horde? Or neither? I'll answer that in due time.

As for another thing, pairings. Alright, I'll get this out of the way first. Ikit Claw is not getting paired up with someone. For those of you who don't know, the Skaven from Warhammer Fantasy are essentially everything dark of humanity put in rat form, and multiplied by a thousand. They constantly backstab each other, they think themselves superior of other races as well as their colleagues, they constantly put blame on others when a mission failed even if its clearly their fault, and they always seek to betray their leaders in order to gain more power and prestige. There are exceptions, barely, in the form of clan Mors, but as a rule, Skaven are evil beings and its in their instincts to betray and scheme against one another. Its already difficult to give Ikit any sort of development that moves past these instincts and become a…well…better person. A pairing is just too much of a stretch. Also bestiality. I mean, I think its alright for me if he gets paired up with another animal-like species that's sentient, like them pandas. But that's besides the point. Unless someone gives me a convincing argument, Ikit stays single.

Another thing, High Elf Archer and Courier already have lovers or crushes in their realties. So, no pairings for them. That leaves Jack and Chief. And I already have the two women in mind for them. Vereesa Windrunner of the Silvermoon Covenant and Thalyssra of the Nightborne. The problem is I can't figure out which one to pair the boys with. Or even just give one both and have the other get another woman. So, as much as I think this is unreliable and subject to change from the author, can anyone give me arguments on what you believe is the best match for each and why you believe so. Also before anyone asks, yes I know Vereesa is married to Rhonin. And no, I won't make him cheat on her. For gods sakes, that doesn't make any sense at all. I never understood people's want to make a spouse or lover cheat on their significant other just so they can pair one of them with said significant other. For one it completely goes against a character's established personality and seem so out of place. It also makes no sense for them to suddenly cheat on a wife or husband when they've had kids and have been married for decades. So in this story, he just dies, leaving Vereesa a widow, like in canon. (Wow…that sounded harsh and mean.)

Final thing, this story starts a few weeks before Theramore gets blown up. You know when Garrosh goes all crazy crazy and starts waging war on the Alliance.