I've been getting a lot of PM about "X-over Beatbox Battles" about the next episode, it's coming. I'll give hint to the next battle one started in 1989 and the other started in 1999. That's all I'm gonna say.

(The next morning, the toy box opened up as everything was clear. Mario & Luigi then sighed in relief as they opened it)

Mario: Grah!

Luigi: Finally!

(Mario & Luigi then noticed something was missing from themselves)

Mario/Luigi: Huh? Where's my hat?

(Just then, two cheep cheeps came up wearing Mario & Luigi's hats)

Cheep Cheep 1 & 2: We're Mario & Luigi! Howdy, howdy, howdy!

Mario/Luigi: (sarcastically) Ha-ha! Ha-ha! (Grabs their hats) Give me that! Don't ya know it's rude to take something that not yours?

Cheep Cheep: Yeesh, it was a joke. You two have no sense of humor.

Mario/Luigi: What?!

(The Cheep Cheeps yelped and hid)

Mario/Luigi: (mutters) No one, but my girlfriend, gets to wear my hat!

(They frowned, putting back their hats back on. They then looked around after jumping out of the toy box as he heard Spider-man's & Deadpool's chuckle, then turned as they saw them speaking to Charizard and Scooby)

Deadpool: Hey there, dragon and doggy. Let us show you something.

Spider-man: It looks as though we've been accepted into your culture.

(They looked up and saw the hero toys talking to them)

Deadpool: Your leader, Corey, inscribed his name on us.

(They then put their feet out as Scooby and Charizard looked at the sole of their feet with the marker inked "Corey")

Charizard/Scooby-doo: Wow!

Charizard: (grins) With permanent ink, too!

Spider-man: Well, we must get back to repairing the space pod.

(The Italians brother yelped in concern, then looked down at their shoes, looking at the crayon marked "Corey" as it looked like it almost faded)

Peach: Mario? Luigi? Don't let it get to you two.

(They yelped as they noticed Peach, Donkey Kong, Daisy, Link, Zelda, and Diddy Kong looking at them, placing down their feet)

Mario: (nonchalant) Uh, let what? We don't...uh, what do ya mean?

Donkey Kong: Hey, don't worry about it.

Daisy: I know Corey's excited about Deadpool & Spider-man.

Zelda: She has a point.

Peach: (nods) But you know, Mario, Luigi, he'll always have a special place for you two.

Doraemon: (passing by) Yes, like the attic. Ha-ha-ha!

Mario/Luigi: (anger mark) All right, that's it!

(They then marched across the room. With Deadpool and Spider-man, they were still fixing the "space pod" still being held up by the toy blocks with some of the toys helping him. The heroes were on a skateboard working while Sir Hiss and Robot Jones were near them)

Deadpool/Spider-man: Now, unidirectional bonding strip.

(Robot Jones turned to Sir Hiss, who stood in readiness by a tape dispenser)

Robot Jones: Hiss, Deadpool & Spidey wants more tape.

Sir Hiss: Right.

(He ripped off a piece of tape with his mouth just as Mario & Luigi approached the skateboard, grabbing Deadpool and Spider-man's feet and rolled them from under the package)

Mario: Okay, listen up, Destroys, you two stay away from Corey Riffin! He's our property and no one is taking him away from us!

Spider-man: (confused) What are you talking about? (To Robot Jones) Where's that bonding strip?!

(They prepared to roll themselves back under, but Luigi pulled the heroes up)

Luigi: And another thing: Stop with this superhero routine! It's getting on our nerves!

Deadpool: (sighs) Are you saying you want to lodge a complaint with the Avengers and X-men?

Mario: (frowns) All right, so ya wanna do it the hard way, huh?

(Spider-man & Deadpool stood up, face to face with Mario & Luigi)

Spider-man: Don't even think about it!

Mario/Luigi: (glares) Oh yeah? How would about you two get this through your thick heads!

(Mario grabbed on to Deadpool's head & Luigi grabs on to Spider-man's head)

Deadpool/Spider-man: Hey! Let go!

(Mario & Luigi accidentally takes off Spider-man & Deadpool's masks which cause them to fall down to the floor gasping for air; Spider-man & Deadpool then started to breathe again)

Spider-man/Deadpool: The air isn't toxic?

(Spider-man & Deadpool grabs their masks from them and puts them back on)

Spider-man: How dare you two take off our masks!

Deadpool: Yeah! Our eyes could have been sucked from their sockets!

Mario: (frowns) You two actually think your "The" Spider-man and Deadpool?

Luigi: (realizes) Oh, all this time, we thought it was all an act.

(They then turned to the toys and shouted)

Mario: Hey, look, everyone! Look!

Luigi (Sarcastically) It's the "real" Spider-man & Deadpool!

Mario/Luigi: The two superheroes!

Spider-man/Deadpool: (concerned) You're mocking us, aren't you?

Mario: (shakes his head) Now why would we go and-

Luigi: (gasps) Yipes! (Points behind Spider-man & Deadpool) Spidey, DP, look! A bad guy!

(Deadpool & Spider-man turned and looked around)

Spider-man/Deadpool: Where?

(Mario & Luigi kneeled over with laughter as they chuckled. Link frowned as he sighed)

Link: It's not funny in my book, guys!

(Just then, Mario & Luigi stopped as they heard laughter and barking, though it was from outside. All of the toys then went to the bedroom window and looked out)

?: All right! Ha-ha-ha!

(Mario & Luigi gasped as they looked shocked)

Mario/Luigi: Uh oh.

Scooby-doo: Ooooohhh!

(Scooby quickly hid under the bed)

Scooby: It's Bart!

Charizard: (confused) Bart? Wasn't he at camp?

Donkey Kong: We're doomed!

Rigby: Yeesh, they must've kicked him out early this year.

(Everyone then rushed to the window)

Charizard: Oh no! Not the spike head!

Bart (O.S): Incoming!

(As they had arrived, the group looked out the window as they saw a spikey-haired kid with yellow skin wearing an orange shirt, blue shorts and shoes he was known as Bart Simpson)

Bart: Ha-ha-ha-ha!

(The group looked at the window while trying to figure out the toy victim in the yard. Bart pummeled the figure with rocks while Santa's Little Helper strained at the leash, barking wildly)

Doraemon: Who is it this time?

Mario/Luigi: We can't tell! (looks around) Where's Peeps?

Peeps: (comes up to him) Right here.

(Peeps looked as he was picked up by Mario & Luigi as Charizard groaned)

Charizard: Oh no! I can't stand to watch one of these again!

(From the binocular view, a mouse was out on the open with an M-80 tied on the back)

Mario: Oh crud!

Luigi: It's Mighty Mouse!

Bart: Just stay where you are, Mighty! I know you're tired! I know your leg is cramping, but you can't move! Don't move, Mouse! You'll blow up! Do you hear me?

Deadpool/Spider-man: What's going on?

(The newer toys looked concerned as well)

Wario: What's with the stupid mouse?

Mario: (frowns) Nothing that concerns ya, fatso! Just us toys!

Deadpool: But still, me and Spidey better take a look.

(Deadpool grabbed Peeps from Mario & Luigi, then looked through them with Spider-man. They then gasped as they saw Mighty Mouse strapped on dynamite)

Spider-man: Oh my gosh! Why is that mouse strapped to an explosive device?

(Mario & Luigi then redirected the two views to the laughing kid with the dog)

Mario: That's why.

Luigi: Bart Simpson.

(Deadpool & Spider-man looked at the dog)

Deadpool: That harry fella.

Mario: (frowns) No, that's Santa's Little Helper, ya idiot!

(Luigi then redirected the binocular view to the kid)

Luigi: That's Bart.

Spider-man: You mean that happy yellow kid?

Doraemon: Believe me, you two, he's sadistic more than happy.

Charizard: And he tortures toys... (shivers) Just for fun!

Deadpool: Then we have to do something about it.

(Deadpool & Spider-man prepared to get onto the window as everyone else gasped in shock)

Inkling the girl: Spidey, DP!

Peach/Daisy: What are you two doing!?

Zelda: Get back in here!

Sandy: No, please!

Spider-man: I'm gonna teach that toy destroyer a lesson!

Mario: (sarcastically) Yeah, sure. Ya, go ahead. Blast him with your laser gun.

Luigi: (sarcastically) and web him up with your web blaster.

(Mario & Luigi then pressed Spider-man's web shooter & Deadpool's ray gun, letting out the sound effects, but Spider-man & Deadpool quickly pulled their weapons away)

Spider-man: Hey, be careful with those!

Deadpool: Yeah! It's very dangerous! And you two could get hurt.

(Peeps then chuckled as he witnessed Bart lighting the fuse to the M-80)

Peeps: Hey, he's lighting it! He's lighting it!

Bart: (shouting) It's boom, boom time!

Peeps: (realizes) Uh oh. Just remembered they go boom. Hit the deck!

(Quickly, the toys jumped away from the window, though Deadpool & Spider-man was forced down by Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Peach, Daisy, and mutant turtles. The group then heard the explosion as dirt clouds came from the backyard. The toy then looked at the parts of Might Mouse raining down the side of the Simpson's house. Bart laughed wickedly)

Bart: Up, up, and dead!

(The toys then recovered from the incident and took a peek. Sure enough, there was only a black scorch mark on the ground where Might Mouse was once. Bart jumped for joy)

Bart: Stupid Mouse!

(Deadpool & Spider-man sighed as they looked sadly)

Spider-man: (looking teary) We should've stopped him.

Deadpool: We should have...

(They sniffed a bit as Mario & Luigi patted their backs)

Mario/Luigi: Now, listen, Spidey, DP. Trust us. We would've enjoyed seeing ya try...he-he. Then again, I would've enjoyed seeing ya as a crater.

Deadpool/Spider-man: (frowns) You're not helping!

(Bart cackled and danced around the crater with Santa's little helper grinning and barking mischievously)

Peach: Well, the sooner we move, the better.

Daisy: (nods) Yep, and when we finally move from here, our nightmare will finally be over.

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