(Time had passed as it only became 2 days before the move. The "For Sale" sign was up on the front yard with another saying "Sold" under it with lots of items packed in. Up in Corey's room, Corey was playing with Mario, Luigi, Spider-man, and Deadpool while Corey's mom opened the door and stepped in)

Corey: Through space, time... and beyond!

Corey's mom: Oh, all this packing makes me hungry. What would you say to dinner at, uh, oh, Pizza Space?

Corey: (shocked) Oh my gosh! I love that place!

(He then threw the four toys on his desk with Mario & Luigi near DK & Diddy and Delete landing on top of Fuzzy)

Corey's mom: Go wash your hands and I'll get Trina ready.

(Just then, the door closed as Mario & Luigi angrily shoved Spider-Man & Deadpool off of them)

Mario/Luigi: Get off me!

Deadpool/Spider-man: That's not nice!

(As Deadpool & Spider-man went back to work, Mario & Luigi heard the Riffins' voices)

Kuki(O.S): Can I bring some toys?

Genki(O.S): Only two, Corey! No exceptions!

Kuki(O.S): Only two?! But...

(Mario & Luigi perked up with concern)

Mario/Luigi: (to themself) Two toys?

(They glanced over at Deadpool & Spider-man, who was about to work on their ship again. Mario then picked up a Magic 8 Ball next to him on the desk while away from them)

Mario: (whispers) Will Corey pick us?

(He shook it hard, then tipped it over. He then saw the triangular oracle float up to the surface reading "Don't count on it, Fat Italian Plumber", making Mario glare)

Mario: (anger mark) Don't count on it, Fat Italian Plumber?!

(He then threw down the 8-ball in disgust. DK & Diddy looked at the toy rolling across the desk and fall behind it with a loud thud. Luigi then looked at the gorilla and monkey, looking at the toy)

Donkey Kong: You know, you should really watch where you throw that.

Diddy: I mean, you could get something stuck in there.

Mario/Luigi: (realizes) Stuck...(shakes their hands) Thanks for the idea.

(DK & Diddy then looked confused as they looked at the 8-ball wedged way near the bottom with the space a black chasm.

Mario/Luigi: Hmmm...

Donkey Kong/Diddy: No, no! Bad idea we gave you!

(Mario quickly grabbed the DK's tie and tied it around his mouth, while Luigi lifts Diddy's shirt above this head. They then looked at the heroes humming to themself while getting the "tools" for their ship. With Lightning resting on the near them)

Donkey Kong: (muffles) Don't do it, guys!

(Mario & Luigi then let DK & Diddy go as they ran, looking like they were panicking over to Deadpool & Spider-Mna

Mario/Luigi: Deadpool! Spider-man (looks at them) Oh thank goodness we found ya! There's a problem!

Deadpool/Spider-man: (shocked) Trouble?! (looks around) Where?!

(They then pointed to the back of the desk)

Mario: Down there, just down there!

Luigi: A helpless toy...it's...it's trapped, droid!

Spider-man: Then we got no time to lose!

(They then ran past DK & Diddy, who was making sure their clothes weren't broken, then Deadpool & Luigi looked down at the back of the desk)

Deadpool/Spider-man: (looking around) We don't see anything.

(As Mario & Luigi neared the button that had the word "FORWARD" on it, DK & Diddy gasped as they tried running to them)

Donkey Kong/Diddy: Hey, wait!

(Just then, Lightning opened his eye sleepily, looking curious)

Mario: (smirks evilly) Oh, trust us

Luigi: It's there. Just keep looking.

Donkey Kong/Diddy: Guys, no!

(DK & Diddy grabbed the brother's legs and made them and the remote control fall, but it was too late as Mario pressed the button, which caused Lightning to head straight to the unexpected heroes)

Deadpool/Spider-man: Just what kind of a toy-

(The supers then gasped, then quickly got out of the way. The car, instead, went by them as it collided right into a bulletin board. Just then, a chain of events was caused by the board as Deadpool & Spider-man ducked with the pins landing all around them, sticking into the desk like arrows. With Doraemon, he sat on the floor in the middle of a card game with Rigby. He then gasped as he saw it)

Doraemon: Oh crud! DP! Spidey!

Rigby: (looks behind himself) Huh?

(Just then, the board slammed down into a globe, knocking it out of its strand. The glove started rolling right at Deadpool & Spider-man as Mario & Luigi stood frozen with disbelief at the chaos they caused)

Donkey Kong/Diddy: (sarcastically) Nice move, farmers.

(Deadpool & Spider-man ran along the desk, the globe rolling right behind them ala Indiana Jones style. They got stuck "Log rolling" on a pile of pencils, but at the last second, they humped out of the way onto the window ledge. The globe lumbered past them and struck a Lampy-style desk lamp. The arm of the lamp swung all the way around toward the four toys on the desk)

Mario/Luigi/Donkey Kong/Diddy: Duck!

(They ducked as the heroes turned around, but was hit by the lamp and knocked out the window toward the outside world)

Deadpool/Spider-man: AHHHH!

Mario/Luigi/Donkey Kong/Diddy: Delete!

Toys Below: Delete!

(Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, &Diddy looked out the window, seeing no sign of the heroes. Just then, the two noticed most of the toys rushing over to the sill)

Peach: I don't see them in the driveway!

Scooby-doo: Ri rhink rhey bounced Rinto the Rimpson's yard!

Charizard: (gasps) Deadpool! Spider-man!

(As they looked out the window, Mario & Luigi backed away a bit as DK & Diddy prepared to go after them)

Donkey Kong/Diddy: Hey, wait a minute, you!

(Just then, Lightning was heard making motor noises, getting the Pokemon's attention. He turned and noticed Lighting)

Charizard: Hey, everyone! Lightning's trying to say something!

(The toys turned from the window and toward the toy car)

Charizard: What is it, boy?

(He made some serious noises as Doraemon nodded, understanding the car)

Doraemon: (angrily) This was no accident!

All: Huh?

Daisy: What do you mean?

Peach: What are you talking about?

Doraemon: I mean the weakling heroes were pushed...(points to Mario & Luigi) by them!

All (but Mario & Luigi): What!?

(Mario & Luigi gasped as they realized how it was turning out)

Mario: Now wait a second!

Luigi: Come on, do you honestly believe we'd push Deadpool & Spidey out there, Doraemon?

Doraemon: (glares) That's Robot Cat Doraemon to you, you back-stabbing murderer!

Mario: Aw, come on! It was an accident!

Luigi: (looks at everyone) People, c'mon now, you...you gotta believe us.

(Scooby's group [Consisting of Link, Zelda, the TMNT members, Inkling boy, and girl, and Jake the dog] waved to them)

Scooby: Rey, re believe rou.

Peach/Daisy: We do, as well.

Ganon: What about you, Charizard?

Charizard: (backing away) Oh, I don't like confrontations! I am staying out of this one.

Donkey Kong: Come on, don't be mad at them! He's sorry, okay? I mean we're partially to blame for saying that a toy may get stuck under the desk

Diddy: And when we made them go down with the remote when they pressed the button.

(They then gasped as they realized what they just said while the Pokemon glared angrily at them)

Charizard: All right, now I AM involved! Kill those monkeys!

(The only toys not going to the four, Scooby's group, gasped while Mikey spoke to the four)

Mikey: You four are sooo dead!

(Just then, Fox popped out of the bucket as he was next to both the brothers, ape, and monkey)

Fox: Where is your honor, Hero Haters?! You are all an absolute disgrace! You don't deserve to-

(Quickly, Mario closed the lid back on the bucket while Doraemon neared them)

Doraemon: Oh, couldn't handle Deadpool & Spider-man cutting in on your playtime, could you, Mario & Luigi? Didn't want to face the fact that they just might be Corey's new favorite toy, so you got rid of him. Well, what if he started playing with me more, huh, plumbers? Are you gonna knock me out the window, too?

(The four gasped as they were driven back to the very edge of the desk, they were trapped)

Rigby: I don't think we should give either of them the chance!

(Suddenly, the lid popped off the bucket as the Fox troops glared)

Fox: (points to Mario & Luigi) There they are, team! Seize them!

(The troops yelled their charge and pounced on the four while all the other toys closed in on them)

Doraemon: Let's string them up by Mario's & Luigi's pull-string!

Rigby: I get dibs on their hats!

Peach/Daisy: Would you all stop?

Rigby: Tackle them!


Wario/Luigi: DIE!

Donkey Kong/Diddy: No, stop!

Mario/Luigi: We can explain!

Zelfa: (notices) Wait, where's Toon Link?

Corey's mom (O.S): Corey, come on!

Corey (O.S): Okay, mom! Be right down! Just gotta grab two certain heroes first.

Fox: (gasps) Retreat!

(Quickly, the toys retreated to their positions, letting Mario, Luigi, DK, and Diddy go. The four went back to toy mode just in time as Zelda and Link hid in the Bubble band backpack. Corey then came into the room as he looked around)

Corey: Mom, do you know where Spidey & DP are?

Corey's mom (O.S): No, I haven't seen him.

(Mario & Luigi painfully watched as Corey searched)

Doraemon (O.S): Pssst!

(The four looked across the room as they saw Doraemon with Etch peeking out of a packing box. Etch had scribbled a hangman's noose while Doraemon pointed to the four accusingly. They gulped a bit)

Corey's mom (O.S): Corey! I'm heading out the door!

Corey: But I can't find Spidey & DP!

Corey's mom (O.S): Well, take something else with you! Come on!

Corey: (sighs) Okay...

(He then looked around, then noticed Mario, Luigi, DK, and Diddy. He then looked at him as he realized something)

Corey: Wait, maybe I don't have to take just two toys! Maybe they might have gotten into my bag somehow.

(He then looked at the toys inside the bag as he chuckled)

Corey: I bet they're stuck waaaaay down inside my Bubble band backpack. But still...I have to wonder...did they really get lost here, though? (shrugs) Oh well. Can't let mom know. After all, I can look later.

(He then placed DK & Diddy inside the bag, then took Mario & Luigi before he zipped up the bag and prepared to head out. Outside, the boy left the house, dragging Mario & Luigi as he headed to the family car)

Corey's mom: Well?

Corey: I don't think I could find Deadpool & Spider-man. I know I left them in the house somewhere.

Corey's mom: Honey, I'm sure they're around. You'll find them.

(What none of them knew, though, was that a familiar hero toys came out of the bushes, looking disgusted)

Deadpool: Bleck!

Spider-man: That was terrible!

(They frowned as they looked around. There, with Corey was Mario & Luigi)

Deadpool: I can't believe you would do this to us!

Spider-man: And I thought we were gonna be friends, you horrible monsters!

(Then, as the van started up, Deadpool & Spider-man raced out of the bush, and with a huge leap, they grabbed the rear fender of the van as it pulled out of the driveway. Back at the bushes, a chain of Aipom went down toward the bush, dangling a considerable distance above the ground. All while the other toys had regrouped at the window)

Scooby: Rit's too short!

Peach: We need more Aipoms!

(The Pokemon gulped as he held up the empty barrel.

Charizard: There aren't any more! That's the whole barrel!

(He threw the barrel down and ran back to the ledge)

Charizard: Uh, guys! The Aipoms aren't working! We are formulating another plan! Just stay calm!

(He then turned to the others as he spoke)

Charizard: Aw shucks, where can he be?