Before i go and begin this story i have a few things to say as usual. First off I do not own either RWBY (owned by Rooster Teeth) or The book or movie Christine or even any of the songs mentioned in this story by Christine's Radio. They both belong to their respective owners and creators. Secondly, many people thought about if Pyrrha did survive the fall of beacon or if Christine would come back from being a scrap block. So in this story Christine does reform back to her old self again while as for Pyrrha she still to the arrow to the chest, but… even though she became ashes, she then ended up reforming on Earth where Herbie came from and where Christine will find her. Thirdly, as a word of warning this story will be shorter than the rest since this is just going along a trip to get back to Remnant. And if you haven't guessed already, yes this will be the 4th story of my Rose of a Love bug Series, but I might not truly work on this story until I finish my 3rd story of The Rose of a Love bug. But just as a treat to you who support me… i'll give you the first chapter of my 4th The Rose of a Love bug story now, entitled "Christine and the Fallen Huntress"

(Remnant/ During the fall of Beacon/ In the Remains of Ozpin's Office/ 2013)

Pyrrha had just lost her weapon after Cinder split it into three and was now hovering with her full maiden powers at her disposal. Pyrrha was using all she had of her semblance to try to defeat Cinder with the clockwork remains. Yet still it wasn't enough as Cinder's full powers were stronger than Pyrrha as she was losing Aura fast. After taking an arrow to the leg she fell unable to stand any longer. "It's unfortunate you were promised a power that was never truly yours. But take comfort in knowing that I will use it in ways you could never imagine." Cinder said as she raised Pyrrha's head to face hers. "Do you believe in destiny?" Pyrrha sternly said to Cinder as Cinder then rose for a final strike. "Yes." This was Cinder's last word as she created a bow and arrow with the fall maiden powers and aimed at pyrrha in point-blank range. And in a split second, the arrow hit Pyrrha in the chest as she gasped and struggled to breath a bit longer. But it didn't matter in the end as Cinder then reached for Pyrrha's head. Next thing Pyrrha knew, there was a flash of golden light. Then, black all around her.

(Earth, Rockbridge, California/ 35 years after Christine's Defeat/ Junkyard)

It has been 35 years since Arnie Cunningham was killed by accident from Christine's windshield and since Dennis and Leigh had turned Christine into nothing more than a block of scrap on that same night in 1978. There she sat in the junkyard as scrap was moved about the yard. Every year or so on the date of her defeat, some have claimed that her scraped parts moved and twitched a bit as if a reminder to others. No one dared touched the block in fear that it would hurt or kill them in someway. Or worse, reform itself.

As new scrap came and went she sat there eyeing anyone that passes by, unable to make a move. But as she sat there for 35 years she had time to think about what she had done. She never really wanted to hurt anyone. All she wanted was someone to love her and protect her, and anyone that stood between her and her owner would either be run over, squashed, burned, crushed, or even choked to death by her wheels. But as she heard all lots over the years she heard what good there were in some humans. She even heard of a Volkswagen beetle race that ended with a car named Herbie winning it against another car named Horace that got destroyed somehow. With all this in mind, Christine was willing to right her wrongs and have a change of heart. But she didn't know how, after all she murdered so many through about 30 of her years since she was first created. And besides, she was still unable to reform herself as her strength was gone after she lost Arnie. So there she continued to sit and watch as the days rolled by.

It is now the day of Christine's demise as she's able to gain enough strength to try to reform herself only to fail again. Many people kept passing by and seeing her parts move only to scream and run away. As night came and the junkyard closed, a full moon came out from behind the clouds and shone on Christine.

However as the moon rose higher it started to glow a golden yellow until some ashes flew from the light of the moon and landed right in front of Christine's scrap block and started to form into a shape as the it then shone golden yellow as well. Then right before the twisted and scraped car's broken headlights, the ashes then formed into a girl who looked young but old enough to drive. She had red hair in the form of a long ponytail, what looked like brown armor, long black opera gloves, a red sash, a gold gorget on her neck, a gold bracelet on her left arm above her black glove, and gold and black thigh-high armored boots.

She was lying peacefully on the ground in Christine's view when suddenly a faint black aura formed around Christine's cube and in an instant she felt a ton of energy surging through her like a lightning bolt just zapped her. And with that strength she then could feel herself beginning to successfully reform. It took about a minute for Christine to reform herself back into a car rather than a cube, but the instain she finished her headlights turn on slowly and shined onto the girl that had been created from ashes. Christine was grateful as she then turned on her radio for the first time in years, playing "Pleading my love" by: Johnny Ace. (Even though in 2013 it was outdated.)

Pyrrha could see nothing but black as she fell into what felt like an abyss, she could hear the screams of the possible people who were suffering by Cinder's hands. She thought of Beacon, her family, Team JNPR, Team RWBY, even Herbie, but most of all Jaune. She feared she would never see his loving face again as the screams got louder. Just then she heard what sounded like lovely music and the blackness was turning into white as the music got louder. Pyrrha then woke up with a gasp as she then looked around to see she was in what looked like nothing but metal all around her. She then turned as she was blinded by what looked like headlights shining at her. Just then the lights dimmed down revealing a red car with a white top. From the sound of things the lovely music she heard was coming from inside the car.

Christine almost shot backwards after seeing the girl spring to life. The girl stared at Christine almost like Arnie did 35 years ago. From what Christine saw, she was scared almost like she saw a ghost or rather like she saw Christine as if she was another victim. Christine then turned off her radio not wanting to scare her any further.

Pyrrha heard the music turning off but she couldn't see who did it behind the car's headlights. "Who's there?" she asked as she went up to the driver door surprisingly the door swung open on it's own and revealed that no one was inside. "There's no one in here? Then how was that music on?" Pyrrha asked when the radio came on again this time with a different tune.

Trying to calm the girl down, Christine decided to tune her radio of "I Wonder Why" By: Dion and The Belmonts. However this just got the girl more interested of how Christine was able to do this all on her own. Then the girl said something that Christine didn't think she would say. "Wait… are you… Sentient?" The girl said as Christine tried tuning her radio to give a song with her answer but couldn't find one. So instead she gave a simple honk of her horn.

Pyrrha was quite amazed when that horn honk answered her question. It reminded her of Herbie back in Remnant. "Wow that's incredible, wait till…" Pyrrha stop on her words realizing that she probably not even in Remnant anymore. "What's the point. I don't even know where I am." Pyrrha said sadly as she sat inside the car.

As the girl sat down Christine then opened her glove compartment as she remembered a final note that Arnie left behind in case Christine did get a new owner. The girl saw this and grabbed it curious as to who might have left it.

Pyrrha opened the envelope to see a note that was left behind by her last owner. "If anyone is reading this, then it's possible I may be dead. If so please take care of Christine for me. If I have died, it may mean I've let my love for Christine blind me and it cost me my life in the end. Try not to make the same mistakes I made. If you have a problem, Christine could help you find the answer. Dennis, Leigh, if you're reading this, i'm sorry for what I did. Signed Arnie Cunningham." Pyrrha was in dismay after reading this. "You're old owner is… gone?" Pyrrha asked as Christine honked a couple of times softly. "I'm so sorry. But, if it makes you feel better, I'll take care of you." Pyrrha said as she rubbed her hand gingerly across the dashboard.

Christine felt glad when she heard this. Although she didn't know this girl she had a feeling she was someone Christine could trust. Better than Arnie when he took a turn for the worst. "Still it's nice to know another kind car that's sentient." The girl said making Christine shudder at her rotten past then pondering at why she said "That's sentient". Suddenly Christine remembered an old radio broadcast that she managed to remember by heart about Herbie from the days of the El Dorado. When she tuned it in The girl listen with interest.

"Jim Douglas is making his move on Thorndike with the car called Herbie as they're coming down the home stretch. In a few seconds the El Dorado will be all over. And here they come! The little car named Herbie takes First… and Third place. There you have it folks." the radio switched off after that leaving Pyrrha in shock. "Wait you know of Herbie?... that must mean… I must be on his world…" Pyrrha said when she realized something. "Wait if Herbie, Horace, and that Car came from here… then maybe it could mean… I could get back to Remnant." Pyrrha said with a bit of hope.

Christine didn't know what Remnant was, but assuming from what the girl said it must be where she lived. "Ok i don't know you all that well, but if you're willing to help me get home, I'd be grateful." the girl said as Christine pondered her words. This possibly meant Christine could change her ways once and for all like she hope to do. So with a cheerful toot of her horn and the radio starting to play, "Come on, Let's go" By: Richie Valens, Christine started her engine with a rev. "I'll take that as a yes. Thank you. Oh, and my name, its Pyrrha, Pyrrha Nikos." The girl named Pyrrha said as Christine charged through the junkyard entrance gate and headed towards San Francisco, to track down Herbie's Trail.

And so Pyrrha and Christine are back and on their way to find a road leading to Remnant. Will they find a way back? Or will Pyrrha remain on earth for the rest of her days with Christine? You'll have to wait and see as only Time will tell. Stay Tuned. ;)