As you now know, Pyrrha has made it back to Remnant with the help of Christine and now has reunited with Yang Xiao Long. This part of the story will follow Yang's path on Season 5 of RWBY only this time she won't be going alone as she will have Pyrrha and Christine helping her on her way to Haven. Before I start though I must remind you that any song that has "Quotation Marks" and the name of a band or singer DOES NOT BELONG TO ME! It belongs to its respective band or singer that made it. With that all said and done, get you gear and strap in as we start up the engine for the fourth chapter of "Christine and the Fallen Huntress".

(Xiao Long Residence/ Yang/ About 10 Days since the Fall of Beacon)

Yang couldn't believe what she was seeing. Ruby did see Pyrrha die at Beacon just before Ruby shined a bright light that turned the dragon Grimm to stone and defeated Cinder. Plus Yang did lose her arm due to Adam Taurus. At first Yang was scared thinking that Pyrrha's ghost came back to haunt her. But as Pyrrha then reached out and hugged Yang, she knew that Pyrrha was here and alive in the flesh. "I didn't think I'd ever see you again" Pyrrha said as Yang then hugged Pyrrha back with her one arm as Pyrrha shedded Tears onto Yang's Shoulder. Eventually the hugging ended as Pyrrha and Yang both calmed down. At this point The music that was playing suddenly turned off. But yang didn't notice this as she was too glad to see Pyrrha alive and well. "How, how are you here? How did you survive? And how did you find m…" Yang didn't finish as Pyrrha stopped her. "All of that is a very long story." Pyrrha said as she looked to a car that Yang didn't recognize. "Well we can talk about this inside." Yang said as she pointed to the door. Pyrrha agreed as Yang led her inside and to the dining table. "Ok start from the beginning." Yang said as they both sat down. "Ok. Well it started like this." Pyrrha then explained her meeting Christine in and following Herbie's trail and meeting people from his past as well as driving through the tunnel to Remnant and ending the journey here. Although she did leave out the part about the Ghost Christine and the Zombie Arnie.

After Pyrrha had finished Yang was in amazement. "Your telling me that instead of you dying, you ended up in Herbie's world and found that car out there and made it back to remnant by a tunnel?!" Yang asked still astonished by all this as Pyrrha nodded in return. "It May have been one journey I'll never forget, but what's happened since Beacon fell?" Pyrrha asked as Yang her one hand to her forehead. "Sigh that's a bit of a long story as well." Yang said as she began to tell about what happened after Pyrrha was shot by Cinder and about her sister and the rest of Team JNPR heading out to Haven. She even told her about what Adam did to her and what happened to the rest of Team RWBY. Pyrrha was almost as shocked as Yang was when she heard Pyrrha's story as they both looked over to a robotic arm that Atlas sent to Yang as a replacement arm. "So They all went to Haven?" Pyrrha asked to Yang who nodded to her. Pyrrha sighed as Yang looked back to her robotic arm. "What do we do now?" Pyrrha asked not knowing what do think. As Yang looked back at her robotic arm, she then made a decision she wasn't planning to do. "We'll follow them. To Haven." Yang said as Pyrrha looked to Christine who was still parked outside. "I'd say that's a plan I can get behind." Pyrrha said as they both shook each other's hands and agreed on it. After Yang put on some new clothes, made some changes to her robotic arm and attached it, and loaded bumblebee onto the back of Christine with a special carrier, Pyrrha fueled up Christine and both of the set of for Haven to find Team RNJR and Herbie. But not before Yang left a note to Tai telling him where she was going.

(Haven/ Team RNJR and Herbie/ Apartment)

After parking Herbie into the garage and settling into the apartment and rested after a long journey. Ren and Nora were looking after Qrow who had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room while Ruby and Jaune were looking at the view from the balcony. Ruby didn't say it but she could still see that Jaune was still suffering the events from the Fall of Beacon. They all were. Blake ran away, Weiss was taken back to Atlas by her father, Yang lost her arm, and worst of all, Pyrrha was dead. Jaune kept trying to take his mind off it but he couldn't help it. He missed Pyrrha and he had fallen in love with her. But it didn't matter now. However, no one knew that Herbie was suffering the most. So many people were gone. And hatred had won in the end. Herbie felt so defeated. He hadn't felt this bad when both Jim and Hank tried to either replace him or just stay away from him. Herbie was almost tempted to drive off a bridge like he almost done on the Golden Gate Bridge when he then saved Jim's life. But Ruby was keeping his spirit high enough to stick with her and the rest of Team RNJR. But he still felt the sadness the hardest as did the rest of Team RNJR. But as long as they kept hope going they wouldn't give up so easily.

(Somewhere on the road/ Yang, Pyrrha, and Christine)

After an incident at a gas station, Yang and Pyrrha managed to refuel Christine and were on the road again. However they picked up someone who Yang thought would help them find someone who could take them to Ruby in Haven. They didn't stop until they reached what looked like a bandit camp. Once they came to a stop in the middle of the camp Yang and the bandit got out as Christine and Pyrrha stayed behind as Yang then walked up to the lead tent as her mother came out she had a bone mask on her face but took it off when she saw Yang. As the two chatted for a bit Pyrrha decided to check on Christine as she walked around to the front before she could do anything else however, Yang's mother, Raven, had enough and wasn't going to give into Yang's demands a she told her guards to take her away. But Yang wasn't having any of that either. "Did you not hear me? I said send me to Qrow!" Yang yelled as one of the bandits raised his weapon to her. "That's enough! You watch your mouth in front of our leader!" One of the bandits said as Yang's eyes glowed red. "Make me."

The bandit was so angry at this he charged screaming at Yang. But he didn't land the hit as he then got blinded by bright lights. Then everyone including raven then became shocked when they heard Christine's tires spinning out as she charged at the blinded bandit who didn't see Christine charging until it was too late. He was hit head on and flew into a nearby tent that fell over and revealed a cage that had a certain ex-heiress locked inside. "Yang?!" The ex-heiress called out. Yang and Pyrrha both knew that voice "Weiss?!" Both Yang and Pyrrha said as Weiss then noticed Pyrrha by the red car. "Pyrrha?! … *Sigh* Alright, well subtlety is out." Weiss said as a knight made of ice suddenly grew large in size making even Christine back up as the cage broke open as Weiss then ran over to Yang and Pyrrha. "What is that thing?" Yang asked as the three got into a defensive positions. "Don't worry about it. What are you doing here and how is Pyrrha still alive?!" Weiss asked as the bandits began to surround them. "Well, that's my mom and she can take us to Ruby." Yang said as Weiss suddenly realized something. "Wait, your mom kidnapped me?!" Weiss asked as Yang looked to Raven. "You kidnapped her?!" Yang yelled but didn't receive an answer as the bandits angrily yelled. Before Pyrrha, Yang, Weiss, or even Christine could attack a lightning bolt struck the ground in front of them all stopping even Christine.

"Enough!" Raven yelled as everyone looked to her. "If you people don't keep it together this place is soon going to be crawling with Grimm. Vernal, give the girl her weapon back." Vernal then obeyed as she tossed Myrtenaster back to Weiss. "You three, in my tent, now." Raven ordered as Yang looked back at her in annoyance. "Why?" Yang asked as Raven eyed her. "If your really going after your sister, then you need to know the truth." Raven said as she entered the lead tent with Yang, Weiss, and Pyrrha following her inside. Christine was left alone as the bandits eyed her suspiciously even one tried to break into her. But as so as Christine started playing "Keep a Knockin'" By: Little Richard on her radio loudly. The bandit backed off scared as her radio then stopped. At this point no bandit dared to to her as they were scared to. Christine on the other hand was then reminded of her time back at the scrapyard she was in for 35 years. She honestly felt more excited now then when she was in that scrapyard. "Cars possessed I'm not touching it." One bandits said "Well I'm not touching that car either." Another bandit said as they began to whisper to each other. It was about another ten minutes until the three girls came around from the back of the tent and got into Christine. Then Yang took control and drove Christine behind the lead tent where a red portal was floating. Christine then had a feeling that this portal would lead her and the other girls to Ruby. Just before they entered the portal, Raven called Yang and she stopped Christine. "If you side with your uncle, I may not be as kind the next time we meet." Raven said as Yang looked back at her. "You weren't kind this time either." Yang said as she slowly pushed the throttle down and rolled Christine into the portal. As Christine and the girls entered the portal, it disappeared from sight. "I know." Raven said as she walked back to her tent.

(Haven/ Qrow/ On a balcony)

Qrow didn't have much luck of finding any huntsmen that he knew of anywhere. He sat on the balcony with his flask in hand as he looked at the view. "This isn't right. I understand one or two of them,... but all of them?" Qrow said as he then sighed. He was about to have another drink when suddenly he heard a noise he knew well. He turned around and then saw one of his sister's portals opening. "Raven." But as he heard the sound of an engine he then saw a red and white top car with green Greek designs on the fenders and a number 95 on the car doors. "Wait that can't be Raven. Who's in there?" Qrow called out as three girls that he recognized got out of the car to greet him. "Oh… this is a surprise." Qrow said as he then gave a polite smile.

(Team RNJR and Herbie/ Apartment)

As Team RNJR began to cook food for whoever Qrow was bring tonight, Ruby could help but look at Herbie who had moved outside to be alone for a bit. "Poor Herbie, I hate to see him like this." Ruby said as she stirred the vegetables in her pan. "We all sometimes need some quiet time at some points." Ren said as he stirred the soup he had. Jaune even looked up to Herbie as he was setting the table. "I Don't know Ren, I'm mean after what he went through before and then with the fall of Beacon…" Jaune said when he got interrupted by Nora who was munching on some of her cut carrots. "Don't worry about it guys *Munch* I'm sure he's fine." Nora said with a smile and a full mouth. Ruby however was still upset about this and was worried that Herbie was still suffering about all that had happened. Unfortunately, she knew she was right.

Herbie sat alone outside the apartment as he looked up to the stars. He kept thinking about the past and his friends even those that had left him. Tennessee, Paco, Chuck, Carol, Alex, Wheely, Hank, Blake, Weiss, Yang, Penny, Pyrrha, even Jim Douglas who was his first caretaker left him. Herbie was always full of love but after he lost so much. Herbie just didn't know if he should go on. Herbie sobbed as he activated his windshield cleaner and wipers as he weakly honked his horn. Suddenly he heard the sound of another car engine and stopped his wipers. Then from around the corner a red and white top 1958 Plymouth Fury with Greek style fenders and a retro number 95 on each door pulled up just in front of Herbie as it's headlights brightly shone on him. Herbie then shook with fright as he was remembered of when Horace smashed him up twice. Herbie thought it was the end of the road. Suddenly the Plymouth's radio turned on playing "Pledging My Love" By: Johnny Ace. Herbie recognized it as he played that same song for Jim and Carol on their honeymoon trip after he won the El Dorado. Herbie stopped shaking as the song continued to play as four familiar faces then stepped out of the car. One of them was Qrow, but the three girls Herbie remembered well as he proudly honked his horn as the three girls hugged him as the Plymouth also rolled up inches from his bumper while still playing it's song.

Meanwhile Team RNJR has just about finished the first batch of food for dinner when Ruby heard Qrow calling for her. "Be right there!" Ruby called as she continued cooking. "You going to overcook that." Ren said. "No I'm not calm down!" Ruby said as she then heard Herbie honking for her as well. "Sounds like Herbie's cheered up a bit." Jaune said as Ruby continued cooking "I'm coming!" Ruby said just as her food then puffed up black smoke. "Fine, you take over Ren." Ruby said as she grabbed a tea set while Ren multitasked the food. "We didn't know how many were coming so we cooked all of it." Ruby said as she looked up. Then she gasped and dropped her tray as she saw Weiss, Her sister Yang, but most surprising, Pyrrha alive and well. As Yang gave her a stern look Ruby panicked and tried to come up with an excuse to why she left until to her surprise, yang pulled her into a hug. "I love you." Yang said as Ruby began to sob. "I love you too." Ruby said as Jaune came in "Ruby what's wrong" Jaune said but as he saw Pyrrha he became as shocked as Ruby was as Pyrrha waved to him. "P-Pyrrha?!" Jaune said with so much shock and surprise that he didn't know what to say.

"Listen Jaune… I'm sorry for what I did during the fall, I… I just… I didn't want anything to happen to you and…" Pyrrha didn't finish as Jaune gave her an embrace as well while crying as well. "I love you Pyrrha." Jaune said as Pyrrha then began to sob into Jaune's arm as well. "I love you too." Pyrrha said when Ren and Nora came in surprised to see Pyrrha as well they both also got into there hug as Weiss was watch everyone as she wiped a tear from her eye. "Weiss." Ruby called as Weiss saw her and Yang inviting them to their hug. Weiss then accepted and joined them as she also shed tears of joy as Qrow, Herbie and Christine watch in joy.

And so now Team JNPR is fully reunited as well as Ruby, Weiss, and Yang as well. Plus, Herbie has finally met Christine. It would seem like everything is starting to become better. But still, whatever happened to Blake? And what will they do now that almost both teams are fully reunited? Plus, do you think there'll be romance not only between Jaune and Pyrrha, but Herbie and Christine as well? Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out.