The louds had to move because their house was infested with termites

jake : there is always one place we can go.

Location : South Park coloro

Butters POV

I hear the phone ring I answered it

Butters : sure you can live with us for a while.

Stephen : butters were you on the phone

Butters : sure was dad

Stephen : that's it butters your grounded

Time skip

jake: hey butter . why are you crying?

Butters : it's nothing

jake: bull now you are going to tell me or I just pry it out of you

Butters : it's grandma she keeps bullying me.

jake goes inside and tells her if she doesn't stop she'll have him to deal with

Grandma scotch: so you think you're pretty tough

jake : do you think you're tough by picking on someone who doesn't like to fight.

Grandma scotch: you know what I think you are.

jake : what do you think?

Grandma scotch :I think you're a pussy

jake : you know what I think, I think I will show butters parents the scars you've been giving him

Time skip

Grandma scotch: where is jake?

Instead of eating dinner with his family jake spent that time chasing a certain green faced ugly who he calls purse man(green goblin)

jake : goblin why do you have a purse

Goblin : it's not a purse it's my goblins bag

jake: it's big, it's purple it's a purse.

jakes webs up goblin, and catches a mirror

jake : mirror mirror in my hand who's the fugliest in the land it's you mirror said so, anyways cops should be here in 12 seconds so bye.

jake swung off and into the night sky

jake sees a kid around your age wearing a gray hoodie with a green question mark and a purple cape