It's about time we had another big rewrite over here. Today we jump back to Slappy with Most Wanted's Son of Slappy. I like this one, mostly for its genius concept of a nice kid being controlled by Slappy. It's so appealing to me, even if Horrors of the Black Ring did it first. It had some flaws though, and it didnn't quite go far enough in some ways. The ending, which I weirdly love in a way, is quite unfair and there's just other little things that bug me. Jackson is likable but has a few dick moments to his sister Recheal that are a slight turnoff. Plus, Slappy's power doesn't make sense here. It activates with a chirp from a phone game but later a real bird chip. How did he set that up?

So you know the drill, let's fix this up. I have a few ideas here, and hopefully I can make it all coherent. First off, let's explain how Slappy can do this. In the book, they find Slappy at the home of their grandpa who has all these weird oddities. It reminds me of Revenge of the Living Dummy so let's take cues from that. One of said objects is some sort of medallion, and a legend states it can control people. Jackson doesn't buy it while finding this all cue anyway. They are told not to take anything and are especially warned about Slappy, who grandpa claims he put to sleep. And yet., both Slappy and the medallion end up in Jackson's bag. He blames Rachael but she claims she didn't do it. Oh and in the book, they skip a few days to the end of the trip after they are introduced to Slappy, we'll keep that because it'll be important for our story.

Backing up a bit, in the book the parents straight up called Rachael a problem child. See, she's kind of awful, basically imagine Tara but if she didn't get away with everything. She has resentment for Jackson since he's the favorite. While she is indeed awful at most turns, I do feel for her in that way. Let's run with that. In this version, they don't act like that towards her,, they just simply rightfully call her out for being bad and wish she was better. Jackson doesn't quite the make right steps to help her out or anything, which will be important.

Once at home, that night Jackson swears he hears Rachael talking to someone in her room, but writes it off as her talking to herself or something. Soon after, Jackson starts having gaps in his memory and starts acting up. He doesn't know what is going on, but weirdly enjoys it whenever it happens. This scares him since it's in own nature to never do bad but he suddenly sees the appeal. After a few bits, Slappy will reveal himself. He took that medallion and is using it to force Jackson to stat acting up. We'll keep the use of a trigger, but here it'll be a ring, be it from a bell or phone. Slappy will do his "your my son" stuff around here.

It'll be like the book from here, until our climax during the Youth Center talent show/whatever it was where Jackson has to prove he can still be trusted. The book had a few bits of Rachael being actually concerned, we'll keep that. She first enjoys seeing Jackson he evil but soon his deeds start targerting her and that will show how scary this is. The night before, Jackson recalled the words that bring Slappy to lfie and use them to bring him to sleep, thinking it5'll all over. This happens in the book, and it doesn't get undone by the time of the talent show...thing, he just simply goes crazy after a chirp. We'll keep that concept, but Slappy will suddenly spring to life to brag about what he has done.

Rachael comes in, and is horrified. Not only at Jackson, but by how Slappy is now hurting some of the kids. She reveals that she was the one who brought Slappy to life back at Grandpa's house. She took him and did it on a whim. Somehow, the two got talking and Slappy claimed to feel bad for how she is treated. She went on about how while does find it hard to be good, the way she is treated doesn't help. When you're always being compared to your perfect brother and he doesn't do much to help, that can make you feel worse. Slappy preyed on that, saying he can help get revenge. Rachael told him about that legend of the medallion and so thus, they planned to hypnotize him into acting bad. (Oh and she brought Slappy back to life that morning)

But now it's clear Slappy was just playing her and is now doing whatever he wants, and targeting her too. Jackson is surprised at at all this, and the confession that she feels bad about Jackson being the favorite. For as nice of a guy he is, he neglected his sister and feels bad for it now. They start to make up, but they gotta deal with Slappy first. I don't know what to fill on here but they team up to stop him, and keep him intact, this is important. They just put him to sleep. They talk it out and Jackson and Rachael have a nice moment and promise to do better.

Sometime later, Jackson and Rachael are hanging out which surprises the parents. After they leave, Slappy comes in! He opens his mouth to say.."What can I do for you, masters?" Yep, it turns out they used the medallion to contra Slappy, turning him into THEIR slave! The end.

I know I know, I'm a genius, Jokes aside, there's other things we could add but I think this could fit in the page limit. It has the two getting along, makes Rachael more sympathetic and just makes better use of the idea with a much less cruel ending. Honestly, I could used the ending as it is, just with that false victory moment the real book lacks. But I got that idea of Slappy being a slave and I loved it, I just had to.

So there ya go, not the biggest re-write ever but it has my favorite ending so there's that. I actually know what I am doing next...and it'll b in the Summer and something a bit different. See ya then.