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Chapter 1

Godric's Hollow, Oct. 31st, 1981 10:35 pm

In a small cottage on the outskirts of town a young couple and their one year old sat in the kitchen. The man had messy black hair and brown eyes hiding behind a pair of glasses, the woman bore fiery red hair and green eyes, each nursing a butterbeer, and the infant, with a small mop of black hair and bright green eyes. Suddenly, an alarm sounded from the magical wards alerting them that someone with ill intent had entered the town.

"Lily, take Harry and go! I'll hold the bastard off while you do the ritual," James nearly shouted as she grabbed him and ran up the stairs.

James grabbed his wand and went to the living room and began casting spells causing the furniture to come to life to bar the intruder's way. Then he cast a spell on the floor behind the furniture to make it like quicksand and one to bring 4 stuffed and preserved animals to life; a stag, a large black dog, a small brown rat, and something that looked like a wolf but more humanoid. Just as he cast that final spell the door exploded in to reveal a tall man with high cheekbones, slits for a nose, and red slits for eyes like a snake.


Upstairs Lily had placed Harry in his crib then started drawing runes on the floor in front of the crib with her wand. She heard the explosion as Voldemort made his entrance and started casting spells faster. Lily looked towards the door hearing the furniture come to life and the sounds of shouting and animal noises then looked back to what she was doing. Cutting her hand with a spell she bled over the circle of runes on the ground. She stepped into the circle as they began to glow brightly. Silence was all that was heard downstairs before boots sounded on wooden steps.

She turned to the crib as Harry stared at her, "Harry, Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you. Uncle Siri loves you. Uncle Remy loves you. You are so loved." She cut a small slice in the shape of a lightning bolt on Harry's arm and held her wound to his, she then spun back to face the door as it blew open. She held her arms wide hands splayed revealing herself to be unarmed.

"Stand aside silly girl. You're meaningless to me. All I want is the boy," Voldemort all but whispered in his cold voice.

"No! Not Harry please! Take me but leave my baby alone," she exclaimed.

He laughed and raised his wand as a flash of green light flew from one end and splashed against Lily's chest. She collapsed and the occupant of the crib began crying. Voldemort raised his wand again and another green light appeared out of the end of his wand aimed at the head of the child. It stopped just as it made contact with his forehead then rebounded back towards Voldemort. A massive explosion resulted when the spell made contact with him. The corner of the house that held the child's room was exposed to the elements as the soon to be dubbed boy-who-lived was crying both from the pain and the loud noise. The cut on his upper arm had stopped bleeding but was still inflamed as a large man lumbered into the room bawling. He took in the pile of robes, the ruby encrusted dagger that lay on it, the body of one of his closest friends, and finally, the crying baby in the crib who seemed to calm somewhat at seeing him. He walked over and grabbed the baby out of the crib and made his way downstairs.


The sky was moonless and clear in the early hours of dawn on November first. It was so calm in Little Whinging, Surrey one might find it surreal if they had known what had happened many miles away less than 6 hours ago.

There were about 14 houses in total on Privet Drive and all of them looked the same, the only exception being the house numbers; well, that and a tabby cat, with brownish fur, its eyes a light shade of brown, almost amber, sitting on the wall of a garden still as a statue in front of number 4. It appeared to be staring at the far end of the street, almost as if waiting for someone or something. As if on cue an old man appeared with long hair, and an even longer beard, eyes a bright blue wearing deep purple robes with silver stars embroidered all over it. A matching pointed cap sat atop his head with an embroidered crescent moon near the point.

He reached into his robes searching for something then stopped as he felt eyes on him. He looked up and saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes peering at him almost as if they were piercing his soul. The old man smiled slightly, shook his head and resumed searching in his robes. Finally he pulled a small silver device out flicked the lid open and pressed a button. The nearest street light winked out. He clicked the deluminator several more times until all the lights were out resulting in a darkness that no one in the houses could see through. The graying man in flamboyant robes strolled down towards the house the cat was sitting in front of.

He sat down on the garden wall next to the cat reaching into his robes with a muggle sweet in his hand he started unwrapping it and said without looking, "Hello Professor McGonagall. I wasn't expecting you to be here." Popping the candy in his mouth he looked over as a middle aged woman appeared where the cat was sitting. She was wearing dark brown hair that was graying along the hairline and temples wearing dark green robes and a black hat. If one were to look at her they might not know how she was feeling, but Albus had known Minerva for decades and he could tell she was livid as he expected her to be.

"I should say not! I had to hear it from Hagrid where you were going to be and why you were going to be here. You of all people know how these people view our kind why in Merlin's name would you be bringing him here?", McGonagall whispered furiously.

"Minerva please calm down and allow me to explain. You cannot sense them but there are blood wards surrounding this property and I believe Lily placed them here. At Godric's Hollow there was powerful blood magic in Harry's room as well. I believe Lily intended for Harry should go to harry in the event of their death." Dumbledore reasoned.

"Bollocks! If you wanted to know that you should have just asked me for the Potter will; I am his godmother after all," McGonagall retorted.

Dumbledore looked down to avoid her gaze and said quietly, "I believed she changed her mind while in hiding so no one wishing harm on Harry could find him. I didn't want to suggest anything of the sort to you and cause you hurt."

Minerva looked red in the face with anger. "How dare you! How dare you assume something just on the basis of a few wards and some residual blood magic! You should have consulted me or Sirius before making this kind of decision. Speaking of which where is Sirius? I would have thought he'd fight you tooth and nail about this."

Albus sighed wearily before responding, "I taught Lily the Fidelius Charm at the beginning of the month. They cast it about two weeks ago making Sirius the secret keeper."

Her eyes bugged and Mcgonagall spluttered, "Bu- but that means if he was the secret keeper then-"

"-He betrayed them to Voldemort."

"I don't believe it. You'll see he gets a trial right? Surely as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot you can ensure that," she said forcefully.

"Of course. I want the truth as much as you do. I assure you he will get a trial."

"For your sake I hope so," McGonagall said dryly. "When should Hagrid be arriving?"

At that moment a deep rumbling sound in the distance could be heard steadily getting louder until it was near deafening. A large black motorbike with chrome came flying from the clouds landing on the road and screeching to a halt in front of the house. A giant of a man sat astride the motorcycle holding a bundle in one arm. He dismounted the bike and walked towards them.

"Evening Professor Dumbledore. Professor McGonagall, I wasn't expecting you to be here." Rubeus Hagrid said in a loud rumble of a voice.

"You weren't the only one Hagrid. May I hold my godson?"

Hagrid hesitated and glanced at Dumbledore only for McGonagall to glare at him. He quickly handed the bundle over and she got a good look at the boy swaddled in a blanket, when she saw blood on his arm. "Albus quickly he's hurt!" Dumbledore stepped over quickly and glanced at the child, wand in hand, he cast a few spells, cleaning up the blood and scanning for anything unusual.

"It appears the bleeding has already stopped but other than that there is nothing I can do. He will have that scar for the rest of his life. That cut was from a blood ritual, if I am not mistaken. One of the scans was troubling though. There seems to be concentrated dark magic where the scar is."

"Well, what does that mean? Is he going to be okay?" McGonagall asked worriedly.

Dumbledore raised his hands. "Calm yourself Minerva, he will be fine. I suspect it's residual magic where the killing curse touched his skin. I cannot be sure, however, as there's no recorded mention of anyone surviving that horrid curse."

She relaxed a bit at that, "Well let's leave this place before we're seen. We can discuss this at a safer location."

Dumbledore opened his mouth to say something but was silenced by a glance from McGonagall. "Hagrid perhaps you can fly to Hogwarts while we take a portkey back with Harry so Poppy can have a look at him."

"Will do Professor. See you lot back at the castle." Hagrid hopped on the bike and took off into the sky as Dumbledore and McGonagall walked towards the end of the street where Albus first arrived. He withdrew the deluminator from a pocket and clicked it once causing light to return to the street. He drew his wand and took aim at a small stone.

"Portus," Albus cast. He and Minerva each crouched down and put a finger on the rock. In the next second they vanished in a flash of blue light.