Pout and I headed back to Izlude.

For a month or so, the Royal Criatura Academy allows its graduates to reside in its dorms for free. This allows the rookie adventurers to build up funds without worrying about living expenses. Food, however, was not part of the package, so that was on the adventurers. After all, they couldn't support the graduates forever; that would ruin the point of the Academy.

Before we headed to where our dorms were, we stopped by the marketplace to sell out loot. Despite it almost being closing time, the plaza was relatively busy. This was usually the time adventurers returned to sell their loot from the day, so that was natural.

We wandered around the marketplace during our free time as students, so we were on friendly terms with most of the merchants. We were especially close with one in particular. She guided us through how to buy and sell things from merchants when we first arrived at Izlude. We were told to bring back something from one of the stores and would have been lost if it weren't for her assistance.

We found her in the same place as always, in her brown dress and white apron. Her familiar platinum blond hair made her stand out even in the busy plaza. She stood in front of the main shop building greeting the people walking by.

"Oh, you're back. I heard you two have graduated. Congratulations!" the lady merchant said.

""Thank you!"" Pout and I said, bowing at the same time.

"Seeing how you two look like you just came back from the fields, I'm guessing you are here to sell your items?" the lady merchant asked.

"Yes," Pout replied. "Our first day was okay."

"Compared to our days as students, anyways," I added.

"Haha, that's good. Keep up the good work," the lady merchant said.

"Thank you. Now, the loot we got…" I said reaching inside my bag.

"Oh, not to me," the lady merchant said. "I told you this before, but I'm just the shop helper. You have to go inside to the merchants to buy and sell items."

"Ah, I forgot."

"Right. We'll be heading inside then," Pout said.

"Yup. See you!"

When we entered the shop and the doors closed, I turned to Pout. "Wait, she isn't a merchant?"

"She told us this," Pout said frowning. "She's part of the Merchant guild, but she doesn't deal with buying or selling herself."

"I don't remember…"

Anyways, we walked to the closest counter. The merchant was very straight forward, and the process went very quickly.

Our loot that day consisted totaled out to be eighty-six Zeny. After accounting for the dinner at the cafeteria, which was twenty per person, we were left with a net profit of forty-six Zeny. It was not a large amount but definitely more than what we had made as students; I was more than satisfied with the results.

Pout suggested that instead of splitting the surplus between us two, we should keep it as the party's shared funds. I agreed with her—it would be easier to make bigger purchases this way.

With excitement of our first day as adventurers, we shared stories of our first day with the other new adventurers at the cafeteria and turned in for the night.