Chapter 3: Comeback Kitty

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But that night, Kitty had another dream.

Dream Sequence

In this dream, Kitty was rock climbing on Wrinkled Rock in Black Hills National Forest. At first, things were going smoothly for her, but then, she looked up and saw that her rope was starting to break.

"Oh, crud." Kitty said. "That's not good."

Then, it happened. The rope snapped, sending Kitty plummeting down to the ground like a stone, screaming in terror.

"DEAR GOD, HELP ME!" she screamed. "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!"

But then, she felt herself stop falling mid-air, then, she slowly began to feel herself going up, inch by inch.

"What's going on?" she thought to herself.

"I've got you, baby girl." a male voice said.

Kitty's eyes and mouth widened.

"Is that...?" Kitty asked herself. "It can't be him!"

But when Kitty reached the top, she came face to face with an older male cat that looked very similar to her, only instead of pink, he was blue, as were his eyes, the same shade as Kitty's. He was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with the United States Air Force Wings logo on it and navy blue jeans. It was her father, Oliver. Tears came into Kitty's eyes when they met.

"D-Dad?!" Kitty asked in a choked-up voice.

Oliver smiled and nodded.

"Yes, sweetie." he said. "It's me."

Kitty just burst into tears and threw herself around Oliver, who hugged her and rubbed her back, letting her cry onto his shoulder in the process.

"Shhh, it's okay, my little girl, it's okay." he said. "Daddy's got you."

" did you..?" Kitty asked as she wiped some tears away.

"I just heard you calling." said Oliver.

"Oh." said Kitty. "Well, now that I finally get to see you, I've got something to ask."

"Shoot." said Oliver.

"I've been having dreams about you, lately." Kitty said. "And I was wondering if you knew what they mean."

"I'm afraid I can't help you with that." said Oliver. "You'll just have to find out yourself."

"Oh, uh, okay." said Kitty.

"Well, I have to go now, honey." said Oliver. "I'll keep looking out for you."

He then started to fade away while Kitty watched in tears.

"Bye, Daddy." Kitty said with a sniffle.

End Dream Sequence

The next morning, Kitty woke up to see sunlight plowing through the window. She sat up and stretched.

"Well, another day." she said.

But before she got out of bed, Kitty checked the sheets, and much to her relief, they were dry as a desert.

"Oh, thank the Lord." said Kitty.

After showering and getting dressed, Kitty hailed a taxi to Keke's Breakfase Cafe in Tampa. There, she had a breakfast wrap with tomatoes, green peppers, and mushrooms with a side of home fries and a glass of tomato juice to drink. After her breakfast, she went back to her room to relax and let her meal digest. Afterwards, she went for a swim in the hotel pool. After drying off from her swim, she went back to The Ugly Grouper for lunch. However, just as she was nearing it, her SAVO unit beeped.

"Must be the others checking in." said Kitty.

But when Kitty answered, she saw Chrissie, who looked to be in a panic.

"Chrissie, what's wrong?" Kitty asked.

"It's Sully." Chrissie answered. "He's been taken to the hospital!"

Kitty was shocked.

"What?!" she asked. "Why?"

"I'll tell you later." said Chrissie. "But you need to come as soon as you can. Burble's already on his way in the Hovercraft. The rest of us are already here at the hospital."

"Alright." said Kitty. "See ya later."

Kitty hung up, and soon made it to the restaurant, where she had an order of fish and chips with a Ginger Ale. After she had her lunch, she went back to her room at the hotel, packed her things, checked out of the room, and took the bus to Orlando International Airport, where Burble was indeed waiting with the Hovercraft.

"Hey, Kitty." the polar bear said as Kitty took her seat. "Sorry we had to interrupt your vacation."

"That's alright, Burble." Kitty said as she buckled up. "If it involves one of my teammates, I understand."

The Hovercraft soon took off, and landed on the grounds of Sanford USD Medical Center, where Burble and Kitty went inside, and soon met up with the others, all of whom were looking quite worried about their leader.

"How is he?" Kitty asked.

"We don't know yet, Kitty." said Burt. "He's in Radiology right now."

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, a doctor came to them.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Robbins." said the doctor.

"Hi, Dr. Robbins." said Kitty.

"So, what's the word, Doc?" Squeeky asked.

"Well, I've got good news and bad news." said Dr. Robbins. "The good news is that your friend survived with only a broken leg and a minor concussion."

All the Rangers breathed a sigh of relief.

"But what about the bad news?" asked Burt.

"Well, it's not exactly bad news, but it is news that might make things difficult." said Dr. Robbins. "He's going to be needing to stay here for quite some time."

"That's really not a problem with us." said Burble.

"Yeah, we're just happy that he survived." said Kitty.

Just then, a nurse came up to them, pushing Sully, who had a bandage wrapped around his head and his left leg in a cast, in a wheelchair.

"Hey, guys." Sully said. "Hi, Kitty. How was your vacation?"

"It was short, but sweet." said Kitty. "Although, there's one thing I don't understand. What the hay happened?"

"Well, I was mountain biking in Black Hills National Forest when this OHV* came outta nowhere and hit me." said Sully. "And I hit my head hard on the ground."

"Whoa." said Kitty. "Did you say Black Hills?"

"Yeah." said Sully. "Why?"

"Oh, uh, no reason." said Kitty.

"Uh, right." said Sully, sounding much confused.

"If she didn't ask that question for no reason, then I'm John Denver." Squeeky whispered to Burt.

Soon, Sully was helped to his room and the other Rangers prepared to leave. However, just as she and her friends were leaving, Kitty looked back and saw what she thought was Oliver, who had sprouted huge white feathery wings from his back and had a halo over his head.

"Dad?" Kitty whispered quietly.

But Oliver just smiled, waved to Kitty, and faded away while she watched with astonishment.

"Hey, Kitty, come on!" said Squeeky.

"Coming!" Kitty said.

Kitty then caught up with her friends as they boarded the Hovercraft and took off. As they flew, Gabriela couldn't help but notice that Kitty was deep in thought.

"Kitty?" she asked. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah." said Kitty. "I'm just...thinking."

"About what?" said Gabriela.

"I'll tell you later." said Kitty.

Later, at HQ, Kitty was talking with her teammates.

"I think all those dreams I've been having about my dad were messages from the Lord telling me about Sully's accident." said Kitty. "The most recent one took place at Black Hills National Forest."

"Whoa." said Chrissie. "That's crazy!"

"Yeah, it is." said Kitty. "And I think they were also a message to me that my dad is still with me in spirit. In fact, I saw a vision of him at the hospital."

"Wow, you mean like a ghost?" Chrissie asked.

"Ehh...something like that." said Kitty.

"So, who's up for some tater tot casserole?" asked Burble.

"Sounds good to me." said Squeeky.

Everyone else agreed, and Burble went into the kitchen to make it. Time passed, and with it Sully's recovery, and it wasn't long before Sully recovered completely from his injuries and was discharged from the hospital. To celebrate his return, his teammates threw a "Welcome back!" party for him at the home of Kitty's mother, Karen, in her hometown of Detroit. Everyone was having a good time there, both at the party and with Karen, whom Kitty properly introduced to her teammates.

"You know, Kitty, there's something I'm confused about." said Sully as he took a sip from a can of Cherry 7-Up.

"What is it?" asked Kitty.

"Why did you pick here?" said Sully. "I mean, me and the others have been wanting to meet your mom for quite some time, but I can't help but feel like you chose here for a reason."

"I can show you if you want." said Kitty.

Kitty then turned to her mother.

"Mom, Sully and I are gonna leave for a bit." said Kitty.

"Alright." said Karen.

Kitty then took Sully into the garage where a pale pink 1979 Vespa PX motor scooter with a matching sidecar attached to it was parked. After they each put on a helmet, Kitty got on the scooter and Sully in the sidecar.

"This is a neat scooter, Kitty." said Sully.

"Thanks." said Kitty. "My uncle bought it for me as a graduation present."

"Cool." said Sully.

Kitty started the engine and soon, the two were cruising down the road.

"Say, where are we going, anyhow?" Sully asked.

"You'll see." said Kitty.

They soon arrived at Gethsemane Cemetery, and after Kitty parked the scooter, she got off, followed by Sully.

"Why did we come here?" he asked.

"Follow me." said Kitty.

Sully did, and Kitty led him to a gravestone that had Oliver's name, birthdate, and death date as well as two bronze angels on either side and a bronze cross on top of it.

"I'm assuming this is your dad's grave?" Sully asked.

Kitty nodded and knelt down in front of it.

"I like to come here once a year and pay my respects to him." said Kitty.

"Ah, I gotcha." said Sully.

Kitty then put her hand on the stone.

"Hey, Dad." said Kitty. "I wanted to say thank you for all those dreams I had about you. I now know for sure that you're still here with me in spirit form. I love you very much, Dad, and I look forward to the day I'll be reunited with you."

"I may not have met you, Mr. McCarty, but I'd like to let you know that you raised your daughter well." said Sully. "She has come a very long way since the day you ceased to exist on this planet, and I look too look forward to the day I'll get to meet you up in Heaven. If you were still alive, you would've been proud of what your daughter has accomplished serving her country in the most unique of ways. Rest in peace, sir."

Kitty and Sully continued visiting at Oliver's grave. Unknown to them, another vision of Oliver's spirit appeared behind them and put his hand on Kitty's shoulder.

"Don't worry, Sully, I've seen everything." said Oliver. "And I am indeed proud of my baby girl."

Later that evening, after the party, the Rangers were settling in for the night, and as Kitty crawled under her blanket, she looked up at the ceiling and smiled.

"Thanks again, Dad." Kitty said. "I love you and goodnight."

And with that, Kitty drifted off to sleep, happy to have been reminded of her deceased father's livliness in her heart, thoughts, and memories.

The End

*OHV= Off-Highway Vehicle