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by: KM-Sama

Chapter 5:

Well, a few days after that horrendous nightmare...Yuki found himself having second thoughts about his precious plan, or the thing he thought was a plan.

Anyway, he was thinking now that it probably might be better if he just sit Shuichi down and ask him and face the consequences because no matter what Shu's answer might be, they loved each other...

Yuki could not believe what he just found about himself, did he had admitted to himself that he loved his genki lover?; well that must be the reason why he always called him HIS. Strange to him, Yuki wasn't as shocked as one might though he would be the day he finally admitted his feelings towards the singer, even more, not as shocked as HE thought he would be.

So, what to do now...his plan had just gone down the toilet, but he did wanted to now mainly because of Shuichi, because he didn't wanted to deny him the chance of a more normal life; one with a wife and maybe children... and the blond couldn't help but smile at the thought of what Shu's kids might look like, will they inherit his pink hair, his eyes maybe, Yuki sight, slowly a new plan started to form in the writer mind only this time... it was a good one.

He decided to make it the most beautiful and caring and sweetest, romantic and soothing experience to Shuichi, because Yuki knew that his love would worry and that he was still very innocent regarding such subjects; he imagined Shuichi blushing deeply and quite worried at the question his lover just did to him maybe even pondering if Yuki was trying kick him away for good and disguising it with feign concern for him... Yuki smiled; Shuichi had a habit to make things blow over proportion whenever he was involved, guess it was his very unique way to show him how much he loved him.

Anyway; Yuki needed to get a few things to make the occasion really memorable, but above all, he needed to pick the date correctly because right now Shuichi was a steam ball waiting to explode with the concert a few days ahead, rehearsal way behind schedule and press all over Bad Luck... no, it'll be better to wait a little after the concert, even if it was the very day after which means the writer had at least four days to plan for everything.

That night, for the very first time in months... Yuki Eiri finally had a good night sleep.


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