It was close. It could feel it. After so many years of wandering, of having to hop from place to place, just trying to survive. But now its long trip was finally over. It was just a matter of finding the right place.

But first, it was time to switch rides. A whine nearby caught its attention, a scrawny-looking pooch was sniffing around a garbage can. Definitely a stray. It quickly made its move; at least this way no one'd wonder why a dog was traveling across town. And besides, it could always score itself and the mutt a bite to eat on the way.

It might've been something people weren't really accustomed to seeing, but it still had a conscience.


That was what the doctor had said the other day. One of the worst words you could hear nowadays. That you didn't have a special ability; and given that both his parents had one just meant an even bigger shame.

Izuku Midoriya may've only been four, but he'd seen how most reacted to that term; scorn and contempt. That was proven today when his classmates found out. Within the span of just a couple hours, he'd gone from another kid in the room to being the target of everyone's disdain and mocking. The teacher didn't even bat an eye when they started shoving him to the ground Even Katsuki Bakugo, his supposed best friend, had turned on him for it.

And his mother...his own parent. She'd said 'I'm so sorry, honey', but her crying didn't fool him. He could see it in her eyes; the horror of having a child without an ability…

His gaze shifted down over the ledge he was standing at, a few tears still falling. 'I guess it's true…' Hiccuping slightly, he took one step forward. 'No one wants a Quirkless kid.'

If it could make a sound at the moment, it'd be cussing vigorously. Snagging a few rats along the way managed to fill it and the pooch up enough to go a few miles. Unfortunately, despite a full belly, the dog still wasn't in the best shape for traveling like this. So, it was time to find a new ride. The dog'd be a little groggy, but nothing major.

New target; a cat currently snoozing on the sidewalk. It should've been a standard hop on and keep going.

Who the hell ever heard of a cat that was a light sleeper!? The damn furball was awake and hissing before it was even near. What followed was five minutes of insanity, as far as it was concerned. Trying to snag a cat that bounced like it was insane without viable limbs wasn't all that fun. It wouldn't survive long without a host, even a temporary one, so catching that thing was a priority.

Little bastard was fast too, taking off down the street and leaving it trying to catch up. Or, it tried. It'd barely gotten a couple of yards in pursuit, while trying to keep hidden, when something landed on it with a squishy thud.

Needless to say, when it realized the some'thing' was actually a some'one', reflexes kicked in.

Izuku sighed when he recovered from the fall; as if being Quirkless wasn't bad enough. He couldn't even end it properly.

"Hey, kid." A low, raspy voice spoke up. It sounded like a guy, but given some quirks... "Why'd you jump like that?"

"I was trying to kill myself…" He replied. "Didn't work..."

"Um, you might need something taller." The voice mused. "A landscaping wall isn't really…'suicide-friendly'."

"But I'm scared of heights."

"Huh...makes sense, I guess." The voice was quiet for a second. "Say, kid...if you don't want that body anymore, can I have it?"

"W-what!?" Not really expecting to hear something like that, Izuku sat up. A look around showed no one else was there. "What's going on!? Who are you?"

"Let me explain. No, that'd take too long. Let me summarize..."

"Could...could I have the explanation? I'm not really in a hurry."

"Really? Cool, it's a long story. First off, my name's Venom, and I'm also what you landed on."

"...come again?"

"You probably better get comfortable."

*Thirty Minutes of Backstory Later*

"Ok…" Izuku started, hoping he followed right. "So, you're an alien lifeform that can bond with other creatures?"

"In a nutshell. Though, I was kind of a jackass when I first arrived." Venom admitted.

"Right. And you first bonded with a guy named Peter Parker, who had a Spider-based Quirk?"

"Kinda, but not quite the same. The guy got chomped by a mutated spider and...well, I dunno all the details, but I copied his skillset."

"Ok...but you two had a falling out."

"Yeeaaah." It wasn't hard to tell that he was not proud of himself back then. "Like I said, I was kind of a jackass back then; aggressive, really smug, basically eight gallons of douchery in a two gallon bucket. And he realized it was started to rub off on him, so he kicked me to the curb. Then I met Eddie Brock...ugh, he was a piece of work."

Izuku nodded. "And after you got away from him, you spent the next several years hopping from host to host, trying to stay alive and find a permanent home. And now you've bonded with me."

"Yep! So, I've told my story, and that's got me wondering about yours, kid. Seriously, you're what, five, six? Why would you be willing to shuffle off the mortal coil THIS early?"

"I'm four...and I'm quirkless."

"...that's it? I can fix that for you!"

Izuku looked gobsmacked, combined with a faint glimmer of hope. " can give me a Quirk?"

"Sure! I'm plenty Quirky, can't you tell?"

He wasn't exactly sure why he found that funny, but the boy couldn't help but burst out in a fit of giggling.

"But, to be honest, yeah, it sucks being told that you don't have the ability to do something that you've had your heart set on. A couple hundred years ago, I thought about finding a host and seeing if we could become an opera singer."

"An...opera singer?"

"Yeah, the thought of belting out an aria like Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and others had me revved up for it. However, I learned that I can't carry a tune at all. My first go wasn't pretty. So, I was admittedly bummed out, and I kinda cried for a couple of days while scarfing down chocolate. But commiting suicide...Izuku, there's better ways of handling it. Namely ones where you can do other stuff afterwards. And as for your classmates; frankly, if they were willing to treat you like this...maybe they'll grow out of it, possibly apologize, but for the time being they aren't worth a used snotrag."

Izuku felt his body act on its own as it got to its feet. "Now, as for Quirking up - wow, that sounds odd even to me - let's call it a trade-off of sorts. When I bonded with Parker, because he already had those abilities, my genetic profile adapted itself to duplicate them. And since I've bonded with you currently, that means you have access to those powers now. So it's like this; you get to be a superhero, and I get a place to stay and stay alive. What do you say?"

"I can really be a hero?" He started to tear up again, this time from joy. "YES! You have a deal!"

"Was hoping you'd say that. Also, you now got something watching your back." Venom noticed then that Izuku was looking a little drained, in more ways than one. "Say, how about you take five and I get us home?"

"But you don't know where…" He cut himself off with a yawn.

"Actually, we symbiotes tend to get a quick rundown of the host's memories to see if things will mesh ok. Like how I knew about your classmates giving you crap. We can also take manual control over the body if necessary."

"Makes...makes sense" Izuku admitted between yawns. "Just be careful with it...ok?" He asked, slowly nodding off.

"Don't worry, I'm a trained professional." He gave it a few seconds to be sure he wouldn't wake him before giving the limbs a shake to limber everything up. "All right. Forward, march!"

If anyone had been watching, they probably would've wondered why a four-year-old was suddenly waddling forward slightly before shifting to a rather stilted-looking gait. "Oi, easy does it! it, left foot! Why didn't anyone ever tell me little kids are so damn hard to steer!?"