"So...Himiko has a symbiote now as well...Venom's daughter, to be exact." Inko said, after getting the story from Izuku and Venom. "And she's decided to be called Savage."

"Pretty much." Izuku nodded.

"And…" Inko looked at the chirpy blonde, who was now looking through a fashion magazine with Savage at half-mask. "She wears about as much as you do now." She watched as the 'sweater' she had on morph in a haltertop. 'Well...at least we'll save even more on clothes."

Both of them were commenting eagerly over certain outfits...and the look Himiko would give him at certain moments had Izuku sweating a little.

'Good luck with that, bro.' Venom commented internally, trying to ignore how Savage was practicing tops that took 'form-fitting' a little too literally.

'Gee, thanks.' Came the reply.

The next few days proved to be a major test of Izuku's will, and hormones. Since it'd be a week before any results were sent out, Venom had suggested they see what Savage could do.

While she didn't inherit One for All or the super strength and webbing, she did gain wall climbing and agility, adding to Himiko's own flexibility. Plus they learned she could switch her tentacles from razor sharp to blunt, for when she just needed to knock a few heads. Even her 'hair' could work at close range to smack the piss out of someone unlucky enough to try and grab her.

Of course, since she was still a new symbiote, she still had a lot to learn. Namely when it came to interacting with other humans. ("Savage, the saying is 'my daddy can beat your daddy', not 'my daddy's host can eat yours'. That's cannibalism, and humans don't really see that as socially acceptable...or legal.")

As well as Inko not being sure how she should react to Savage's question of if since she was the mother of her father's host, did that make her the symbiote's 'grandma'.

On the other hand, Himiko didn't fail to, at least once a day, let her 'sempai' know that Savage was the exception, and she was now completely naked. "I feel so free and open now, Sempai! Like I can take whatever's coming my way." The somewhat deliberate way she bent over saying that nearly had him put a faceprint in the window.

"All I can say is we better have gotten credit for all the robots we stopped." Venom muttered as Izuku headed to get the mail. Inko was out for the day to run a few errands, so he and Himiko were getting a few things done. "We find out someone came up and blasted them to get credit…I'm eating a face."

"I doubt they would've had a test like that without having some way to monitor everyone, Venom." Izuku replied, reaching the mailbox. "Besides, I'm more concerned on if we managed to get enough points to pass." He looked hesitantly at the two letters addressed to them...from UA High, before heading back to the house. "Hope just immobilizing them counted."

"Guess we'll find out. Hey, Himi, the notices are here!" Venom called out, tossing Himiko hers while Izuku nervously opened his, letting a small metal disk land on the table.

"Huh? That's a holographic projector. Why would they-?" He backed up a little when it suddenly activated, throwing up an image of a familiar blonde.

"Hey, it's Freedom Thighs! Guess that explains why they went the fancy route."

"HA-HA! If this hologram's been activated, then that means you have just received your entrance exam results, young Midoriya!" The recording of All Might belted out. "CONGRATULATIONS! Not only did you acquire enough combat points against the robots - that web of yours is some strong stuff - but after she informed us of what happened, your actions to help one Ochako Uraraka have netted you an additional fifty rescue points, marking you as the top scorer for your group!" All Might gave him a double thumbs up. "Nice job, kiddo! You are officially a student of U.A. High now!"

"We passed…" Izuku's eyes widened. "We passed!"


"SEMPAIAAII!" The excited squeal caught his attention, joined by the high impact tackle from Himiko. "We're in!" She looked up at his message. "We all did!" She hugged him tight, squishing his face in her breasts.

"H-Himiko?" He gasped, his eyes bugging out at what Savage was imitating now.

"Hm?" She noticed where he was looking at and grinned. "Like my new...pajamas, Sempai?" She purred, wearing tiny white cotton panties and a transparent croptop t-shirt, giving him his first unobstructed view of her coconut-sized breasts, nipples already poking through. "You know, since we've been accepted..." Izuku squeaked when the top vanished, and she started grinding against him. "I think this calls for a celebration."

"H-Hi-Himiko!" He squawked, flailing a little under her. "What are you..? Can't we talk about-ffmmff!" He was quickly shut up by a searing kiss, and his hands being planted firmly on her ass. "MMM!" He tried to say something, but the moment he open his mouth again, he felt something slide in, wrapping around his tongue.

'Yeah...I think she's hellbent on 'celebrating' with you, Izzy.' Venom mused.

'But the altering...she's not in her right...why the heck does she taste like coconut and brussel sprouts!?' Izuku sputtered mentaly, trying to ignore how soft Himiko's rear felt in his hands.

After a moment, she finally slid away, her breath coming in pants, face flushed, and a sweet scent emanating from her.

'Venom, what's that…?"

'Ohh...looks like Savage's realized that Himiko's...well, in heat for lack of a better term.'


'Well, when a symbiote that works well with their host picks up signals like that, especially if said target of affection is near, they tend to try and help out. She's amplified the scent of her arousal to make sure you pick it up. So, yeah, if you wanna defuse this, you may wanna do it fast.'

"H-Himiko, whatever it is your feeling, it's not-huy!" He inhaled sharply as she ground harder on his growing erection, a lust-filled gleam in her eyes.

'Okayy...remind me to have a talk with Savage about there being a time and place for overkill. Speaking of which...' He picked up Izuku's adrenaline building from panic as she tried to get her hands under the waistband of his 'pants' to try and pull them off. 'Yeah, that's enough.'

"Come on, they gotta...YIKE!" She shrieked when Venom suddenly extended a large amount of himself, grabbing her up in a large hand and promptly lifting her off him some.

"I think we need to clear the air here before something goes pear-shaped. Izuku, you got the floor."

"R-right…" Izuku took a sec to steady his nerves. "Himiko, look, when you bit Venom, he-"

"I know."

"-accidently let a...huh? Say what?" He looked at her.

"I've known since the first week. All the compulsions had pretty much faded by the second.

"The second...um, isn't that around when she started getting super-aggressive about getting in your pants?" Venom asked, mentally scratching his pseudo-head.

Izuku went slightly pink at the memory. That'd been when they started finding her asleep beside him...and her lack of any real modesty around him when she could do it. "Uh...I…"

Himiko giggled. "Yeah, this is just who I am, pretty much. The blood urge's more or less suppressed, and Savage's making sure it doesn't sneak back up. And yeah, Venom played mix-and-match with my mind a little...but he did it, like you, to help me."

'Yeah...sorry about the whole hormones deal." Venom chuckled weakly. "I'd forgotten humans have to put up with puberty."

She waved it off. "Ah, no harm done. And it made me better...and I'm grateful. But this is who I am, and you aren't taking advantage of anything, Izuku."

"...Himiko…" Izuku looked at her.

"But seriously, drop the pants." She squirmed in the large hand. "I get any wetter and Savage is gonna spring a leak. And in all honesty, it may be the celebratory mood or just how good you smell, but the whole tentacle thing Venom's doing right now is doing it for me!"

"Sorry 'Izzy, but you're on your own here...!" Venom's voice faded as he quickly withdrew, beating a hasty retreat into the deepest recesses of his host.

"Venom, wha-!?" Izuku was silenced by forceful kiss, courtesy of a now fully nude Himiko.

"Now…" She growled happily, reaching down to grip him. "I've been a bad girl, and as my Sempai, it's your duty to punish me."

"P-punish?...?" He squeaked, feeling himself throb slightly in her hand.

"Good and hard too…" She kissed him again. "Multiple times, preferably."