Title: Home is where your heart is, right? 3/?

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Lily was about a mile away from Grace's school when she pulled over the car.

"Mom what are you doing? You know my school is right up there." Grace said confused.

"Yeah mom, I mean you still have to drop me off too." Zoe said.

"I know, I just I need to talk to Grace."

"No you don't." Grace said worried. "Believe me mom you don't."

"No I think I do. Grace I think we really need to talk."

"Mom you don't want to do this. Believe me when I say that." Grace said trying to convince her mother to not do this.

"Grace I know you don't want to talk about this because you're probably scared about how I'd react to what you have to say."

"Well yes that has something to do with it." Grace said truthfully.

"But Gracie I don't want you to hide your feelings from me. And I really don't want you to feel like you have to do something like move to Australia just for me."

"But don't I? I mean it's not like you ever gave me a choice?" Grace said getting a little upset. Here her mother was trying to make it sound like all along Grace had had a choice in the matter when she in fact never did.

"There was always a choice Grace. I'm sorry if I never told you that. I mean I just assumed you wanted to."

"You really thought that I just wanted to up and leave during my senior year? You thought I'd want to have to go through having to fit in all over again?" Grace asked mad as she opened the door and got out.

Lily got out too. "I assumed you wanted to be with your family."

"You aren't my only family mom. Dad, Mady and Tiffany are my family too. You know."

"I know that."

"Do you? I mean you just assumed the second Rick got his job that we'd all just move out there with you. We'd just drop our lives for him."

"He's part of your family too. Plus I thought you'd want to be with your new little baby brother or sister."

"But not with my other little baby brother or sister, you know Mady."

"Look I just thought this was better for you ok?"

"No mom is not ok because you always do this. You never ask me if I'm ok with what you consider to be better for me, you just do it. And actually I'm just plan sick of it!"

"When have I ever done that, Grace?"

"How about when you went to the school board and reported Mr. Dimitri?" Grace pointed out.

"That's not the same and I don't really think that relates to this at all."

"Well I think it does. And frankly I'm sick of discussing this with you. I tried to warn you that this wouldn't be a good thing to discuss but you had to press it. You always have to."

"Grace we still haven't finished this."

"Are you planning on actually changing your mind and admitting that you might have been wrong in not asking me?" Grace asked.

"Probably not." Lily said honestly.

"Then I'm leaving and going to school. Bye Mom." Grace said walking off.

Lily got home and sank down in to a chair. Her back was killing her and see was still very upset over her conversation with Grace. She hated having to force Grace into moving to Australia but what choice did she have? Lily hated this. She had wanted her family to be together. She had already lost Jessie and she wasn't willing to lose another member. The phone rang and Lily was brought out of her thoughts.

She got up and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Lily, are you ok? You sound upset." Judy said worried.

Lily sat back down. "Judy I'm glad you called. I really need to talk to someone."

"Ok so what's wrong?" Judy asked as she also sat down.

"It's Grace, we just had a not so good conversation." Lily said.

Judy was having a little trouble hearing her because Eli and Jamie were playing guitar in the living room. "Lily, just a minute." Judy put the phone down and went into the living room. "Hey guys can you please either do that in Jamie's room or go outside. I'm on the phone Lily." Judy said.

"No problem, come on Jamie I'll raise you up to your room." Eli said as Jamie ran upstairs. Eli turned to Judy. "How are things with Grace?"

"We're talking about that now." Judy said.

"I hope things work out." Eli said meaning it.

"Me too. Now you better go finish your lesson so that Sam gets all of his money worth." Judy said.

"Sure. Good luck." Eli said as he headed upstairs.

"Same to you." Judy said as she headed back into the kitchen and picked up the phone. "Sorry Lil I had to get Eli and Jamie to move so I could hear. So you and Grace had a conversation about Australia?"

"Yeah and she said a lot of things that were in part true. I mean I see where she's coming from but I really don't think I have any choice."

"So Jake won't take her?"

"No, he's says he doesn't have room which is probably true."

"But he could make room."

"But should I put him through that?"

"She's his daughter too. I mean he just be acting like a father."

"Yeah well that's not how he sees it."

"I bet."

"And he was my last chance in finding some place for Grace to stay."

"Wait didn't they start something like a month ago at her school an exchange program of some kind?" Judy asked.

"What are you talking about?" Lily asked confused.

"Something Grace was telling me about. Apparently her school set up a student exchange program. Maybe Grace could get into that."

"But isn't that usually for people who aren't from the United States?"

"Yeah but considering she was going to live in Australia and she's already a student there maybe they'd make an exception. I mean it wouldn't hurt to check it out would it?"

"I guess not and at this point I'm pretty desperate." 

"Well call me and tell how it turns out."

"I will. Thanks Judy." Lily said as she hung up the phone.

Grace sat down in her desk for her first hour class. Class wasn't going to start for about ten minutes, which is exactly what Grace needed. She took up her notebook and a pen. She started to write down everything she was thinking. She was mad at her mother but she also understood where she was coming from. She wanted her family together. She truly understood that but at the same time she didn't like the fact that her mother was making decisions with out asking her first. But it's like not like she had given her any indication that she didn't want to go before this so her mother had no reason to think she didn't want to go. Plus most of her family was going to be there including her new baby brother or sister. But her dad's family was still here. But she was closer to her mom's. Plus Aunt Judy was out there and she loved aunt Judy and her grandmother was too. She had also not given her mother any warning before she decided to tell her she didn't want to go. She already had everything planned, what right did she have to ruin all this now? As the bell rang Grace's had already made her decision to tell her mother that she wanted to move to Australia.

August looked through the last file with a smile. He had gotten every student placed with a nice Chicago family. They were enrolled in school and the principal was happy with what he had done. And frankly he was proud of what he had done. Now all he had to do was make sure nothing went wrong now. His phone went off and he went to go pick it up. "Hello?"

"Mr. Dimitri?"

"I told you before to call me August." August said as he recognized the new secretary's job. She had just been hired and was constantly forgetting things but he didn't say anything because he wasn't going to do anything to risk losing this job.

"Right I'm sorry." She said upset.

"It's ok. So why did you call?" August said a little annoyed.

"Well I'm calling because we just got a new student."

"But we're packed full. There's not place to put anyone else."

"I know that but the mother is willing to pay anything. She sounded desperate."

"Well did you tell her we were full?"

"Yes and she begged me to find some where's and I thought of some place.'

"Really where?"

"Well I don't know what you are going to think of this." She said worried.

"Margaret please just tell me."

"Well how about you putting the student up."

"Me, I mean I never really considered putting anyone up."

"Yeah before when we had space for everyone but since we don't now."

"I get your point."

"And I don't know about you but I don't want to turn this lady down and the mayor hear about this. He'd be pretty upset."

"Yeah, he would." August said and then thought about the fact that he could lose this job if the mayor got upset.

"So what should I tell her?"

"That we have a place for her son or daughter."

"Ok I'll tell her. Bye Mr. Dimitri."

"August." He said annoyed.

"Right bye August." She said as she hung up the phone.