Watchtower Cafeteria

Mera and Black Canary come across Wonder Woman in the cafeteria. Wonder Woman was busy eating a cheeseburger.

"Hi Mera! Hi Dinah!" says Wonder Woman as she takes a sip of her chocolate milkshake. "Come sit with me."

"My, Diana you look blooming. I heard you and Clark decided to move in together," says Black Canary.

"Everything's great! We just moved into an apartment in downtown Metropolis. You should see it soon. Kal spoils me so," says Wonder Woman as she bites on a pickle.

"I remember when I moved in with Ollie. We just couldn't get enough of each other," reminisces Black Canary.

Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman walk into the cafeteria. The three seat with their respective significant other. "Hope we didn't interrupt anything. Care for some food and drink?" says Superman.

"I'd like to have another order of fries and some pickles, please," says Wonder Woman. Mera and Black Canary look to each other smiling.

As Aquaman and Green Arrow join Superman at the food counter. Mera and Black Canary decide to do some subtle interrogating. Mera is the first one to ask, "So, Diana have you been feeling a bit tired lately?"

"Oh yes. I get so tired easily nowadays. I also find it hard to get up in the morning," replies Wonder Woman.

"How about your appetite? Notice something strange lately?" asks Black Canary.

"Hmmm. I always have this craving for cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes and pickles lately. Its like I'm in a bad mood if I don't get to eat them. Why?" says Diana.

Mera and Black Canary look at each other and nod. "Meet us at Dinah's room at around 7. Maybe we know what's going on with you," says Mera.

Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman come back to the table with their food.

"Girl talk?" asks Superman. "Yep, girl talk," says Black Canary. They all laugh and dig into their meals.

Black Canary's Room


Wonder Woman knocks on Black Canary's door. Mera opens the door and let's Wonder Woman in, Mera looks back into the hallway before she closes the door.

Inside Black Canary's room sitting on the bed were Black Canary, Zatanna and Hawkwoman. Mera was standing at the door.

Diana asks the women in the room, " Why are we all here? Are we having a meeting?"

Before Black Canary could answer, the women hear a knock on the door.

Mera opens the door and Wonder Girl comes in. "Hi Sis. I missed you!" says Wonder Girl as she embraces her sister Wonder Woman.

Black Canary clears her throat to call everyone's attention. "We are all here to confirm something, Diana."

"Confirm what?" asks Wonder Woman.

"You told Dinah and me that you always felt tired and that you have certain food cravings," replied Mera.

"Do you feel sick in the mornings?" asks Zatanna.

"Not really. But lately I get sick at the smell of eggs," says Wonder Woman.

The women smile at each other. Black Canary hands Wonder Woman a small pink box and says, "I think you need to use this."

Wonder Woman reads from the box. "A pregnancy test? I don't think I would ever get pregnant. Zeus decreed that no man of this world could sire a child with me," says Wonder Woman sadly.

Sensing her sister's distress, Wonder Girl steps forward and puts her hand on Wonder Woman's shoulder and says, "Go try it, Sis. It won't hurt to know."

The League women stood inside Black Canary's room. It was the longest 3 minutes they have waited. Wonder Woman steps out of the bathroom and hands over the test strip to Black Canary.

Black Canary says, "Congratulations, Donna. You're gonna be an aunt!"

"Congratulations!" the League women chorused as each one of them give Wonder Woman an embrace.

Wonder Girl goes over to her sister and pulls her into an embrace and says, "Congratulations, Sis. I'm so happy for you. You deserve this."

"Thank you, Donna. I'm going to be a mother," says Wonder Woman as tears of joy flow from her eyes.

"Girls, we keep this to ourselves for now, OK. We'll wait for Diana to tell Clark the good news first." says Mera. Everyone nods in agreement.

"Care to wager if its a boy or a girl? I'm starting a betting pool," says Dinah with smirk.

The next day

Daily Planet Building


Superman got home very late last night but had to leave for work early. Wonder Woman decided to tell Superman the good news over lunch today. She reaches for her cellphone and sends a text to her boyfriend.

Superman in his Clark Kent identity receives a text on his cellphone:

Can we meet for lunch? I have something important to tell you. Same resto. Love you! - DP

Smiling, he answers the text:

Sure! Anything for my princess. Leaving in a few mins. Love you too! - CK



Superman as Clark Kent heads for the dining hall and sees Wonder Woman as Diana Prince at their usual table. Seeing Superman she waves at him. Superman greets Wonder Woman with a kiss on the lips and sits in front of her. A waiter named Steve takes their orders. As the waiter leaves, Wonder Woman reaches for Superman's hand and says, "Kal, my love we're pregnant."

Superman smiles and asks, "Pregnant? As in having a baby pregnant?"

"Kal! I think there is only one kind of being pregnant," Wonder Woman replies with a frown.

God, she looks so beautiful when she frowns! Superman tells himself.

"Really? How?" asks Superman.

"We had sex lot's of times, Kal!" Wonder Woman was getting irritated.

"No. What I meant was how could it be after what Zeus said?" says Superman.

"Wait a minute! I'm a Kryptonian. I'm not a man of this world, right? Yes! I'm gonna be a father!" says Superman as he pumps his fist in the air.

"Finally! You're going to be a father, Kal!" says Wonder Woman as her irritation with Superman slowly fading away.

Superman goes over to Wonder Woman and takes her in an embrace and kisses her saying, "Thank you, Di. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Kal."

Two days later

Kent Farm

Smallville, Kansas

Superman and Wonder Woman land a short distance from the farm. Walking hand in hand they walk towards the house Superman grew up in. Jonathan was sitting on the porch as he sees Superman and Wonder Woman walking up to the house. "Martha! Clark and Diana are here!" Jonathan calls to Martha as he walks towards Superman and Wonder Woman. "Clark, Diana! Good to have you here. We missed you two!" Jonathan says as he embraces the two as he leads them to the house.

They walk into the house, Martha embraces Superman and Wonder Woman. "Clark! Diana! I'm so happy two of you decided to visit us. We missed you," says Martha.

Superman and Wonder Woman look at each other and Superman says, "Ma, Pa, we have something important to tell you."

Superman nods to Wonder Woman and she says, " Ma, Pa, we"re pregnant."

"Yes! I'm gonna be a grandpa!" Jonathan says happily.

Martha embraces Wonder Woman and says teary eyed, "Congratulations! I'm so happy for the both of you."

The Kents had supper with Superman and Wonder Woman. Martha enjoyed watching Wonder Woman as she had her fill of fried chicken with mashed potatoes in gravy. Clearly Wonder Woman was eating for two already. Jonathan smiled as he noticed Superman looking lovingly at Wonder Woman.

After dinner and two servings of apple pie, Martha and Wonder Woman were in the kitchen for some mother-in-law and daughter-in-law bonding.

"How far along is it?" Martha asks.

"Three weeks. I didn't notice it the first two weeks. I just thought it was fatigue. Dinah and the girls in the League had me take a pregnancy test and it turned out positive. The second opinion I got from Dr. Light confirmed it," Wonder Woman says.

"When are you going to tell your mother?" asks Martha.

"Kal and I decided to tell her next week when she visits the United Nations. We will be visiting her at her hotel. I'm afraid she will hate Kal even more," Wonder Woman replies sadly.

"Honey, I know Clark and your mother don't see eye to eye on some things but don't let that fear get the best of you. Maybe this child will bring them closer to each other. If it doesn't maybe its time for us mothers to have a talk," says Martha as she embraces Wonder Woman.

Jonathan and Superman were on the porch sipping coffee. Superman asks Jonathan, "Will I be a good father, Pa?"

"I know you will be, Clark. We raised you didn't we?" says Jonathan.

"Pa!" says Clark.

"I think this goes back to you feeling that you're not good enough for Diana. Yes, she is an ambassador, a princess and rich but she chose you. She loves only you, Clark. Heck, I'd give you a slap on the back of that hard head of yours but I'll most likely injure myself," Jonathan said in exasperation.

"You won't have to, Pa. I'll handle him," says Wonder Woman as she walks out to the porch smiling.

"Remember, Clark. She chose you," says Jonathan.

Wonder Woman walks over to Superman and puts here arms around Superman's neck. Superman holds her by the waist. "You heard everything didn't you?" Superman asked.

"Yes, I did. Pa is right. I love only you. I love Clark Kent, I love Kal-El, I love everything about you," says Wonder Woman.

"I love you too, Diana. And I also love you," says Superman as he placed his hand over Wonder Woman's belly.