Sam watched disinterestedly as Dean gathered the humans blood into the jar, scoffing when his brother used his own fingers to deepen the cut. Dean had no problem using anything he had on him and improvising, he enjoyed the feeling of their victims blood drying and staining his skin and more often than not Sam would catch him licking it clean.

"You're not kissing me if you lick the blood again." Sam warned him, narrowing his eyes at the grin on Deans face. As if on purpose he locked eyes with Sam and licked at his fingers, making a small popping noise when they slid out.

"Don't be such a prude Sammy." Dean said, turning back to the almost dead human. "Just make sure the reaper can't do shit."

"I already painted the runes, they're going to be kept out." Sam told him. "Not like we can't kill it if we have to."

"Now who's the bloodthirsty one." Dean said, shooting him a smile. "We're almost done here, then we can go."

"Good, the sooner the better." Sam said, rifling through the man's wallet and bag. He pocketed the cash and looked at the pictures, debating for a moment to take the credit cards but then deciding against it, too many traces possible on that one.

He did keep the picture for a moment, scoffing at the picture perfect family of a wife and daughter. He threw it all to the ground to be added to their pyre later. The gasoline and matches were right next to him and waiting and to keep himself occupied he drenched them in gasoline, watching it stain the plastic.

He went through the bag and started to put things aside that interested him or might be of use to them. There was nothing really special other than a few knives that looked sharp enough for them, he added those to the keep pile. There was a flask of something and the idea of having some sort of drink made him smile.

Opening it he couldn't really smell anything and he took a sniff anyway, groaning when all he smelled was water. Some of it dripped onto his fingers and he raised an eyebrow at it slowly made him burn. He glanced at Dean to make sure he wasn't looking and brought his fingers to his mouth, relishing the burn.

Holy water. A container filled with holy water and knives. Shaking his head he closed the flask and tossed it back into the bag, even if they cleaned it out it was useless to them now.

"I think he was a hunter." Sam told his brother. "There's holy water and some weapons in here."

"Any good weapons?" Dean asked, glancing at his brother before looking back at the rapidly dying man.

"Just some knives, nothing special." Sam told him, inspecting the knives once more. "Nothing we don't already have."

"Might as well keep 'em, a knife is a knife." Dean said, rolling his shoulders back a few times.

Sam gave a shrug and dug out a flask of holy water once more. He poured some onto his fingers, fighting back a smile at the slight burn; Dean did call him a masochist at times and maybe it was true but oh well. He brought his hand up and flicked it towards his brother.

It took a moment for it to register, he was focused on the body after all, but once the burning sensation started to set in Dean let out a shout of annoyance.

"Sammy c'mon!" he protested, waving his bloodstained hand in the air. "I'm trying to do some work here."

"Well I'm bored, so either work faster or," he flicked his fingers at him again, watching Dean try to dodge the water. "Or be my entertainment."

Dean picked up and brought his knife up threateningly. "I'm going to cut those fingers off."he warned. "And I'm going to stick them down your throat."

"Oh I'm really trembling now." Sam said with a smile, pouring some more holy water onto his fingers and watching the smoke rise. "Truly Alistair's most prized student."

"I'm going to take this out of your ass." Dean told him before he smirked. "But that's what you want anyway, ain't it little brother?"

"Don't flatter yourself." Sam told him, still trying to make the holy water fall on him. "And focus, he's about to die."

Dean's eyes narrowed, a small promise of what's to come to Sam later on tonight, and turned back to the man. He grabbed the jar that was half filled with the guys blood, pressing it to the cut on his neck. The symbols they had made on his chest glowed at that moment and a small pulse filled the room as the man's soul was pushed out of his body as it died. Moving fast Dean closed the jar around it and swirled the blood, watching it stain the soul just enough to ground it into the glass.

"And there we go." Dean said standing up. He tossed the jar up and down a few times, laughing when the soul was bounced around. "We're done."

Sam had been holding onto the blade, watching at the edges of their warding as a frustrated reaper was refused entry to do his job. He raised an eyebrow and then raised the angel blade, making sure the ripper caught sight of it. The angel blade had been a pain to get but so, so worth it.

The reaper hesitated, eyes going from the blade of the jar in Dean's hands but ultimately it bowed its head and disappeared.

"Good, guess they can be taught." Sam said, sliding the knife back into his jacket. He grabbed the gasoline and started to spread it over the body and the floor, adding the pictures and the wallet to it as well.

He wiped his fingers dry on the side of his jeans, holding back a yelp when Deans hand suddenly shot out and grasped at his tightly, squeezing hard enough to make his bones hurt.

"When we get back to the motel room." Dean breathed into his ear. "I'm going to show you just how 'entertaining' I can be."

Sam smiled and held back a shiver as best as he could. "Promises, promises." he murmured.

The two of them laughed and left the building, throwing a match behind them as they did.

And with that Bill Harvelles body was burned, the fire strong enough to leave the bare minimum of bones and ash.

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