It was a cool breezy silent night at the mansion when professor X broke the silence. "Jeans predicament has gotten worse. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we should do?"

"We have to do something for Her" Logan said.

"Of course you would say something like that" cyclops scoffed.

Before Logan could say anything professor X yelled "stop fighting amongst yourselves we have to find a way to help Jean."

"I don't know if science would help but I could look into it" beast said.

"I will help you too" banshee said.

"I'm not really much use to you unless you need me to take some of her power" rouge said.

"You just being here is help enough" colossus said to rouge.

"She just needs to chill out" Bobby smirked.

"Jean needs all of our support, now more than ever" storm said.

"I don't know about you but I can live through anything" Darwin said.

Professor X rolled his wheel chair towards Logan and said. "Thank you all for your suggestions but I'm going to see how Jean is doing" before anybody could talk professor X was already out of the conference room.

Jeans room

"Jean how are you doing?" Professor X asked. He felt some unwelcomed energy, before he could do anything the mansion exploded.

Logan was walking around when he saw a dragon with color of red on top, black on bottom, and blue gem stones on his head, and feet

Before he could do anything he saw a kid walking up to him, Logan saw a chain around his neck, and at the end of the chain there was a pyramid.

He started walking towards the kid but collapsed due to the fact that the dragon attacked him, making him fall down, in only nothing but his adimantium skeleton.