-Writers note- at the time I wrote this I was just learning how to write these type of stories and know very little about punctuation and stuff so bare with it please know I tried my best to put it in when I edited for re release and i will do the same for the rest-

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-Some people In this story are named after friends of mine but don't have the same personalitys-

-this is also a parody and not to be taken seriously and also some of the characters are from Yu-Gi-Oh-

Sailor Moon Chapter 1 "A Dark Moon Rising"

There onece was kingdom on the a beautiful kingdom, it was ruled by a Queen Dani, who had a daughter who was destined to be the next queen of this moon kingdom. But in the darkness came a sinister force that bubbled up from the darkest of evil called the Negaverse ruled by an evil Queen named Mai. Mai tried to destroy the moon for the power of the moon crystal. With all her strength Queen Dani defeated Mai and sealed her away for all time.

but it was to late for her kingdom. She used her final bite of power to sealed her daughter and her guardians and send them to earth there she hoped they could live a normal life. But if the Negaverse rises again they would have the power to fight it.

There are Story begins!

It was a beautiful day in Tokyo every bird was awake and gliding upon the open sky.

Not a Cloud in the sky almost a perfect day except for the fact bandit keith was flashing on coming traffic to the Tokyo.

Tea woke up with a yawn stretching and brushing long blond hair out of face at the same time and then noticed a yellow thing sitting on her desk

She rubs the sleep out of her eyes and looked again and it was gone she shrugs and thought she must have been seeing things.

The smell the fresh smell of bacon made her hungry.

First things first she needed her wake up shower she gets out of bed walks to washroom.

Before she takes one she looks in the mirror and says "Hello blue eyes your looking beautiful today"

Now gets undressed gets into shower closes the drapes and turns on the water.

Once out of the shower dries off gets dressed in her blue and white school uniform then.

Tea walks into the kitchen to sees Yugi making her bacon and eggs as she enters the room

yugi greets her saying "Good mourning Tea"

Tea replies "Good mourning yugi,

Yugi what's the occasions?' Tea asks

Yugi Replies it's your birthday!

Tea says whoa that's weird I forgot?'

Suddenly from the window comes the reply "its because you're a ditz Meat Ball Head!"

Tea turns to catches sight of Kaiba looking in the window and goes and shuts the window.

Tea starts into a rant starting with saying "oh that Kaiba pisses me off he has no reason sticking his nose in my business!"

She could keeps ranting like this for a half an hour but yugi cuts in saying sheesh why do you let the guy bother you so much?

Tea replies because hes a jerk!

Yugi says ok?

Tea scarfs down her bacon in one bite while mumbling "why she would have to go to school on such a great!"

Yugi replies "because if you skip you will fail and have to repeat the class in summer school".

'Tea sighs and says "you have a point"

Tea gets her stuff and heads out the door. But she didn't noticed she was being watched.'

Luna thought is the one as she watched the girl, is she the now sensed the moon power from.

Unknown to them both an evil force is plotting to gather energy from the unsuspecting populous. Queen Mai sat on her thrown her long flowing black draped over her shoulder her dark gaze looking out in the distance.

The room she was in was gloomy and dark and smelt of cabbage. Queen Mai thought to herself damn those circus folk!

Jedite appears in the room and bows slightly' Jedite says "my queen I have a perfect plan to gather energy"

But before he could finish he is interrupted by Zoicite a girl dressed in gray with blond hair that hid some of dark mocking smile on her face,

Zoicite says to Jedite "your too much of a twit for it to be a good plan" turns to Mai and says "Mai should send me"

Jedite replys "oh please why should we send a gender confused person like you weren't you a guy last week in fact you keep changing back and forth out of habit".

Zoicite is glaring at Jedite and is about to respond

When Queen Mai stops fight saying "why don't you too grow up!

Mai then turns to Jedite and says "do your plan and don't fail me ill castrate you with a spork,

You know how painful I can make that".

Jedite cringes and says "yes I do but how can I fail you its not like a warrior in a blue and white dress is gonna pop out of no where to stop me!

Jedite laughs and disappears, leaving Queen Mai and Zoicite alone. Zoicite says "he's really tempting fate isn't he?'

Queen Mai nods.

-Meanwhile at school-

Tea is sleeping in class again! A black haired girl named Heaven taps Tea on tnewspaperr, Tea mumbles "Mommy can I sleep in longer?"

Heaven whaps Tea on the head with a rolled up newspaper.

Tea wakes up startled saying "sorry I slept in your class Miss Ayanami"

Tea looks up to see her friend Heaven laughing.

"Why did you do that for? Said Tea as she looked accusingly into the brown eyes of her best Friend.

Heaven says, "This is important did you know that Mega Hunk of Movie Star Adam Colley is signing autographs at his private mansion."

Tea says oh cool I would love to get his autograph,

Then they both say at the same time "he's dreamy"

Heaven says "but its invite only"

Tea sighed "bummer"

Heaven says "But I have invitations"

Tea Says "Cool we are going"

Heaven replies "who says I'm taking you with me"

Tea sighs.

Heaven giggles then says "Of coarse I'm taking you with me you're my best friend you think I'm that shallow"

Heaven hands Tea a ticket.

They both sit at attention as Miss Ayanami enters the room.

At his mansion Adam Colley has come back home his body was sore from having to do a stunt scene since he was professional and always did his own stunts no matter how pain full they are.

His black hair was matted with sweat and his whole body ached all over he need a shower badly

His daughter greeted him at the front door saying "Hi daddy"

Adam Colley replied "Hi Pumpkin"

"I'm to old for that now, please calls me Princess" said Ayna.

"Ok Ayna! said Adam.

"Mom is picking me she wants me to be out front when she gets here, said Ayna.

She was nearly fourteen but still she was following in his footsteps and wants to be in the show biz like her old man thought Adam Colley.

Ayna hugged her father and left through the front and said "I love you daddy".

Most of the time wished his now Ex wife didn't divorce him and took his daughter to the other side of town because Osaka was about a 1 hour drive that means with his busy schedule he couldn't see her every day.

Adam sighed then and headed towards the shower.

But is unaware he is being watched as he walked into the bathroom.

A dark figure comes out of the shadow and freezes him in an ice cocoon before he could even scream for help.

The half dressed girl standing over her victims frozen body, and Turns into a replica of him.

Jedite enters the room smiling then says "good job Glaceress now we move to phase 2 of our plan"

Adam replica replies "and nothing will stand in our way"

They both break into evil laughter.

Jedite nearly chokes on a piece of gum he was chewing.

the Adam replica does the Heimlich maneuver making Jedite spit up the gum and

They start laughing evilly again

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor moon says)

Tea: somedays I feel so bummed out,

Heaven: just lick a toad its safer then crack,

Yugi: yeah one lick and your in flavour country and you will feel better about yourself as your swallowed up in a techno colored rainbows so try it,

Luna: trying is good!

Tea: Sailor Moon says see ya hehehe