Chapter 4 Once in a Blue Moon

While this is happening Tea wakes up in a dark closet filled with dresses and shoes and something that smells like her gym shorts , Tea gets up and rubs her head and says to herself "ouch my head hurts" Tea then looks outside of the closet to notice luna was asleep snoring away on rthe bed, Teasmashes open the closet door and sneaks over to the door room and opens it but wakes up luna. Luna wakes up and see's Tea at the door; Luna yell "HEH Where do you think your going? Tea turns and replys "to the mansion to to see my favorite movie star, before Luna do anything to react Tea was already out the front door of the house and heading towards the mansion in a panicked rush when she realized the time and says that Luna made me late, Luna runs to catch up but falls in a hole. out of no where comes voices, Two figure dressed in white come out of the darkness. "Prepare for trouble" one of them said The other one says "and make it double" as the two said this they posed stupidly one one them says To protect the world from devastation and other replys To unite all people within our nation, by now luna thought who the hell are there idiots and will they be done? To denounce the evil of truth and love, says one of them then the other just replys To extend our reach to the stars above! "Oh my god these people are stupid" said luna, and they just keep going with one of them saying Jessie and the other saying James, Jessie says "Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light, then James say Surrender now or prepare to fight! This weird cat looking thing comes out of no where and says Meowth, that's right!" James grins and says we got ourselves a pikachu and that twerp is no where insight? Jessie Replys maybe we can finally get this pikachu to the boss? Our bad luck streak is finally over? Said Meowth, they load luna into a cage in the back of a truck and drive off with her. James looks over to jessie says "We captured pikachu" "I know but watch the road" Replys Jessie, it was to late a car in front of them had already crashed and its engine was a blaze, James, Jessie and Meowth say oh crap not again as they crashed into the flaming wreck as they crash they where launch through the front window and into the Air saying "Looks like team rocket is blasting off again" last thing Luna heard was something say Wobbuffet. Luna broke free of her cage and sniffs around for Tea's scent, Luna catches a scent of tea's perfume and runs in the direction its coming, Luna thinks to herself I hope tea isnt in any trouble.

Meanwhile at Central park siting on a bench some old lady is feeding the birds she tosses a couple breaqd crumbs on the ground and starts humming to herself as she watches the birds eat What a beautiful day the old lady says, out of no where a naked man through the bird scattering them, what an interesting bird that must be a wood pecker the old lady says. From a distince Zoisite catches sight of the naked man and runs after Him saying "come back here so I can kill destroy you naked Earthling" the naked guy replys "run run as fast as you can you cant catch me im bandit keith". Zoisite growls and chase after bandit keith, Zoisite thinks why don't I just teleport in front of this guy? Zoisite teleports and ends up with bandit keith's butt in her face, Bandit keith laughs and takes off, Zoisite says "ewwwwww I have earth germs on me im gonna kill that gross earthling and goes back to running after him". Bandit keith laughs as hes flashes some people on the sidewalk, Zoisite loses track of the earthling and looks side to side then hears someone say im here' Zoisite looks up to see bandit kieth mooning her making it look like he is talking throught' bandit says "moving his butt with his hand you look like your in a crappy mood recommend and Enema it will perk you right up' bandit keith runs. Zoisite runs after him saying "im gonna get you"

Later Tea has arrived at the mansion she goes to knock at the door but it opens' Tea peaks in the door and says hello? Tea walks in the front door, Tea looks around for her friend heaven, its like theres no one here Tea mutters to herself, as Tea walks through the dark creepy mansion the floor boards creek and groan with each footstep Tea grow more scared out of her mind she reached a room that looked like a movie theater then she noticed all the people on the ground out cold, Tea says to herself what the hell is going on, Tea see's a black haired girl and realizes that her friend Heaven, Tea walks up to her friend and checks if she is alive, tea pats heaven slitely on the face and says wake up please wake up and tell me whats going on here, from behind Tea hears a voice saying I can tell you whats going on, Tea turns around is now facing where the voice came, Tea thinks but says out loud too Adam Colley my fav movie star, Tea claims herself from the excitement and asks what happen, Adam Replys the same thing that will happen to you your life energy will serve the negaverse, as Adam said this his voice went from a guys voice to a girls, Adam tranforms into a girl as well, the says im Glaseress minion of Mai Queen of the negaverse your life energy will be sucked from you untill you are dead like these people are gonna be, Glaseress's hand turns into a camera and shes says Light Camera Action and she aims the camera and fires a dark blast which Tea manages to dodges, Tea squeeling loud

After Dodging each blast' Tea barely dodges a hit and is knocked out a door. Tea lands on her side painfully in front of luna, runs over to Tea and asks what is going on, Tea mutters theres a monster in there, Luna replys now take the brooch and say moon prism power, as if in instinct Tea grabs the brooch and says Moon Prism Power Tea start to glow and her clothes transform into another version of her school uniform. In the Theater Glaseress is looking for her victem, Glaserass says come out come out wherever you little girl, Glaseress suddnely catches sight of a figure standing at the door to the room, Glaseress turns and says who are you. Tea says "im Sailor Moon Champion of justice in the name of the moon I will punish you" Glaseress "replys im so scared?" Glaseress says "ill make a movie star and points her camera at Sailor moon and fires dodges just in time, Tea Dodges blast after Blast, But Tea abd gets hit with that blast and starts feeling weaker as her life energy is being sucked out of , then suddeny glaseress is hit in the butt with something' Glaseress screams in pain and spin her head on backwords to see a rose in one of her butt cheeks' Glaseress screams who the hell through that? Up in the ceiling comes a voices muttering oh crap I missed my target I was aiming for Camera but oh, the figure says im tuxedo mask you wont make another B movie, Glaseress says "how dare you mock me mask boy" Glaseress charges Tuxedo mask. Luna runs up to Tea Quickly finish it off. Walking through hallway happy he gather all that Energy For hes queen Mai, Jedite walks into the theater and nearly has a panic attack at what see's, Jedite says Ah crap a warrior in a blue and white Dress why me, Jedite thinks back to the conversation Queen Mai and Zoisite. (Jedite) how can I fail you its not like a warrior in a blue and white dress is gonna pop out of no where to stop me!! Jedites thinks why the crap did I say that im getting out off and vanishes. Luna says to Tea take the tiara off and say, before luna could finish Tea took the Tiara off and says Moon Tiara Magic and tosses it at the monster, Glaseress turned when she heard Tea and just had enough to say what going on ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, in a heart beat glaseress was vaporised, in the bath tub Adam Colley wakes up naked and scratches his head trying to figure out whats going on. Luna looks at Tea and says you done a great job im proud of you, Tea wasn't paying attention she was watching Tuxedo mask leave thinking to herself what a hunk, Tea says to herself tuxedo mask I will find out who you are. The Next mourning Tea is running to school since she accidently slept in, tea says to herself im gonna be late im gonna get detenion. but Tea trips and land face first into Kaiba chest, Yo Creep maister watch were you going, Kaiba replys you're the one who bumped into me. Luna watching fight from the Tea's room window, luna sighs and says to herself when will she ever grow up?

-The End-

(Sailor moon says) (Tea: in case of a water landing you can use your colon as a floatation device, (Yugi: yes by just pulling it out and inflating you can survive any water landing (Luna: yeah a colon save my life when I slipped on that banana peel and fell off that cliff I just removed Heavens colon as I slid of the cliff and inflated it in mid air saving me from watery grave..(Heaven: see my colon is usefull ^_^ (Tea: sailor moon says HeHeHe!!