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The people were wary of the trio sitting in the back, who were just relaxing. Qrow glared at them, while Roman and Neo shifted a few seats down, putting as many bodies between them as possible.

"I will remember your slights against me Roman," Cinder said coldly. "But for now, I shall view these worlds. Maybe they will give me an idea of how to improve myself."

"You are amazing Cinder," Emerald replied.

"Suck up," Mercury laughed. He got popcorn to the face with that. The assassin didn't care though. He had his legs back! It felt great!

As Parul shouted for his son to attack, Jaune let out a furious shout to the heavens.

The boy flies past his father, Cinder and her forces. Ignoring Summer for the moment, Jaune slams his right fist against Raven who blocks with her arms crossed. The Saiyan princess chuckles as she flies backward with the boy.

"Let's see just how well he pairs up against me," Raven watched intrigued. After all, she did like how he acted in the first part of this.

As they flew, she moved pushed back his fists and began to evade. When Jaune threw another punch, Raven countered by kicking him in the chest, forcing Jaune to fly backward.

"So are there no weapons here?" Ruby asked.

"Only those who have low power levels use weapons," the Curator replied, scaring Ruby.


"Yes. Everyone that is strong uses Ki since it's easier and it reinforces their physical attacks." The Curator stopped and thought about it. "Huh. kind of like Jaune's Aura Enhancement Semblance. Maybe if he learned to use it offensively..."

As he was mumbling to himself, Pyrrha and Ren were taking down notes. When Jaune learned to use his Semblance, they can help him utilize it.

The pale blonde planted his feet into the icy ground and shot forward again. Raven easily blocking the attacks. "You're not half bad," she compliments him.

"Oh," Qrow gasped.

"My," Summer looked at Raven.

"Gods," Tai was gobsmacked.

"I know when to give compliments," Raven rolled her eyes. "It helps motivate the troops."

Stripping off her green jacket, revealing the red and black armor from the preview, she threw her own punch. "This might actually be a pretty good warm-up."It connects with Jaune's face, and he tries to retaliate but Raven dodges, before doing a two-footed stomp into his stomach as she backflip into a spin kick sending him flying.

"Damn," Sun whistles. "She's good."

"I must say she is," Ren agreed. Those two were used to fighting with martial arts, and seeing that Raven's abilities were great.

"Hm, that's some good armor," Mercury said. "Form-fitting in all the right ways." Neptune subtly nods.

Flying after him, the two become a blur of motion as they race across the frozen continent at super speeds, their collisions creating craters into the ice.

"They're going pretty damned fast," Qrow said.

"I can't keep up with my eyes," Velvet commented. "If it wasn't for the camera I'm sure I wouldn't see what was happening."

"None of you would," the Curator replied. "Twenty years prior, some of the strongest people couldn't even keep up with how fast Summer was."

As Raven flies up, Jaune notices and moves in front of her to attack. Of course, Raven blocks but she noticed something. "He's fast. He must know how to use his power," she thought. Throwing off his punch, Raven and Jaune began to exchange blows in the air.

"Imagine all the easy heists if we could fly," Roman sighed.

"Imagine all the easy getaways," Neo laughed. Emerald nodded her head at that.

Back with Cinder and Parul, the father of Jaune couldn't help but frown. "It seems like Princess Raven is a skilled fighter in her own right," he said.

"These Saiyans have had their fair share of battles of the years," Cinder replied. While she did hate the two of them, especially for killing her twice, she had respect for their power.

"Will we ever get that?" Mercury asked his boss.

"Do you think you deserve it?" Cinder asked dismissively. Emerald snickered and Mercury frowned.

"And yet your son seems adept at brawling himself." She turned to watch the supersonic battle in the sky. "He's never fought any other person before has he?"

"That's pretty good for a guy like him," Pyrrha complimented.

"Only against me during training matches," Parul explained.

"But going up against someone your power level is practically...meaningless," Cinder sighs. The grin on her face though never left. "Not to worry, it seems like Jaune is quick to adapt."

"Such a bitch," Summer replied.

"Excuse you," Cinder growled.

"You are excused," the woman answered. Emerald felt the urge to stab summer, only for it to vanish instantly. That was not what she expected, especially when she found out she couldn't fight.

As Raven and Jaune traded more blows, Jaune started to do something he wasn't previously doing. He was blocking moves.

"He wasn't blocking before..." Weiss repeated, slightly confused.

"It's because he only fought his father previously," Tai answered. "His father, weaker than him, didn't have anything to hurt Jaune with, outside of the shock collar. So he never had a need to block, until now."

"That makes sense," Blake nodded.

Even as he was sent to the ground by Raven by a double-fisted punch, he flipped midair and shot back at her almost immediately. Not only that, but he did a feint and backhanded Raven so hard she went across the skies.

Raven flinched as she saw that. Okay while it looked good to see him fighting, that does hurt to see herself get beaten up.

"Don't let up Jaune!" his father cheered. Not because he was happy for his son, but because he was hurting Princess Raven.

"Such an ass," Yang spat. "Reminds me of someone else." Her eyes turned to her mother, who glared back at her.

Jaune and Raven were grappling, with Raven actually seeming to struggle. That was until her aura started to glow gold.

"What's this?" Ozpin asked. How does aura change colors?

Jaune noticed this and tried to get away, but Raven held on to him. "This is getting annoying," she grumbled. Pulling him in close, the princess headbutt Jaune. As he flinched, Raven punched him across the face and through a mountain range of ice.

"Damn!" Nora shouted. "She suddenly got stronger!"

The blonde once again used his hands and feet to stop his accelerated movement across the frozen floor. Looking up he watched as Raven landed on a hill. Gathering her aura, Raven shouted as her hair became golden blonde and her eyes turned green.

"The resemblance is uncanny," Qrow spat out his drink. He looked at his niece, who was gaping like a fish, and his sister who was at a loss for words.

"What is that?" Cinder asked watching the spectacle with interest. "How does a change of hair color improve her abilities.?"

The release of her energy obliterated the small hill, and Jaune widened his eyes at that.

"W-What did she just do?" Parul asked with worry.

"Hold on," Cinder frowned at him. "Can Jaune not turn into a Super Saiyan? That's such a mere disappointment."

"A-A Super Saiyan? Like the legend!?" Parul looked at Raven. "That's a myth!"

"What is a Super Saiyan?" Penny asked.

"It's basically a multiplier to their power," the Curator replied.

"By how much?" Glynda also asked.

"By 50x their current level," the Curator said. "And I mean current not base."

"So...I'm fifty times stronger now?" Raven asked with a smirk.

"Yes. And you were already in this universe's top ten strongest beings. All of whom are on this planet right now." That made Raven grin even more.

"Who are the others?" Summer asked.

"Well at this point and time, Whis, the angel, is at the top," the Curator replied. "Then the God of Darkness. Followed by a constantly shifting third through fifth with Summer, Raven, and Cinder."

The three women looked at each other as if to size one another up.

Jaune, while looking worried, didn't care much for it. He used his speed to get behind Raven and tried to feint again. Only for her to punch his face casually, backhanded.

"I hate to admit it, but that was sweet," Qrow grumbled. Summer made a noise with her tongue but apparently agreed. Cinder frowned.

"I want to say I am stronger than that woman, but on the screen, it's a different matter entirely," she said.

With her increase in power, Raven punched Jaune into the ground. As he bounced off the surface she followed up with a second punch, sending him careening through the air.

"I kind of feel sorry for the guy," Tai sighed.

"He didn't want any part of this dad, just forced into it," Ruby frowned.

What proceeded was Jaune trying to attack the woman, only for her to retaliate with each hit. At one point she grabbed him by the head, flipped him over and then slugged him once more.

"The difference between skill and power," Ironwood commented. "She knows how to use hers, but Jaune is flailing about."

As he flew towards her and kicked, she parried the attack. Raven charged up a Ki blast and slammed it into his face.

"Ouch," Ilia winced. If they were that strong, a blast like that must have hurt more than it looked.

He flipped around in the air, only to catch a fist to the face. However, there was a close up to his eye, it had turned yellow for a few seconds.

"Why does that matter?" Mercury asked sipping some soda. This was like a good movie! God, he needed this vacation.

"It's because the last time his eyes turned yellow, he nearly strangled a guy to death," Velvet answered.

"Only nearly?" Emerald scoffed. Why would her lady be interested in a person with half measures?

"His dad used his shock collar on him," Pyrrha said with venom. That got the attention of the trio.

The need for excessive force to bring him to heel? Maybe he was stronger than she thought, Cinder grinned.

"Where the hell did you come from?" Raven demanded.

Jaune growled and charged up his own Ki, slamming it into Raven's arms as she guarded. The woman was sent into the mountain, only for Jaune to continue his assault. Pushing her through the frozen structure.

"He also wasn't using that earlier," Winter pointed out.

"Damn it," Raven thought to herself. "He's learning as he fights."

"He's copying her a little bit," Glynda nods with that version of Raven's assessment. "It seems like he's using her as a template in order to fight better."

Raven could feel proud of that. After all, she was rather good.

As they exit out the mountain, the two traded blows and...Jaune was starting to get the upper hand again. He grabbed Raven by the throat.

"He really likes to choke people," Nora said. "It's like the first thing he does to anyone when he's too angry."

She blasted his chest to escape and began to fly away from him. After just a few minutes of watching, Jaune held out his palm...and began shooting his Ki. Green balls of energy flew towards Raven as they flew.

" scary," Tai shuddered. "A little more than that shadow army version."

"Why do you say that?" Sun asked.

"The sheer speed of as adaptation in battle is astonishing. Even if we start out better than him, I'm sure he would catch up in minutes. He's like the ultimate blank slate."

Using better aerial maneuvering, Raven dodged all his attacks as he gave chase, passing by Summer.

"This guy is great!" Summer laughed watching the two fight. "He's keeping up with Raven in Super Saiyan in his base form!"

"Stop being happy!" Raven commanded Summer.

"That's not you and let's face it, the is pretty good," Summer told her, getting a snicker from her family.

The two started to ascend in their flight. As she did Raven's aura started to change color once more. Instead of golden yellow, it became a ferocious red. The burst of power once again stopped Jaune in his tracks.

"And what is this form?" Neo asked. The way they keep changing hair colors was making her dizzy.

"This is...Super Saiyan God," the Curator said slowly, catching everyone's attention.

"I am a God?" Raven was delighted, much to Cinder's ire and everyone else's annoyance.

"In a sense. You are not an immortal-"

"Oh thank gods," Qrow said slumping in his chair. "I don't think I can handle if that if she was."

"However you are strong enough that only gods can match you." Raven was in delight at hearing that.

"Summer can use this too and Cinder can match it with her own powers." The bandit leader turned and glared at the two women, both of whom were now curious about their own strength.

Raven held out her hand and condensed air shot from it, not Ki. It was still strong enough to force Jaune back. The Saiyan princess fired off three more, the first two hitting its mark, with the third missing. That last one flew into a mountain and destroyed it.

Jaune went and started to throw punches like a mad man, but Raven just kept out of reach. At his last punch, Raven casually caught it. Her face was in a serious gaze as she punched Jaune...

Through several frozen mountains.

"Now that's one strong lady," Roman said. He'd hate to get on her bad side.

"I don't think anyone in our world could do that," Emerald gasped.

Parul could only watch in astonishment and fear. "I did not know Princess Raven could be so strong," the father said as he fell to his knees.

"Of course I am. I am from royal blood,"Raven scoffed.

"What's the matter? Are you saying your boy reached his limit?" Cinder asked.

"I-I think so..."

"Well that's unfortunate," Cinder sighed shaking her head. "In that case, let's consider this fight over."

"Such a pity," Cinder sighed as well. "I was expecting more out of that."

Parul couldn't look her in the face as she walked by towards the ship. "Yes, ma'am."

Jaune was buried halfway into one of the frozen mountain's barely moving. Raven flew over and looked. "What are you doing?" she asked him.

All she could hear was Jaune's growling and panting.

"That does not look like a good sign," Penny said, eyes wide.

"Jaune it's over! Do not engage! Get back on the ship!" his father commanded him.

Instead of listening, Jaune's growling got louder. Energy started to spike around him and ice started to melt.

"Definitely not a good sign," Ilia agreed to the robot turned human.

"Damn it, boy." Parul went to grab the remote, only to see it was gone. " the remote should be here! Jaune!" Falling to his knees, he shouted louder. "Jaune! I command you to get back to the ship son!"

"Now he cares?" Yang said through grit teeth. "He should have cared sooner!"

Jaune groaned and growled grabbing his head. "You'll listen to your father, do you hear me!"

"I don't think he does," Neo said with a grin. Oh her other self just screwed over so many people.

Jaune let out a roar, his eyes were now fully yellow. Raven frowned at him. "What a waste," she scoffed. Gathering a lot of her Ki into her hand she charged her...Big Bang Attack.

"Her what?" Qrow and Ozpin grin. Summer was giggling. Yang was outright laughing while Tai grinned. Raven was fuming. What sort of name was that for a move?

"Don't do this Raven!" Summer shouted at her friend. Said friend didn't listen and blasted away, destroying the iceberg and taking Jaune along with it. Summer flew to the edge of the water to look.

"And he's dead," Mercury said. "Shame, that guy was pretty cool too."

"You're awfully vocal," Emerald hissed at him.

"I have my legs, I get to relax for a bit, I'm on cloud nine. Bite me." The assassin was grinning, leaning back in his chair (which he finds out reclines!), to enjoy. Cinder watch and then didn't comment. She didn't mind if her minion treated this odd kidnapping as a vacation. It always helped with morale after all.

As he fell deeper into the water, Jaune's rage built up until he was conscious enough to stop. His body was glowing red as if to expel the energy that hit him.

"There is his instinctual adaptation," Ironwood said. If this version of the Arc boy kept evolving, what sort of limit did he have?

The entire ocean began to shift and swirl, with Jaune at the epicenter. He let out a roar and the water around him dispersed, leaving a seething pale blonde standing there. The wild man let out another roar, this time kicking up with his energy.

"So cool," Nora looked absolutely excited at the sight of her fearless leader's prowess!

"What's going on? Have you seen a Saiyan like this before?" Summer asked Raven as they protected their faces.

"So this is a first for them," Blake said. "It's going to be tough then."

"Please tell me you brought some Senzu Beans with you, Robin!" Raven demanded.

"What is a Senzu bean?" Weiss asked.

"It's a magical bean that can heal almost any wound. It just can't regrow missing body parts, or heal diseases."

"If they are wondering if they have those, it must mean shit is going to hit the fan," Roman chuckled. "This is proving to be pretty fun to watch."

"Uh no I forgot!"

"Mom!" Ruby looked slightly offended.

"Hey! Evil people appeared on Remnant looking for wish-granting items. I'm sure I was worried about that!" Summer defended herself.

Raven looked at the raging man and frowned. "I think this is going to be harder than we thought."

Jaune flew up, his body glowing green with his energy. Shaking, he looked at them and gather Ki into his mouth before firing it as a beam! It flew past Summer, who ducked, and blasted through several mountains before destroying a large mountain itself. At its apex, it blew up, darkening the sky.

"That probably had the force of thousands of bombs," Winter whispered in shock.

"By the way, those top ten people are all able to do that on their own too," the Curator informed them. Summer was shocked to learn her other self could destroy planets so easily. Raven and Cinder meanwhile just basked in the glory.

"Oh crap! Imagine if that had hit the planet!" Summer said in shock.

"He could have obliterated the continent." The audience, except for Cinder and Raven, felt a chill go down their spine. A raging madman with that power is a bad thing for their planet.

Not wanting to take a chance, Raven powered up and slammed her fist into Jaune's face. Only to see it did no damage.

"Get fucked!" Mercury laughed. This got a few laughs from others as well at Raven's expense.

Jaune glared at her and then returned the favor, sending her flying, as she did him numerous times before.

"Not going to lie, this is pretty damn cathartic," Qrow grinned. "Better than any booze I've had."

"Amen," Summer gave her teammate a thumbs up.

The two flew, with Summer on their tail, fighting out in the air. Once again, Jaune was winning.

"Oh ho, where did this come from?" Cinder purred happily.

The Cinder in the theater looked at herself on screen. Truly looked at her, unlike prior. She had to admit the purple and white version of her sneaking outfit was a nice touch. Especially against her ivory skin and ebony hair.

Emerald blushed at that. She respected Cinder and owed her the woman her life. And she found that image hot. As did Sun, Neptune and a few other men.

"I don't know," Parul replied. "I think he transformed somehow. Using the power of the Great Apes but kept his human form. This helped him retain his speed and agility."

"What is a Great Ape?" Cinder asked. Since she and her followers weren't there when it was explained originally.

"Basically a giant werewolf monkey attained by the Saiyan race by looking at a full moon," Penny supplied. While others said she was evil, she did want to be of some help. And giving info on a version of Jaune Arc wasn't going to hurt. "A few of them can conquer a planet in days."

"Interesting," Cinder hummed. Maybe she can take that info to her mistress. Make new versions of the Beringel Grimm.

His boss couldn't help licking her lips. The thought of that thing in her ranks was rather enticing. "And is there a downside?"

"Maybe...a big one..." Parul responded. Cinder raised her eyebrow as Parul sighed. "He can't control it. He's lost sense of who or what he is."

"That's a rather huge downside," Neo said.

"Almost not worth the effort," Kali replied.

Jaune growled and punched Raven through a mountain, getting payback for doing the same to him. As she landed on her feet, Jaune placed himself on top of a small mountain top. Before he can continue he was distracted.

"No, keep going! I wanted to see Raven get wrecked!" Qrow shouted.

"Your hate is so obvious," Glynda scoffed.

"It is not hate, it's anger. There is a difference."

"Hey, you!" Summer called out. She had taken off her coat and was smiling up at Jaune. "It's about time I got a chance to fight."

"Yes! Mom's turn!" Ruby cheered. This got a laugh out of the alternate version of Summer.

Jaune stared at her and growled, gathering energy. Summer just hummed to herself and began to hop from foot to foot for a warm-up. Moving her arms and neck, she was loosening herself.

"Always a smart thing to do," Ghira nodded. Loose and limber body parts help before exerting yourself.

It seemed the angrier he got, the larger Jaune got as well. He went from 6'5" to an even 7'0". In his truly enraged state, his hair started to stand up, and his shock collar broke. The two took martial arts stances before flying head to head.

They're punches clashed upon contact. Just like against Raven, Jaune held the upper hand in strength. As Summer flew back, she charged an attack of blue energy and shot it, forcing Jaune to fly around to her side.

"Oh cool," Sun grinned. The fight was happening from Jaune's POV. Letting them get a small glimpse of how the fight goes like.

Just like Raven, she started to shoot her Ki at him, having Jaune dodge or block them. He began to shoot back his own orbs, with Summer doing the same as he did. Upon closing the gap he punched Summer across the face.

"Ouch," Summer flinched for her other. "That's got to sting."

She impacted the ice wall, her body caused it crater the iceberg. Jaune followed her through the hole Summer created. Punching her once, then twice, before ejecting her out the other side.

"Monstrous strength, how impressive," Cinder purred, watching how this beast of a man fought against someone supposed to be strongest in the universe.

Soon the mountain erupted with Jaune's energy, destroying it. Slowly he was getting bigger.

"The gains on him," Coco laughed.

"I mean, he looks bigger than Yatsuhashi!" Velvet gasped.

"Those muscles look so good though," Neo licked her lips. Sure she was far shorter than him now, but she could just see it now. Their sex life that is.

Just like Raven before her, Summer went Super Saiyan and the two began to duel midair again.

"Huh, your hair is standing up," Kali mentioned to the other mother in the room. No, she did not count Raven as a mother.

"It's also blonde," Summer pointed out. "Also, I think Raven's hair was a bit spikier too when she transformed."

It was a display of skill on Summer's end, but for Jaune, it was a display of strength. The now blonde Summer was forced back and when she righted herself, she was surprised to see Jaune taking a page out of Raven's book.

"He's mimicking me again?" Raven frowned. While she was physically attracted to this one, she did not appreciate the beat down. At the same time, it got her more tingly between the legs than before. His strength was like a drug and she wanted more.

His hand was at her stomach, Ki blast in hand, he all but shot her into the stratosphere.

"Oh yes, her other self did that didn't she," Ren remembered.

With his speed, he ended up behind her and swung his arms like a hammer and had her crashing into the earth. A half-mile-wide crater forming in the ice.

"I would hate for them to be fighting in a city," Ozpin said as he sipped his coffee. "Imagine all the casualties."

"Their group is actually rather good about that, going to fight in empty areas," the Curator gave them a little bit of trivia.

Summer looked up in time for Jaune to come charging towards her and had enough time to roll out of the way.

As Jaune let loose an angry scream, Summer took the time to focus her on her energy within. Her hair stopped being golden turning red, entering the Super Saiyan God form Raven had done previously.

"I can see why you would say that she's as strong as me," Raven glared at the screen.

However, there was one big difference. While Raven was fighting to kill, it seemed like Summer was having fun.

"I don't understand why she would be," she said to the Curator.

"It goes back to Saiyan genetics. They always love a good fight. Why do you think their mates are always foolhardy or stubborn." Raven looked at Tai, and Summer looked at Qrow. They definitely fit that bill.

As Jaune was about to hit her with a charge, Summer grabbed his wrist and redirected him. "Hey take it easy," she said to him.

"Please don't tell me she's going to try and reason with him," Cinder scoffed.

As Jaune, actually, ran up to her, Summer focused her Ki into her hands and slowly let it go. It enveloped her opponent confusing him.

"You've got a lot to learn," she said with a kind smile. "Here on Remnant, we like to live together in peace and harmony."

"Do they really?" Ilia asked, skeptical.

"Their president is a dog Faunus, interspecies marriages are a go, and you have people of different worlds literally defending it. I think so."

Jaune struggled against the ability, roaring in anger. This caused the ice around them to spike.

"Man that's so cool," Yang sighed. To be able to use ki, or aura, to stop a person in their tracks? She would love to have that to punch people easier.

"Well, that hasn't always been the case. We've had our fair share of enemies." Her mind flashed back to all her foes in the past, including her evil sister Cana, Raven, Cinder (in all her various forms)

Cinder watched as she saw a child version of herself, a teen version of herself, a late teen version of herself, and then her normal one flash through. That was interesting. Did she get powers depending on age?

"Who is Cana?" Tai asked Summer.

"I don't know a Cana," Summer answered.

"It's short for Canary, your evil sister from this universe."

A green bug-like monster (also in various forms)

"Always with the giant bugs!" Ruby shouted, covering her face. That thing was creepy.

And some pink blob thing (again with various forms).

Ozpin froze as he looked at the screen. He can feel magic wafting off that pink thing. A terrible one too. Maybe it was something to learn about.

"But I feel like you're not one of them. For some reason, I can just tell." This actually had Jaune stopping for a moment.

"What?" Yang gasped.

"Go mom," Ruby grinned.

"I'm sure my other self has talked other people down before," Summer replied.

"You don't have to fight. You don't have to listen to those people." Parul and Cinder looked on intrigued.

Jaune took a moment to breathe but his anger started to take over again.

"Shame that failed," Penny said frowning. She didn't want them to keep fighting.

He let out a roar, his Ki overpowering Summer's, freeing his body. As he moved, Summer tried to stop him with the move again. In a moment his power overcame her, covering her in green Ki, freezing Summer in place.

"It seems like the tables have turned Summer," Cinder grinned at the mother.

Jaune's fist slammed her face, but it dispelled the ability too. Getting the ability to move, she grabbed Jaune by the arm and threw him over her shoulder. It was strong enough to make a fracture in the land.

Strong enough to force cliffs all around them to move or break. Raven even had to grab Taiyang to prevent him from falling.

"Holy shit," Qrow gasped.

Cinder had allowed their ship to reposition, leaving her and Parul the only ones from their side to watch in person. "I hope for your sake he puts up a good performance," Cinder said to him. "While I am enjoying, I do have my limits to my patience."

"I very much do," Cinder agreed with her other-self. "And if he doesn't provide a good show anymore, I don't think I have need for his father." That made Neo and Roman worried even more about her.

The blonde got up and let out another roar and a burst of Ki, the emerald color dying the landscape for a few moments.

Summer and Jaune clashed again, but like Raven, she was starting to see her attacks weren't doing damage.

"That is a shame," Raven mocked Summer who glared at her.

On the ship, Neo was awestruck. "I can't believe how awesome Jaune is," she said. "It's insane." Next to her Roman was holding the Dragon Balls.

"He is, but it's not right," the older man frowned. "They treat him like a slave." They kept watching the fight, Jaune slowly overpowering Summer more and more.

"That is true," Ghira sighed. To treat a child who didn't know any better like that? It was tough.

"Poor guy, his dad is forcing him," Neo growled. Roman nodded his head. The attacks were going on and Neo gripped the window of the ship. "Disgusting. Parul took his innocent kid and turned him into a savage."

"I still wish something bad happens to him," Yang spat.

"Honey, you know that's not right," Tai replied. "But I wholeheartedly agree."

Roman shook his head this time. "And now he's broken. Lost his mind."

"I wish there was a way we can help him."

"Wait...don't they...have..." Ruby pointed at the screen. Roman was holding the Dragon Balls.

"No," Parul said as he moved backward in fear. "If this keeps going, Jaune's going to die. I can't let that happen. "

"He sounds like he..." Nora was about to say something nice.

"If I don't it will all be over."

"Nevermind." That got a few laughs from her friends.

Jaune had sent Summer tumbling backward with a punch. As she landed, Jaune tried to stomp on her. Thankfully Summer rolled out of the way of each step.

"Did he just get bigger?" Velvet asked.

"The angrier he gets, the more mass he seems to accumulate," Glynda replied.

Upon standing up, Summer charged a Ki attack in her right hand and tried to punch him. Jaune screamed against her and proceeded to close his hand around hers, making it explode in her between her fingers.

"That seemed like it hurt," Blake winced.

In her shock, Jaune threw Summer behind him. Grabbing her leg, he spun her around before slamming her forcefully into the ground...

A lot of people winced as the Summer on-screen screamed in pain.

over and over again. Her screams of pain filled the air, and at one point she even passed out for a second.

"Okay that is a bit much," Kali said.

"I don't know it's quite cathartic," Raven replied, throwing her brother and teammates words back at them.

After one final swing, the large man grabbed summer by the face and proceeded to drag her against a frozen mountainside. This left a large trench in his wake.

"That is brutal," Mercury grinned. God, he needed more popcorn.

At the end of the cliffside, Jaune threw her away like a piece of trash. This left her motionless on the ground.

"Well, well, well," Cinder grinned. "I guess I won't get a chance to kill that monkey after all."

"Such a shame. It seems like I had a sort of rivalry with her. Too bad," Cinder grinned. "I would have loved an opportunity."

As Summer laid there a voice entered her mind. "Summer, what's happening out there?" It was none other than Kali.

"Mom?" Blake turned to Kali. Ghira was surprised too. All though he did appreciate the oddly loose yet tight shirt and pants on his wife.

"What's happening out there? It's not just Cinder's power level I feel."

"What is she compared to Summer?" Raven asked.

"In the top ten as well. Probably eighth or ninth though," the Curator responded. "While she can't bridge the gap of godhood, she is still a formidable foe and was previously Summer's greatest rival prior to Raven."

" got that right..." Summer replied mentally, trying to recover.

"You seem like you have your hands full with this one."

"That much is true," Glynda agreed.

Summer coughed up some blood. "Yeah...he's strong."

Standing on a mountain in another part of Remnant, Kali was looking at the direction the action was happening. "That's an understatement. I wish I could help but I feel like I would just get in the way."

"With the strongest people in the universe already fighting, what would someone of her power actually do," Cinder scoffed. Raven, despite not knowing her, agreed.

"She would just be a hassle on the battlefield."

"Stand by for now," Summer answered as she stood. "We may need you. If things go out of control, I'll use Instant Transmission to go to you."

"Instant Transmission?" Weiss asked.

"It's an ability that Summer has to teleport to other people's locations as long as she can feel their ki," the Curator responded. "It can even bridge dimensions, but not universes though."

For the first time ever, Jaune laughed. A sadistic smile had replaced his anger fueled rage for just that moment.

"Okay, that is a scary look," Neptune gulped. That look of anger and sadism on his face was not right.

"If you honestly think it will come to that he must be one hell of a foe." Kali frowned. That was a technique that was a do or die one. "Good luck, Summer."

"That?" Both Summer and Raven asked.

"You can technically say it's the strongest move in their arsenal," the Curator responded.

"Then why didn't they use it earlier?" Glynda demanded.

"Because it's a move they hate using." Now that made them curious. What sort of ability would that be?

"Got to go." Summer ripped her ruined white gi top, showing off her red shirt. Jaune stood by as she went through another transformation.

She yelled out as her red energy and hair changed, becoming blue. Summer had just entered Super Saiyan Blue.

"Okay, what is this now?" Raven demanded.

"It's the highest form that you and Summer had attained that you both can easily access," the Curator replied. "It's going Super Saiyan while as a god. Cinder's strongest form is on par with it."

The two once again started to fight, their attacks becoming more brutal. However, it seemed like Summer was resistant to them now. Even as he slammed her on the ground over and over again, this time it wasn't as bad.

"Yay!" Ruby cheered. "Mom might just win."

Hell, even as Jaune buried Summer into the ice, she shot a bolt of energy and blew him away.

As they flew in the air, Jaune fired back a volley of green Ki blasts. Summer just plowed through it, leading the explosions in her trail.

"It's like she's on a whole other level now," Tai was mesmerized.

When their fists connected this time, an explosion happened as their energies clashed.

"Fuck," Roman said eyes widening. The sheer energy from their fists colliding could do that much?

Summer and Jaune traded punches before, she tackled him into the ground. This is going through the ice and into Remnant's crust.

They both land in the lava but continue fighting as if nothing was wrong. Jaune even chokes her, only for Summer to bite his hand.

"But how is that even possible?" Weiss asked confused.

"We...actually don't know," the Curator answered. "Anyone who watched was actually surprised they can touch magma much less fight in it.

The woman grabbed Jaune and swung him through the magma and back into normal land.

Summer flew up to match him. When she saw the green light. Looking above her, Summer saw a giant emerald ball glowing there. Nearly, it was the size of a three-story building.

"That is huge!" Coco yelled.

"Don't let it touch the planet!" Sun shouted, remembering what his energy blast did the last time.

The man slammed it down, forcing Summer to block. Cinder merely grinned and surrounded herself with a blood-red energy. This lets Parul fly away from the force of the impact.

"That's bad," Ironwood grimaced.

Upon its detonation, the attack proceeded to turn the frozen continent, into a magma hellscape.

"He basically terraformed the continent," Winter gasped. To be able to do that with just one attack? What sort of monster was he?

Despite all that, Summer seemed to be fairly fine due to her new form.

"Yeah! Go mom!" Ruby cheered once more. Some found it annoying honestly, but others didn't seem to mind.

" can't be," Parul gasped. "Is what Queen Raven said true?" His eye looked around and watched as the two fought in the air. "Jaune is a danger to us all."

The father slowly sat down, broken.

"Serves him right!" Yang shouted.

Jaune was heavily pushed back by Summer, who had got a second wind, was smiling at him.

"You really are enjoying that fight," Tai commented to Summer, who just hummed.

Honestly, though, she didn't like it. Her own version of Jaune, who became her best friend, was nothing like this and she would not want to see that happen to him.

"Damn, what a shame," Cinder said. She looked over at Parul. "Do you really think he's finished this time?"

"I think so."

Cinder looked at Jaune and then a sly smile appeared on her lips. "Oh, I'm not so sure." Her mind flashed to a moment all those years ago. In her first bout against Summer, she killed Summer's best friend Glynda.

"Glynda is my best friend?" Summer asked.

"I died!" Glynda screamed.

"Don't worry you were brought back by the Dragon Balls. Almost all of you have been, honestly. Everyone except the kids..."

That was what triggered the Super Saiyan transformation.

"So it's anger that drives the Super Saiyan transformation," Ozpin said rubbing his chin. While not a good idea, it was a terrible thing to do.

"Let's put him to a test shall we?" Cinder grinned. Ki coalesced into her pointer finger. Parul could only watch in fear as Cinder pointed it at him. A beam of red energy pierced his heart, instantly killing the man.

People expected that to happen, however, it was still shocking to see. Cinder approved, if it could get her a stronger minion she would have murdered a man in a heartbeat. Yang, however, felt queasy. When she said she wanted something bad to happen she didn't mean that!

The Galactic Empress coughed and cleared her throat, before facing the battle. "Jaune look!" Cinder shouted in her "damsel-in-distress" voice. It reached both of the fighters, forcing them to stop.

That got a few snickers from Roman and Neo, causing Cinder to glare. "What's so funny?" she coolly demanded.

"That voice is terrible," Neo laughed.

"It's such a tragedy!" She pointed at Parul. "He was hit by a stray energy blast."

Jaune's eyes stared at his father's dead body, and it actually had him stop fighting for a moment. He clutched his head as he started to scream.

"Wait..." Ruby gasped. "That's so bad!"

"What do you mean squirt?" Qrow asked.

"Jaune...has no family left," she said tearing up. "First he lost Zwei, and now his dad." That was like dumping cold water on everyone who cared.

"This world is a tragedy," Penny said.

Despair was etched on his face as even through all the rage, the thought of his father dying hit home The scream of rage had filtered sadness mixing in. As he shouted, his mind snapped and his energy broke out. A single word resounding in his head.


"Even if he was an ass, Jaune still considered him as his father," Yang whispered.

His energy created a pillar as his irises vanished and his once pale blonde hair stood on edge. It turned golden as he floated in midair.

Jaune had just gone Super Saiyan.

The screen fades for the time being.

"Whelp! If he was able to rival the gods at base form, imagine him at 50x that," Roman laughed. "They are fucked."

That did not put anyone at ease.

"Maybe...Maybe it will force them to use their strongest move," Velvet wondered.

"We'll see next time, Velv," Coco replied.