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Sam's POV

I was currently sitting in the Impala with a book on demons flicking through it trying to find something to break Dean out of his deal but so far it had been a week of nothing and every time I looked at Evie I could tell her hope was dwindling everyday especially as she looked at Dean or the baby all I could see was sadness underlining a tough façade she was putting on for all of us.

I looked up seeing Dean pacing back and forth with the baby in his arms crying his eyes out as Evie anxiously paced behind him looking above flustered, they've both had a hard time in the last week with learning how to be parents.

"Hello?" I answered picking up my ringing cell.

"Hey Sam" Bobby answered and I looked up towards the motel seeing Dean and Evie look like their arguing and I didn't have to guess what it was about.

"Hey Bobby"

"What you doing?" he asked.

"You know same old, same old" I shrugged looking back down at the book flipping to a new page.

"You buried in that book again?" he asked although he already knew. "Sam you wanna break Dean free of that demon deal you ain't gonna find the answer in no book"

"Then where Bobby?" I deadpanned since I had to try at least.

"Kid I wish I knew, so where's your brother and my daughter?" he asked and I looked up no longer seeing Dean or Evie near the window.

"Having a parental crisis" I muttered.


"Never mind"

"Well you kids better pack it up, I think I finally found something" he replied.

"Alright send us the info, I'll grab Dean and Evie and we'll be on the road"

Evie's POV – Meanwhile In Room

"Eve can you please just hand me the pacifier" Dean groaned over our sons screams, Sam had literally booked it out of the room after the first hour of constant crying which had barely stopped in the last three days since we brought him home from the hospital.

"We have to learn how to soothe him Dean, we can't make him reliant on a pacifier for comfort"

"Well we've been trying for over three hours, it's amazing he hasn't choked"

"Oh real nice Dean, just give him to me" I argued reaching out and took him from Dean and sat down on the couch holding him right against my chest since I'd read that a baby could be comforted by their mothers heartbeat recognizing it from to womb. "Come on baby boy, you gotta help us out here"

"You know maybe if we named him he wouldn't resent us as parents, I mean come on Eve it's been a week" I rolled my eyes.

"When I find the right name then we'll name him" I argued rubbing our sons back gently and it seemed to actually be working as his sobs were falling to soft whimpers.

"Huh…keep doing that" I looked up at Dean shaking my head slightly but continued doing what I was doing and after a few minutes all was silent and Dean and I couldn't help share a soft laugh of relief as I slowly and carefully stood and walked over to the supplied motel crib and laid him down stepping away slowly throwing my arms up since I'd successfully laid him down without him crying.

"Thank god" I whispered turning to Dean before we both collapsed down on the bed exhausted.

"I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life" I laughed turning onto my side.

"Is the great Dean Winchester old and tired"

"Pfft no" Dean scoffed making me laugh a little louder than I intended and we both looked over at the baby but he was still fast asleep.

"Phew that was lucky" I laughed more quietly this time.

"I'll say" Dean replied pulling my waist so I was straddling his waist.

"Dean you know we can't do anything for at least another three weeks right" I reminded him and he groaned letting his head fall back to the bed.

"I've never wanted time to go faster than right now" he replied and I frowned at the word time since it just reminded me that we didn't have a lot of that left together.

"Dean…" I sighed about to rehash the argument but thought better of it and decided that even though I couldn't get any sexual gratification doesn't mean I couldn't please Dean and I just wanted this last year with him to be filled with happiness. "I can still please you" I replied instead and smirked mischievously leaning down pressing kisses into his neck and down his chest descending with every kiss to my target.

Sam's POV

I moved towards the hotel room surprised by how quiet it was so I knocked but got no answer so I tried to knock again but it was all quiet still so I assumed they finally got the baby to sleep and had crashed themselves so I turned the door handle and walked in.

"Dean, Evie?" I called trying to get their attention while not waking the baby. "You guys conscious, Bobby called and he thinks maybe we-" I turned towards the beds but really wished I hadn't. "Oh god"

"Sam!" I heard Evie scream right as I backed out the door shutting it and right as I closed the door the baby started crying.

"Ah come on Sam!" Dean followed as I literally wished I could burn the vision of what I'd just witnessed out of my memory.

Evie's POV

After Sam's interruption I'd jumped off Dean eyes wide pulling my shirt down feeling what could only be a deep red blush staining my face as Dean yelled out at Sam for both interrupting us and waking up the baby after we'd literally just gotten him to sleep so I rushed over and picked him up.

"Man just when we finally get some peace and quiet" Dean complained and I turned seeing him tucking himself back into his jeans standing up.

"Yeah well we did help bring on the end of the world as we know it so I think we ought to get used to this" I replied gently rocking the baby back to sleep. "I'm gonna get this guy to the car, can you grab our stuff"

"Yeah" he mumbled and I chuckled shaking my head at him as I grabbed the blanket out of the crib quickly wrapping him up in it before I went out seeing Sam leaning against the Impala and as soon as he noticed me he looked up sheepishly.

"Evie I'm so sorry-"

"Don't worry about it Sam, we should have marked the door or something but I will however say thanks for waking this guy up we only just got him to settle down"

"He seems fine now"

"Yeah, can you hold him a sec while I check his car seat"

"Yeah sure" Sam replied taking him from me and I slid into the back seat checking that the car seat was still secured tightly in the anchor points Dean had installed in the car smiling as I remember back to a few days ago.

I was starting to go stir crazy in this hospital especially given I was never a fan of them to begin with, everything was great with the baby despite the traumatic and early birth he'd gone through to be here.

"Hello Mrs Watson, how are we feeling this morning?" I looked up at the doctor that had just walked in.

"Great, any chance I'll be getting out of here today?" I asked him anxious to move on since not only did I hate hospitals but after what happened back in the cemetery I knew we'd literally unleashed hell itself and we had to stop these sons of bitches that escaped topside.

"Well you and your baby both seem healthy so I don't see why not" I sighed in relief. "I'll go gather up the discharge papers and you should be out of here in a few hours" I thanked him and he left right as Dean walked in having left to shower and change given he'd spent the last two days with me holed up in this room learning how to do the basic child care tasks with me.

"What did the doc want?" he asked walking over to the bassinet where our son was sleeping and I watched the same bright smile light up his face as he looked down at him.

"Came to check in and I'm finally getting out of here, he just went to get the discharge papers" he nodded coming over and placed a kiss to my forehead.

"Good thing Sam and I went and got the basics then" he replied and I looked up confused.

"Basic what's?"

"Well diapers, clothes…the works and installed a car seat into 'baby' for the little guy" I watched him slightly impressed since although I'd thought of all that and knew it was important it hadn't even been on my mind.

"How fatherly of you" I laughed standing up to start gathering up the small amount of belongings I had in the room.

"Yeah well I gotta to don't I?" he replied and I sighed nodding my head.

"Well Dad why don't you call Sam and get him to bring in some of those clothes you brought for him and change your son while I shower quickly" he smiled nodding so I headed into the bathroom with a change of clothes.

When I came out the first thing I noticed was both Dean and Sam standing by the crib with my son crying his eyes out while Dean struggled to change him which was enough to make me laugh and move towards him seeing our baby all red faced and tears running down his face.

"Need me to step in?" I asked and Dean looked up with a deep sigh before he stepped back so I moved in and fought a struggling baby into the long sleeved onesie then picked him up to settle him down frowning when I saw Dean's disappointed look. "Don't worry Dean, you have plenty of time to learn" I argued with him but then realized what I said and the room fell silent.

"I'm gonna go see where that doctor is with the discharge papers" Dean spoke and left the room making me sigh deeply.

"I didn't think" I said once he was gone and looked up at Sam.

"I'm gonna get him out of that deal Eve, I promise" I looked up at Sam and nodded.

"Yeah I hope so" I shrugged then looked down at our son. "You wanna hold him?" I asked Sammy and he looked taken aback and I know it was because he hadn't held him yet. "Go on Sammy, you know you want to" he chuckled and easily took him from me as I passed the baby over to him seeing a baby bag near the bassinet so I grabbed it and had a look through it seeing they really had gotten everything we needed. "How'd you guys know we needed all this?"

"Looked it up mostly, asked some people at the store" I nodded since that made sense.

"Alright I got them and the desk nurse gave me some birth certificate forms that we need to fill out"

"Yeah when you guys actually name this little guy" Sam cut in making us both turn to him.

"Not until a name speaks to me, it needs to be perfect" I argued and they both laughed before we gathered everything and left the hospital heading towards where the Impala was parked and I couldn't help gawking at the car seat in the back seat since it looked so weird but good to.

"Looks weird huh?" Dean smirked beside me.

"Just a little bit" I laughed as I took the baby from Sam and got into the back with Dean going around the other side and together we figured out how to strap him in correctly.

When Dean came out of the motel room I was brought back to the present and nodded at Sam who passed my baby to me and I got him strapped in while Dean put our bags into the boot and Sam went and checked us out then we were on the road with Dean nearly jumping the car happily over every hill overly excited than normal.

"Hey baby in the car remember!" I exclaimed right as he whooped and laughed.

"Hey let me see your knife" Sam suddenly said.

"What for?" Dean asked him.

"So I can gouge my eyes out" Sam replied and Dean laughed.

"It's a beautiful natural act Sam"

"It's a part of neither of you I wanted to see" Sam argued again and I rolled my eyes for the conversation.

"Yeah well I appreciate you giving me some time with my family and the doublemint twins" Dean shot back and my eyes widened at Dean's choice of words for explanation of my breasts which he'd decided to play with right as Sam walked in.

"Dean!" I snapped blushing as I looked at Sam who looked disgusted. "You two do realize that we have innocent little ears in the car now"

"Yeah no problem" Sam muttered.

"Really?" Dean asked him sounding almost shocked. "I gotta say I was expecting some weary sigh or an eye roll, something"

"No not at all, you guys deserve a little fun" Sam replied and I frowned with understanding why and what he meant by that…that we didn't have a lot of time to have fun with Dean's countdown over our heads.

"Well I'm in violent agreement with you there, how 'bout you Shortstack?" Dean said looking at me in the rearview mirror seeing me roll my eyes at him. "What's Bobby got?" he went on getting down to why we were driving to meet up with my Dad.

"Not much, crop failure and a cicada swarm outside of Lincoln, Nebraska now it could be demonic omens-"

"Or just a bad crop and a bug problem" Dean argued.

"Yeah but it's our only lead" Sam argued back.

"Any freaky deaths?" Dean asked while I smiled seeing my son was awake so I reached out and took his small hand into my own.

"Nothing Bobby could find, not yet" I heard Sam reply but my focus was on my sweet baby boy really trying to think of a name that fit, I'd struggled with it for a week now but no name ever seemed to work.

"It's weird man, the night the gate opened all these wierdo storm clouds were sighted over how many cities?"


"Seventeen" Dean repeated nodding his head. "You'd think it'd be Apocalypse Now, it's been five days and bupkes" he added looking over sharing a look with Sam. "What are the demons waiting for?"

"Beats me" Sam replied.

"It's driving me crazy" Dean quickly said. "I tell you if it's gonna be war I'd wish it'd start already" I rolled my eyes since I didn't, I had enough to worry about.

"I don't know man careful what you wish for" Sam argued and I saw him chance a look back at me, I met his eyes for a second before I looked back down at my son who was looking up at me so I smiled at him.

The rest of our trip was long and tiring especially now that we had to stop a lot more than we used to for diaper changes and for me to feed him but we finally made it to the farm house that we'd agreed to meet my Dad at and luckily the baby was asleep so I pulled him out of his seat once Dean had parked and wrapped him close to my chest with some sling thing Dean had brought before we got out.

"Hear those cicada's?" Sam asked as he heard the loud buzzing around us that sounded like it was coming from everywhere.

"Well that can't be a good sign" Dean agreed still chewing on his hamburger despite it being nine in the morning.

"No, no it can't" I agreed spotting my Dad leaning against his Chevrolet Chevelle which used to see better days when I was touching it up.

"So we're eating bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast, are we?" Dad asked Dean as we approached.

"Well sold my soul, got a year to live I ain't sweating the cholesterol" Dean replied and I scoffed shaking my head as Dad looked at me but all I could do was shrug despite how much I wanted to cry every time I thought that I only had a year left with Dean.

"How's he, got a name yet?" Dad asked nodding at the baby against my chest and Dean and Sam both scoffed.

"Yeah good luck with that" Dean replied so I swatted him upside the head.

"When I find a name that fits-"

"You'll name him, yeah we've been told" Dean cut me off.

"So Dad what do you think, we got a biblical plague here or what?" I asked getting down to business since although I was a mother now doesn't mean the world wasn't imploding around us.

"Well let's find out, looks like the swarms ground zero" Dad replied heading up the porch so we followed with me almost three steps back behind all of them.

"Candygram!" Dean yelled after knocking but when he got no answer he pulled out his lockpicks and started on the door as my Dad and Sam both pulled out their guns.

"Stay behind us" Dad warned me and I nodded right as Dean opened the door and that's when the smell hit us which was enough to make me gag so I pulled the covering up to cover the baby's head more to shield him a little from the smell.

"That's awful" Sam coughed out an understatement.

"Ugh that so can't be a good sign" Dean added then looked back at me. "Wait outside" he told me and I frowned but knew this couldn't be good for the baby so I nodded and stepped back out onto the porch intending to check the outside leaving the house to them.

I went back down the steps and went around the side of the house towards the back door drawing my gun just in case holding it down against my side as I moved towards the back yard area looking for anything demon related suspicious but my phone buzzed so I pulled it out.

You on the porch? – Dean, I frowned at the text and quickly replied. No – Evie.

I quickly moved back towards the house having wandered further than I thought and saw my Dad and Sam slip out a back door heading towards the front of the house so I moved faster rounding the corner with them seeing Dean on the ground and two people standing over him with the guy holding a shotgun towards him

"Isaac, Tamara?" Dad asked and my eyes widened getting a good look at them.

"Bobby, what the hell are you doing here?" Tamara asked then her eyes fell on me and I watched them widen a little. "Evelyn?"

"I could ask you the same thing" Dad replied as I moved closer now that this wasn't a threat.

"How are you Bobby?" Isaac asked as he and Dad shook hands. "And little Evelyn, all grown up" I laughed.

"You can lose the little part" I spat at him with a laugh.

"You had a baby?" Tamara asked smiling down at the baby who was still surprisingly asleep against my chest despite all the noise which clearly told me the kid was exhausted from crying so much these last few days.

"Yeah I did, it's a long story"

"Hello bleeding here huh" Dean interrupted holding up his hand so I reached down and helped him to his feet.

"Aw you guys busted up the nose, it's his cutest feature" I joked pulling out a tissue and held it out for Dean to stop his bleeding nose and Tamara laughed.

I don't know how it was decided but we followed Isaac and Tamara back to their set up which was in a cute little farm house on the edge of town but when we walked in I was surprised by the amount of occult and hunting stuff they had which told me they'd been here a while but I didn't have the luxury of checking out everything since the baby chose that moment to wake up and everyone turned to me as he let out the loudest cry.

"Sorry, I'll uh…"

"Use that room" Tamara said putting towards one of the bedrooms so I thanked her and headed back with Dean following me.

"Close the door he's probably hungry" he turned shutting the bedroom door all but an inch so that we could still hear anything that went on out there and I sat in one of the chairs in the room, I unwrapped the baby and held him out to Dean to hold while I got prepared then took him back and got him situated and he was definitely hungry. "You can go back out, I'm good here"

"We're in this together, besides I gotta make a call" I frowned confused but he pulled out his phone and started calling someone so I shook my head and focused on my baby. "…so Jenny is it, that's a beautiful name that's my sisters name" I looked back up with a scoff since his ways of getting information out of young women always made me laugh, I finished feeding the baby and reorganized myself after Dean took him again and was holding him balancing the phone pressing his ear into his shoulder. "…yeah she sounds like you" I laughed walking up taking the baby back and walked out of the room now that he was calm to leave Dean to work in his own way.

"…where's the Palo Santo?" I heard Isaac ask right as I walked back out into the main room.

"Well where'd you leave it?" Tamara asked him making me smile since that sounded familiar.

"I don't know dear that's why I'm asking"

"Palo Santo?" Sam asked not familiar with what they were looking for.

"It's holy wood from Peru, it's toxic to demons like holy water keeps the bastards nailed down while your exorcising them" Tamara explained walking over to where Isaac was and pulled out a wood stake which was clearly the Palo Santo which looked gnarly especially considering that the person being possessed wouldn't survive having that jabbed in them.

"Thank you dear" Isaac said taking it from her.

"You'd lose your head if it wasn't for me" I smiled over at them since they reminded me of Dean and me…back when things were less intense and it made me truly miss those days when the biggest thing we'd had to worry about back then was where our next hunt was and it didn't include demon hunts.

"So how long you two been married?" Sam asked them and I turned towards the other room seeing Dean still on the phone and he met my eyes giving me a smile which I tried to return but it didn't meet my eyes since I just had to look at him to be reminded that the future I thought I had was now gone.

"Eight years this past June" Tamara smiled at Isaac especially as he kissed her forehead.

"The family that slays together…" Isaac said and my lips turned into a small smile since I could at least agree with that statement.

"Right I'm with you there" Sam replied smiling as we shared a look and I couldn't help wonder what was going to happen when Dean was gone, would Sam and I stay together…would he go back to school, would I get out and settle down somewhere or would we just go our separate ways to hunt alone. "So how'd you get started?" Sam asked them and I frowned since you just didn't ask other hunters that and he realized that when Isaac and Tamara looked down and didn't answer. "Oh you're not…I'm sorry, it's not-" he turned to us and my Dad shook his head at him. "It's none of my business"

"No, no it's alright" Tamara said sullenly and I gave her a sad smile, I was eighteen when Dad met them on a hunt and back then I was more involved with my own hunts then to worry about people my Dad met so I didn't know what had happened but I knew something bad happened to them for them to start hunting and get introduced to the supernatural world as it was for most hunters.

"Well Jenny if you uh…look as pretty as you sound then I'd love to have an appletini" we heard Dean say as he finally came in and I couldn't help laugh at the face he made at the thought of drinking appletinis. "Yeah, call you" he told her then hung up with another look. "That was the coroner's tech"

"And?" Sam pressed him.

"Get this, that whole family cause of death…dehydration and starvation" Dean replied and I frowned since that didn't make any sense. "There were no signs of restraint, no violence, no struggle they just sat down and never got up"

"But there was a fully stocked kitchen just yards away" I argued meeting his eyes.

"Right, what is this a demon attack?" Sam added looking at my Dad.

"If it is, it's not like anything I've ever saw and I've seen plenty" Dad replied and I frowned.

"Well what now, what should we do?" Dean asked him.

"Uh were not doing anything" Isaac suddenly said so we all turned to him.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked him.

"You guys seem nice enough but this ain't Scooby-Doo and we don't play well with others" I frowned glaring at him as I juggled the baby who was getting more aware and restless.

"Well I'd think we'd cover a lot more ground if we all worked together" Sam argued with him.

"No offense but were not teaming up with the dammed fools who let the Devils Gate get opened in the first place"

"No offense?" Dean and I both spat at him since how in the hell were we to be blamed for that, where the hell were they when the gate opened.

"Isaac" Tamara warned getting involved. "Like you've never made a mistake"

"Oh yeah locked my keys in the car, turned my laundry pink, never brought on the end of the world" Isaac went on really pissing me off and if I wasn't holding my son I would have decked him one on the principal alone.

"Ha, alright that's enough" Dean spat taking a step forward likely thinking the same thing so I grabbed his arm.

"This isn't helping, Dean" I told him giving him a warning look even if Isaac did deserve it, Dean turned to me meeting my eyes before they fell on our son who was still awake looking around so I really didn't want a fight to break out and as if it would calm Dean down I handed him the baby watching his shoulders relax just a little

"Look there are a couple hundred more demons out there now, we don't know where they are, when they'll strike there ain't enough hunters in the world to handle something like this you brought war down on us, on all of us"

"Okay that's quite enough testosterone for now" Tamara cut in and I smirked since I always loved having another girl around sometimes and watched as she pulled him out of the room before we all shared looks.

That night I couldn't help feel guilty since the baby was up every two hours meaning I was going to have very angry looks in the morning especially from Tamara and Isaac who already hated us, I knew having a baby was going to be hard but I never expected this and it made me think about things that just weren't possible right now but how could I continue to do this with a baby especially when Dean…

"Hey you two" I looked up as my Dad slipped into the room looking tired as ever making me feel guilty. "How you's doing with this kid he's been crying for over half an hour"

"We've tried everything, he's fed…changed" I turned to where Dean was rocking him gently.

"Give him to me" Dean looked at me amused as he passed him over to my Dad who took him with experienced hands and started bouncing him. "You guys got a pacifier?" he asked and I frowned seeing Dean's look.

"Yeah but she doesn't want to use it"

"Because I don't want him to become dependent on it for comfort instead of us" I argued and Dad rolled his eyes at me.

"Dean dip it in the tiniest bit of whisky" Dad told him and Dean smirked heading over to the baby bag grabbing it.

"What no!" I exclaimed.

"How do you think your mom and I got you to be quiet, the smallest amount won't hurt him and when he starts teething this just might save you sleepless nights" I frowned especially when Dean smirked at me coming over with his whisky bottle having already dipped the pacifier and gave it to my Dad who gave it to my son and his cries pretty much stopped as soon as he tasted it.

"Definitely a frigging Winchester" I groaned sitting down on the bed rubbing my tired eyes as I watched my Dad lay him down in his car seat which is what we were using as a bed for him since it was all we had.

"Get some sleep, he should be fine now" I nodded at Dad and watched him walk out to the room he was sharing with Sam and once he was out of the room I flopped down on my back feeling the bed dip as Dean sat beside me.

"Never thought I see Bobby fit so well in the grandfather roll" I bit back a laugh turning my head to look at him.

"I still don't like the idea of giving a baby alcohol" he smirked laying back beside me.

"Like Bobby said small amounts won't hurt him and it's not like were gonna give it to him all the time, we'll save it for emergency situations only"

"Yeah, we should get some sleep" I sat up moving towards the side of the bed and we both climbed under the covers and he flipped off the lamp rolling back and I curled myself into his side laying my head on his chest and wrapped my arm around his waist clinging to him knowing the days were I could sleep with the man I loved more than life itself was numbered and as usual the thought brought tears to my eyes.


"Mm" I mumbled hiding my face against his chest hoping he didn't see my pre-mental breakdown because I didn't want him to see me break down like this.

"Hey" he reached up and I felt his hand cup my cheek lifting my eyes. "You okay, your kind of soaking my shirt there" I sighed since I hadn't realized how much I was tearing up.

"Sorry" I apologized quickly wiping them away but he caught my hands wrapping his hands around my wrists and pulled me right against his chest.

"I think we need to have that talk" I met his eyes but as soon as he met mine I knew what he meant.

"I'm not ready to talk about that yet" I rolled away from him to the other side of the bed keeping my back turned to him.

"Evelyn-" he breathed out sounding exasperated by my refusal.

"We should sleep" I cut him off. "Who knows when the baby's gonna be up again" he stayed silent so I stayed silent and after a while I felt myself start to drift off into sleep but of course the baby chose that moment to wake up and start crying.

"I got it" I heard Dean groan and the bed dipped as he got up, I looked up watching him head over to the car seat and picked him up settling him down before he woke up the entire house.

Come morning both Dean and I were tired as we emerged from the bedroom to see Sam sitting at a table with his laptop, he turned towards us taking in our tired eyes and the car seat in my hand which currently held our sleeping son who had once again kept us up at night and I hopped he hadn't kept the house up but Sam didn't look tired.

"You two look like the walking dead" Sam laughed and I glowered at him as I moved to a tray of coffees that was next to his laptop and picked one up that was labeled 'Evelyn' but it was nearly cold now which told he'd been up for a while.

"Long night, any leads?" Dean asked him as I put the car seat down on a seat at the table before taking the one next to it nursing the cold coffee since despite being cold it still was the shot of caffeine I needed to wake up.

"Maybe" Sam replied catching my attention. "We'll grab Bobby and I'll tell you on the way" I knew the reason was Isaac and Tamara but both their eyes turned to me.

"Oh I ain't waking him up, there's nothing worse than a rudely woken up Bobby Singer"

"I can think of one" Dean joked back but I just glared at him knowing he meant me so Sam got up and went to wake up my Dad but he said he'd meet us there stating he needed to wake up and get some coffee so Dean, Sam and I all climbed into the Impala and headed to the new crime scene.

Dean and Sam headed into the shop to have a look around and talk to some of the witnesses…the usual stuff while I remained outside pushing the baby around in a pram that Dean had complained about buying on the way over as it took up precious boot space and it was a pain to lift up the weapons compartment but it was convenient for me.

Once the police were finished asking the store workers questions about what happened they allowed customers back in so I moved in pretending to be a customer and flipped through the racks seeing Dean talking with a blonde woman and was definitely putting on the charm making me frown but thankfully Sam got involved before I did and blew his cover and I inched closer pushing my sleeping son so I could hear what they were saying.

"…dead body, possible demon attack that kind of stuff" I snorted at Sam's reply and could practically feel Dean's glower on the back of my head before he coughed and even without looking at him I could tell how fake it was.

"Sam I'm sorry, it's just you know I don't have much time left and uh…" he coughed again and I turned around to glare at him for making this out as some kind of joke he met my eyes and suddenly stopped.

"Yeah right, alright I'm sorry" Sam sighed giving in like he had been this entire week.

"Apology accepted" Dean smirked nodding his head making me roll mine right as my Dad walked up in a suit and I smiled. "Whoa whew looking spiffy Bobby, what are you a G-man?" Dean asked seeing him walk up as I moved to a new rack to keep up my own ruse.

"Returning from the DA's office, just spoke to the suspect"

"Yeah?" Sam pressed. "So what are you thinking, was she possessed or what?"

"Don't think so" Dad shook his head. "There's none of the usual signs, no blackouts, no loss of control, totally lucid…just think she really wanted those shoes, spilled a glass of holy water on her just to be sure nothing" I frowned since that meant we were back to nothing.

"Well maybe she's just some random whack job" Dean replied and made a notion of checking out a girl that walked past him and my fists clenched around the pram handle as I moved again but made sure the front wheel ran over his foot as I passed him with a glare but he just smiled.

"If it had been an isolated incident maybe but first the family, now this…I believe in a lot of things coincidence ain't one of them" Dad argued with him and I nodded my head since even though it didn't seem like a demon thing it was too much of a coincidence to ignore. "Did you boys find anything around here?"

"No sulfur, nothing" Sam replied.

"Well maybe something" Dean protested and when we all looked at him he motioned over his shoulder at some security cameras. "See I'm working" he added looking at Sam and they went and talked to the store owner and I was bummed that I couldn't follow but a baby kind of changed my role in hunts now so pretty soon after I saw them head into the staff area I left heading back to the Impala luckily in time since the baby decided to wake up needing a change and I fed him while I was there then clipped him back into the backseat.

"What am I gonna do baby boy?" I sighed when I finished clipping him into his seat but he just stared at me with his big blue eyes, he had Dean's lighter sandy brown hair over my natural darker brown, my hair was still dyed blonde from the hunt we'd done so long ago since I'd actually kind of liked it so I left it and it took both Dean and I some time to get used to but now we were both used to it. "I think your Dad's right, you really need a name…what do you think?" I smiled at him and still couldn't get used to the feeling I got around him, my baby was the light in my life in this dark world. "Mason…Grayson-" the baby met my eyes…well as much as a one week old baby could and I thought about it as I looked at him…Grayson…Grayson Winchester. "I like that…do you?" I knew it was stupid to talk to a baby but I didn't care. "Grayson Robert…Dean Winchester" it was a mouthful but I knew I'd always wanted to honor my father but now with Dean going to hell I wanted my baby to know that he had a father and that he was named after the man I loved. "I think that suits you baby boy"

"So you finally gave the kid a name huh?" I jumped ten foot looking out the window seeing Dean leaning against the car.

"How long have you been there?"

"Long enough…Grayson huh?" I shrugged getting out to stand beside him seeing Sam and my Dad stood at my dads car.

"I felt it was time and it suits him" I added when he continued to look at me.

"I like it but the rest is kind of a mouthful don't you think?" I frowned leaning against the car next to him looking at the ground.

"I always wanted his middle name to be either Robert and John" I told him.

"I agree with that part but Dean?" he asked and I knew what he was really asking making me look back up with a heavy frown.

"I feel like he should at least know that some part of him is you, I want him to have your name to remember you by and maybe a way for me to remember you too even though I already know that I'm never gonna forget" he gave me a look.


"I don't want to talk about it Dean" I cut him off looking at him in the eyes seeing the defeated look.

"We have to talk about it soon Evelyn" I frowned at the use of my full name, he very rarely called me in trouble unless scolding me or he was worried.

"We have work to do" I moved over to Sam and my Dad. "What'd you guys find out?"

"Not much we think we got something though, you head with Bobby and Dean try and find this guy" I frowned looking back at Dean approaching behind me, I sighed and nodded.

We started asking around town if anyone had seen the person they were assuming was responsible and Dean showed them a photo and we got a few leads with various people mentioning that he liked drinking at some bar so we headed there when it started getting dark and scoped out the place waiting to see if this guy actually showed up.

"What time is it?" Dad asked after a yawn and I looked up with my own sleepy eyes as I was dozing in the back of Dad's car.

"Seven past midnight" Dean replied after checking his watch.

"You sure this is the right place?" Dad checked with him again since we'd split up in town to ask around.

"No but Evie and I spent all day canvassing this stupid town with this guy's stupid mug and supposedly he drinks at this stupid bar-" Dean replied but was cut off as we all jumped when something banged against his side of the car and the door opened with Sam's laughter making me roll my eyes.

"It's not funny Sam, you wake up the baby I'll hurt you" I told him as he continued to laugh.

"Yeah" he responded and pushed Dean's seat forward with him still in making Dean headbutt the dash and I laughed a little at that as he slid into the back next to me and looked at Grayson who was sleeping. "Alright so…so John Doe's name is uh…Walter Rosen, he's from Oak Park just west of Chicago, went missing about a week ago" I sighed since that was convenient.

"The night the Devil's Gate opened?" I asked him.

"Yep" he nodded.

"So you think he's possessed?" Dean asked inclining his head back.

"It's a good bet" Sam agreed. "So he uh…just walks up to someone touches them and they go stark raving psycho or something?" he added looking towards the front at Dean and my Dad.

"Those demons that got out of the gate, they're gonna be able to do all kinds of things we haven't seen" Dad replied making me frown.

"You mean the demons we let out" Sam added and my frown deepened as I turned to him.

"Guys" Dean called before I could say anything and we all looked out the front windscreen seeing this demon getting out of his car and walking to the bar. "Alright showtime"

"Wait a minute" Dad cut in before Dean could get out of the car.

"What?" Dean argued.

"What did I just say, we don't know what to expect out of this guy"

"Dad's right we should tail him until we know for sure" I added and Dean turned to look at me.

"Oh so he kills someone and we sit here with our junk in our hands?" I glared at him.

"We're no good dead!" I snapped at him.

"Were not gonna make a move till we know what the score is" Dad added making him turn to look at him instead.

"Hey Bobby" Sam spoke up and I turned to him. "I don't think that's an option"

"Why not?" Dad pressed but Sam nodded his head out the front again and we turned seeing none other than that Isaac and Tamara getting out of their car and were walking towards the bar heading inside. "Damn it!" Dad exclaimed hitting the steering wheel.

"Come on" Dean said and jumped out of the car.

"Dean don't!" I exclaimed but he didn't listen so Dad and Sam got out and followed him over to the bar and they started charging into the door but they weren't budging so they ran back towards the car.

"Evie out now, take the baby" I groaned but knew we didn't have time to think of anything else so I unclipped the car seat from the base and got out heading over to the Impala which Sam had driven here and clipped the car seat into the back since we had brought multiple anchor points then jumped into the drivers seat since no doubt there wasn't going to be time except for a quick getaway.

I watched as my Dad wasted no time driving towards the bar and crashing through the doors and it wasn't long before he was driving back out and I quickly turned the key in the ignition and followed behind them driving back to the farmhouse, I stayed where I was in the car watching Dean head straight to the boot and pull out the guy we'd been looking for as Sam hopped out with Tamara getting out but no Isaac making me frown knowing what that meant.

They spoke for a few minutes before Sam, Tamara and Dean headed inside with Dean dragging the demon with him splashing him with holy water to keep him subdued while Dad walked over to me as I hopped out of the car.

"Isaac?" I asked and he shook his head. "Shit" I looked up at the house since I couldn't imagine what Tamara was going through but it reminded me that I was going to know by years end.

"You should think about heading to a hotel, there was a lot more demons in that bar"

"I can't do that Dad, I have to stay with him" I didn't specify who but he knew and sighed nodding his head and we headed inside making sure to stay away from the demon with the baby as I went into another room where I was hidden but could hear and already there was arguing going on between the boys and Tamara.

"And I say were going back!" Tamara yelled.

"Listen just hold on a second" Sam argued.

"I left my husband bloody on the floor!" she yelled back right as we walked in and Dean turned to me with a glare which told me the hotel thing had been his idea.

"Okay I understand that but we can't go back"

"Fine then you stay but I'm heading back to that bar" Tamara argued.

"I'll go with her" Dean added and I moved towards him holding up my hand.

"It's suicide Dean!"

"So what, I'm dead already!" he shot back and I glared at him.

"How are you gonna kill them, you can't shoot them, you can't stab them-"

"And they're not gonna wait to be exorcised!" I added giving the car seat to my Dad.

"I don't care!" Tamara yelled at the top of her lungs and I glared at her too.

"We don't even know how many there are!" I yelled back since if they hadn't of gone in there halfcocked then this wouldn't be happening.

"Yeah we do" Dad suddenly spoke up and I turned to him seeing him holding a book in his hands and Grayson was on the table behind him now awake thanks to all this screaming but he wasn't crying which was surprising. "There's seven" I frowned confused. "Do you have any idea who were up against?" he asked looking up at us.

"No…who?" Dean asked him and I turned to him with a frown.

"The seven deadly sins, live and in the flesh" my eyes widened but turned to Dean when he scoffed.

"…'What's in the box?'…" he exclaimed with a smile on his face and I rolled my eyes. "Bratt Pitt…se7en?" he added when we all looked at him with blatant expressions. "No?"

"No Dean" I scolded him since now was not time for one of his ridiculous movie puns and Dad threw the book at him.

"What's this?" he asked looking down having caught it.

"Binsfeld's classification of demons, in 1589 Binsfeld ID'd the seven sins not just as human vices but as actual devils"

"The family they were touched by Sloth and the shopper-" Sam spoke up.

"That's Envy's doing" Dad nodded. "The customer we got in the next room, I couldn't suss it out until Isaac, he was touched with an awful gluttony"

"I don't give a rats ass if they're the Three Stooges or the Four Tops, I'm gonna slaughter every last one of them" Tamara exclaimed.

"We already did it your way" I snapped stepping up in front of her. "You burst in there halfcocked and look what happened, your not getting my sons father killed too" she glared at me and if looks could kill I'd be dead and I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me away to calm down.

"These demons haven't been topside in a half a millennium, were talking medieval…dark ages!" Dad added and I frowned pushing Dean's hand off me meeting his eyes for a second before I walked away towards Grayson and picked him up holding him against my chest since having him in my arms calmed me down. "We've never faced anything close to this, so were gonna take a breath and figure out what our next move is!" Dad yelled and I smirked since if you ever wondered where my anger came from…this was it. "I am sorry for your loss" he added softer before he turned and headed into the other room with Tamara soon following, I stood where I was looking at Dean and Sam as they shared looks before turning to me and I just smiled.

"Where do you think my attitude and anger came from?" they shook their heads then followed the others into the room. "Okay baby boy I need you to be real quiet okay" I moved so I could hear but remained out of sight.

"So you know who I am?" the demon laughed as they walked into the room.

"We do, were not impressed" Dad replied and I smiled.

"Now why are you here?" Sam asked it. "What are you after?" he added as the demon remained quiet.

"He asked you a question!" Dean snapped and I heard something hit the table. "What do you want?" he asked and the demon's response was to laugh again but then it hissed which told me one of them threw holy water at him.

"We already have what we want" it finally replied.

"What's that?" Dean pressed.

"Were out, were free, thanks to you my kind are everywhere" it replied and I frowned, since it wasn't our fault and for the reminder on how many of the sons of bitches were topside. "…'I am legion, for we are many'…" he quoted then chuckled. "So me I'm just celebrating, having a little fun"

"Fun?" Sam asked.

"Yeah…fun" it agreed and I looked down when Grayson started to make noise.

"Shh" I shushed him looking back up when the demon continued.

"See some people crochet, others golf, me…I like to see peoples insides on their outside"

"I'm gonna put you down like a dog" Tamara spoke up.

"Please…" it replied then laughed. "You really think you're better than me?" I frowned glaring towards the doorway wishing I could just slap that laugh right out of its mouth. "Which one of you can cast the first stone huh…what about you Dean?" my head moved upward more. "Your practically a…a walking billboard of gluttony and lust, and Tamara all that wrath ooh tsk tsk tsk it's the reason you and Isaac became hunters in the first place isn't it?" I frowned looking down since Grayson was getting ready to full out cry.

"No baby please, you have to be quiet" I gently bounced him against my chest.

"…it's so much easier to drink in the rage than to face what really happened all those years ago" the demon continued before a resonating punch sound before a struggle as the boys no doubt grabbed Tamara who no doubt had been the one to throw the punch. "My point exactly and you call us sins, were not sins man we are natural human instinct and you can repress and deny us all you want but the truth is your just animals, horny, greedy, hungry…violent animals and you know what you'll be slaughtered like animals too" I frowned not liking the sound of that. "The others…they're coming for me"

"Maybe but they're not gonna find you because you'll be in hell" Dean replied. "Someone send this clown packing" he added before I heard footsteps heading my way.

"My pleasure" Tamara spoke up. "Omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica…" I blocked out the rest especially when Dean grabbed my arm pulling me away from the wall.

"You need to take him and get out of here"

"No" I argued pulling my arm from his grasp.

"Damn it Evelyn I'm not kidding around with you"

"No shit but you don't get to tell me what to do, you couldn't before and you're not now" I replied glaring at him before I went over to where Sam and my Dad was.

"I don't think were gonna have to worry about hunting them" Dad said.

"What does that mean?" Sam asked him and I rolled my eyes since hadn't he listened to Envy at all.

"I think this jokers right, they're gonna be hunting us and they're not gonna quit easy" Dad replied and I nodded agreeing with him.

"You guys why don't you take Tamara and head for the hills, I'll stay slow them down buy a little time" Dean said and I rolled my eyes with a glare.

"Your insane Dean, just forget about it okay" Sam said before I could.

"Sam's right" Dad added and I nodded still glaring at Dean.

"There's six of them guys, were outmanned, out gunned, we'll be dead by dawn"

"Maybe but there's no place to run that they won't find us" I finally spoke up moving to get in font of him.

"Look if were going down, were going down together alright?" Sam told him before he could reply but that didn't mean we stopped glaring daggers at each other.

"Lets not make it easy for them" I added right before one last final scream was heard from the other room by the demon and a rumble went through the entire house, Dean finally turned from me to see a candle behind him had blown out before Tamara slammed the book shut and walked towards us.

"Demons out of the guy"

"And the guy?" Sam asked her.

"He didn't make it" she replied making me frown as she continued to walk, she was not alright and that was barely holding it together and that could cost somebody in this line of work.

We spent whatever time we had left gathering weapons, salting all entrances and refilling the holy water containers, I also got Grayson settled feeding and changing him once he started to get overly fussy and the entire time Dean and I didn't speak ignoring each other and Sam and Dean shared looks across the room before the radio behind Sam suddenly started to make static noises before it started to play music, J.B Burnett's 'I shall not be moved' to be precise.

"Here we go" Dean spoke up cocking his shotgun getting to his feet and I sighed looking down at Grayson who was strapped against my chest and I pulled out my 9mm as we headed to the windows and looked out but couldn't see much.

"Tamara!" my eyes widened hearing Isaac's voice call out. "Tamara!" I turned looking at Sam and Dean with a knowing look since there wasn't a way except demonic possession that it was actually Isaac. "Help me…please!" I looked down caressing Grayson's head hearing him continue to yell as he got closer to the house. "Tamara I got away but I'm hurt bad, I need help!" he continued to scream out things about an oath him and Tamara had taken and their daughter but the demon would have gotten all this from his memories.

"You son of a bitch!" we heard Tamara yell.

"Tamara no!" Dad yelled out but it was too late we watched Tamara roll down the front steps with Isaac and stab him with Palo Santo stake before footsteps coming up the steps.

"Let's split up!" I told them and moved out the door before they…mainly Dean could protest.

"Evelyn!" I rolled my eyes running to one of the other rooms we'd painted a devils trap and waited for one of the ugly bitches to show itself but after a few minutes of nothing I frowned as that wasn't usual and moved silently through the halls wondering where the hell they all were before I heard one of them screaming downstairs where my Dad was so I at least knew he was handling one of them, I looked into each room before finally spotting one and the bitch had her lips against Dean's and his eyes met mine of the bitches shoulder before Dean pulled away and moved the curtain aside slamming the bitches head into the bathtub that was filled with water we'd purified into holy water.

I immediately started calling out an exorcism off by heart while he held her down dunking her into the holy water every now and then to keep her subdued and it wasn't long that I was finished and the demon was smoking down back down into hell and Dean carefully laid down the unconscious girl who was still alive.

"Let me guess…it wasn't your fault the bitch had her tongue down your throat"

"Lust" he shrugged and I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever" I muttered and went to walk away but he caught my arm.

"You know-"

"No I don't know Dean, you only have a year to live and frankly I'm not going to hold you to any promise you gave me or keep you from experiencing things in what's your last year so if you want to kiss demon filth than-" I was cut off my his lips crashing down against mine before stepping back.

"You are the only woman I want in my final months, weeks and days Evelyn Singer"

"I want to believe you Dean I do but-"

"There isn't any buts Evie I promise you, I promise Grayson that you two mean the world to me" I frowned looking down since if we truly meant that much then I couldn't understand why he did this.

"We have bodies to bury I'm guessing" I spoke up and pulled away heading out fighting off the tears.

Dean's POV

I watched Evie leave still holding my hand out where she'd let go of it, the fact that she thought I'd wanted to kiss that bitch hurt more than I ever thought possible, she always doubted my faithfulness but with my time running out I couldn't fathom why she thought I wanted anyone else in these final months.

I helped Sam drag out the bodies of the hosts that hadn't made it to a pit we'd dug up outside the farmhouse before we doused them in salt and gasoline but my eyes kept drifting to Evie who was standing next to the Impala packing everything up with our son still strapped against her chest before I looked away seeing Tamara standing further away watching Isaac's body burn on a pyre.

"Think she's gonna be alright?" Sam asked.

"No, definitely not" I replied before turning seeing Bobby walking towards us. "Well you look like hell warmed over"

"Well you try exorcising all night, see how you feel" he replied.

"Any survivors Bobby?" Sam asked him.

"Well the pretty girl Evelyn exorcised and the heavy guy, they'll make it lifetime of therapy bills ahead but still"

"It's more than you can say for these poor bastards" I nodded down at the bodies.

"Bobby that knife, what kind of blade can kill a demon?" Sam asked him talking about the knife the girl that saved his butt had used, he'd told us about it as we moved all the bodies out here.

"Yesterday I'd have said there was no such thing" Bobby replied shrugging.

"I'm just gonna ask again, who was that masked chick, actually the more troubling question would be how come a girl can fight better than you?" I asked Sam.

"Three demons Dean…at once" he smirked.

"Hey, whatever it takes to get you through the night, pal" I laughed.

"And who's to say a girl can't fight Dean" Evie suddenly spoke up and I looked over Sam's shoulder seeing her walking up. "I kicked your ass on more than one occasion if I remember"

"Who's to say I didn't let you win Shortstack" I smirked at her.

"Whatever helps you get through the night there Dean" she smirked back.

"Okay guys that's enough, if you want a more troubling question I got one" Sam suddenly cut in stopping our playful banter.

"What's that?" I asked him getting out the matches.

"If we let out the seven deadly sins, what else did we let out?" he asked and I frowned looking over at Evie before my eyes fell to the baby.

"Your right that is troubling" I replied before striking the matches and dropped them on the bodies watching them catch fire.

Evie's POV

I just put Grayson in the car seat and was standing with the boys and my Dad when Tamara came out carrying her bags and frowned not wanting to imagine how she felt right now but knew it was inevitable since I was going to be in her position but at least I knew that Sam and I were gonna do everything we could to prevent that.

"See you gents around, Evelyn take care of the little one" Tamara said as she passed us and I nodded with a sad smile.

"Tamara?" Dad called stopping her. "World just got a lot scarier, be careful"

"You too" she replied before getting into her car and drove away.

"Keep your eyes peeled for omens, I'll do the same" Dad added turning back to us and I sighed nodding my head.

"You got it" Dean told him and we watched as he too turned to head to his car.

"Hey Bobby?" Sam called him back. "We can win this war, right?" he asked him but no one answered, I frowned towards the ground.

"Catch you on the next one" Dad said instead of answering his question and went over to his car, I followed him over and hugged him before he got in and drove off.

"So where to?" Dean asked

"Uh…I don't know I was thinking Louisiana maybe" Sam replied as we walked towards the Impala.

"Little early for Mardi Gras, isn't it?" Dean asked him and I scoffed shaking my head.

"Listen I was talking to Tamara and she mentioned this Hoodoo priestess in Shreveport that might be able to help us out you know with your…your demon deal" Sam replied and I looked up with hope.

"Nah" Dean shot back making me turn to him.

"Nah, what does that mean 'nah'?" Sam asked him.

"Sam no hoodoo spells gonna break this deal, it's a goose chase"

"We don't know that" I argued.

"Yes we do, forget it she can't help" Dean argued back making me glare at him since he wasn't even willing to try.

"Look it's-" Sam started to argue.

"Were not going and that's that" Dean cut him off. "What about Reno, huh?" I frowned watching him head towards the Impala.

"You know what?" Sam caught his arm stopping him. "I've had it, I've been bending over backwards trying to be nice to you and I don't care anymore"

"That didn't last long" Dean spoke making my frown deepen wondering what the hell that meant.

"Yeah well you know what, I've been busting my ass trying to keep you alive Dean and you act like you couldn't care less, what you got some sort of death wish or something?"

"No, it's not that" Dean smiled shaking his head.

"Then what's it like?" Sam asked him.


"No tell us" I cut in making him look at us since we deserved to know.

"We trap a crossroads demon, trick it, try to welch our way out of the deal in any way, you die" he finally replied pointing at Sam with the last bit. "Okay, you die…those are the terms, there's no way out of it, if you try to find a way so help me god I'm gonna stop you" I frowned looking at Sam and we shared a look.

"How could you make that deal Dean?" Sam asked him while I moved my eyes to the ground.

"Cause I couldn't live with you dead, couldn't do it" Dean replied and I shook my head walking off towards the Impala.

"So what, now I live and you die?" I heard Sam ask him.

"That's the general idea, yeah" I closed my eyes fighting off the tears that were finally threatening to fall down and I was letting them finally letting myself cry for the fact that Dean was going to hell no matter what.

Dean's POV

I watched Evie pass me heading to the car seeing the tears before she passed me and wanted to comfort her but knew it wasn't what she wanted so I watched her go before I turned back to Sam when he went on arguing.

"Yeah well you're a hypocrite Dean, how did you feel when dad sold his soul for you?" he asked and I frowned. "Cause I was there I remember, you were twisted and broken and now you go and do the same thing, to me, to Evie and your son" my eyes went over to where Eve was sitting in the car with her head lowered and I could see the silent sobs shaking through her. "What you did was selfish" he added making me turn back to face him.

"Yeah, you're right it was selfish but I'm okay with that"

"I'm not" he shot back.

"Tough, after everything I've done for this family I think I'm entitled" I argued staring at him. "Truth is I'm tired, Sam, I don't know it's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel"

"It's hellfire Dean" he argued making me frown.

"Whatever you're alive, I feel good…for the first time in a long time, I got a year to live Sam I'd like to make the most of it, so what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell, huh?" I told him then turned and headed towards the Impala.

"You're unbelievable" I heard him spit.

"Very true" I smiled getting into the drivers seat and looked up at the rearview mirror seeing Evie doing everything she could to avoid looking at me which made me frown but I deserved whatever treatment she dished out so I wasn't going to talk until she was ready to talk.

Sam got in and looked back at her but she didn't even look up at him which told me how pissed and upset she was so I started the car and started to drive turning up the music a little having a feeling it was going to be a long and silent ride.

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