Leah could feel the last of her anger bleeding away the longer she stays bent over the opened hood of one of the leech's many expensive cars. It had been Rose's idea. Emmett had offered to let her fight him in the backyard, but for once she'd declined the offer. She didn't need to give in to any more of her anger and for once those she was angry with weren't the leeches. It was her former packmates.

Paul in particular with Sam running an oh so close second.

She could hear the bear of a vampire's booming laughter as he and Seth played some fighting videogame in the living room. Embry and Quill were out on patrol and most of the other Cullens were out hunting. At least that's what they said they were doing but really Leah guesses they were trying to give the seething wolf her space. She hadn't seen Jacob nor caught his scent since untangling herself from her sleeping girlfriend to come work out her inner anger before it caused her to shift so close to the woman who'd stolen her heart, so Leah guesses he's still at First filling everyone in.

"Would you mind some help?"

Leah pauses at the question, but she doesn't look up at the asker. "I thought you'd gone with the others." She says instead using just a little of her extra strength to loosen a stubborn bolt on the engine she was tinkering with.

Even the sound of the low sigh was musical to the shifter's ears. "I thought about it, but I can always hunt some other time." She shrugs keeping her distance. Leah could see her out of the corner of her eye the mother like worry on her face pulled at Leah's heart a little.

She was trying to be a little warmer toward the leeches that have been so accepting of her imprint, but it was slow going. Old habits of hating them were hard to shake at times but they and Sky have been nothing but patient with her.

"It would seem Sky has a better right hook than Bella when it comes to punching werewolves."

Leah hadn't intended to laugh but it slips out as she hears Esme moving toward her the caution in her steps amusing the young wolf. "She's had more practice in throwing a decent punch."

The motherly vampire gives a pained yet proud smile at the reminder. "I saw. Nessie was showing us before you came down."

It wasn't until she said the name that Leah picked up on the half-human vampire's heartbeat mingled with Sky's coming from what had been Edward's room. Now is was more or less a guest room for when she or her packmates didn't want to sleep outside.

"Ness said she'd stay with her until you went back up." Esme explains now sitting on the hood of her husband's car across from the one Leah had chosen to work on. "She really sees her like an older sister."

"Yeah and I know Sky thinks of her like the little sister." Leah agrees remembering that not so long ago talk while she and Sky snuggled together under the stars. "Seriously those two are as thick as thieves sometimes." She laughs as she picked up another of the tools tall, blonde and snarky had let her borrow.

The sounds of tires on gravel make both the shifter and the vampire pause each of them testing out the scents of the air.





"Come on Jake. Are you trying to make me kick your butt?" Leah complains once she picked up on the last scent mingling with the others knowing he would be able to hear. Paul even has the nerve to laugh under his breath at the question rekindling the spark of anger Leah felt for him.

Esme rolls her eyes sliding gracefully from the hood of the car to follow the young shifter back into the house. "Come on now." She tries to calm hearing Leah's low growls as the others come up the drive.

"If it comes to it. Can I at least get a few swipes in this time?" Emmett asks his tone hopeful as he looks from the approaching group to the pair now entering the living room earning a reproachful glare from Esme and a tight smile from Leah. "Maybe one or two." The wolf muses dropping down into a seat beside her younger brother while Esme went to greet their guests.

"Back for round two, is he?"

Seth snickers at the puppy-like giggle his sister gives as her head turns in the direction of the stairs. Ness must have filled her in on the way from the guest room. She was tucked against Sky's side as the pair stopped on the last step to let a healing Sky catch her breath. Her attack on Sam had broken her hand while Paul's attack on her had left her with a rainbow of bruises on her left side and down her front also adding to Leah's anger with her former Delta pack mate thanks to the pressure Paul had applied to keep her imprint down he'd also cracked at least one of Sky's ribs possibly two according to the Doc.

"Sorry baby. They brought the brass this time." Leah sighed listening in on Charlie try and make non werewolf fight related small talk with Esme while the group makes their way farther into the house.

Sky grumbles at that as she sets herself between the Clearwaters. She had long ago stopped trusting anyone.

Meeting Leah had put an unwavering crack in her non trust wall. Even before she knew was the term imprint meant she knew Leah wasn't like anyone she'd ever known. She knew at a glance that the sullen mysterious woman wouldn't hurt her the way the others in her life had. The rest of the Cullens and the 'Black pack' were nothing but patient and accepting to her, but if she was being truly honest, the only times Sky felt safest was when it was just her girlfriend, Leah's goofball of a dependable brother and Ness at her sides like they were now.

"You'll be needing another ice pack soon." Seth reminds when he gets up almost as soon as Sky was settled in snuggled up to Leah's side and earns another pout from his sister's girl when it turned to speak.

"I'll go get it. You make sure none of the fighting starts without me." Emmett corrects with a playful wink in Sky and Ness's direction as he heads at a more human speed toward the kitchen.

Not wanting Sky to overheat being between two hot blooded wolf shifters Seth decides to take one of the armchairs closest to the sofa. Seconds before the new arrivals make it to the top of the steps to the second floor living room Leah tugs Sky onto her lap needing her close to keep herself from finishing the beatdown she'd started at the First. As if reading her mind Sky leans her head back against Leah's shoulder "We promised Esme no more fighting in the house remember."

Sue stops short halfway up the steps as she listened to the giggling laughter of her two children. Manly Leah's. It had been a long while since she'd heard her daughter actually laughing or really showing any kind of emotion other than angry or distant.

That carefree laughter she was hearing now was a sound that had been lost since her daughter's wolf had woken and had inadvertently triggered Harry's weakened heart to give out or since Sam had chosen her cousin over her.

"So, if I drag them outside, I could punch them?"

"Sorry babe but no." Sky sighs catching Esme's eye as she leads the way up the stairs with Jacob close behind her and the other three a few steps behind him.

As expected, Jacob goes right to Nessie ending up needed to take a seat on the floor in front of her and the couch when Nessie shook her head at his joining them. Ness grins leaning down to wrap her arms around his neck from behind. "I missed you." She whispers nuzzling her face against the back of his neck. "Missed you too Nessie." He answered giving her a behind his back hug then looking over to the one snuggled up in his packmate's arms. "How you holding up, Larkie?"

"Well, I punched a girlfriend hurting wolfnic in the jaw that ended up breaking my hand and then another wolfnic tackled me and cracked two of my ribs and turned me into half of a walking bruise rainbow. Other than that, I'm alright." Sky shrugged then winced when it pulled at her healing ribs. "But at least now I have even more of a reason to demand girlfriend cuddle time."

Leah rolls her eyes borrowing her face against the back of her girlfriend's shoulder "So greedy."

"About that."

All eyes turned toward Paul with Nessie letting out a warning hiss that harmonized rather well with Leah's threatening growl that had the approaching wolf stopping in his tracks. "Hey, Sam sent me over here to apologize alright." He explains his own growl sliding into his voice as his eyes shift from one pair of eyes to the next. "He would have come himself, but he's with the leech doc getting his jaw reset properly."

The news makes everyone on or around the couch crack up in laughter while in the kitchen Emmett seemed to be doubled over howling in laughter of his own given the noise level. "Oh, Bella will be so jealous."

Sky rolls her eyes with a long sigh "Em that isn't a fair comparison." She reminds. It was only after they'd seen the x-rays that anyone including Leah realized that all of the bones in Skyler's right hand had been replaced with a highly durable steel bone compound that was apparently as similar to the strength of a vampire's marble-like skin as it was possible to get in a metal form.

Sky hadn't wanted to get into what had happened to warrant the use of the metal for bone replacement rout, but the others already guessed it wouldn't be a happy story.

"Apology Not accepted." Leah told Paul once everyone had gotten themselves under control from Emmett's little prediction for later in the night.


It was Sky that looked toward the scolding voice. In all honesty, she hadn't realized anyone other than Paul had come to see them regardless of Leah's earlier comment about bringing the brass. "Um…. Hello, again Mrs. Clearwater." She greets with a shy smile.

"Don't Leah me on this Mom" Leah cuts in before her mother could offer a return greeting her voice now eerily calm as her eyes hold Paul's. Really it was only Sky nuzzling her face under her chin as her fingers draw ransom patterns against the inside of Leah's arm that keeps her girlfriend's inner wolf in check. "Sky is my imprint Mom and he hurt her. I'm not letting him off the hook just cause Sam sent him over here to smooth things over with some weak apology."

"I listen to that song one time." Skyler sighs breaking the angry tension with her overly exaggerated groan. "One time." She reiterates sharing a smile with Seth who was doing his best not to crack up when she also pulls some silly faces his way as well.

"Well, it is one of your favorite songs." Jacob points out earning a pillow tossed at his head from Sky.

"He has a point Larkie." Emmett joins in also earning a pillow tossed at his head this time by Nessie as she twirls the ice pack he was carrying out of his hands at the same time. "What? Come on Ness you've even said yourself it's her favorite song." the bear of a vampire pouts at the adorable glare his niece was leveling at him as she passes the ice pack to Sky.

Leah rolls her eyes at him letting out a sympathetic whimper at Sky's hiss at the cold against her skin as she switched out the old pack for the new. "Em go hunt or something before I have Ness call Bells to come kick your butt." She jokes burrowing her face against the hollow of Skyler's shoulder with a deep calming breath of her girlfriend's scent.

"Didn't think you cared pup." Emmett chuckles leaving over the back of the couch to take the no longer needed pack Sky passed him with a grateful smile on her lips.

"Jake do me a favor and cover Nessie's eyes for a second. Better yet Charlie mind taking her into the kitchen for a second. I think Esme whipped something up earlier you could dig into." Leah says but Skyler takes her hand before the annoyed she-wolf could really flip Emmett off.

"Come on L he was only joking baby." Her imprint sighs bringing their joined hands up to press a kiss against the back of her girlfriend's. "But really Emmy bear go hunt. Please." Sky suggests her eyes going toward Esme as well while she speaks. Their eyes were dull yellow meaning that they were thirsty but could handle it well enough without complaint. "Catch me a big guy." She jokes as Emmet sighs dramatically as he gives a little bow in her direction.

"As the lady asks." He laughs with a teasing wink as he heads toward the back window.

Esme however only shook her head on denial "I'll be alright for another week or so Larkie. I promise." She adds when Skyler levels a disbelieving look her way.

Sue was still in shock from it all. It was one thing to hear her only daughter had finally found her imprint it was another for Leah herself to say the words. Also, to see her leech hating daughter acting so freely with one of the cold ones.

"Come on Grandpa Charlie." Renesmee smiles when the audible sounds of the Chief's stomach growling filled the now quiet room. Jacob gets up to working the stiffness from his legs while Nessie skips over to Charlie's side. "What I don't get to come along?" Jacob puts on a wounded expression while Nessie hides a giggle behind her hand. "No Seth can you stay here with Leah and Sky."

Seth is holding his sides shaking in barely contained laughter that is making his eyes water. Once he'd managed to compose himself Seth straightens up even puffing out his chest as he stands with a halfhearted shrug of his shoulders as his eyes meet Jacob's "What can I say Jakie? The lady has made her choice."

"Don't call me Jakie." The lead wolf of his pack shot back his tone dripping in jealous annoyance his eyes betrayed his amusement at the mock fight the two were putting on.

"Why not everyone go?" Sky offers unsure of herself after all as far as she knew none of her favorite wolves had eaten much since she'd been brought home from the beach. She was also two for two on the 'Not how she wanted to meet her girlfriend's mother' front. How was she going to get Sue to like her if all she did was get her daughter angry every time the three were in the same place at the same time?

"Not him." Leah says glancing at Paul as if proving her imprints unspoken point.

"L stop it." Sky sighs tugging Leah around to face her while Esme shepherds the others toward the kitchen. "Right now, he is a guest in our den. We have to be nice to house guests." She reminds reaching over to brush a few strands of hair out of her human wolf's eyes tucking it behind her ear instead.

Leah quickly looks toward Esme for backup before she's completely putty in her girlfriend's hands, but Esme is too busy chuckling at the comparison to be much help.

Paul stops too amused and in shock at the change in his former packmate.

It was so different seeing the change brings firsthand. All the walls even the most hardened of them fall away and Leah-Leah had some strong emotional walls. He didn't need to still be in her head to know that. Yet watching her now.

"Okay, he can come too." Leah gives up in an almost board kind of dream-like tone as her eyes hold Sky's. "That's my girl." Sky smiles pressing a kiss against Leah's blushing cheeks as she links their fingers together as she tugs her wolf toward the promise of food.