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"You know you've got your mother in you," Charlie says after a long pause.

"Some people would just say it's not my fault." I chuckle as I drop my bags on the kitchen floor. "I thought you never liked him anyway."

"I liked him better than her."

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaad." I roll my eyes.

"Not like that, your old mans up to date, me too, all that crap."

"Put down the shovel, stop digging haha."

"What I was saying is, you do that same thing your mother did, you guess how the movie ends before it even starts," He mumbled something under his breath, proud of himself for making such a point.

"Hey, hey, don't Dr Phil me. When's the last time you had an honest-to-goodness relationship? Hmm?"

"About that…" Charlie rubs the back of his neck, his cheeks flushing a little. I slap his shoulder with the back of my hand.

"You been holding out on me?" I try to hide the sting from my face, my eternal bachelor dad was the whole selling point for the move.

"Sue, Clearwater."

"You mean like Leah and Seth Clearwater?" I already know but it's hard to imagine Harry's really gone, or that our families could be intertwined like that.

"The very same. Actually uh, they wanted to throw you a little welcome home-"

"No." I roll my eyes cutting him off. I pick my bags back up and carry them up to my old bedroom. It hasn't changed a bit. Charlie follows me up the stairs, thanks for offering to help, I laugh as he awkwardly tries to think of how to persuade me.

"Look, it would mean a lot…"

"Geez okay Charlie now I know you mean it." I cut him off again, I pause, why am I like this.

"It would mean a lot," He starts again, checking to see if I'm listening. "If you would make an effort with them. I'm not saying you have to all be best friends…"

"Good cause we're not" Leah is oil, I'm water.

"But if you could just give it a chance? Yeah? For me Bells." He occupies himself fiddling with an old snow globe from my desk.

"For the low low price of an open bar, sure."

"If you're sick, it's your own problem. And you're still coming fishing with me tomorrow."

"Deal." I take in a 360 view of my room, trying to reconcile what was to what is. "So when exactly is this welcome taking place?"

"You got an hour and that includes travel" He chuckled at the evil look I gave him, and I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

"I've missed this," I rolled my eyes and threw myself down on my bed.

"Yeah, nothing much has changed here bells" He put the snow globe back in the exact same place, in a way a childless parent would.
I shouldn't have stayed away so long.

"Only everything, right?" I yelled after him as he walked down the hall. I hear a gruff 'Yup' and I brace myself for the night ahead. I stayed there for a few minutes, the long journey catching up with me for a moment before I forced myself to get up and ready. I freshened up and changed into something a little more me, oversized t-shirt dress and thigh high boots. I put the top half of my hair up, and fixed my makeup, my favourite perfume and I was halfway down the stairs when Charlie yelled time to go.

"A shirt is not clothes Bells," He scoffs at the front door.

"A shirt is definitely clothes, lets go."

"I don't get these new 'fashions' in my day you had to wear pants with your shirt, couldn't just…" I zoned out as he rambled, starting the car. I stared out the window, taking in the sights that used to be familiar, noticing the subtle changes. That business shut down, a new one opened, there's new signs and road markings. It was a faster journey than I remembered to the res, the sun was going down, it brought back memories. I tuned back into Charlie's ramble as he pulled into the Clearwoods drive. "But I guess these days pants just aren't 'in' but you'll wish you had pants on when you need to put something somewhere and you don't got no pockets."

"Charlie. Dad, I will survive the evening sans pockets, thanks for your concern." I snickered at the old man as we got out of the car. There were a few cars in the drive which gave me concerns. I don't bother asking, Charlie wasn't gonna give me a straight answer, so I force a smile on my face and walked to the door. I was about to knock on the door, but Charlie just walked straight in. Oh.

"We're here Honey," He called, putting his keys on the hooks, and taking off his jacket.

"Honey?" I scoff under my breath. Since when was anyone called honey by my dad. He gave me a side eye that said shut up, and I watched as my dad morphed into someone's boyfriend. I hung back a bit as he walked into the living room from the hall, I checked my phone.

Stupid Asshole:

Hey, I just wanted to get my Iron Maiden shirt back, how you doing?

I can't help but groan. I told him I left his shit with my mom. I shoot him back 'it's with the rest of your crap at my moms' and ignore him asking how I am. For a moment I kinda caved and started typing 'I'm stressed out and the last thing I need is you…' but I backspace and put my phone back in my bra. I took a deep breath, about to walk in when someone came running, literally running into the hall and almost straight into me.

"BELLA" He bellowed, lifting me up off the ground and spinning me around.

"Seth?" I laughed.

"Pass her here, my turn" I looked up at the voice confused.

"Jacob?!" I try not to sound so surprised but sweet Jesus the boy is a man now. Seth put me down and I tried, standing on my tiptoes to hug Jake properly.

"The man, the myth, the"

"Dumbass" Someone else finished for him.

"Okay it's been forever can y'all catch me up." I chuckled, looking at the mystery men behind Jacob.

"Jared, in case you forgot me" The heckler re-introduced himself, pulling me in for a hug.

"Nope, none of you look like the kids I hung out with" I looked around at the giants that make me feel even smaller than normal at my 5"2.

"We're not" Sam Uley and another vaguely familiar face were stood back from the others.

"Oh hey, no I remember you guys" I smile "You were too cool to hang with us babies" I squish Embry's cheeks as I hug him hello. Quil picks me up, hands on my ass, I play along wrapping my legs around his waist.

"You know how to say hello" I purr in his ear, we both burst into laughter as he sets me back down, and Seth punched him in the shoulder.

"Dude she's like practically my sister now" He growls playfully. Ugh. That's a thought, maybe Charlie and Sue are more serious than he's told me yet. I looked over at Sam and what's-his-name and waved hello.

"You don't look like a baby anymore," Sam puts his hand out for me to shake.

"You don't look like a mop anymore" I teased him for his old emo hair. He chuckled, ruffling his shorter hair with his other hand.

"Thanks," I looked over at Sam's friend but he wasn't there anymore. "Good to see you Swan." He grinned. Someone in the kitchen yelled 'Food' and there was a stampede. Jacob hung back with me, we couldn't even get into the kitchen if we tried so we sat down on the couch for a minute. I put my feet up on his lap and made myself comfortable.

"So… How was pheonix" He sighed, leaning his head back, looking at me.

"Shit." I looked up at him, a twinge of guilt for not staying in touch. "How were things here?"

"Shit." He answered back. We laughed awkwardly for a minute. "You never called." He said quietly.

"I didn't. I'm a bitch, hate me."

"Hey no shh, I just mean you missed out on a lot." He smiled at me gently. My phone started ringing. I elegantly retrieved it from my bra and checked and of course it was the Stupid Asshole. I hung it up.

"Everything okay?" The phone rang again. I hung it up again.

"Yeah, fine." It rang again.

"Sureeeeee" He looks at me funny as it rang yet again.

"His name is Ben." I confessed.

"There it is, and what, he some stalker?"

"I broke up with him and he's being an ass." The phone rang again, before I could hang up Jake grabs the phone and answered.

"Heyyy who's this?" Jake slapped my hand away as I tried to get the phone back.

"Yeah Ben, I'm Jake" I climbed into his lap trying to wrestle the phone away. Seth walked in, saw the struggle and grabbed the phone himself.

"Hey hey hey who's this?" he ran away from me, jumping over the table, climbing the other couch.

"You wanna talk to Bella? Hold on a moment" he paused and cleared his throat. "Hello this is Bella" He said in a high pitched voice.

"SOMEONE HELPPPPP" I yelled hoping Charlie would talk some sense into the boys. All the giants came back, plates full of food.

"What's up" Jared asked, a naughty look in his eye. Oh God, they overheard the whole thing.

"You heard?"

"YUP." He chuckled. "Yo, here Seth" He put his hand out to catch the phone, I tried to intercept but he got it.

"Yo dude, talk to me, you wanna get back with Bella?" Jared asked, I picked up a cushion and whack him as hard as I can.

"BRO" Quil waved to throw the phone to him.

"On a scale of one to ten what was she in Bed"

"FUCK OFF QUIL" I groan, giving up and flopping on the sofa,

"Ten?!" he exclaimed, I sat back up and then flopped again.

"Quil quit being a dick" Sam scolded him, snatching the phone. I sighed, relieved. "I think what we were all wondering is" He puts the phone to his ear "Any piercings, tatts, or kinks?"

"BEN IF YOU FUCKING DARE I'LL GET MY MOM TO BURN YOUR SHIT I'M NOT FUCKING KIDDING" I yell. Charlie poked his head round the door and glared at me.

"Bells keep it down if you're gonna talk like that." The boys were all trying not to laugh at me getting told off.

"He hung up" Sam announced, and they all high five each other. "And that's how you do it," He passed me my phone back.

"You're all asses" I groaned, chuckling. I got up and went into the kitchen.

"Hey," Leah waved awkwardly. I returned the gesture silently.

"Bella! Oh it's so good to see you, you look beautifulllll" Sue cooed at me, passing me a plate of food.

"Oh, thanks" I tried to smile at her but Charlies arms around her made me more than a little uncomfortable. "Thanks by the way, the food looks great"

"Oh Leah did most of it, thank Leah." Sue grinned at her daughter. I turn back to Leah.

"Thanks." I waved bye to them and go back to the boys, of course there's nowhere to sit so I sat in Quil's lap. I look around for Sams friend but he's nowhere to be seen.

"So there's a party tonight, we're all going, you wanna come?" Jared snapped me out of my bubble.

"Yeah she wants to cum" Quil nibbles on my shoulder playfully, pulling me into him. Seth gives him the dirtiest look and he puts his hands up in surrender. I kind of didn't mind, it's funny hanging out with thirsty boys like Quil.

"Yeah sounds good."

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